( Venus Evolution by; Brad Guth / IEIS  updated: October 08, 2002 )

Something about NASA's evolution thoroughly stinks, whereas on Venus it's simply about your getting accustomed to being toasty hot and somewhat acid resistant

Life (obviously a whole lot bigger than anything microbe, seriously tough as nails and NOT likely as we know it) has been thriving on Venus.
( a whole lot of Darwin's evolution going on, in spite of NASA )

Actually, being all that acid resistant is not even the slightest factor, as most of the surface is fairly hot and dry as a bone. Without H2O laying about (certainly nothing daytime much below 35 km), there's absolutely no acid, not a drop in sight, just lots of harmless sulphur crystals as powder. As for the local lizard folk on the other hand, possibly even cold blooded at that and most likely evolved as nocturnal by necessity of avoiding as much of that nasty UV daylight as possible and, otherwise just as capable of living partially or fully underground, technically being outfitted and thereby capable as for traveling sufficiently near to if not above those clouds, thereby the idea or reality of hot and dry is actually not of any real concern, unless you're a mere human and stark naked.

Within those especially cooler nighttime clouds, they (those hopefully nice lizard folk) would certainly have their easy access to the bulk of their suspended H2O element and, in a very big positive way altered and/or improved upon the chances of their surviving. I'm recalling, from supposedly perfectly good research accomplished by others, that a majority of solar IR never directly hits the surface, as instead those dense clouds are IR solar heated and thus rising further by day (btw; Venus clouds represent megatonnes of H2O as floating buoyant upon virtual oceans of that mostly CO2 atmosphere), however, those powerful near UV and fully UV spectrum rays certainly are penetrating and causing some likely form of irritant or of great value for growing whatever, presumably within a reverse greenhouse (your outlook obviously depends somewhat upon whether or not you're trying to adapt and survive).

H2O gathering brings us right back into their season of nighttime (2900 hours worth) and into those nifty acidic/electrolytic clouds, a cool down season which offers a good deal of vertical CO2 thermal heat-exchanging (convection cool-down affected by the much hotter near surface atmospheric contents doing their level best as to equalizing with those much cooler nighttime clouds), which is basically affecting another somewhat lowering of the Venus cloud base, even thinning it out in a few places. As where the daydime 20:1 density ratios have been recorded, that ratio could become as much as 50:1 at night and, some of those clouds might reach onto or possibly even below a few of those 17+ km mountain tops, potentially offering a good deal precipitation and as such (we're talking about a nighttime that's become at least 25K lesser on the surface -9K/km and, all of that's subtracting another 178K worth of mostly conductive/convection heat), likely becoming fairly acidic moisture at that (acidic only as that prior to subsequent distillation; as from a simple process of applying an efficient vacuum and by accomplishing this feat at the lesser elevations where the surrounding temperature easily provides all that is needed without involving one watt of additional or artificial energy applied, even the vacuum process as to extract the pure H2O could be simply provided by yet another natural process, thus it seems entirely possible that no artificial energy is required whatsoever, just the physical effort as to reaching into such moisture loaded clouds, capturing it as within spheres and then bringing it back home). Even if further energy were to be required for expediting vacuum processing, such amounts of energy would be slight, extremly little as compared to accomplishing the same boiling and extraction process as here on Earth.

As further consideration that life could have easily survived on Venus;  On Earth, even fairly pathetic humans have applied technology that permits our meager existence to survive at depths exceeding several thousand feet below the surface of our oceans as well as in deeper yet into mines exceeding miles underground, just as we can effectively insulate ourselves from the extreme cold and hot and otherwise as living essentially in a total vacuum environment while safely onboard a relatively fragile or flimsy space station. Obviously the environment offered by Venus is not such a difficult task nor insurmountable issue, as compared to much greater factors of intelligence or lack thereof. Those Apollo missions seemingly proved, that with such capable applied technology, severe solar flare radiation is apparently a non-issue and +/-250 degrees is not even a thermal cycling issue as for conventional plastic photo/negative film (how freakingly lucky for those Apollo crews).

On Earth;  utilizing submarines equipped for a year's food supply and potentially even that being replenished while still under water and, having a nuclear power source capable of sustaining life for potentially a decade or more (in spite of their lethal exterior environment), life does in fact seems to go on, in spite of the fact if we ever stepped outside of that technology womb, we would instantly drown and subsequently die for good. That Venus ocean of mostly CO2 is quite a bit like our oceans of water, except folks; that CO2 has it's rather significant advantages, especially for rigid airship technologies and for holding aloft their planet's H2O, as for effectively shielding the planet from all that solar flare radiation, being that Venus has no magnetic field nor Van Allen belts to assist in this essential requirement plus, their season of daytime exposure to those solar flares is 2900 hours worth (that's three long and hot Earth months worth of sun burn and UV radiation impact, suggesting a darn good time as to being situated at [at least headed for] either of your alternate sunset Venus cities).

Since I'm the one being yelled at, apparently about how impossible all of this Venus stuff is, so folks, how is this very same pretext or argument (life's prime motivation) not so possible for those having to survive and evolve on Venus?   yet this same opposition to absolutely anything Venus is somehow convenced that frozen Mars still holds onto life.

As according to NASA records, somehow the prevailing situation on Venus, as for life (apparently even microbes) simply failed to ever materialize in the first place, let alone evolve and furthermore, even if they did survive, they apparently failed big time at learning a damn thing about their having to survive on a soon to be, if not already, greenhouse planet. Even if life ever existed, according to my pro-NASA supporters, then such life was especially or unusually dumb, as with any regard to learning about becoming sufficiently protected by their simply constructing shelters from local materials (like from rock and stone slabs carved from those adjoining mountains) and then utilizing such as for appropriate housing, then also as to applying otherwise known technologies of thermal insulation (such as N2/H2 that's capable of R-200), various "non-rocket science" formats of heat exchanging, heat reflecting or radiating, thermal isolation/insulation, then onto CO2-->CO/O2 oxygen recovery and then obviously focusing upon a good deal of other natural forms of energy production, or merely by daytime living extensively and efficiently within underground communities (such as excavated tunnels and even within modified volcanic created tubes or caverns might easily provide, fully climate controlled at that, with life being supported by mostly N2 displacing the bulk of CO2 and than a little O2 [perhaps 10% O2 or even as little as 1% could suffice if life were sufficiently evolved], all of this being powered by geothermal resources as well as merely tonnes of vertical offset/differentials of that truly remarkable 4+bar/km CO2 atmosphere). Then we need to venture into their constructing air transportation, as that airship airframe or shell can be offering such similar protective environmental cabin attributes (as being so much easier and always structurally superior as to engineering and constructing for a de-pressurized airship and/or cabin area, rather then of pressurized as here on Earth).

This brief question is intended for my opponents: What in the hell makes Earth humans so capable and others not, over perhaps much older and more likely superior life forces (superior is not being intended as to force any opinion that they have mastered radio communications nor even space travel, but merely evolved intellectually so as to survive on an otherwise humanly unlivable planet, which is certainly far beyond our present day capabilities)?.

Out of all the species known/recorded on Earth, humans seem to have evolved within one of the shortest time slots, and so I'll ask again; why is it that pro-NASA types are so incapable (sort of de-evolved) as to thinking upon their own?  Seems to point out that I'm perhaps a little more right then I thought, about how pathetic and arrogant we have become, especially wherever anything happens to conflict with our chosen beliefs. Perhaps that's pretty much why we as humans have, forever recorded history, been so much at war and/or at odds with whomever we happen to not like. If humans are supposedly so damn smart and evolved and, if that qualifier is further having to be restricted to pro-NASA types, then we're all in a whole lot of deep trouble, as in "River City" sort of trouble, with the exception that it's no play or movie, it's real life and, of those opposing popular rule have either already died and those remaining are simply on the list, awaiting their eventual demise.

As Earth's survival and evolution goes, humans and/or their skewed DNA have certainly not become all that well equipped, as there's a number of worthy sequencing codes missing as for a whole lot of preferable DNA sequencing that would have made life so much better, as for living and surviving into a far better reality then what we currently have to work with, such as retaining wings would have been terrific, having a fir coat certainly would not have hurt and, gills or a combination along with lungs could really have come in handy (just asking those from the Titanic should be sufficient), not to mention what having good platelet armor like scales and nocturnal vision (much like certain lizards) and then how about retaining telescopic eyes like an eagle. Seems if humans were meant to be, and that we only evolved as here on Earth, that we would have retained and/or acquired some of those nifty traits.

Evolution is not just about physically nor biologically adapting to your environment (even though our very own oncoming greenhouse effect should offer ample incentives), as it's more so about the level or degree of applied intelligence, so that science and subsequent technology can improvise where mother nature and your DNA are at odds. Really stupid humans are good examples of reverse evolution and/or DNA sequencing code going terribly wrong (on Earth, this number or portion of humanity is clearly going up every day). Really smart humans are those examples of worthy advancements, mostly in intelligence factors and not all that much having to do with our physical DNA (unfortunately, there seems to be a whole lot fewer of these sorts every day).

