Idioms of Truth or Consequences

Deductive reasoning isn't rocket science, nor need it beby; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS     updated: October 04, 2004

Clearly this page has gotten itself a little off-track, so even though it's a bit difficult to read through or to believe that I've actually learned another thing or two, whereas such I'd thought that I could further improve upon it, but lo and behold, it seems my rage dictates and thus insures that it only gets worse than even I can imagine.

Eventually I'll get myself back around into the idioms of the "LUNAR-A (ISAS)" mission that's been on hold for the last decade and counting, as well as into variously other efforts of folks honestly attempting to make something of merit out what our moon has to offer in terms of the most bang for the buck/euro, and thereby delivering the most direct benefits for humanity and of it's quest for advancing science as well as for obtaining the best astronomy potential.

Unfortunately, the ongoing mind-set and money grubbing trails, and of that having little if any morals with respect to where our best talents and resources need to be invested, much less of any remorse for what's already been invested hasn't the room nor the compassion for the truth of the matter. Thus when a collective of mind-set individuals are being paid to focus upon the geological attributes of a given planet, such as Venus, lo and behold they set about exploring and telling us village idiots all about what's perfectly natural, as well as for that being simply too hot and nasty for not only us but for any form of life (period!). Thus why dare looking about for whatever's artificial, especially when that'll only get your sorry butt excluded from the mainstream box, and otherwise summarily banished entirely from the scientific community of the all-knowing and obvious wizards of astronomy, and even banished away from physics if you're attempting to imply that the politically and religiously motivated physics of Earth could possibly be utilized (extrapolated) on behalf of some other life that had existed and may remain onboard the supposedly hot and nasty planet of Venus. God forbid there should be other life so nearby.

One of the most recent idioms is about the intellectual incest of highly questionable truth that's been running humanity amuck is with regard to the sorts of political and religious dog-wagging spin and damage-control taking place on behalf of absolute support of everything NASA that's been previously assimilated within the public forums, especially the likes of and their partners in crime being the likes of the BBCI forum/zoo, whereas these sanctimonious intellectuals of such all-knowing incest borgs have provided their usual loads worth of topic bashings and otherwise usually off-topic contributions that never once provides an honest open-minded notion of being the least bit positive about anything that's the least bit challenging to their mind-set, and especially of whatever's just outside of their box, or God-forbid against their mainstream status quo mind-set of worshiping their pagan religion(s) of everything that's NASA/Apollo, or bust. It's almost as though our perpetrated cold-war that's been directly responsible for so much collateral damage and carnage of the innocent has become the religion of choice, or perhaps the "Skull and Bones" cult of all times.

Not that these folks need any of my assistance in promoting their warm and fuzzy BBC Forums that are somewhat intentionally a wee bit difficult for us common folk to even locate (of keywords and phrases within not showing up in the usual "search for" information of search engines), as per "culture"
Or their forum index TALK page of "communicate" from which you can select the likes of culture or whatever.
As per getting yourself into the BBC forum of culture/science/space:
As per BBC forum culture/science/weird-science:

Unlike their absolute anti-everything other than what's Earth life, and subsequent absolute negativity imposed against anyone suggesting the least bit otherwise, or suggesting that their intellectually bigoted if not pagan science and of a few too many other misguided space-toilet beliefs are the least bit skewed or otherwise being snookered by all that's NASA, whereas I've remained with an entirely open perspective as to the positive considerations of what's been affordably and of honestly most easily doable with respect to our moon, and otherwise obtainable of what's situated upon our most nearby planet and of at least once upon a time populated planet of Venus, whereas Venus has certainly proven as being geologically much newer than Earth, though capable of sustaining other life by all means of the known laws of physics and even by biological means, and especially of accommodating the UFO-U-Park capability of sustaining ETs doing their thing, and within our most recent technology that's been at hand of being utilized by folks capable of God-forbid actually thinking the least bit outside their Earth-only or otherwise outside of their sub-frozen, easily pulverised and TBI to death Mars or bust box...

My god almighty folks, if we'd discovered and within our capability were in the process of pillaging a truly energy rich and raw element abundant resource of all that's valuable to our way of life, and if that resource were to be a Venus like planet that's situated right nextdoor to the utmost dumbfounded planet of snookered DNA incest in the entire universe, do you actually think that we should be sharing squat with that cesspool of humanity that seemingly already knows all there is to know, and has summarily banished if not killed off any messenger of worth from the beginnings of time. Hell no, as in no way would we dare to disclose upon our existence nor if at all possible permit that other world(Earth) as to exceed in exploring their options. The last thing we'd want is for some absolute heathens of such perverted warlords and religious cults ruining their notions of humanity amuck throughout space. In other words of ET wisdom; it's finders keepers.

And, since even we can NOT independently prove the USSR's robotic lunar landers accomplished what they claim, as well as we can't seem to even substantiate upon our own lunar adventures, as such there's clearly no possible way we'd have known of nor otherwise detected squat worth of whatever's intelligent and/or artificial about Venus. As such, I'm going back into revising a few of the GUTH Venus community image pages and basically allow my lose cannon to reload and fire at will, as obviously whomever I manage to strike down hasn't been worth squat to science, nor thereby humanity hasn't obtained a gram worth of value in exchange for allowing these sanctimonious fools to exist.

Clearly this NASA alternative BBCI/BBC science forum remains as yet another typical all-or-nothing intellectual cold-war cesspool of "know thy enemy" and otherwise cannibalistic as to "eat their own kind" sort of Skull and Bones cult extention of NASA's very own infomercial Uplink.Space.Com forum, whereas truly fresh/new ideas (of mine or others) are not being supported nor allowed to breath, especially ever since these discoveries and subsequent notions of mine were not of their insider ideas and mostly to being rejected because these notions suggest a little rocking of their mainstream boat, of influencing their publicly funded adventures to/from hell from which not 0.1% of humanity directly benefits and at most 10% indirectly, while the rest of us snookered fools are stuck with their tab, as well as another 1000 tonnes worth of artificial CO2 and other nasty pollutants per tonne of whatever these absolute sanctimonious bastards keep placing into space at our expense and demise because, their upper 0.1% club of supposedly all-knowing wizards never has to pay for anything.

Thus any notions of implied common sense, scientific morality and/or upon merely suggesting a look-see at the efficient alternatives per utilizing our best talents and resources with good and honorable intentions in mind, whereas such notions arriving from an outsider are instantaneously and summarily bashed at every opportunity, with their usual orchestrated opposition tactics what would surely make the likes of any Pope and Hitler damn proud, as comforting to anyone that sees absolutely nothing the least bit immoral about the exterminations of Cathars or any other messengers of good and wholesome intentions, which sort of puts all of those two warm and fuzzy mainstreamers into the same stinking boat that's part of the flotilla of such dastardly bastards as the ones responsible for pointing out Jesus Christ, and of otherwise exterminating thousands of their own prisoners without a second thought (even though covering up that nasty little effort required taking out our USS LIBERTY). With our present day warlords doing another real number on humanity, perhaps at this rate I'm not all that certain if there's a body of worthwhile space science and of related space physics as souls to be found upon Earth, that's worth it's own salvation.

Here's a little something that's on behalf those pathetic mind-set individuals from which I keep getting their off-topic insidious comments and topic bashing notions that for some absolute ungodly reason I'm somehow suggesting that Venus is or can be manipulated/terraformed on behalf of accommodating our sorry existence. In proper response to such absolute nonsense, this next offering is a short story as reported by a fictitious news/story reporter "Zork bin Laden", as edited for those pathetic souls that clearly can't think outside their tiny little mind-set box, along with all of their skewed mainstream ideals of intellectual and perhaps even biological incest confined within, as there's actually no other room for the likes of truth or consequences within that box, much less any remorse. As this is where I'm going to suggest upon what would ultimately suit their bigoted and intellectually sick mind-set about Venus as portrayed by everything that's NASA, whereas this following script should become the sort of headlines, and certainly worth showing up on the Venus 6:00 news that'll fulfill their perverted "can't possibly be anything on Venus worth doing because it's too darn hot and nasty"...

As clipped directly from the Venus Tribune & the productions of Good Morning Venusians;
"Earth Visitors Implode Upon Arrival"

It seems that in spite of fore knowing their fate, humans arrived from Earth in one of their modified shuttles. Unfortunately, they each failed at bothering to contact our interplanetary air traffic control system via the standard of interstellar photon communications protocol for their critical survival briefing and landing instructions, as such these village idiot morons from Earth arrived unannounced, having not been sufficiently acclimated nor even the least prepared for the heat, as such upon disembarking from their inefficient shuttle, first they individually imploded and secondly, their colorful but synthetic EVA suits summarily roasted every last one of them before an audience of astonished Venusians that simply couldn't believe their nocturnal eyes, at the unmitigated carnage of such dumbfounded visitors transpiring before all of Venus to see.

This pretty much confirms upon our previous knowledge base of the heathen like arrogance of Earth, and of why it's critically important that at all cost for Venusians to continue ignoring their plight until they've managed to sufficiently pollute, run themselves out of every drop of energy, and ultimately self-exterminate every other soul on their planet. After such an inevitable demise is when it'll become safe for our Venusian Cathars to return to Earth and fix everything to suit our future needs, by way of further warming Earth up, thus getting rid of all that useless ice, and of subsequently getting that extremely corrosive as well as toxic and explosively dangerous level of O2 down to where it belongs (well below 5%).

By the smoldering looks of these pathetically imploded fools from Earth, it's apparent that our timing isn't nearly as far off as we'd expected.

Just minutes later their non-airship shuttle tires melted and the entire craft exploded, leaving a rather nasty mess of metallic substances of mostly aluminum that isn't worth so much as lizard poop on Venus.

Story reporter; Zork bin Laden of the VPI communications group.

Before I had learned of what's entirely possible about sustaining life in places other than Earth, such as the really tough and truly nasty places like our moon, it seems that I had inadvertently discovered upon a few nifty items of interest existing of all places upon Venus, that which according to my limited knowledge of geology but perfectly good expertise in rational observationology, and otherwise reliance upon vast numbers of other supposed experts ever since that haven't been able to contradict my observations with anything except their words of disbelief because I haven't received the almighty NASA UL stamp of approval (wasn't funded to search for, much less publish anything), as such these observations of there being relatively large and rational community like items having in fact been most likely artificial rather than natural are summarily bash and banished at every turn. Artificial meaning that of someone other of even the most modus of primitive intelligence had created such, and apparently in no small way at that. However, there's been a wee bit of a problem in simply offing this honest knowledge into the absolute cesspool of life as we know it. A few bad words and dyslexic contributions on my behalf and lo and behold, all of the science and astronomy cults of this world are incensed with rage and intent to kill the messenger.

There's actually quite a lot to being said about killing off the messenger, as in that's been our trademark and current status quo ever since the begging of time, not excluding those nice folks directly responsible for pointing out the ultimate messenger from God, so that that messenger could be exterminated for all to see, while those directly responsible for bring that one about wasn't persay Romans that were merely the resident warlords of the time accommodating exactly what had been requested of them by their religious partners in crime against humanity in general, with the only exclusions of humanity not being persecuted were those on ether team of the resident bastards from hell and/or their pagan religion partners being as nasty to outsiders and especially to their messengers as their perverted and sick minds could manage. Ever since there's been messengers of knowledge and good fortune that have occasionally survived, and those of perfectly honest wisdom that may have provided us with alternatives and/or doom and gloom unless we respond, and that we've all paid the ultimate price for not taking their words and even their actions seriously.

