Earth/MOON:  What Apollo proof ?, OK, so I'm still waiting, and what's the problem with that ?
If you are unable to take a little NASA criticism, then please do not go here. These are files I removed from "".
I felt this was necessary to reduce tensions, really bad tentions.  Some of the "do-not-post-what-you-think" cult (NASA moles) are
not so easily amused when you don't agree with them, and especially when you can't drag yourself down to their level of insults.
I believe "" was a total waste of time, acceptable language simply another issue.

MOON (as life supporting habitation), Why the hell not ?, What exactly are we waiting for ?
This is my imagination in serious overload (please send help): Now however; according mostly to NASA, we should be more then
capable of accomplishing this.  ( I only wish we could all believe that NASA has been independently working on our behalf )

The "GUTH Venus" discovery: (a work in progress)
Check all of this out; it is simply no lie, and I believe this is as real as it is ever going to get.
( I feel NASA is not all that pleased that I was the one to have uncovered this discovery, that of -LIFE- on Venus )
If you are restricted to a NASA approved "scripts", please don't bother, unless you can produce any supporting image
towards your claim that "everything"  @GUTH Venus  is purely of natural formations. Not one image as been offered.

Welcome to GUTH Venus:
IEIS (Imagery Exploration Interpretive Sciences)additional discovery context

Another recap/overview regarding NASA, Venus and the discovery
@GUTH Venus

Braille images of "GUTH Venus": mgn-72apd-info & mgn-36B-info & GUTH-144apd-info

* NEW * NEWEST-SITES & THE RESERVOIRS   ( their obvious existence )

GUTH Venus description:   ( image interpretations most sighted individuals can easily identify )

The  " WHAT  IF "  factors:   ( I really need some/lots of your input here, don't be shy )

THE POSSIBILITIES:   of how and why life could exist  ( without NASA ever knowing )

GUTH Venus  ( these are various other non-braille image enlargements )
starting with :
mgn-72apd , larger: GUTH-144apd & bigger: guth-venus-216 & mucho large: guth-venus-360

IMAGING PROOF POSITIVE   ( a self test and simple proof that almost anyone can manage )


What in the heck is going so wrong with our NASA ??????

This takes you directly to NASA's 
(full sized original high resolution Magellan GIF image)
This link delivers you to:
NASA's catalog index of many other high resolution images

Apparently none of this is all that meaningful if you can't manage to accomplish your own enlargements, so I'll help those
asking for assistance, and otherwise do my best to reasure that I haven't created or applied anything to fake this image.

The relatively small image below represents perhaps only 5% as extracted from the original NASA GIF image.
Location (lower image), the circled area was applied to the NASA original, situated @60% over and 30% up from the bottom.
A few good and serious questions to answer:
What are the dimensions of these structures ?
How is it likely for these structures to function ?
Why is NASA and apparently all their moles so objecting ?
What efforts if any are being made to contact this site ?
What is night (2900 hours) higher elevation surface temperature ?
Night temperatures such as at elevations (+10,000 ft. < +50,000 ft.) ?
What are the possible underground (-100'<1000') temperatures ?
Is it likely that at least another site exist @180 degrees W/E ?
Can you offer software that could improve these images ?

Try this
ZOOM-IN , a click by click cascade from the full NASA image.
(sorry that some of these images may take a little time to load)

A bit closer look at just the
"Fluid ARCH"

It helps using your software image magnifier (try a basic setting of 2X)

As you will discover, there is only so much you can magnify without degrading the image, however, better photo software could be applied.
Original NASA image, showing location/area of my discovery
This limited posting area is my NASA "mole free" zone
should you have more then just a few words; please e-mail: