GUTH Venus updates:     as of January 18, 2005

(of what's known about our moon, Sirius and of other life upon Venus, of skewed science, skewed physics and of skewed history)

There's also become another new guy on the block that's not nearly as bad off at words and syntax as myself: Alaska Publishing as authored by; Henry Kroll

My fellow snookered Americans, and friends of humanity;  This ongoing discovery and research into other life existing on Venus, of accomplishing great things with our moon and of what the Sirius star system has to off is entirely in spite of our NASA, as well as that of Lord Dick Cheney and his botoxin injected puppet GW Bush, and this effort is even in spite of their "Skull and Bones"(Paradoxicitis forum), as the laws of physics and the relevant science having been telling us all along that there has in fact been every indication of other life on Venus that could still be surviving.

Unfortunately, as another ongoing result of my having to consistently oppose the mainstream status quo, this update/index page may soon become a little less brief than it should. However, as best intended for reminding all of my auto-down-loaders that includes various ESA teams, BBC news, Cheltenham, The Associated Press(AP), USNEWSWIRE(USN), NASA/NSA/DoD, NIMA, DHS, the likes of Cambridge University(CU), University of Washington(UW) and most recently on behalf of so many of our testy astronomy and astrophysics wizards that seem to thrive quite nicely on behalf of a continued cold-war that's clearly sustaining their self inflicted cloak and dagger carnage. So what if I'm right, as that only represents we can achieve greater things in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and mostlikely without upsetting another honest soul.

As for accessing into my oldest collection of summary updates; goto ( and, there's always a link to one of the more basic reports on the fundamentals of this GUTH Venus discovery of what's existing upon Venus.

Instantaneous down-loaders and of those nasty mainstream science forum delivered bugs are seriously killing off my limited bandwidth, not to mention infecting my PC operating and browser system. In other words, it's becoming difficult for me to post an updated or new page without everything coming to a screeching halt, thus you may want to consider the alternate document account for extracting whatever you'd like from "".

January 18, 2005;   I was going to share some of my words of wisdom upon Physics/Science forums that suck, as to their 'warlords that suck', and not persay suggesting that the Kerry/Edwards team could have so easily resolved the predicament that our resident warlord as gotten us into, or that just any forum that summarily sucks is actually capable of existing as to honestly explore and/or resolve squat if there's any chance in hell of their cold-war lids might loosen a bit too much.

Each forum has had decades to share and share alike, along with ample opportunities as to correcting the skewed record of history and of their closely guarded interrelated physics/science truth and nothing but the truth. However, that larger than life page or chapter and verse upon "Forums That Suck" may come another day when I'm sufficiently bored with whatever else I have to offer, as this time I'm just reaffirming that my efforts have been mostly about extracting new and improved information on the usual need-to-know basis, somewhat in spite of the usual physics/science forums of "Know-Thy-Enemy and Snooker-Thy-Humanity" refusing to contribute a gram worth of anything the least bit positive on behalf of almost any given topic, with the possible exception of certain folks within the Cheltenham Science Fair intending to work outside the box, and perhaps a few other institutions that apparently have not been as biologically infected or otherwise assimilated with the same degree of dumb and dumber DNA of what the all-knowing borg collective of most other physics and science forums usually keep insisting isn't functioning on behalf their usual warlord suck-up of intellectual incest, and thereby supposedly not the sort of remorseless intellectual cesspool that it certainly appears by all other standards to have been.

The fact that the lower 99.9% of humanity (apparent scum of the Earth) may soon have to include certain members of the Cheltenham Science Fair that honestly intend to advance humanity and thereby improve our quality of life by way of improving upon our surviving in spite of whatever the ongoing collateral damage and carnage that's been forcing everyone else that's sucking up to the NASA/Apollo ruse to kiss their butts or else, as otherwise we're all having to stand upwind of that mainstream cesspool stench, and of that supposedly rotting flesh like stench (according to those all-knowing mainstreamers) hasn't anything whatsoever to do with the reality that life upon Earth summarily sucks unless you're part of the upper most 0.1%. Perhaps in spite of having to deal with such intellectual flatulence, a few wise fellow members of the Cheltenham science community have dawned full body armor, gas-masks and those mainstream cesspool certified hip-boots because, eventually someone is going to have to accomplish what's otherwise been taboo.