In the case of what our moon, Venus and of what the Sirius star system have to contribute on behalf of an improved understanding of where we've come from, of what we can now learn and achieve great things from, and perhaps of how we might gain immeasurably by way of communicating with others far removed from our environment is simply an honest to god can-do sort of plan or plot of sharing what's right and honest about our existence, and of where we're going to be within the near future, or perhaps none of this matters if all the messengers are summarily exterminated.

Understanding the mind-set of the orchestrated opposition isn't rocket science

From the very beginnings of recorded times, humans have summarily lied their nastiest of butts off while otherwise snookering every other soul in sight (including their own mothers), thus nothing is actually all that new or even all that happenstance when there's such ample motives of folks lusting after power, and of pure and simple greed as for obtaining all the wealth and power associated, whereas these days that sort of wealth and power being in terms of energy reserves, and otherwise just for the sake of being the absolute nastiest bastard on your block isn't exactly a "news flash". Given the more than ample reasons available due to our perpetrated cold-war(s) and lo and behold, there's absolutely nothing that insurmountable when it comes down to folks lying and snookering upon one another, and if need be to eating their own kind.

Thus we have the likes of our "Skull and Bones" warlord that thinks pre-schoolers should be packing heat, and the rest of us should be fully armed with the latest and bestest assault class weapons along with loads of the most lethal ammunition possible. Since the NRA has our born-again Christian warlord by his balls, and they keep harping that it's merely the person and not the weapons of mass destruction that are at fault, then perhaps I too should be able to buy and carry about a healthy stash of grenades and personal rocket launchers, such as I always wanted a few of those nifty 20,000 foot capable smart-stingers, and otherwise a full sized and fully tactical operational tank for accommodating my road-rage. After all, it's just the individual and not the WMD capability that's at fault.

But what if you're not sufficiently human, as then what gives?

It seems abundantly clear that reptilian forms of life as we know to exist here on Earth isn't nearly as ulterior motivated, and as such not acting the least bit immoral about their having to survive in spite of all odds from the very get-go, whereas humanity is about as unprepared and otherwise as unnecessary of any life-form on behalf of terraforming the likes of Earth. Reptiles are generally born/hatched with sufficient intelligence to realize which one of us is ugly and needs to be eaten, as opposed to humans being entirely out of the genetic intelligence pool of any survival loop for nearly our first decade, and clearly many humans never master the nack of surviving, whereas often we seem to be at the mercy of whatever the happenstance of the upper most incest collective of humanity has pre-selected as worthy intellectual components to justify our next and every move. And it's certainly not helping that a few too many "born-again" Christians are seemingly running all of us amuck, nor that Jews can't even admit their role in orchestrating the termination of Christ (sure as hell wasn't Muslims that pointed him out), nor of a Pope that remains unwilling to admit that it was entirely wrong to have exterminated so many Cathars and the hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders for sport as well as profit, as when was the last time you saw and even heard about any of God's creatures outside of humanity committing such premeditated heinous crimes against their own kind?

It seems by far the most self inflicting destructive creature ever deployed upon a planet such as Earth has been that of humanity, with darn few exceptions of perhaps mostly non-reptilian ETs that obviously had no intentions of their staying around but, having become either stranded and/or abandoned upon Earth, though most of which having been either killed off or shunned into their surviving far outside of whatever our mainstream considers as any viable collective of individuals, such as those 12,000 year old and extremely intellectually complex Dropas - "Stone Discs" and perhaps even those "Nommo" or amphibious ET folks that had been associating by their visiting the Dogon tribe having been absolutely for real, yet our consistently perverted and/or subverted cesspool of supposed scientist and obviously their educators being entirely skewed by way of numerous religious factions, plus of whatever's the political favor of the day might represent, and thereby nurturing and/or cultivating upon the prevailing skewed sense of morality that has never been honestly allowing such truth to emerge. Whereas such, is there any reason or doubt that I can't but wonder why that's been so negatively impacting honest research?

What's technicaly the least bit wrong with any notions upon terraforming Earth, and/or of some other planet like Mars or Venus, or of Earth having a few of those ETs living on the planet that's right nextdoor (as little as 105 times as far away as our moon), or even visiting humanity from time to time?

It seems rather imperative of any God or just that of any moraly decent ET being supposedly entirely responsible for the likes of terraforming Earth (as opposed to what our mainstream collective is suggesting as their multi-billion years worth of pure happenstance crapshoot of panspermia taking hold), as such efforts certainly would not have placed all of his/her DNA into one basket, especially such a basket that's capable of cultivating the worst possible mutated forms of DNA/RNA that have turned into a few too many of the most depraved sorts of humans that were never intended to survive in the first place, and perchance would you like my growing list of whom some of those individuals are, and/or of their borg like collectives of snookered souls they've surmounted into?

Pure science is for the most part without an ulterior motive, but having a strong inquisitive sense of focus or perfectly well intended bigotry towards accomplishing a given task or achieving a given goal at the expense of others (seems good scientist never spend their own money, and more often than not they don't even invest their own time, other than for accommodating those infomercials of hype and PR intended for raising lots more public and/or privet funding). As such, it is not possible that all of science will ever agree upon anything unless it's specifically reinforcing upon whatever that individual is seaking (usually that's money), as improving upon their just cause and of the rewards associated, and I even know a good number of supposedly well educated folks that you can't possibly offer the truth even as they would see if it's not of their idea in the first place. In other words, a good many folks can't be helped much less saved even if their own lives depended upon it. Thereby I've expected the usual sorts of silly intellectual flak, but not to the flatulance degree of being so vulger and absolute Hitler/Pope or other "Skull and Bones" cult-like about denying humanity any possible chance of our surviving. Talk about folks being the ultimate liars telling such lies and of course subsequently having to lie about that, which only begets those additional dog-wagging, spin and damage-control of somewhat transparent though intentional disinformation being applied when and wherever their ruse demands.

It is clearly not honest science getting in the way of the truth, as it's the self inflected demise of our very own intellectual incest that's been consistantly responsible for keeping the truth about those "Dropas" and of what's been discovered of Venus out of the mainstream and thereby away from the snookered and otherwise dumbfounded public, as well as for telling the truths about our moon and even those issues pertainiong to the Sirius star system as having far more to do with regard to humanity than is being told.

Ever since my sharing this discovery (as of January 2001) of what's existing upon Venus that is most likely artificial and thereby not natural, I've received all but loads of their official as well as unofficial flak instead of obtaining worthwhile arguments and leads based upon what other's possible. It seems that folks of the status-quo or bust mainstream were simply out to get me and of everything I stand for at every possible turn, which certainly made we wonder why that was being the case and worth their effort, rather than merely expanding upon the options and possibilities of there actually being other life. That warm and fuzzy mode of "kill Brad" at absolutely all cost, eventually this level of incoming flak brought me around to what I now realize about the levels of perversion of this opposition, and of their intent to defraud humanity at every possible turn, and into my understanding why so many of this Earth are no longer trusting of what America or American interest stands for, of which I do not for a minute think I'm capable of correcting that aspect because, the infestation or incest of intellectual arrogance, bigotry and just plain old bullyism runs far too deep and too widespread. Why the likes of 9/11 didn't happen sooner (actually it did, it was called "Pearl Harbor" plus at least a half dozen times before that) I certainly do not know, though actually there has been any number of efforts applied against our rather obvious intentions of global energy domination, and of many failed and/or foiled attempts at taking what wasn't ours, that were discounted or rather distorted as being something altogether other than the truth. Such as the cold-war(s) perpetrated against the USSR, whereas today there's still no "smoking Russian gun" to being had, instead we have only the collateral damage and carnage that's ongoing, as well as having watched as trillions of our hard earned dollars/euros are beening deposited and flushed through that proverbial space-toilet.

What the hell is wrong with humanity is clear that apparently we can't seem to lie our butts off enough to satisfy our lust for continuing this provocation and subsequent revenge, not even whenever we've managed to have gone way over the line, only to be lying again and again as for justifying our bogus past that had absolutely nothing to do with the happenstance of nature, as opposed to having absolutely everything to do with what the uppermost perverted 0.1% of humanity either orchestrated and/or went along with whatever damn few individuals decided was best. And how hany thousand of such examples need be reserected as to explore into what should have and could have been accomplished instead we'll not know of, and thereby I'm to guess that we'll make those same mistakes again and again until we get it right, or perhaps die trying.

This continuing lose cannon shot at my delivering truth or consequence is focused upon Venus, our moon and Sirius, which isn't so much about what our NASA/Apollo wizards could have and should have accomplished, as it's become a whole lot more of what America could have and should have accomplished on behalf of humanity from the very beginnings, when apparently war (real and cold) was and apparently still is considered the first option upon resolving whatever our provocation uprooted. Thus for me to suggest that our NASA hasn't been doing its job as we've been told, this task has become like my delivering a slap upon the face of their Pope, or rather much worse because most folks don't actually consider the resident Pope a worthy subject, nor are Jews that still can't show even the slightest remorse for their atrocities against humanity, starting off with their orchestrated demise of Christ (perhaps Christ being another Cathar, or at least he was certainly acting as one), and where perchance do we suppose their Dr. Death (Henry Kissinger) resides within all of this mess that prior to 9/11 and thereafter, or trying to uncover the truth and consequences pertaining to Dr.HK or perhaps of someone other of prime interest on that intended TWA Tel Aviv flight of which the TWA flight-800 clearly took the hit in it's place?

Centuries if not another millennium of years will need to pass before even a partial DNA or fingerprint worth of truth will emerge, if ever. Thus do not expect the mainstream to release their testicle grip upon what I've uncovered, at least not without a darn good fight. Meanwhile, that slimy disgusting thing protruding deep into your ass is just their warm and fuzzy way of assimilating their mainstream intellectual incest of mutated DNA into your way of thinking, and of making certain that you're paying for everything at that. What I'd actually like to know is; are you still smiling?

It seems we have various religions factions still justifying their past, their present day and into the future of all that's about to transpire, with its mentality or mind-set clearly showing a lack of any remorse, that's essentially running it's influence deeply throughout the most powerful agencies of government, and that's certainly not just of our government but those of many we've opposed are just as responsible though perhaps unknowingly being orchestrated against one another by great minds in much the same manner as honest folks were being snookered literally to death by the stories their government was telling them. Most political leaders try to accomplish and/or get away with whatever they think is going to be accepted by the religion of their choosing (obviously GW Bush and many just like him thinks Jesus Christ sees nothing but hords of unprovoked terrorist along with all of those stealth WMD just about everywhere), and only secondly by way of these religions keeping our leaders and the likes of their ENRON and Halburton like friends secretly in power isn't exactly an option. Thus our NASA claiming and/or pretending as being fully respectful of religious beliefs and teachings, as closely affiliated with upstanding factions thereof, can not possibly under any circumstances acknowledge upon other life no matters what, especially if it's of intelligent other life because, that would entirely undermine and seriously uproot what most religions have been founded upon. Thus the intent of our NASA and of their NSA/DoD boss to focus the media and all that it otherwise can away from anything associated with Venus, as equally away from anything having to do with Sirius and certainly of any notions of ever utilizing our moon as a go-between or merely that of a viable platform for accommodating VLA/SAR detailed images of other worlds, or perchance that of our accomplishing interplanetary as well as interstellar communications simply isn't going to happen under their shift.