Incentives, such as imposed by our own changing environment, do seem to play an evolutionary pumping or expediting role; Life here on Earth, as in the more temperate zones is obviously where there was lessor incentives to evolve better or higher levels of intelligence and, in spite of that, life certainly went on, but life did little to advance intellectually nor technologically. Those in colder climates demanded somewhat higher development of intellectual skills, as well as for those in extremely hot zones equally demanded a fairly high degree of applied intelligence if you wanted to survive. Just as global warming has been impacting upon what our supposedly superior DNA is doing about it (not all that much actually), somewhat evolving our way of thinking into our latest form of evolutionary "grab and run" survival of the most fit and/or richest formula of evolution (bypassing Darwin), so that future purchasing of new DNA coding (like those Mars microbes could offer) will hopefully make us into the chosen ones, healthy enough or perhaps even smart enough as to cope with our self inflicted greenhouse future.

As for other planetary evolution considerations;  I believe such changing environmental incentives are certainly those self evident on Venus and, the just as likely much older evolutionary age of that planet indicates sufficient time for life's genetics to have kicked in. So once again folks; why has there been all the orchestrated fuss over blocking my discovery?,  Why not a little re-focus instead of applying such ample efforts towards "spin" and "damage control" and otherwise bashing away at opportunities and subsequently showing off our blatant ignorance and arrogance.

As worthy and challenging space/planetary discoveries seem to go, what possibly is there to lose, as opposed to what I see has become a self inflicted concerted attempt and ongoing ruse deployment of further damage control efforts in order that NASA may continue hiding simple facts and truths, as to somehow avoid at all cost any new challenge and, sort of doing the exact opposit of what I thought our NASA was supposed to be all about. Perhaps President Kennedy (JFK) had this space exploration stuff all wrong and, deserved to die because of that mistake (I want you to think about the importance of our "cold-war" and then "timeline" here, then you tell me that our NASA/NSA/DoD had nothing whatsoever to lose by protecting that president and, potentially a whole lot more to gain by simply allowing an assassination, if not a whole lot worse yet. This view is sort of like flight-800, where the proof as to how that happened has not been conclusive [Boeing nor external investigative consultants as well as every available engineer have simply not been able to simulate and/or affect such a fuel tank related disaster] and furthermore, perhaps far more importantly, no one has sufficiently excluded friendly fire).

If our own evolution has placed greed, power and arrogance above reality and "truths", then our DNA has certainly come a very great distance down Darwin's ladder. To survive here on Earth, especially when we must consider upon the mostly negative impacts of recent mankind and worse yet upon current warlords, it will eventually take far more knowledge and applied technology then we currently have to work with. Perhaps from those surviving on a truly nasty planet such as Venus will offer such solutions and first hand logic as to their evolutionary achievements (perhaps of mostly what not to do).

Earthlings should (suitably outfitted) simply return to exploring Venus (at the very least to establishing Venus L2 as a long term communications relay platform, along with deploying another shuttle class or Magellan-II SAR imaging mission capability of 1 meter or better), where we'll discover and, God forbid, perhaps learn a thing or two about the greater of possibilities and, not otherwise so quick as to retreat inward simply as to protect our ulterior motives, greed and arrogance. For crying out loud, we're running out of tall buildings and subsequent retaliation bombs (perhaps that's why we're talking about going all out nuclear, sort of more bang for the buck). For God's sake folks, we need to get a new grip and, this time focus onto something that's not going to thoroughly piss someone else off.

I only wish that I could afford to provide and articulate better upon more ideas and answers, through hiring the level of expertise this discovery so badly deserves, focus towards developing this belated phase of what this discovery opportunity has to offer that's been quite difficult when those capable of doing just that have already decided, irregardless of what's showing itself as being most likely artificial and thereby logically worthy of actually existing on Venus, is simply not worth their personal risk of ruffling a few of those well established "cash cow" feathers, nor of otherwise challenging the "status quo". Apparently the prestige and moneys of working within the boundaries of that prestigious cult are still alive and kicking, as for being sufficiently comforting if not outright elegant. How nice it must be, knowing that your future and thereby your skewed science can't be the least bit disrupted or even the least bit inconvenienced by the "truth".

October 2002 (actually this event or humanitarian/lizardtarian effort should start itself off no later then August 01, 2002) as certainly an open opportunity which might just represent the least costly space exploration research endeavor on record and, I believe this opportunity clearly offers the greater of possibilities, obviously including our "first contact". Once again; the utter lack of seeing any responsible focus seems to have proven myself all the more right, about the ulterior motives and cult like empowerments which NASA/NSA/DoD has obviously been throwing at stoping this or any other non-NASA discovery, as applying concerted "spin" and "damage control" so as not having to get involved nor proceed with any publicly worthy efforts, as otherwise only focusing upon making certain that whatever concerted efforts are those restricted and/or intended as to delivering disinformation, so as to further impede and/or destroy whatever truths and subsequent opportunities which may exist. It looks as though the "Godfather" as well as the Pope has nothing over these guys.