As usual, my "Know Thy Enemy" page offers another somewhat dyslexic wall-of-words that'll require a tad bit of polish, though it's been clear from the outset that regardless of whatever polishing I've contributed to the positive aspects of observation and discovery, of somewhat subjective though honest deductive science and everything other that's been focused on behalf of humanity simply isn't sufficient for the likes of the all-knowing mainstream that sucks, as even the likes of my growing Updated Topic List of what I believe are worth focusing our remaining talents and resources upon has basically become another official taboo topic list of whatever the mainstream must ignore at all cost, or else. The or else factor remains mostly about keeping such messenger individuals as myself from breaking through their nondisclosure and 'snooker thy humanity' ranks. Odd, since my topics are certainly not anti-discovery, not anti-physics nor even the least bit anti-humanity, as every one of mine are of what the known laws of physics and even somewhat of what the current status of science should know darn good and well about our moon, the Sirius star system, and even of what sorts of other life should likely have been capable of enduring Venus, as certainly technology wise Venus is even quite humanly doable. However, the mainstream has obviously been afraid to share upon that knowledge anywhere outside of their spendy though cozy space-toilet that's publicly funded and otherwise carefully orchestrated by our cloak and dagger NSA/DoD in order to continually satisfy their NASA/Apollo ruse of the century, or else.

BTW; taking another look-see within those 'forums that suck', to see whatever else has been allowed to share and share alike remains rather interesting, as their insider intellectual borgs (nondisclosure cops) are still dog-wagging their butts off at orchestrated bashings upon anyone suggesting that the truth hasn't already been shared, or that I'm the least bit correct on anything is generally what's being thoroughly trashed upon by their usual collective of incest cloned borgs that'll insist upon assimilating or if need be exterminating all that oppose their status quo. In case you haven't noticed; I'm one of those that boat rocking individuals opposing their status quo of conditional physics, and I'll even oppose their resident warlord each and everytime I get the oportunity. Fortunately (depending on your way of looking at this), for tens of thousands of innocent souls are no longer having to deal with this skewed form humanity, or whatever give and take of what the mainstream has to offer, as it isn't a factor once you're dead or about to die for no good reason, and this goes for the millions of others suffering beyond imagination, and somewhat of those simply unable to get out of the mainstream way, as I believe our true global objectives offer nothing to spare but further despair for the lower 99.9% havenots.

October 29, 2004;   If I were to inform that of the Magellan image of a certain portion of Venus was of anything, such as of purely natural rock and all of that supposed melted lead flowing all about, and if I were to conclude that whatever is black is actually white and vise versa, all of that would remain just as highly subjective science as for the interpretation of what's most likely artificial.

The fact that an SAR image of anything is simply more honest to God objective than conventional CCD or even of film representations of whatever's perfectly natural as well as supposedly hot and nasty is further proof positive that life and the applied technology as we know it remains highly subjective to ones interpretation, or at least the acceptance of someone other's interpretation. After all, nearly all we perceive to know has been manipulated by and interpreted by others before our time. Thus proving that a black pixel is actually white or somewhere in between isn't nearly as black and white as you'd think. Unfortunately, the mainstream agenda has long had the motive, the means and the opportunity as to lie their stinking butts off from the very get-go, and even if that's at the collateral damage and demise of humanity as we know it, apparently that's just fine and dandy by their standards.

This is why I've created a good number (perhaps more than my fair share) of pages of my subjective though honest science (along with some loving and well intended return-fire of flak) that's essentially formulated upon a vast collective of knowledge and personal experience that's based in part upon what others have accomplished. I've even created and recently updated another specific page of worthy topics offering a few ongoing science forum tit-for-tats, that which the likes of the BBC science forum and many others claiming as being all-knowing and thereby entitled to sustain their mainstream status quo should have responded in a positive manner, that perhaps these borg like intellectual collectives could have and perhaps should have taken on any number of such topics and accomplished their usual all-knowing expertise upon such. One perfectly honest method I've used to ascertain what's a worthy topic or not, this was by searching for the answers upon a given topic. If the information simply wasn't there to behold, or there were many conflicting answers, then I composed a perfectly honest question in the form of another topic. Unfortunately, to those intent upon ruling and thereby snookering the world with only their form of subjective science and issues of supposed morality that they insist all others must believe is absolutely objective, as this I've discovered is not all there is to life and death as we know it. Especially if there's another public buck/euro to being had, as it's the cold-war all over again, this time on behalf of their introverted pagan lust of technocracy and above all protecting their own sorry butts at all cost, and without ever a gram of remorse.

October 25, 2004;   What an absolute freaking joke the BBC science forum and the likes of of so many others operating just like them are all about, as these science forums seriously suck, whereas if the topic at hand offers the least bit of mainstream risk of diverting the flow or even rocking their boat, as this is where it becomes topic/author stalking and bashing as best, and otherwise reinforcing their one and only mainstream status quo or bust. Ultimately, their consistent refusals as to share and share alike upon answering specific questions that I'd honestly like to have better answers to, as well as others sharing in the just rewards, in order that I might improve upon my version of the truth and nothing but the truth isn't about to happen on their stinking watch. Clearly this notion of science and humanity actually utilizing our moon, of honestly contemplating other life on Venus, or of anything associated with the Sirius star system just wasn't happening, and isn't the least bit within their perverted mind-set of what's ever going to happen within that intellectual cesspool of dog-wagging and mainstream damage-control, including whatever spin and infomercial hype that's strictly pro-NASA/Apollo or bust. And the same goes for my arguments of there being trillions upon trillions of photons per atom as being another auto-rejected and/or DOA topic. What an absolute borg collective pack of born-again losers (those poor sick pathetic bastards, and no wonder the British are stuck with the remains of such a small and pathetic country, and losing their heads over invisible WMD at that).

My recent topics of "Relocate ISS to ME-L1", "Terraforming the moon", "Photons/cm3 = 4e25 ?" and even "Science and Truth" were only introduced into their various science forums because nothing constructive was ongoing with regard to my initial topics related to other life existing upon Venus, or that of the LSE-CM/ISS and there was entirely zilch of worth on behalf of the impact upon our solar system and especially the environments of Earth as well as Mars by way of the influence derived by whatever the Sirius star system has had to offer every 105,000 or so years. I might as well have been communicating entirely in reverse Klingon encrypted code, as these sanctimonious holier than thou intellectual bastards weren't having any of it. All that was transpiring was their usual author/topic stalking and summarily bashing at every possible opportunity, so I'm just lovingly returning the favor.

If you need to see those mainstreamers in their usual mode of damage-control, spin and hype (infomercial) action, please do checkout the BBC science forums of WEIRD SCIENCE, SPACE or their version of up-yours "COURT of OPINION". At least thus far they haven't cut me off like "irishastronomy", "badastronomy", "" or even the foremost cloak and dagger "apollohoax" that couldn't take the heat of my returning their own flak, nor could they honestly answer squat upon those same sorts of status quo boat-rocking notions that I've been imposing on this BBC science forum. It's actually amazing that anyone learns anything other than the smoke and mirror aspects of how to cover thy butt while suckering more public funds for absolutely pointless and unobtainable agendas that humanity hasn't obtained 0.1% return on their dollar/euro, and it's only getting worse.

However, now that I've returned the favor by insulting their Royal Queen and her loyal intellectual incest brude of cloned subjects to the best of my abilities, perhaps I should take another firm hold of my lose cannon as I drag it into an entirely new country that actually already despises a great deal of what America and a good number of our allies represent. I believe there's actually lots to pick from, just not as many that I can communicate with, especially since a good portion of english science forums have already suggested (that's the same thing as lying) that they haven't understood a word I've said thus far. That's rather odd because, I've understood most of their all or nothing rhetoric upon whatever their mainstream expects of their good little incest collective of cloned borgs to say and accomplish on behalf of the status quo, in much the same manner as I understand about having to tolerate a politician while remaining smart enough as to knowing which orifice to listen up to, as it's either their usual lies or flatulence, of which these days it becoming more and more demanding as to smelling the difference.

October 14, 2004;   The good news is that the BBC forum virus/bug along with all the usual MS security porthole(s) that's capable of remote modifying as well as disabling any WINDOWS operating computer is in fact working its magic, and otherwise my email accounts are being nicely diverted and/or filtered by NSA/DoD(DHS) spooks on behalf of their protecting a certain warlord, as well as a good number of those old guard cold-war butts. Thus I no longer have to sort through the reams of junk mail and infected email that's been hammering away at my accounts for the past four years.

Of course the bad news; humanity is still being snookered to death, whereas our resident warlord is still getting perfectly innocent folks exterminated, and nearly half the world thinks America is absolutely full of itself. Perhaps our replacement commander and chief isn't going to rely upon the degree of smoke and mirrors as previous administrations. Perhaps the prospect of there actually being other life upon Venus, even if that's the remains of some pre-greenhouse life, isn't going to destroy what's left of America after all.

Perhaps after we manage to flush that spendy cold-war space-toilet a few times, humanity can actually obtain some good out of our moon, while also understanding another perfectly honest thing or two about the Sirius star system. Of course, as for being a little too JFK honest isn't exactly a safe and sane alternative for any president when there's still so much cold-war ideology at risk of exposing the truth and nothing but the truth. It simply wouldn't look good for our soon to be President Kerry having to wear a full-body flak suit, including to bed, as that could impose a real crimp in one's sex life.