Once it becomes well known that we've overlooked and/or covered up the obvious, as well as phonied up the past and there's no indication of their being any change in the course of history or that of our future, perhaps honest folks (religious or not) will have to come to grips with the reality that we've been summarily lied to, and the only possible actions that'll make a plausible dent in the ongoing plan of what's been running us amuck is to implement a clean sweep, sort of a raw and absolutely clean reboot with an entirely new operating system that openly records and thereby shares honest mistakes, and otherwise doesn't have the sorts of political and religious undertows of a badly infected Trojan horse as yet another ruse buried within. Obviously we can't fix the past with respect to the countless lives and loss of property, but we can learn from the past so that it'll be unlikely to ever be re-enacted as though we didn't already know what's terribly wrong with that approach. In other words, you can't possibly make an honest decision upon anything if the knowledge base you have at your disposal is skewed if not entirely bogus, and of anyone that argues against that logic is exactly the proof positive that I'm entirely right.

Therefore this extremely long page isn't so much about my being right all the time, as unlike those opposing just about everything under their sun, and of folks that otherwise seem to know all there is to know, I make loads of perfectly honest mistakes while attempting to learn and uncover the truth, and I'll do the best that I can to apply such knowledge into the rational consequences of creating viable solutions, and then sharing by way of informing others of what's possible seems like the right sort of thing to be doing. At the same time I've always asked of others to pitch in with whatever corrections and/or better notions of what's possible or not. Of course, for the most part others haven't been willing to share squat, much less giving anything that's sufficiently specific unless it been officially moderated to death and thus published under the NASA/Apollo stamp of approval (sort of their scientific UL label of what consumers are permitted to have access to, even though the UL stamp of approval is merely a spendy formality that we pay big-time for and isn't accepted by most of the intelligent world), as otherwise absolutely nothing other of merit is being shared, or else (gee whiz folks, that's almost as open minded as what a certain Pope and Hitler had in common).

It seems for every scientific and/or historical truth I've learned, there's become at least a hundred questions that remain unanswered, and oddly of those claiming of knowing all there is to know seem unwilling as to share, though all but more than willing to invest into their enforcing limited access to such knowledge on their usual "need to know" policy of nondisclosure to all but club/cult members, as otherwise I seem to have obtained loads of their politically skewed or simply that of entirely bogus data as their usual form of dog-wagging disinformation, plus I've discovered a little truth here and there. Thus in return of such warm and fuzzy favors, I'll try to offer some of what's already been shared as applied against my efforts of what I believe has been the truth about our moon, Venus and Sirius, a great deal of which is even extensively authenticated within their mainstream box of what most folks should be honestly willing to hear about, although some of what I'm suggesting is based upon a reasoning of deduction and supposition as supported by what others have long since discovered, plus having the known laws of physics, geology and even a viable twist of evolution, as well as remaining supportive of creation as long as terraforming falls sufficiently within your box of what's entirely possible for your God.

Before I venture myself off into the wild blue yonder (again), there's a little something I've learned the hard way about these supposedly public internet forums that claim to thrive upon folks sharing in whatever it is they know, or think they know.

Firstly, the vast bulk are essentially founded upon the "know-thy-enemy" principal, thus taking everything in while having the intent of enabling their inner most souls of a given forum to modify the rules of engagement upon whatever history, science, and of physics interpretations that can be modified on the fly in order to suit their side of whatever argument. With darn few exceptions, the outcome of any topic within a given forum has to become the mainstream standard by which all others must without question relate to, or else it must die.

Secondly, not all views and knowledge of others is even being permitted unless it's regulated sufficiently within their mainstream mode of operation, of what is permitted to being talked about and thereby promoted as essentially already supporting the forum mainstream ideology, or allowed if a topic remains a viable candidate for assimilation into their collective. The likes of and any number of their supportive forums simply exclude as many controversial topics as need be, and they'll exclude folks that try to so much as re-introduce similar topics. Again, the likes of Hitler and of a few other absolute bastards would be damn proud.

Thirdly, most moderators (usually the forum owners) and those they tolerate within their inner realms are not whom they claim they are, as in hiding behind phony names, phony or non-existent email, and seldom if ever a real address or actual phone number. It's also become the custom for several individuals to represent a given forum name/identity, thus you're seldom up against any one individual but more than likely a collective of folks sharing a common identity as well as the mutual intent to either disrupt a given process of thought or to entirely bash such outsiders and their notions into submission or altogether receiving forum banishment. Thus their own words of whatever represents their opening charter stipulates upon are just that, bogus words that are more often than not every bit as phony and as skewed as they are.

Of what's not permitted to being talked about is usually the truth and nothing but the truth of what's just outside of their mainstream box, and that means others are seldom if ever actually sharing upon the absolute truth of whatever their mainstream needs to keep undisclosed until they alone and of their offspring (kin folk and/or incest cloned members of their Skull and Bones like cult) are long dead and gone, as in so be it or perhaps "so what's the difference" prevails.

Thus whatever the actual truth remains illusive if not distorted beyond all recognition, as in remaining highly conditional and thereby selectively interpreted in order to fit and/or suit whatever the prevailing political and/or religious mood-swing is at hand. This apparently includes the laws of physics that pertains to our frame of existence, in that if the imposition of what I'm suggesting isn't sufficiently pleasant and upholding of their GR/SR status quo, whereas by all means available the laws of whatever physics either do not and/or can not be applied on my behalf. Taking a quick review through these internet forums more than proves that I'm not the only soul that's having to deal with this form of conditional science and skewed space toilet physics that's become so potentially upsetting to their mainstream boat, as well as apparently the space time continuum of whatever else there is at risk.

Forum rules most often include that you simply can not offer to share in or expand upon the truth if it;
1) makes some God look bad or even the least bit inferior
2) makes others look bad for not accomplishing good things
3) makes ours or members of their government look bad or just impudent
4) makes folks look bad because of their support of whatever government
5) makes established science look skewed, as in bad and/or insufficient
6) makes folks look bad because of their dependency upon such established science
7) makes the likes of saints or science gods like Einstein or Plank look even insufficient
8) makes folks look/feel bad because they've only worshiped the likes of Einstein and Plank
9) makes history look as though it's not been the whole truth and nothing but the truth
10) makes folks look bad because they happen to prefer the skewed record of history just the way it is

It seems as though, once an item or given topic becomes published as the truth (Columbus discovers America, hydrogen as H2 being dangerous, the USSR is out to get us, Apollo on the moon, exploding 747 fuel tanks and so forth), especially if that's been publicly sanctioned and thereby promoted by whatever government and accepted by their religious orders, thus institutionalized into the educational mainstream flux of supposed knowledge, that regardless of whatever becomes the actual truth no longers matters. In fact, of whatever the actual truth of the matter needs to be summarily suppressed and even banished altogether, less someone might start to link other poorly explained circumstances and/or suggest upon further liabilities as to the truth of actual history. Thus science and even physics must absolutely follow suit, or else.

Once a lie has been successfully perpetrated, life for some goes on without remorse, as in "so what's the difference" if folks are needlessly dying off all aroud us. The fact that liars must continually invent and install additional lies, that must in turn be consistently perpetrated in order to sustain their first lie isn't even the least bit of an immoral issue, as each successive lie becomes the absolute moral sort of thing to be doing, unless all be undone and subsequently having to contemplate the remorseful consequences of whatever humanity had perpetrated upon itself, and of course this somehow justifies the how and why such a ruse/sting is nearly always at the demise of others, while benefitting usually a slight few at the very top.

Here's a few of our NASA/Apollo (sort of speak UL approved) truths about our moon.
1) we've supposedly been there and done that as of decades ago (the tooth fairy is for real)
2) the lunar surface offers but a peaceful and relatively safe "walk in the park"
3) there is little radiation hazard that a mere moonsuit couldn't suffice
4) there is absolutely no influx of arriving dust nor micro meteorites to worry about
5) their one-of-a-kind landers (without proof-flights) worked absolutely perfectly right out of the box
5a) even the Apollo-13 effort wasn't any fault of their lander technology, just an external fault
6) the moon is essentially the same substance as Earth, even though only 60% of Earth density
7) there are much fewer meteorites and strewn shards than Mars because the moon has no atmosphere
8) the solar point-source of light makes the moon-dirt not only clumping but oddly retro-reflective
9) there's only 3e-15 bar and a meger population of 2e5 atoms worth of surface atmosphere

10) Kodak photographs are seemingly unskewed, recording absolutely no color spectrum shifts nor other detectable impacts of being TBI in space or from being associated for such an extended period of time with such a highly reactive lunar surface, all toll for nearly two weeks of getting zapped from every which way but lose, including having experienced 6+ of those to/from hours worth of the vast (70,000 km) Van Allen zone of death, especially of the portion that's always distorted towards the moon wasn't even the slightest push for that Kodak film.

10a) the unusual 55% reflective index, illumination hot spots (suggested as retro-reflective moon dirt effective only to being locally photographed) and of Earth looking too small and even entirely out of position are also due to the lack of having an atmosphere.

10b) Can't possibly have included the likes of Venus or even the rather extreme vibrance of Sirius within any given lunar frame, even though Venus was more than twice as bright as humanly viewed in a pitch black sky, though of that being 16~32 times as bright to the Kodak eye, and the likes of Sirius would have been at least 512 times brighter to that same unfiltered Kodak eye as due to the unfiltered by any atmospheric worth of the near-UV spectrum intensity of 380~480 nm plus their being absolute loads of UV/a to boot.

10c) the secondary TBI factors of being situated on and somewhat within the lunar substance that's more reactive than of aluminum for creating those nasty secondary hard X-Rays was somehow filtered/shielded by those moonsuits, as well as by the slightly modified cameras and film containment/magazine portions of their equipment.

<>10d) keeping extreme radiant solar as well as lunar surface reflected IR heat out wasn't any more of a problem than for getting rid of the extra 1000 BTUs/hr that was being generated within each moonsuit, and of such horrific heat also did absolutely nothing towards distorting the plastic Kodak fim because there was no atmosphere (a near vacuum) as to conduct such heat either way (in or out), which thereby represents that the laws of thermal dynamics simply do not apply to whatever's situated on the moon (darn good thing to know).

11) we could return to the moon if we wanted to, using exactly the same technology as before because its overall technology and subsequent performance far exceeded all that followed, and is apparently still (more than 35 years later) vastly superior to anything other that's on the books as of today (perhaps they should have shared some of that expertise of flight stability and reliability with the V-22 Osprey fiasco).

11a) perhaps those Russians with their cold-war hyped robotic lunar landers that supposedly recovered moon rock and soil samples, whereas they too merely lost every shred of their proof of AI fly-by-wire capability results and every scrap of their technical documentation down the same intellectual cold-war space-race toilet as did our NASA, as I'm sure they never once had a rime nor reason as to ever lie about anything that wasn't the truth and nothing but the truth.