Just maybe, you and I will have to burst a few more of those prestigious and supposedly noble bubbles before this discovery becomes openly accepted, at least as to what it should have been accepted, as of well over a year ago (actually, this entire opportunity has been passing the 13 year mark at light speed).

As government awareness and contracts generaly go, there seems to be no stoping anything, even if the initial pretense has been totally circumvented if not thoroughly disqualified (war against Iraq for example), as government contracts seem to go through in spite of whatever subsequent disqualifications. Obviously, to disrupt the "status quo" is something that's not to be done, however, public opinion and of the ultimate dwindling resources for funding may soon have little choice but to take a different if not an entirely dim view or even legal action, especially as the public becomes more aware of what has been going on behind their backs and, to what degree our NASA has been distracted (cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas) from otherwise achieving worthy humanitarian endeavors.

Should you care to submit your opinion (good or bad), I'll certainly post that, unless you wish to remain out of the loop (off NASA/NSA/DoD's hit list or black list). Unfortunately, most NASA types will have little choice in this matter, as they each signed a lethal binding agreement with potentially dyer consequences if they should ever elect to breach that "nondisclosure policy". Those institutions having no governmental and especially no NASA influence such as endowments and/or support grants will most likely become the ultimate solution and beneficiary at hand. Perhaps other then American interest can best resolve and expedite upon what this discovery has to offer (seems unfortunate, as that would easily become another shame, one that would certainly emphasize upon the concerns over our NASA and of those Apollo missions).

Listening to most of my critics has become difficult;  One might actually believe that the planet Venus was always where it is and furthermore, always hot as hell, thereby not one microbe ever made it past go. Well guess again folks; The Venus of today has it's seasons, primarily those of DAY and of NIGHT and, that obnoxious (to Earth humans) atmosphere contains some (actually several mega-tonnes worth) of that supposedly illusive H2O. Those so called impenetrable thick clouds are not always producing 100% coverage nor at the same density and consistency, as there are semi-translucent zones along with somewhat lessor cloud elevations at nighttime (cooler as well), as well as substantial vertical thermal issues and, all of this is in addition to all those talked about upper atmospheric winds and even of lessor surface winds (significant surface areas being defined as ranging from -5 km to + 10 km), which by the freaking way (considering the mostly CO2 aspect) could be providing nearly unlimited vertical wind power conversion energy (especially at 4+bar/km as from vertical tunnel/shafts). Then about those upper winds (just like right here on Earth, except better) could just as well enable a considerable boost as to their airships traveling about the globe (not that massive is even required, as the lift/buoyancy factors of even applied N2/O2 are so considerable and where H2 is worth 65+ kg/m3).

I am still looking forward as to working with anyone willing to challenge the establishments, by merely going the distance in search of whatever truths. By further accepting that merely big (as with any regard to the mere size of everything thus far discovered, as most likely being artificial on Venus) is not the least bit of any valid disqualifier, as equally as for being too hot or even humanly toxic or as under whatever amount of pressure because, on Earth are all sorts of life forms thriving where it's way too damn hot, under great pressure as well as sufficiently toxic to humans and, there's even life existing at less then 1% O2. We humans also manage to thrive with a little applied technology, where otherwise we would (evolution or not) cease to function. So how is it (as according to NASA records and all those opposing my discovery) that evolution of life and of whatever technology has to apply has so conveniently failed to ever materialize nor function on Venus and, perhaps more important, why is the establishment so trying to avoid the basic notion, besides that of our realizing what NASA has so thoroughly missed again, so willing as to risk further exposure and/or consequences from that of my having to research into non-Venus issues, by my having to dig for facts and relevant issues on a "need to know" basis. As from my standpoint, it's certainly become pretty hard not to look at the ulterior motives and of past issues that so happen to include a number of cold-war considerations, especially when within my discovery offers so much "extraordinary" proof that something, at some point in time, managed to significantly modify the otherwise natural order of things, in a very big way at that, on Venus.

If you might care to have another look-see, at perhaps just one of the most simplistic forms of what my discover has to offer, as that opposed to all the other surrounding territory which is clearly natural, as opposed to the "Venus Bridge" consideration.

Folks;  perhaps one might care to further reconsider, of those having to survive on Venus, as having little choice but to either evolve on the spot or die as trying to resolve issues (sort of like Easter Island, except with a somewhat better ending). Being as smart as you think you are, if born or stranded on Venus, what might you have done to survive?

One day there was Venus (evolution with a twist or perhaps a total DNA jump start as for Earth's humans)

And a more recently conjecture-01.htm should be worth a glance (unless your boss is forbidding that to happen). Then I've recently updated with my introducing another evolutionary challenge, as sort of a combination or refinement upon the previous two.

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