October 13, 2004;   Perhaps no news is good news, though I have been learning and contributing to a few of the older topics upon Terminal Velocity(Vt) and per delivering those Javelin Probes into the moon, more upon those billions of photons per atom, the likes of terraforming our moon and upon the other life that's most likely still alive and kicking on Venus, along with a little touch of Sirius just for good measure. Those bloody BBC forums are not the least bit pleased.

Not that the Skull and Bones cult is ever going to allow nearly as much truth be told as needed, though I certainly hope that Senator John Kerry and of his sidekick John Edwards that's so much more so in touch with humanity than of their antichrist counterpart(Bush/Cheney), that the two of them do in fact manage to kick some serious Republican butt. Foremost acknowledging as being the truth and nothing but the truth that unlike our resident warlord, Kerry is actually human, as such has made his fair share of honest to God mistakes, and hopefully he'll admit that he'll make even more such honest mistakes as our president, though all unintentional and with no pre-medatated intentions of our overthrowing another nation, nor ulterior motivations or intentions of his ever repeating any of his previous mistakes, and certainly having a measurable degree of honest to God remorse will also go a long ways towards repairing the American image that's currently situated squarely within that proverbial space toilet, that's been plugged solid from holding all of our intellectual (mostly Republican) incest. Thus Kerry and Edwards should not require the use of the current "so what's the difference" policy, nor of the "high standards and accountability" ruse that our current warlord thinks is just fine and dandy.

October 11, 2004;   In addition to hearing another verbally stressed Sandy Wood of our NPR being forced to read yet another absolute infomercial pack of NASA's lies about Venus, leaving out the last decade worth of somewhat exceptional discoveries that moderates almost everything of what her pre-approved script about Venus suggested, somewhat like how GW Bush (our resident warlord) left out a few too many facts about Osama bin Laden and Iraq. In spite of all that mainstream status quo and infomercial hype on behalf of folks like Sandy Wood being utilized for continued misdirecting the media away from the truth and nothing but the truth, I've upgraded upon my lunar Javelin Probe research, and I've even given the old Earth Space Elevator(ESE) topic another session at editing which doesn't seem to improve upon the original jest of what I've been saying from the very get-go, although each time I do manage to improve upon the syntax, as well as reducing a few too many errors associated with my dyslexic encryption code of what I believe we need to be otherwise doing about our moon, Venus and even the likes of Sirius becoming more interesting than I'd ever thought.

Not unexpectedly, the BBC forums of their version of NSA/DoD borgs encharge of enforcing the ruse/sting of this century and subsequent damage-control are doing exactly what I'd expected all along, although because they're dumber than us and thus incapable of thinking on their own, it stands to reason that it took longer for their team of incest cloned borgs to react in much the same way as our extension of NASA.

October 04, 2004;   I've tried and I've tried to introduce perfectly good and wholesome questions and notions into the BBC as well as many other forums of apparent intellectual incest, whereas the mainstreamers of political and religions cults have been so far gone into the NASA/Apollo space toilet, and otherwise so absolutely perverted in their quest to continue snookering the world, that regardless of the truths pertaining to our moon, Venus and the Sirius star system offers no apparent hope for humanity, only a continuing cesspool mind-set mentality of what intellectually and perhaps biologically cloned incest of the worst possible order has to deliver, in so much as my realizing this as I've improved upon that subject within "IDIOMS of TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES" to the tune of sharing this warm and fuzzy perspective of what an outsider such as myself and surly of what's been delivered onto others attempting to make an honest difference have been receiving in the way of mainstream flak, as well as for receiving their intellectual flatulence that's so rancid that it's absolutely imperative to keeping yourself up-wind, or else.

I might fully understand why anyone in their right though entirely snookered mind wouldn't touch this discovery of other life on Venus, or of what the LSE-CM/ISS can accomplish for making the future a whole lot better for the entire body of humanity, but as for the mainstreamers to continue their excluding upon the likes of what the Sirius star system and interactions of our existence as clearly marked by the passage of time that's been nicely recorded and subsequently reveled by way of extracting essential CO2 and other element data from deep-core samples is a crying shame, if not a double shame upon what science and physics and thereby astrophysics of stellar motions is all about. Thus I don not understand the perversion that at hand, nor the orchestrated disinformation that's taking Earth into a form of hell that's actually worse off than anything religion has ever thought of. Thus perhaps if Venus is in fact so much newer than Earth, it's clearly possible that our moon is also a relatively new addition of not only to Earth but as to our solar system in much the same manner as for the arrival of Venus, of which there's absolutely nothing within hard science nor the laws of physics stipulating otherwise.