Now then, I'm fairly certain there's a great deal more to those NASA/Apollo as well as Russian truths that'll have to be added into the list, however there's also some rather interesting physics and of Kodak photographic science that's not quite running itself smoothly within their mainstream box, and there's still an absolute load of worthwhile Earth science that are in need of good instrument deployments [such as the LUNAR-A mission] upon a moon of all places (all we have to do is figure out exactly how to go about delivering such from scratch, and without dependence upon the impact method of attempting to land such items in one piece is going to be their next trick).

First of all, notice how the likes of Dr. Van Allen and of anything Kodak corporate haven't bothered as to offer a word of their supposedly qualified arguments on behalf of forums discussing those Apollo missions, as in their oddly not formally (going one on one) sharing squat within any public forum as to anything that's reinforcing their supposed science truth(s) of the matter. Not even Hasselblad has offered their support of those missions, yet multiple spendy infomercial productions by NOVA and countless thousands of spendy publications being directly as well as indirectly funded by government and privet sectors that'll print and distribute whatever NASA/Apollo supplies, as in accepting whatever "as is where is" without ever a single independent conformation that wasn't somehow linked to the inner circle of whatever was obligated and/or being subcontracted under their easily enforceable rules of "nondisclosure", and thus easily perpetrated whatever on behalf of absolutely anything our mainstream cold-war was ever all about.

Take notice how even the best of their next proposed lunar mission (LUNAR-A or Polar Night) is going to have to be another typically spendy but robotic deployment of surface probes having to utilize the only proven method of surviving via impact, of which this is a good sort of thing for the likes of delivering seismic intended probes, though somewhat lethal for much of anything other. In place of their spendy "Polar Night" offering a mere three probes, I've suggested upon a javelin type of multiple deployments, though not nearly as spendy per probe nor limited to just three such probes.

Unfortunately, most Americans are rather dumbfounded about anything the least bit technical that's being offered by way of NASA/Apollo (old guard as well as their new guard replacements), and thereby we've previously assumed (as did I) that we're not being lied to, much less being intentionally snookered. I guess that's why I've tried in the past to utilize a few commonalities of otherwise difficult terminology that might replace the notions of the somewhat less understood official terminology, such as using pounds and/or kilograms of force instead of joules/second (watts/second). And, since most American folks don't hardly understand squat about such matters as per the force of gravity, terminal velocity, final impact velocity and of the resulting impact kinetic energy issues, it's best if I offered a few comparisons to what many of us think we know a little something about.

A regulation baseball of 5.15 oz (146 grams) falls to Earth at 94 mph (42 m/s), regardless of how fast it's initial pitch or from whatever altitude, and thus you can physically catch that item as it falls without such ripping off your hand. I believe a soft-ball falls at 80 mph (36 m/s) due primarily to it's greater surface area.

Regulation baseball of 73.6 mm = 146 grams
The terminal velocity at SL is 42 m/s
The KE of having to catch that ball = 129 KJ/s (284.4 lbs/s)
SL (sea level) = 1.226 kg/m3 (density per cubic meter which establishes the maximum terminal velocity)

That same baseball as arriving from merely 19 km above the moon equals a final velocity(Vf) of 30.6 km/s at impact or dare to catch. However, if you intended to catch that item as it becomes downright lethal at delivering 68e9 Joules (68 giga joules), which might otherwise be represented as becoming worth 152 million pounds/second, of which quite obviously can not be safely caught under any circumstances.

Another sort of idiom/analogy is that of what a 357/9mm (Glock 32) with a 125 grain (8.1 gram) bullet, fired point blank (20") is capable of delivering a velocity of 1250 fps (380 m/s) which easily penetrates more than 25" of plain old water, of which replacing that water with your body and the force of 578 kj/second that'll obviously transpire in a few milliseconds will likely take you off your feet while that bullet passes clean through. That 578 kj is equal to a force of 1274 pounds/sec being thrust through your body, thus the notion of actually doing this experiment comes with a great deal of risk.

Now just imagine that the same bullet were merely being dropped from an altitude of 19 km onto the moon without any benefit of the explosive charge, thereby having no initial velocity. According to the math being provided to us via Newton as well as NASA, the impending velocity will become 30.6 km/s, which becomes 3.745 GJ as otherwise sharing 8.256 million pounds of force/second, thus the wossy baseball is by far the more lethal impact at delivering 152 million pounds/sec. Of course either way is EVA bad news, as even a micro dust-bunny bullet of 2 mg as released from the same 19 km is going to kick serious moonsuit butt at 936e3 J/s, whereas that mere dust-bunny is going to represent a bit more than 2,064 pounds/sec as opposed to the 1,274 pounds/sec delivered by the fully loaded 357/9mm (Glock 32), and that's way more than serious armor-piercing velocity and surplus energy to boot. Of course, that dust-bunny need not be of fluff, but of iron, silver or a composite of even greater density substances.

In other words of my limited wisdom, the NRA could certify preschool kids for packing heat while on the moon, as in no matters what, the potential damage inflicted from a known source of a 357/9mm(Glock 32) isn't anything compared to that of what a dust-bunny arriving as unrestricted from God knows out of anywhere, and hardly are those sorts of items in any fashion restricted to a couple of milligrams, nor limited as to arriving from the mere altitude of 19 km because, at 2r or 1738 km off the deck is where most such dust-bunny items and of whatever else that's within the neighborhood will be captured and/or eventually recaptured on the next pass by the lunar gravity (minus whatever was pulled towards Earth, such as the tonnage of sodium debris depicted in those Leonid meteor shower events of November 1998).

Because of the already existing velocity of the moon with respect to having to keep up with Earth which is already making 30 km/s to start off with, whereas besides the potential of those free-fall 1763 km/s arrivals there's absolutely no freaking way that much of anything is going to be arriving at less than 30 km/s unless it's been catching up from the rear, and even being a rear-ender is absolutely lethal because, at some point in the trajectory of what's arriving from the rear (unless it's over-taking by way of traveling past at 5+km/s relative to the 30 km/s velocity of the moon) that's existing well before reaching into the 19 km range the moon, as otherwise this is where no matters what the lunar gravity takes over almost regardless of whatever initial trajectory, and since there's so little atmosphere there's still absolutely no terminal velocity limitation as to restricting upon the final velocity of such items that'll easily exceed 30 km/s.

However, I have found an alternative of extrapolating upon what little Vt there might be. By using an equation of dividing the available atmospheric tonnage by the square surface area of the moon as being 38e12 m2.

These numbers are worth taking note;
Venus atmosphere of mostly CO2/N2(@r6052 km) offers 1e21 atoms/cm3
Earth atmosphere (sealevel being of one bar) offers 1e19 atoms/cm3
The Moon (as upon the lunar deck @3e-15 bar) offers 2e5 atoms/cm3

At 25 tonnes worth of lunar atmosphere, and there being a surface of 38e12 m2 of lunar sphere to cover = 25e6 / 38e12 = .658e-6 g/m2

Besides the notion of accommodating a free-falling item arriving at 30 km/s (keeping in mind that this is not my suggesting that probes would survive such speed of impact), though what if there were to be a lunar jet stream of 30 km/s, as such it would most likely be represented as flowing near the surface, whereas the kinetic energy of KE=.5MV2 becomes somewhat interesting. Excluding any notions of solar wind along with whatever influx of debris, of excluding upon other cosmic dust of any sort, as well as of meteorite kicked up moon-dirt that would add a great deal of insult to injury, and if we just focused upon what the raw 25 tonnes worth of that atmosphere has to work with;
Thus 25 tonnes worth of atmosphere re-interprets as KE = .329e-6 * 900e6 = 296 joules/m2
And at 100 tonnes of atmosphere is interpreted as KE = 1.316e-6 * 900e6 = 1184 joules/m2

It's now going to become possible to reverse extrapolate an amount of Vt as based upon the 25 tonnes of lunar atmosphere imposing 296 joules/m2 of surface friction as taking place at the final velocity that's suggested as merely 30 km/s, whereas the maximum parachute like airfoil resistance per cubic meter is obviously going to impose the most limits upon Vt, and of the Javelin Probe the least per surface area. Of course as I've pointed out, as the actual value of lunar atmosphere become known, and if adjusted upwards of 100 tonnes or perhaps 1000 tonnes isn't going to accomplishing anything except improve our odds of delivering whatever from greater altitude, by which the Vt factor as extracted from the KE=.5v2 formula is going to allow for some margin of aerodynamic related control.

In other words of my limited wisdom, whenever and of whatever it rains debris upon the moon, you're dead unless you've got youself a fairly robust LM-1 as your mobile bus abode, and even this much protection is going to be tested to if not beyond it's limits from time to time, especially whenever those 71.5 km/s meteors start arriving and only worse off if that event becomes a head-on combined velocity of 100+km/s.

Besides the gauntlet of whatever the moon and of whomever is essentially standing naked on deck is running into at the good speed of 30+km/s, and of whatever other becomes a near miss by way of managing to remain above the horizon by way of at least sustaining 2.4 km/s greater than the lunar velocity is still offering a relatively nasty item of worth that remains entirely unrestricted as for coming at you from any of 360 degrees over the horizon, of which even this is accomplishing better than 6.3 times worse off velocity than what most any 357/9mm (Glock 32) can deliver, of which that added velocity has to be squared as to delivering 39.7 fold greater Kinetic Energy(KE) than the typical bullet as derived from that 357/9mm(Glock 32) which is clearly already more than lethal to start off with. Thus perhaps a moonsuit of armor similar to that of a modern day tank might not suffice.

The consequences of my learning about what our moon runs itself into or of otherwise falls unrestricted onto the surface has been something purely related to having to anticipate what sort of robust structure it's going to take for the Lunar Metro bus(LM-1) to service the needs of the LSE-CM/ISS crew, and somehow survive long-term in spite of whatever is impacting, with somewhat obvious limits as to surviving whatever a seriously nasty 2.2 pound(1 kg) item could deliver without much warning and from just about any angle that's above the horizon, not to mention avoiding those secondary shards created from such an impact that's within several kilometers that could remain sufficiently lethal since there's no significant atmospheric density above the surface that'll in any way limit the trajectory(s) and/or of returning shards from above as such shards being derived from the sorts of nasty meteorites and displaced moon rock, at least not until the gravity influence of 1.623 m/s/s manages to ground those items once and for all. As for anything much greater than an arriving kg worth of just about anything from a wad of cotton-candy to that of a good density worth of mineralised rock simply isn't survivable unless you're situated under several meters worth of solid lunar basalt bedrock (clearly the impending mineralised rock as a meteorite having the greater density of perhaps 10 g/cm3 and thus offering a much deeper penetration capability advantage over whatever a similar mass of cotton-candy that would have managed to spread the load). Implementing a darn good 360º X 180º all-sector simultaneous-scan radar might offer a wee bit of warning, as in at best a few seconds worth of suggesting which way to duck or take cover, whereas otherwise every bit as EVA moonsuit lethal are the sorts of items of a few grams or less, of which are simply not going to be detected until it's too late.

The truth is, in order for the notion of any LM-1 bus to survive those sorts of unannounced impacts, I've proposed such notions and requested of others to share in their expertise, or even to share in their science-fiction notions of what's conceivably possible for at least the past three years and counting. It seems the truth being told isn't of what's out there, since most forks remain either entirely dumbfounded and/or snookered into believing our NASA/Apollo wizards did exactly what we've been told, and that supposed space travel and even walking upon the moon is sort of a "walk in the park" that represents we need not fear such exposed environments, nor is regular film photography that's usually rather sensitive to near-UV and UV/a, such as via Kodak film isn't the least bit affected. Instead of my fearing the unknown as some folks might suggest that I way over reacting by having to exaggerate and/or invent the facts, as it seems it would be a darn good thing knowing exactly what the lunar environment is all about, of which I believe those supposed Kodak documented Apollo missions have not been telling folks the truth and nothing but the truth, but more representative of a pack of well motivated cold-war justified liars telling nothing but lies as having always been their priority-1 mainstream status quo agenda of having to sustain their ruse of the century, that which has only cost us trillions and set humanity back by decades if not a century.

Sufficiently smart folks (supposedly those of the upper 0.1% class and most certainly all of those "Skull and Bones" members) already knew all of this long before myself, that our world had been and is still being lied to by America, and otherwise having been extorted upon by the manner of our imposing our pretense that we deserve being the Alpha dog. Oddly, some folks haven't taken to this lightly, such as recently expressed in part by 9/11 and of countless other conflicts that are essentially opposed to the notion that America and American interest are entitled to so much of the global resources, and if need be at the demise of others seems to be asking a bit much from the less fortunate but otherwise simple folk trying to tread water. Fortunately, our ongoing best efforts at advancing global warming is going to deliver that much needed water, as in the form of greater storms and climatic extremes because of the global pollution that has created a shift in the reflective nature (albedo) of Earth, to the point where our environment must now absorb and subsequently radiate 5% additional solar energy. That's 68+w/m2 as being received by half of our globe, of energy that obviously has to go somewhere, and as with regard to the laws of physics that clearly stipulates "energy in equals energy out" or else, thus the combined influx of energy being artificially imposed has to evolve itself into greater fluctuations of just about everything, impacting humanity as weather, thermal extremes, along with excessive amounts of rain and obviously in terms of ice-melt that only further increases the average darkness of Earth and subsequently releasing mega tonnes of otherwise geologically trapped/stored methanes and freons.

Perhaps this greater amount of solar energy influx having been transpiring before our intellectually bigoted eyes that are apparently no longer even connected to whatever is left of our dumbfounded and thereby easily snookered brain might not even represent the worst that's to come.

Over the four years, I seem to have uncovered that there are countless issues of lunar and Earth related science that can be robotically and thereby interactively obtained best from the lunar surface, including actual knowledge of quantitative debris influx, and even of solar and cosmic energy influx and subsequent secondary radiation issues that's no longer being sufficiently deflected nor radiated away from Earth. The affects of the extended solar atmosphere (especially when aligned with our moon and that of Venus, and of such solar weather that's more easily impacting Earth since the magnetosphere of Earth has been collapsing like never before, is just better observed from the lunar perspective than from a few nearby instruments orbiting Earth. Then there's the entire physics element as well as energy aspect of the lunar recession, and of the rather keen interest developing over the amount of He3 and of countless other minerals and even radioactive substances that'll become invaluable as we manage to run ourselves further and further down on the affordable energy reserves of Earth, that which only further pollutes as those limited carbon based reserves are being extracted, processed consumed. Thus we'll soon need to utilize whatever the moon has to offer, including the eventual establishment of the LSE-CM/ISS before another energy cartel that's isn't exactly on our side takes into running off with this one and only LSE-CM/ISS opportunity, once again leaving the lower 99.9% of humanity at the whims and beckon mercy of whomever is encharge of the moon, and thereby most capable of being encharge of Earth.

Am I the one and only de-snookered village idiot that sees the positive side of what this LSE opportunity has to offer?

Thus it's time, or rather long past due, as to stop our cold-war rusemasters dead in their tracks, to focus whatever's left of our talents and expertise upon what's truly obtainable, as mostly from within our present day grasp and within the current levels of resources, technology and expertise, upon that which humanity can accomplish great things if we're not having to continually circumnavigate a bloody cold-war mine-field worth of disinformation, nondisclosure and skewed physics that's intended to suit whatever the mainstream has within their collective of perverted minds.

It's bad enough that politicians and religious folk seemingly lie their butts off all the time, setting the perfect examples for the likes of government agencies such as our NSA, DoD, FBI, CIA and even NIMA that was once forbidden (may still be) to so much as speak to NASA, thus we have only polished upon what the likes of Hitler started, along with the likes of ENRON, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, MicroSoft and even sweet Martha Stewart getting little more than a public spanking (though I'd actually like to see that one applied with her pants pulled all the way down). When that demeanor streams deeply from within religious misleaderships, and spews itself into the presidency having those preemptive intentions of achieving world energy domination, then onward into their having to influence the laws of physics and thereby systematically forbids the realms of whatever honest science truths and thereby honest mistakes creating those very humanly honest consequences from being advanced and openly talked about, so that honest corrections can be implemented on behalf of humanity, as otherwise that's clearly when all of those badly plugged space toilets of intellectual incest blockage needs to be cleared and flushed for good.

Huston; it seems we have ourselves another problem, and it's even bigger than the GW Bush fiasco that brought us 9/11.

There's loads of science truth(s) to being shared about Venus, and about our solar system being influenced by the likes of the Sirius star system that's far more important than all of what humanity thinks or even pretends that it knows. Especially so when all of what you've thought you've known has been an absolute distortion if not an outright lie from the very get-go, or at least a skewed representation of the facts in order that our extremely narrow frame of existence upholds the past frames of our existence, no matters what. In order to help jog the memories, and/or of perhaps a little more of my lose cannon button pushing, I've offered another list of worthwhile topics that all can share and/or argue over, with the notion that there's some remaining truths to being uncovered and eventually shared throughout humanity.

Folks, this fiasco of discovering what's most likely existing on Venus simply doesn't get any better nor worse off than that. Each opposing argument as a mainstream lie systematically begets another until hell freezes over or those Apollo cows come home. In either case hell isn't about to freeze over and no way are them Apollo cows are never coming home, thus it's time if not way past due to start off with a brand new chapter of AD/AT, meaning "After Death" of Christ and of "After Truth" being told. Perhaps this AD/AT marker could become the year 2006, although the sooner the better, as later only begets more lies, inflicts collateral damage and insures the ongoing demise of countless innocent lives, not to mention the intellectual incest of absolute corruption of future generations to come.

Is your God really that good, or is ET sufficiently immortal

I believe that creation is worth implementing a little terraforming, as opposed to the absolute crapshoot of panspermia being the sole culprit, and/or of the millions of required positive matrix events of absolute happenstance mutations of sufficiently uninterrupted evolution cycles per species that could have survived the test of time and pure chance of their surviving in spite of all odds, that is if those odds didn't happen to include something as nasty as for what transpired for the likes of Mars, and possibly even Venus is pushing those limits of what's entirely possible, though not impossible nor easy. In other words, pure evolution that's unguided and having to make due with whatever comes along, including the good, the bad and the ugly of whatever happenstance plus panspermia would have taken billions of successful life cycles. Guess what folks, Earth isn't that old.

The fact that we now have nearly a million recorded years worth of core samples (that's roughly 0.02% of the entire picture), as acquired from dozens if not hundreds of entirely independent locations that clearly indicate upon nearly identical CO2 cycles of the good and bad times for life on Earth, yet the vast bulk of those core samples remain without trace evidence of human DNA, as only the most limited of near-surface and of sufficiently eroded surface exposures of what's indicating as slightly prior to 350,000 years ago are of what's perceived as human like indications. You'd have to think this should ring that intellectual bell of truth or consequences, as even without our having a warlord running things amuck by hunting down all of those invisible snipe WMD, life via panspermia and the happenstance of evolution wasn't easy nor without a great many risks for the task of such encapsulated microbes surviving horrifically TBI space travel, geological and atmospheric turmoils and of multiple ice-age cycles, not to mention competition for whatever one soul had that another wanted, and I do believe that's been well proven by multiple failed biosphere attempts at even sustaining what we've already got in perfect working harmony as to start of working with, and by those artificial bioshperes essentially excluding upon all natural as well as survival of the fittest as factors from the equation still hasn't proven sufficient.

This sort of makes me think there's been a few billion details we haven't a freaking clue about life, even as we think we know it, much less of other ET life we've yet to encounter because we're too busy at killing one another off, and/or of taking and utilizing the other guys energy without just cause, or otherwise simply too dumb and dumber as to realize how pathetically dumbfounded and otherwise snookered that we've become the sort of perfect bastards at consuming and discarding our environment at every turn. I believe that's enough to make even the most benevolent God cringe.

An Earth like global biosphere is by far the utmost sophisticated and complex of anything humanity has summarily managed to destroy the most of, and for the most part without remorse, much less sufficient knowledge as to how to fix what's broken. In other words, if we had space travel capability, and if we decided to terraform a similar to Earth like planet, having a similar long-term cycle influx of some other solar energy in addition to the regular sun that otherwise couldn't possibly cycle life as we've known it without the added benefit of an occasional and sufficiently nearby intervention of something like a Sirius/ab or perhap nearly neutron/UV like source of energy, as chances are that over the long-haul we'd fail big time within the first ice-age or lack thereof cycle.

Because I'm such a good sport, not actually the messenger from hell that the mainstream might otherwise suggest, here's a perfectly good reference page on the neutron star that's somewhat like Sirius/b (white dwarf) is gradually becoming, and I'll certainly add to this library as I fine the opportunity to share in whatever others already seem to know all there is, but are only selectively handing out their very least tid bits on their need to share basis. At this rate, perhaps hell is going to freeze over before the whole truth becomes known.

Of what I'm thinking (all three remaining brain cells worth), whenever Sirius/b is aligned between us and Sirius/a, and as our mutual solar system become situated within 0.1 ly (0.0865 ly = 100 times closer and thereby obtaining 10,000 times more illumination energy), where the near-UV of Sirius/a is combined with the UV/c 90~125 nm peak of Sirius/b is where this extended cycling event would have created the necessary 50 year added oscillation influx of energy, that which an Earth like or even somewhat better off as for a Mars like planet would have required for accommodating the thermal ice-melt as a result of this extended energy shift, as well as offering the necessary spectrum of growth benefits as ideal for the likes of diatoms. Even the sort of thick atmosphere and cloud density of Venus would have benefited life from the near/UV attributes, whereas if Sirius were another sun like ours delivering a greater portion of energy within IR would only have thermally cooked whatever was left of diatoms, turning the remaining dry land of Earth in to a perpetual desert like globe that was otherwise 100% cloud covered, yet also nearly continually on the receiving end of daylight offering less opportunity for the usual atmospheric cycling of the available fresh water, that's subsequently become more and more unavailable to whomever's having to make a tough go of it on the remaining dry surface.

Of course, applied technology could easily mitigate the impact of folks having to survive where humanity as-is would surely parish on the spot, be that of locally developed and applied technology or of something imported from the home world for the intent of making the best of a bad terraforming situation, such as by way of transporting local inhabitants most at risk to higher ground, and/or of if need be entirely extracting as much life as possible, with the intentions of returning as much of that life once the transition of whatever was going terribly wrong had subsided.