September 28, 2004;   I had no idea that my "Idioms of Truth or Consequences" was offering page that was exceeding 19,000 words. Sorry about all that. Unfortunately I've added to this page and even fixed a few of those testy words while I was at it, though the message is pretty much offering the same old rant upon doing what's honest and right for a change. Of course, we all know darn good and well that them Apollo cows are never coming home, at least not before any of those WMD show themselves, thus the moon remains off-limits as much as Venus doesn't hardly exist within the NASA laws of physics, not to mention the stellar motions of Sirius having it's 105,0000 year cycle is just another science fiction portion of nearly all that I've offered for more than the past four and a half years and counting, as usual running itself way off track.

September 18, 2004;   Welcome to the wonderful BBC forum world of bloody liars telling lies, of the British intellectual incest running itself and as much of their humanity amuck by way of sucking up to whatever the American mainstream decides is the WMD as well as scientific truth to behold, and summarily screw whatever the consequences. Well, at least thus far whenever I've offered an entirely positive and absolutely win-win for science as well as humanity topic, though be it a somewhat challenging topic, all I've obtained is their continual negativism of their typical intellectual suck-up flatulence that's so darn pro-NASA/Apollo that the stench smells upwind, or perhaps it shouldn't surprise us if it actually circumnavigated the world.

As such, I've updated by BBC h2g2 sccount, and otherwise introducing a few warm and fuzzy favor returning comments along with BBC forum links and my usual new and improved information within the following topic, as usual corrected those pesky errors in the "Idioms of Truth or Consequences", plus the topic of "Javelin Moon Probes instead of LUNAR-A" and the usual "Terminal Velocity of Space Travel" as perfectly honest topics that are consistantly dispised by nearly all because of what's further proving my point about how downright testy though eventually doable the moon actually is, and of what we're otherwise up aganst if even going for a velocity of 0.1%"c", whereas usual there's been nothing whatsoever provided by others of specifics that'll offer folks such as myself a freaking honest clue as to what's out there, whereas the only aspects that actually matters to most of these forum freaks is for their keeping their usual lids on tight while fending off whatever honest media and as many common though snookered folks as far away from anthing pertaining to the truth about our moon or Venus, not to even mention the Sirius star system or perchance the notions of those trillions upon trillions of photons/atom that's out there are either representing "Dark Mater" or Dark-Energy" or perhaps both.

September 13, 2004;   The moon offers a margin (though slight) of terminal velocity(Vt), as here's a new and improved method of honest folks coming up with this basic Vt that's associated with getting stuff onto the lunar surface via impact instead of the horrifically spendy, unreliable and thereby risky methods of fly-by-wire landers, whereas at 25 tonnes worth of lunar atmosphere, and there being 38e12 m2 worth of lunar sphere to cover = 25e6 / 38e12 = .658e-6 g/m2

Besides the notion of accommodating a free-falling item as arriving at 30 km/s (keeping in mind that this is not my suggesting that probes would survive such speed of impact), though what if there were to be a lunar jet stream of 30 km/s, as such it would most likely be represented as flowing near the surface, whereas the kinetic energy of KE=.5MV2 becomes somewhat interesting. Excluding any notions of solar wind along with whatever influx of debris, of excluding upon other cosmic dust of any sort, as well as of meteorite kicked up moon-dirt that would add a great deal of insult to injury, and if we just focused upon what the raw 25 tonnes worth of that atmosphere has to work with;
Thus 25 tonnes worth of atmosphere re-interprets as KE = .329e-6 * 900e6 = 296 joules/m2
And at 100 tonnes of atmosphere is interpreted as KE = 1.316e-6 * 900e6 = 1184 joules/m2

Of course this represents a rather enormous parachute and/or a fairly robust probe capable of surviving upon impacting while making good speed, whereas subsequently surviving after impaling the moon instead of being smashed to bits if not vaporised is entirely doable, and relatively moon-dirt cheap at that. However, if anything there's more to the lunar atmosphere than we've been told, especially of the kicked-up sodium plus whatever other impact induced vapors that could represent another million fold worth of density of whatever's below 100 meters.

The ongoing works of "Terminal Velocity", "Javelin Probes" and "Idioms of Truth or Consequences" are each going to have their internal topics in need of further understanding upon the speed of whatever space travel, as well as most importantly as for the fare testier aspects of slowing whatever down prior to impacting the likes of our moon, whereas for any Venus deployment is almost a reverse sort of problem, of firstly having the least Vt that might actually become entirely canceled out, with a real potential of such arriving items never reaching the surface if there's much of any factor of buoyancy to deal with.