As two such solar systems having somewhat passed in the night travel apart, whereas obviously too much of a good thing as the extra photons from Sirius isn't necessarily what's good for a number of desirable lifeforms that may have been unable to adapt within the few thousands of years imposed by each nearby encounter. Even the likes of the +/-10,000 years of what a 0.01 ly (essentially a near miss) fly-by could have represented a rather serious life-stress cycle window of 20,000 years worth of absolute hell on Earth, in which only the most advanced and/or capable lifeforms are going to either genetically adapt or learn to tolerate such thermal and growth burst cycle swings, however the merging Kuiper and Oort zone debris interactions and subsequent fallout of related impacts or even from secondary shards could just as easily exterminate even the best of terraforming intentions (such may have been the case for Mars, especially since it could never have ever accumulated a sufficient atmosphere for deflecting and/or absorbing by way of moderating the velocity and resulting impact energy), thus a nearly continual observation, along with intervention and evacuation plan of action need be available unless a house-loaded crapshoot sort of outcome is yielding sufficient odds for the otherwise horrific investment and moral responsibility that is suggested of folks having terraformed another world, and especially spendy of one that's not within your home solar system.

Unlike how the notions as per terraforming of Earth has most often been considered the ultimate joke throughout our NASA, as well as nearly all formal institutions associated and of numerous pretentious groups and individuals continually sucking up to whatever skewed standards by which we supposedly placed naked man on the moon, the real joke is that political and even religious satire has become but sadly true, as in being almost as good of topic as are these idioms of truth or consequences, whereas cosmological truths are essentially offering us another vast satire upon the bogus reality of where humanity was created, of where we've been, and of folks claiming as being all-knowing yet continually ignoring the greater likelihood of what other forms of humanity is out there to behold. In other words, Earth nor mankind is not all there is, unless we allow these satires of our own doing to keep us from expanding our horizons.

As much as our NASA may have to suggest otherwise; there has been significant other life on Venus.

Much like our not taking that formal open-minded review/look-see at what's existing on Venus, and of not otherwise taking advantage of our moon, of folks ignoring the truth and consequences of what has always been represented by the Sirius star system, and so forth. These are the sorts of ongoing satires and/or idioms of what's what represents the ultimate joke upon the joke of what humanity has done to itself time and again, by way of creating and/or orchestrating the very consequences of what's keeping the truth that actually matters from being realized and accepted. This blatant amount of denial has made me wonder what other is being denied, as based upon what other ulterior motives, and for whom is benefitted the most, whereas clearly the lower 90% of humanity doesn't even count above the slime mold factor of importance. Thus the upper 10% seemingly clings desperately to the 1% that's indirectly benefiting from what only the upper most 0.1% are actually doing in spite of good reasoning, morals and generally without remorse, thus setting the trend and examples for others to follow, and blindly follow they do (as in how many thousands of examples would you like to hear about).

Why folks are still the least bit surprised about the undertow of our government and those of other governments lying their butts off is a perfectly good but old question. The historical record clearly shows where such has been the case from the very beginnings of recorded times, with religious leaders accomplishing and subsequently covering up and/or diverting the truth upon the most outrageous lies imaginable. Unfortunately, it takes hundreds if not more than a thousand years for the rest of us folks to realize upon the truth, and only then it remains somewhat skewed because of the passage of time and of the intellectual DNA incest of corrupted knowledge has since done it damage, far too often to the tune of punishing the innocent prior to otherwise exterminating tens of thousands if not millions of folks as being somehow justified entirely upon the initial lie. Thus if our NASA/Apollo says that we've been their and done that, obviously everything that has ever been associated with and to come has absolutely got to support that original lie, or else. So, naturally the mainstream status quo is not going to ever perceive upon there being anything immoral has having transpired, nor immoral about what's ongoing in the way of damage-control, and soon to being inflicted upon the next generations of humanity, thus there's no possible remorse to being had, and thereby no possible avoidance is necessary of the consequences, as per the basis for the continuing cycle of hatching lies upon lies, spawning an intellectual cloning incest of skewed DNA liars that's well beyond what even God can circumvent.

Whatever consequences of our inappropriate actions and/or inactions are now merely reinterpreted as those of mad terrorist running amuck for no apparent reason, and as such we have this moral obligation as to killing them all. It's exactly like one of those interactive doom and gloom video games coming to life, whereas we're in complete control of establishing and/or altering the parameters as well as whatever "rules of war" on the fly. Unfortunately, regardless of whatever "rules of war" you'd care to adopt, in actual war THERE ARE NO STINKING RULES, except for the one about not getting caught. You're either at war or you're not.

In spite of what's incomplete and/or skewed about our supposed lunar/moon-landing science and the casual physics of said lunar environment, as well as for how that knowledge pertains to human space travel in general, for the most part of what counts on behalf of Earth and human related science which functions in spite of and/or with the entire exclusion of anything NASA/Apollo, and even though modern history has become somewhat chuck full of the sorts of distortions and lies of which only the upper most 0.1% of humanity (6.4 million) directly benefit from, whereas at least that's exactly how it has always worked out in the past, where the lower 99.9% (6.4 billion) is either on their own or simply too busy helping at keeping that 0.1% boat of intellectual incest not only afloat but from rocking as well. Thus the trickle-down works it's way initially into the anti-boat-rocking upper 1% and eventually into the upper most 10% ocean of an otherwise highly dumbfounded humanity, leaving the lower 90% (scum of the Earth) either entirely out of the picture, financially strapped into a subsistence or lesser mode of surviving, and/or quite thoroughly dead from the mistakes and/or arrogance of whatever that upper most 0.1% decided was necessary.

Obviously the upper most 0.1% has decided upon systematic provocation and ultimately war instead of honesty and reason was necessary, including multiple invasions of Cuba and our cold-war opposing absolutely everything the USSR stood for was imperative, and in between there's been at least a few other cold-wars and not such cold wars that mostly failed other than subsequently festering at insuring the rest of the World remains distrustful of American interest, with a few of those contributions that eventually created  9/11, once again leaving the lower 99.9% of humanity to fend for ourselves, or else.

A Matter Of Deductions (what's left is the most likely truth)

Criticisms received from individuals that already know for a fact that I do not have the financial capability of assembling the sorts of NASA approved nor even NOVA class of computer assisted production modelings and/or independent data as to back up what all I'm claiming, however these are the same individuals suggesting that I and all others must unquestionably believe in whatever was solely acquired from the likes of our NASA/Apollo guards, as though without a shred of independent evidence that they ever accomplished what has been officially recorded and published as fact, even though various aspects of their very own science, especially that of any Kodak moment, and quite seriously by those pesky laws of physics begs otherwise.

In place of my not having access to a publicly or even corporate funded research staff and facilities, nor the millions necessary for independently accomplishing what others would continue to discount anyway, and entirely regardless of what any super-computer model is having to say, is the same reasoning why they'll consistently ignore and/or circumvent the laws of physics and even the process of eliminations in order to deduce upon whatever the most likely culprit or scenario needs to be.

Just because the glove doesn't fit isn't the sort of proof-positive that OJ didn't have the utmost likely motive, opportunity and means by which to commit said murders, same goes for the Pope that exterminated Cathars and of anyone standing nearby, or of Hitler that exterminated absolutely anyone (including Jews) in disagreement with his plans for the future of humanity, and I'd have to say that the current administration of American interest focused upon energy reserves isn't exactly a do-gooder notion without sufficient ulterior motives, surely having the means and opportunity of other than what's being touted.

A simple matter of deductions is what makes life worth getting up each morning, as without such a basic mental capability there's not much point in continuing life as we know it, especially if what we deduce about everything we see, touch, smell, taste and hear isn't to be trusted. In other words, without having to process an independent and thorough statistical and computational analysis upon each and every sense of what life is all about, we otherwise seem to deduce our way through each and every day just fine and dandy, whereas the opposing scientific mind isn't at all pleased nor the least bit receptive to such notions, especially if it's suggesting something that's outside of their mainstream box, which by the way that box didn't even exist prior to their being informed by someone other that said box contained all that the mainstream has to offer, or else. The "or else" factor is what happens when an individual isn't accepting the contents of said box, as is where is, as their peers summarily fail that individual and/or banish such an individual for all it worth for not accepting what's perceived by all others as the truth and nothing but the truth, much like the Pope that exterminated Cathars, friends of Cathars and entirely innocent bystanders (all toll millions) because of the perception being that everything even remotely connected to what Cathars were suggesting had to be eliminated altogether, and that's certainly one hell of an "or else" factor.

Taking into account that the earliest recorded history of humanity on Earth was having take into account of whatever else surrounds Earth, and by learning that such times existed prior to Earth having a moon, and when the likes of Venus was "with beard" (having a comet like tail), whereas rejecting such information is clearly suggesting of what our NASA has moderated supposedly on our behalf isn't all there is to know. Many of the oldest records (including the spoken historical record) offered from tribes of well respected cultures suggest upon a history of astronomical events and even of visitors of vast wealth, power and God like expertise arriving out of nowhere, especially prior to and/or shortly after some disaster, while at other times there's has been some rather unusual advancements transpiring in relationship to what otherwise should not have transpired if the laws of nature and evolution were as suggested, of panspermia and the happenstance of DNA/RNA codes assimilating into life as we know it, at least not with some intelligent form of external help that's suggested of terraforming.

Terraforming in of itself isn't the least bit anti-God, nor is it anti-reasoning, nor is it anti-doable, yet the religious communities tend to go absolutely ballistic with just the thought, and the scientific communities lose their cool altogether because it's suggesting something that's outside their mainstream box that clearly doesn't support the interpretation of what their all-knowing pagan God(NASA) has to say, or rather holds the purse strings to the funds by which all things are accomplished and/or accredited, as the truth certainly isn't what counts, especially when there's been such absolute power, greed and glory to being made at the expense of others.

You'd have to think, if anything defines God as being part of our lives and the root cause and/or benefit for our existence, the terraforming of Earth seems only to amplify upon that stance to a fairly well, and even explains a great deal about the unusual leaps and bounds by which such complex forms of intelligent life managed where nature and the rule of the survival of the fittest would have insured that all of Earth would have become no better off than Easter Island, as in devoid of all intelligent life due to our genetic disposition/instinct as to kill off one another until there's none other in sight.

Humanity tends to inbreed whatever intelligence, which sometimes leads to independent thinking and/or individuality, which only too often creates intolerance for one another. If left unchecked (godless), chances are that a given body of misguided souls would just as soon risk dying for the wrong reasons as not, and if not from any of a thousand natural causes than from our own self inflicted demise. Thus intellectual order and focus needs to be carefully directed and/or orchestrated on behalf of humanity, whereas basic animal existence is more into their raw instinct of surviving as a whole rather than the individual in spite of humanity. At least that's how it should happen, though we've managed to out weigh a greater number of what's keeping this Earth alive and ticking rather than not, suggesting that the one species which the environment of Earth could do without is humanity, especially since we're the ones consuming everything in sight while not adding anything except the sort of squat that absolutely nothing other needs to survive upon.

Even though surviving as a whole seems more beneficial than not, it's become our inbread capability of continually expanding upon our intellectual basis of deductive reasoning that has been getting the better of us, and where this applied reasoning has gotten us this far is as much to the advantage as it has become our disadvantage due to our having to sustain the disinformation/lies which are born entirely from the likes of human intelligence either running amuck, or lack thereof.

When was the last time you saw or heard of an ant lying it's butt off, or any animal intentionally lying in order to personally benefit at the demise of others within it's own kind. Even lions that kill the offspring of their own kind are not without just evolutionary cause, as it takes additional effort and there's implied risk in the process of exterminating potential future members of the group, thus survival reasoning is actually there to behold. At least with the lion there's no premeditated religious or political motives at play, no ulterior motives other than what's clearly understood as the way things need to be. As obviously if all of life on Earth was prim and proper, without flaw, without compromise and thereby without liabilities nor remorse, there'd soon be only one species surviving, which obviously would not survive if Earth were merely based upon the deduction reasoning that one colony of the same ant or whatever, or of one and only one breed of lion is certainly not all there is to sustaining a terraformed planet.

It has become my deduction that as simple and inconspicuous as diatoms are, they're anything but simple, and to consider that diatoms used to multiply like none other on behalf of all other forms of life. This is not panspermia happenstance to have an entire world essentially contaminated with the likes of diatoms that primarily sustains all other forms of life as we know it to exist. In other words, of all things essential to life on Earth and most likely of other Earth like planets, diatoms have been and continue as indispensable links in the chain of life, as without diatoms there simply wouldn't be a sufficient base of Oxygen(O2) upon which carbon life (as we know it) needs in order to have existed in the first place, and perhaps it's a darn good thing that diatoms are not intelligent enough to realize that the utter arrogance and greed of humanity is the root cause of their ongoing demise.

Diatoms specifically convert solar energy into what matters. They (like plants) perform the vast bulk of energy into matter transformation on behalf of other life, and this in of itself is no small accomplishment nor given the credit due for what has been an impossible task as of lately. Humanity has managed to specifically destroy and/or contaminate vast zones of diatom habitats, even though those diatoms did no harm and otherwise only good was the end result of their existence. This is somewhat like killing off cows that keep the grasslands from overtaking the countryside while they provide milk, whereas once them cows are dead and gone, the grasses grow taller than humanity and there's obviously no milk to be found. Sometimes/often I've referred to this as the duh-101 factor, of what sufficiently dumb and dumber folks that seems so utterly dumbfounded whenever the's no longer easy pickings as for surviving in the style and comfort level of the past, or preferably far better off than their neighbor is more often the case than not. Thus it has become my deductions that humanity is what's out of step with the life-cycle of Earth. Of all the forms of life that Earth could do without, humanity has to be it. As for everything we contribute we take at least ten fold away.

Diversity is the name of the game if terraforming is to function and survive throughout time, which would logically involve interventions in order to somewhat weed out whatever's taking more than it's fair share of resources, while introducing other elements and customized DNA that's coded to replace and/or supplement the ongoing process. Only if everything goes according to plan will there be time off for the keepers of a terraformed planet, as too much is invested and at risk should something like an unexpected asteroid come along, or even a lunar impact that displaces tera tonnes of debris and shards, of which if merely 0.1% arrives upon the terraformed planet is going to create massive disruptions and destruction of a great deal of hard work.

Our reasoning for justifying the survival of humanity as a whole isn't nearly as harmonious with nature as some of us might like to think, and at best it's damn expensive in terms of energy and other resources with respect to all other forms of life, to the point of where other worlds having less than Earth to work with (such as Mars) are unlikely to continue or becoming part of our existence, and thereby folks should quick to exclude the possibility of other intelligent life sustaining itself on some other depleted world, yet simply because other worlds at our disposal seem less inviting and/or less capable of sustaining our way of life, such as Mars being the low end of the energy spectrum totem pole, while Venus is offering just the opposit of having way too much free energy than most could possibly comprehend of what to do with. That somewhat narrows our reasoning and focus upon locating Earth like planets that exist within a +/-5% range of what we'd expect to survive upon.

By the +/-5% influx/radiate factor, I mean to say that if Earth continued to absorb and subsequently having to radiate that additional 5% solar influx (as it is currently doing), in no geological time at all we'd be cooked to death if those added clouds being created are not allowing that energy back out, though also becoming extremely wet due to most if not all of the ice melting, and another similar compromise if there were merely a 5% drop in solar influx is where the Earth might eventually become nearly all ice. Thus if it weren't for the impact of humanity upon the environment of Earth, in other words prior to humanity, how much of an external variance would it have taken to have instigated an environmental shift towards that of becoming another ice-age, as opposed to that of becoming a tropical matrix of such an advanced growth cycle that could have been the sort of reason for the recorded cycles of CO2 becoming the case, as of the 750,000 year record seems to play out in terms of CO2, O2 and of sufficient thermal cycles to go along with everything I'm suggesting as being related to the influx of energy from the Sirius star system.

Since diatoms respond to and survive solely out of the need to process CO2 via photon energy into matter, of subsequently providing the CO2-->CO/O2 essential process which subsequently permits carbon based life to coexist without suffocating within it's own CO2, whereas the more light the better. As it turns out, the desired spectrum of light that best accomplishes this task is of what's below 500 nm, specifically the 375~425 nm range seems to best penetrate the atmosphere and even into the various waters and muds of which most diatoms have been surviving quite nicely until humanity came along. Thus in order to artificially induce a fluctuation in diatom growth takes an accommodating fluctuation in illumination that's delivered well below the 500 nm spectrum.

By way of deductions and a few laws of physics, such honest reasoning sort of rules out our sun as fluctuating and/or shifting in spectrum output to such an extent, this also excludes our moon from attributing any significant impact, and since humanity has only been around for the portion of the most recent thermal cycle that has been noted by the 750,000 year record of multiple CO2 cycles, in which that history of cycles clearly suggest the we should have by now become situated well into another cooling off (ice-age) cycle as a result of our receiving less intensity and duration of secondary illuminated influx and/or at least far less of the desired 380~480 nm spectrum.

As if to be standing upon Earth and looking about for the culprit or most likely candidate that could have been responsible for the likes of inducing that sort of +/-5% shift, there's only the Sirius star system, which as a whole had previously been given the title of 375 nm being the mid/average energy peak, however that's been improved upon by newer instruments as well as shifted by the fact that Sirius is still moving away, as presently remains on the outgoing strategy with respect to our frame of existence, though remains easily within the required range and certainly having the necessary capability of delivering that sort of energy punch. At the present range of 8.7 ly there's not all that much to behold, however given the nearby encounter range of 0.087 to 0.0087 light years (823.06e9 > 82.306e9 km), the illumination of the Sirius star system becomes 1e4 to 1e6 fold greater (an eventual magnitude boost of 15). Of the Sirius/b companion star being on a 50 year cycle and offering mostly a UV/c spectrum is clearly an added bonus to what the Sirius/a yields primarily in the near-UV that's below 450 nm. The combined influence of Sirius/ab is that of creating a rather substantial 380~480 nm peak output, that in itself is greater resource of twice the average illuminating factor as taken from what's otherwise derived above 500+nm.
Human night-vision or "Scotopic Conversion" of 507 nm = 1700 lumen/watt, as opposed to 407 nm = 50 lumen/watt, whereas a good evolutionary and/or artificially cultured nocturnal eyesight of primarily rods plus a reflective tapetum, of somewhat larger eyes per body ratio, along with an increased rod per cone ratio, and of those visual rods offering upwards of some 500 times greater sensitivity than cones, all of which could easily have become genetically shifted by 100 nm as towards favoring the near-UV in order to yield this magnitude 5+ advantage over human Scotopic Conversion(night-vision), affording a race of nocturnals capable of easily obtaining 170,000 lumen/watt at 407 nm shouldn't be the least bit inconceivable if not entirely conservative.

Of what Sirius delivers as ideal for nocturnals and the likes of diatom and many other photosynthesis is also doable, whereas we humans perceive all but a slightest intensity of that portion of the energy spectrum. Thus the 23~24 times brighter intensity (depending somewhat upon where Sirius/b is) as perceived by the human eye that's a mix of less sensitive cone and rod photon receptors is several hundred times intensified to the liking of diatoms which are blind except for their photosynthesis. Adding that factor into the magnitude 10 improvement of the nearby Sirius star system as our solar system travels within 0.087 ly (bringing Sirius of -1.5 to an apparent human visual magnitude of -11.5) and of 0.0087 ly becoming a magnitude -16.5 (a million fold brighter which is still excluding what we perceive poorly if at all), whereas it seems reasonably clear that you've got the onset and necessary duration of what this sort of encounter of added influx is offering diatoms to work with.

In fact, by taking into account the 34:1 improvement of what a nocturnal and/or diatom perceives as 407 nm, then the noticing that the available energy at 407 nm is roughly twice that of what's greater than 500 nm is suggesting yet another 68:1 improvement, that plus the fact that the environment of Earth is now receiving two sources of illumination which makes for fewer nighttime hours and a whole lot more of the sorts of viable daylight hours of what diatoms are lusting for. Thereby, instead of the usual reproduction cycle of multiplying once per day, there soon becomes a multi-thousand year opportunity of as many as 4 divisions/24 hrs, making it possible for the sorts of CO2-->CO/O2 conversions having the subsequent impact on reducing the global CO2, just as having been permanently recorded throughout a wide range of core samples.

Thus the nocturnal illuminating truth of Sirius is that if it were ever situated at 1000 AU, it's not only capable of visually offering the 0.0024% worth of our sun, whereas because the nocturnal spectrum is shifted by 100 nm, and there is more than twice the available energy density offering those photon receptors as yet another 68 times more intensified (0.0024% x 68 = 16.32% of what our sun is providing) to a nocturnal having the somewhat similar human eye. However, that of a bit more advance nocturnal eye is surely going to be somewhat larger per body mass, and several times better off at collecting and absorbing them photons, thus the magnitude 5 (100X) stands as yet another perfectly reasonable mode of deduction and/or photon conversion of what's entirely possible of exceeding 170,000 lumen/watt, as only because of what's known of nocturnal forms of life here on Earth falls within that capability. Thereby of nighttime vision having to survive under those Venus clouds actually isn't all that pitch black if the cloud opacity permits the slightest amount of starlight or even earthshine penetration, not to mention the ionized or perchance biological greenish glow as recorded by KECK-II.

Sirius is also known as "Sirius/a CMa, NSV 17173, 9 CMa, HR 2491, HD 48915, SAO 151881, FK5: 257, WDS 06451-1643A", otherwise named as Canicula, Dog Star, Aschere, and I believe also for the Dogon perception of the home of Nommo or Amphibious Gods (why the hell not?). And remember that Sirius/b is only visibly dim because of its otherwise horrific 90~125 nm UV/c spectrum that diminishes to nearly zilch being visible above 400 nm, as opposed to the more visible near-UV spectrum of Sirius/a. The likes of Sirius/c may either still be within or it has since become the Venus that was once upon a time covered with warm oceans instead of stifling under the present day atmospheric ocean of acidic clouds and otherwise mostly awash in a highly buoyant bath of crystal clear CO2, which by the way only excludes the likes of human life, especially of the dumb and dumber sorts that seem to have become the rule rather than the exception.