September 09, 2004;  It looks as though it's been another business as usual week, month and year after year, as I'm receiving not only more than my fair share of infected email but, it seems clear that others have also been receiving all sorts of bogus though quite intentionally nasty and infected email as though such were derived from my email address, of which I can honestly stipulate never originated from anything I'd typed, nor in any way shared via attachment, as of course I never sent such intentionally infected and thus spiteful messages as having my name associated, that are still being created as I type this update. As most likely those others are coming from the likes of our very own DHS/NSA/DoD, and/or any number of GW Bush and his partner in crime Dick Cheney, as well as their pro-genocide suck-up friends, plus folks just merely associated within our NASA cult which have absolutely everything you can imagine to lose have always been privileged to such internet stealth capability. This is actually quite easy to prove and even simpler yet if anyone cares to share my internet data, or just by way of giving me a direct call (1-253-8576061). Of course if such efforts are oddly diverted or can't manage to get through on the phone, then that too is not of my doings, as others selling whatever crapola you can possibly imagine seem to have no problem whatsoever contacting me all the time. Of course these days by phone you can't possibly believe whom anyone really is, nor of wherever they're calling from. And none other than our very own DHS knows best, as in exactly how all of that's accomplished.

Secondly, other than my ongoing efforts at honestly learning whatever I can in spite of all the mainstream flak, while improving or polishing my research that's pertaining to our moon, Venus, the Sirius star system and upon the notions of Terminal Velocity(Vt), it seems as though the rusemaster clout of the GW Bush genocide or bust agenda is still delivering their level best efforts of snookering not only as much of America, but of allies from which we expect their unquestioning support (in spite of the FACT that we've managed to kill off a few too many of those allies, plus inflicted upon tens of thousands of INNOCENT folks having been systematically exterminated on behalf of absolute lies, with lots more of the same on the way), and it seems, we do in fact expect the fullest access to the technology and energy resources of our allies, or else. Too bad our resident warlord and his associates are only too soon going to die of natural or other causes prior to participating in their own war crimes trials, as that sort of prim-time show would certainly make the likes of WATERGATE look like a preschool show and tell, and of TV ratings subsequently going through the roof, not to mention what a little polish from the likes of Al Franken or Michel Moore couldn't improve upon.

September 05, 2004;   There's been a little further confusion regarding the supposed micro thin atmosphere of our moon that's come back into the light of day, in that I was merely persuing my quest of obtaining a relatively specific knowledge of whatever terminal velocity existed that might influence the "Javelin Probe" or the far spendier "Polar Night" deliveries. Since we've all been informed for decades that our moon, regardless of it's much greater gravity and warmth over that of so many other moons that clearly indicate as offering a substantial amount of atmosphere, whereas we've been informed that oddly our moon is that of a 3e-15 bar near absolute vacuum of merely 2e5 atoms/cm3. Lo and behold, it seems there's certainly become more substance to our lunar atmosphere than suggested by their 25 tonnes worth as NASA/Apollo reported, as how can suth a near absolute vacuum host a cloud, and what's it like standing in a 30+km/s jet-stream?

Even going by their own conservative NASA/Apollo suggestion of 2e11 atoms/m3 * 30e3 = 60e14 atoms/m3/s as packing some seriously unlimited heat in the form of allowing extreme Vt factors of whatever else decides to join their EVA party. That plus the extreme levels of near-UV and UV/a radiation of our sun and even that of the Sirius star system is why all of those Kodak moments had to be reinvented.

September 03, 2004;   I haven't exactly fixed all there is to fix about the "Idioms of Truth or Consequences", but I've certainly managed to add some futher insult to this injury.

I've recently added topics and replies into the forums of Chinaspace and Permanent which are nearly as intellectually dead or rather being as ignored as they come, whereas otherwise you'd think either one of these forums should be absolutely chuck full of students, active individuals and of the retired expertise that should be involved, and of other plain honest folks having another go at learning and sharing in what's possible, as well as for sharing in what others (paid big-time) had missed altogether. Unfortunately either of these honest forums are without a decent ruse to exploit or to cover for, though as for anything these folks attempt to accomplish flies in the face of what's been an absolute bogus cold-war without remorse lie for over 35 years and counting, of which the likes of the mainstream Dick Cheney/paradoxicitis forum is doing just fine and dandy at keeping those damn lids on tight. In fact, the Paradoxicitis Forum couldn't possibly be any more pro hidden agenda and thereby pro GW Bush unless they were sucking his you-know-what.

I so happen to agree with the "Permanent charter" in that our moon can and should be highly exploited, as well as perhaps that the likes of the Chinese can best achieve this goal without any help from our NASA, and/or in spite of the disinformation we've consistently published as the truth but representing nothing but mere scientific speculations if not lies as coming from the American incest of liars that have never given an honest tinkers damn about humanity, much less the environment of Earth. As I do not care what they've had expensively published and NOVA produced as per those privet hype infomercials to the contrary, as it's been within their actions of such willful disregard to so many others, inflicting collateral damage and subsequent carnage that clearly defines the actual truth isn't of what's within all they've had to say. Thus the LLPOF tag applies to our NASA/NSA/DoD, and then some.

BTW; It seems those 12,000 year old "Dropas - Stone Discs" have been absolutely for real, yet our perverted and/or subverted education and skewed sense of morality hasn't been allowing the truth to emerge, and as usual, I can't but wonder why that is?

What's wrong with notions of terraforming Earth, or of a few ETs living nextdoor, or even visiting humanity from time to time?

August 27, 2004;   Sorry about the delay. I've been learning and subsequently re-thinking through a few interesting topics, and I've even managed to apply some of my not always so correct math upon the what-if of easily snookered folks having to survive upon a terraformed Earth, and that's in spite of what the mainstream has incorrectly to say about the likes of our moon, Venus and even Sirius as having what I believe is a wee bit more to do with our frame of existence than their almighty status quo wants the likes of you or myself to understand (that's including most religious folks that'll kill or willingly die insisting that only their God and thereby their religion is what matters), much less share any truth with others. Keeping in mind that as usual I'll have to return to this topic of my "Idioms of Truth or Consequences" in order to catch those pesky errors, as well as to post new and interesting sub-topics. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as smart as yourself, and as such I've more often than not use far too many words and may even have slipped another cog or two.

BTW; I'd love to hear about whatever are your notions and/or twisted thoughts as to whatever else is worth considering.

On behalf of yet another go at delivering my "Idioms of Truth or Consequences", I've given some thought as to what's obtainable and of what's not. Such as sustaining life upon Mars is defiantly a hard sell, even if that effort were being financed by Muslims trying to get rid of the rest of us heathens, along with a great deal of exported energy and applied technology being sent on behalf of Mars simply isn't going to become another miniature Earth, and that goes for the notion of somehow bringing Mars into some alternative orbit, or even if we could perchance replace the likes of our moon with that of Mars isn't within the cards of making Mars into a livable habitat for humanity, nor of most life as we know it without a great deal of compromise being that 20% atmosphere is about as good as it's going to ever get. Whereas Venus on the other hand already offers way more of just about everything. Venus certainly has loads of planetary resources offering all sorts of viable elements, an atmospheric surround that's providing a rather terrific safety shield plus a relatively calm navigable ocean of mostly CO2 for the likes of rigid airships, plus there's unlimited energy extraction on demand from just the vertical pressure and thermal differentials and, there's actually not even any shortage of H2O (just not lying about on the surface unless it's in the form of H2O2 or within certain mud like substances).

August 20, 2004;   One of my latest topics was parked within an extremely pro Dick Cheney anti-environment forum, under the topic of "WARNING! Paradoxicitis is absolutely full of it" as an ongoing debate between myself (representing the good but dyslexic guys) as opposing another absolute infestation of the worst possible incest cloned borgs of their Paradoxicitis Forum, of which I've bothered to post yet a another topic that's equally going nowhere, so I've created and updated for these nice mainstreamers another friendly list of topics worth doing, and wouldn't you know it, their flak is flying all over the place, exactly like and any number of related forums that intend to keep folks as dumbfounded and snookered as possible, and otherwise humanity stuck deep into any number of those intellectual space toilets.

If you'd like to join this Cheney mainstream only "status quo" and thereby not-so open forum (or open cesspool is a bit more like it), please do so because, otherwise it's been getting a little boring, or at least a bit one sided (just the way our second encharge commander warlord Dick likes it). As here again, I'm offering topics on the possibility of other life existing where humanity has been too freaking dumfounded to even look-see, yet all that these "Paradoxicitis" folks can manage is their continued dog-wag of spin and damage-control on behalf of whatever their mainstream warlord(s) whats of everyone else to believe, and if that's not worthy of being an incest cloned borg collective, then obviously I don't know what is, and as such perhaps their Skull and Bones cult must actually be yet another church sort of dogooder thing.