Earth based spectrum readings (thereby atmospherically filtering out the bulk of whatever UV spectrum) obtained of Sirius:
Since our atmosphere distorts and extensively filters from the near-UV and nearly excludes what's below that, of what we've actually needed are some space-platform instrument readings of the Sirius spectrum, or perchance from a lunar based instrument deployment which could have mastered such as of at least a couple of decades ago, that is if someone actually knew how to go about delivering anything onto the moon using other than the usual impact method (I wonder what's stopping folks from accomplishing such invaluable deployments as of a decade ago, or even today?).

Of course the consequences of modern science having been coached since the very beginnings of recorded time into traditionally and otherwise systematically ignoring and/or trashing upon the historical tribal records, as well as ignoring the rather obvious likelihood of the Sirius star system providing this secondary influx of light, plus having delivered a little thermal IR contribution, though primarily offering the best possible spectrum of said light for the likes of plant and diatom growth between each of the 105~115 thousand year ice-age cycling environments of Earth, whereas this is in fact the intentionally skewed intelligence of humanity rejecting upon exactly what the ice-melt doctor ordered (not to mention what Darwin would have to say), along with Sirius/b adding it's 50 year booster shots along the way of delivering UV/b and UV/c throughout the final half of the 5,000~10,000 year warming period, continuing that horrific influx trend for yet another 5,000~10,000 years upon our leaving the illuminating event of perhaps being as close as 0.00865 ly (82e9 km ~ 550 AU), our paths eventually separating and going about the likes of what has become the distant Sirius star system of which the Dogon have known about for thousands of years, and that we've known as having little if any influence upon modern life, at least as of what little we've known about it.

Others providing stellar motion data will have to either skew or hide the truth on behalf of sustaining whatever their mainstream demands, and/or forbids, or confirm upon the notions that I'm becoming more correct about this 20,000+year window of ice-melt and advanced diatom growth opportunity than any mainstream is letting on about, and the consequences of that are in fact going to become the good, the bad and the ugly parts of our having to learn the truth and nothing but the truth in the hardest way possible. However, for the moment there's but the intellectual flatulence as well as their orchestrated opposition flak that is still hot and nasty, as in continually in the air over the notion that I've been uncovering this and a few other truths. Such flak has been arriving from some absolute arrogant bastards having been fully aware of my efforts of openly sharing whatever I've learned about Venus, our moon and now Sirius for more than four years and counting, and since there's n apparent sign of any truce, as such I'm going to keep pushing those "do not push" buttons, on the off chance what one of my WMD will hit the bullseye of whomever gives a tinkers damn about humanity, though so far my lose cannon approach has been only a little off-target, at least my aim is improving.

Stellar motion data:
"The last orbit of the observed stars in their motion around the Galactic Centre (GC). Each orbit takes about 225 million years. The movie shows that the stars have traveled extensively in the disk of the Milky Way before converging into the small volume where we observe them today. The Sun is marked by a blue dot; its orbit by the white curve."

In light of all that has recently been discovered, and found to being within the laws of not only stellar motions but of geological science that's entirely upholding to the laws of physics that would be necessary for life to have been surviving Venus, and thereby entirely possible that there has also been a great deal more benefit to what Sirius has offered into our environment, where even Venus isn't entirely immune to the benefits of what the near-UV rather than minimal IR spectrum of Sirius has to share that's capable of penetrating such a clouded cloak of sufficiently opacity, and then so much more so as per the likes of Mars where due to it's much thinner atmosphere and lack of any pollution is just cause for those photons as derived from Sirius accomplishing another 100 fold better job at inducing diatom and/or other growth, that could and/or should have given the much needed 20,000+year thaw within which whatever life could have flourished, though still a bit tenuous for the likes of humanity.

Too bad that so much of what's NASA and/or moderated to death by the sort of internal policy enforcements of what NASA/Apollo and those of NSA/DoD established on behalf of the cold-war, that they're actually not nearly as all-knowing smart/intelligent as they've pretentiously claim, as otherwise all of this opportunity could have been shared without losing face. Fortunately, it seems that I don't have any pretentious face to lose, thus there's only the prospects of my learning lots more at the apparent demise of supposedly smart folks, and that's in spite of their pretentious institutions that have only further proven their less than intellectual scum value to humanity.
According to this study by Daniel VAULOT; On Earth might typically have diatom division rates in the order of doubling per 0.7 day, although improved growth as per having the secondary resource of the near-UV and increased hours of acceptable daylight to as much as 24/7 as per accepting that nearly ideal growth spectrum plus a little extra IR for ice-melt is going to greatly enhance the capability of cell division rates as I've speculated. Thus here again I'm the one learning and sharing, as opposed to having to make anything up, nor am I having to even stretch the likelihood of what's possible.

The consequences of science ignoring what's entirely possible, especially in the honest to God light of what's been identified about those nighttime clouds of Venus glowing quite green with supposedly ionized O2, and of my identifying some rather substantial structures and infrastructure having been most likely accomplished by way of carbon based life, that's certainly capable of still making a tough go of it in spite of our intellectual arrogance and bigotry towards the truth of ETs and of what the likes of diatoms could have easily accomplish on behalf of sustaining other life on Venus. This institutional and mutually governmental agency as well as religious supported status of denying the truth has surpassed the absolute wildest possible considerations of what the long-term damage of such an entire systematic ruse that's being perpetrated upon the intellectual rights of humanity, as being run amuck for the perverted ideological sake of personal gain and otherwise butt protectionism goals, plus the hidden past, current and future agendas in need of continued protection on behalf of the sort of folks that simply do not want their status quo boat being rocked, much less sunk at the dock (as in how embarrassing).

In closing, here's another entirely independent and perfectly honest point of view about science truth, or you might say science consequences if you'd care to honestly reinterpret this following statement as offered by "coberst" on behalf of what I've discovered about Venus.

Science and Truth

The “scientific method’ forms the heart of legitimacy for the natural sciences. This method consists in assembling evidence, combining that evidence with assumptions, and analyzing the combination in a logical manner to develop a hypothesis. This hypothesis is the bases for predicting what should happen in certain conditions if this hypothesis is true. Evidence is assembled to test the validity of the hypothesis. If the evidence indicates that the hypothesis has not been proven to be invalid then other predictions based on the hypothesis are used to construct additional experiments to further test its legitimacy.

The validity of a hypothesis can only be determined by empirical evidence. Empirical evidence is obtained by observation alone. Scientific observation can only show that a hypothesis has not yet been proven to be illegitimate. The empirical evidence derived from a test of a hypothesis proves, not that the hypothesis is true, but only that the hypothesis has not been proven to be untrue. Science does not deal in absolute truth but only in probability.

The reality of natural science is matter. When the scientific method is applied to the social sciences the test for validity is society. The reality for social science is society.

Matter, the reality studied by the natural sciences is essentially stable and non-changing. The truth of natural science discovered a hundred years ago is unchanged today. Such is not the case for the social sciences.

The social scientist is attempting to build a theory about a moving target and the social scientist is riding on this moving target while constructing the theory.

Truth is that which conforms to reality. The above provides evidence why the truth of natural science is stable and the truth of social science—the science of human affairs—is unstable.

Humans and not nature construct social conditions. The society in which the social theorist lives and of which she derives her present understanding of truth is a recent construct. It was constructed by those with prejudices, false assumptions, biases etc. that permeate her consciousness.

Truth in matters of human affairs is very slippery. The student of Critical Thinking is better able to deal with such a situation than is an individual who thinks he is a critical thinker. The Big Leaguer is a Critical Thinker the sandlot player is a critical thinker.

Does this mean that truth, in matters of human affairs, is subjective without any objective content?

Does social reality make truth and the theorist only brings theory and truth into harmony?

It seems that theory creates reality and is shaped by reality. Does social theory have any claim on logical truth?

Just in case I've left some minor stone unturned, I'll further suggest that of anyone objecting to any of this on the basis of their religious, political, social/economics as well as whatever skewed astronomy or astrophysic basis that has to uphold to the NASA/Apollo ruse or else, in order to oppose whatever I've discovered and since learned about Venus, our moon and of the most likely inference of what the Sirius star system has introduced into the long-term equation of a life cycle as we've know it, and thereby of Sirius being the most likely suspect of influencing and/or making way for other life NOT as we know being far more than just possible, where such mainstream objections and thereby opposition to any of this are seemingly without a moral fiber of truth nor remorse, thus having become the absolute proof positive that I'm also sufficiently right about the perverted incest of their intellectual arrogance, bigotry and otherwise of the utmost absolute bastard/bullyism that's ever been identified in the skewed history of humanity.

If that statement doesn't clarify how I feel of folks living if not perpetrating the very lies and inflicting the consequences of those intentional deceptions, then I guess I'm not doing a very good job of expressing my feelings. On the other hand, if you'd care to argue through some of the finer complications of what some other life may or may not have to deal with, or if you'd care to exploit upon the greater possibilities of what our moon has to offer humanity, as then I'll accept just about any viable science and physics based arguments, even upon the notions of creation via whatever God/religion you'd care to involve as being capable of terraforming life other than of Earth is entirely within the honest realms of what's doable, thereby worth considering your side of such arguments. Of course, if you're anti-whatever creationism other than the traditional Adam and Eve scenario upon Earth, then you certainly belong squarely within the first category of absolute premeditated sadistic "Skull and Bones" bastards, that more than deserves the likes of 9/11, and otherwise the responsibility for innocent others that died in your place.

In case you and your associates are a bit further interested in what other forums have been up to, I've introduced some recent and ongoing topics (though some of them becoming locked-down, and/or banished into their Sciforums internal "cesspool" category). Take further notice how such a touted forum of supposed high standards of promoting the truth and nothing but the truth is so easily diverted into the nearest space toilet by such few insiders systematically lord over whatever aspects of truth, and otherwise circumnavigate and/or skew whatever consequences on behalf of protecting their mainstream boat, as well as their own personal intellectual butts. So, if you'd care to get yourself an alternative education via Sciforums intellectual mainstream flatulence, be my guest:

What's the Terminal Velocity of Space
NASA uses LLPOF anti-flak to protect Apollo butts
Venus Offers Whatever It Takes For UFOs
Superconducting Photons via Atomic Oort Zones
Population control to conserve upon energy was open for business;
The relative velocity of photon and moving frame:SR heresy
Ulterior motives of "Pseudoscience" against "craterchains"
Golbal Energy Domination; so what's the difference?
Science without morality, without remorse
And we always have the entire The Dick Cheney incest DNA forum (aka
Of course, NASA's good old is just that, promoting whatever the mainstream ideology and lord NASA/Apollo desires, accepting all foreign input while looking for any nitch as to undermine whomever, and to thereby "know thy enemy" needn't require any search process when their prey comes to them. In other words, don't expect anything the least bit positive on behalf of ETs or the truth from the likes of, or from any other affiliated collective cult member that must uphold the NASA/Apollo status quo ruse of the century, or else. BTW; if we've been to the moon, not one Kodak moment ever recorded such an event, and we still (35+years after the supposed fact) can't set anything onto the lunar surface without our utilizing the process of impact. Please check and let me know if you should discover otherwise.

If any of the above topics are insufficient, I've certainly got loads of others, plus another growing to-do list upon other worthwhile topics that should to be worth another few thousand questions.

Another not so brief rundown of what has always been in progress, and of sharing indications of what's to come, is perhaps still at best a bit dyslexic encrypted, though if need be readable in reverse order, with the most recent of topic/pages and of others being edited as starting from the top down:

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