August 18, 2004;   As usual, I've had to improve upon the most recent page of those topics worth reviewing and debating, offering another honest go at what's important and easily obtainable about issues pertaining to Venus, our moon and Sirius, or about the idioms of truth or consequences, all of which being obtainable at a fraction of the muck-running investment that's been taking us toward the likes of Mars, Mercury, Saturn and beyond, while keeping the honest science and physics of our moon and of anything associated with Venus in the nearest space toilet while we're being taken to the cleaners at the same time. This is also about our government and of the institutions within, and/or of those sucking up to the mainstream as per delivering inaction and/or disinformation, as in passing the intellectual buck as well as the truth for decades at the demise of science and humanity, as in preference to sustaining our cold-war(s) without a shred of morality nor remorse in sight, whereas apparently life on Earth just doesn't get any better than that. Just ask our resident warlord (GWB) when you're losing your livelihood, thus losing property and unable to receive adequate medical care due to financial and tolerated corruption impacts of the GWB administration, or perhaps you're one of those losing everything that's dear due to the rising waters and ever increasing fury of storms related to the pollution that's expediting global warming, that which according to GWB and much like his WMD doesn't exist. Of course you can always thank your lucky stars that you weren't onboard any aircraft smashing into tall buildings, nor within them buildings, or otherwise onboard the intended Tel Aviv flight instead of the unfortunate TWA flight-800, or perhaps an astronaut on reentry without benefit of a shuttle while a certain ABL had been cruising along at 40,000' was stealthing itself out of sight, out of mind.

Of course, supposedly our government doesn't make such blunders, as well as having nothing whatsoever to do with creating nor sustaining any cold-war, even though our NASA/Apollo efforts were that of our cold-war cornerstone. And, if it appears that we've shot both our feet off (once again), apparently that too was another act of an unprovoked terrorist. Well folks, if you believe that offers an idiom worth of truth, then the consequences should not surprise you anymore than 9/11.

August 13, 2004;   This offering may be a bit premature, in that I haven't finished this diatom research by any long shot, especially the part about those flying diatoms of Venus, although if you're interested in what's entirely possible and otherwise most likely to have affected the long-term cycles of CO2 as recorded over the past 750 thousand years and counting, as you might want to reconsider upon the implications and/or merits of what I'm learning, or perhaps not if you're intending upon reelecting our resident warlord.

August 07, 2004;   Don't hold your breath, as I still could be a ways off on what I think I realize about having to survive the influx of physical stuff while on a lunar EVA work detail, as such I've made a few improvements and hopefully implemented those as appropriate corrections with regard to lunar dust-bunny impact issues, that which can be so freaking lethal unless you're residing within a fairly solid/robust LM-1 (Lunar Metro) bus, or sufficiently parked under several meters worth of lunar basalt. This learning on the terminal velocity(Vt) of space is a curve that has to do with understanding the punishing environment of what those LSE-CM/ISS tethers must survive, and of just how robust the LM-1 needs to become.

If any of my formula/math is still way off, please do let me know or, return later for another update. As sooner or later I'll get it sufficiently right, even though regardless of how far off my math has been, that doesn't preclude any of the enormous benefits of what the LSE-CM/ISS has to offer, or of what's to behold on Venus, as opposed to the likes of Mars, Mercury and even Saturn giving us squat to none other than the upper most 0.1% of humanity a fatter bank account, while the other 99.9% (scum of the Earth) get to pay for it all, along with choking down all of their pollution.

The "Population control to conserve upon energy" topic is still open for business;

There's also my "Science without morality, without remorse" topic (though oddly not much feedback);

Since I've learned some time ago that my opposition is actually quite knowledgable (though selectively and as much nondisclosure and/or need-to-know as possible), and thereby capable of helping out immensely, and for example easily capable of their identifying my frequent math errors, whereas instead of those easy sorts of things being caught and improved upon, instead they're intentionally letting whatever slide through that'll make me look as bad as possible. As such, from time to time I've intentionally implanted a few errors just to see if folks can be a little honest (at least thus far, no cigar), as what the hell was I thinking; honesty, morality and remorse is not, and has never been any part of their collective creed. Thus I've continued to pitch a fit over those supposedly nice, warm and fuzzy intellectual borgs of, whereas such I have several ongoing topics that may require some external support (moral majority reinforcement troops), as in just for the sheer sport of aggravating those nice folks seems to be their interpretation of what I'm all about. Little do they realize that I'm actually not as dumb and dumber as they think, just a little error prone on the side of morality, thereby on the side of humanity, as well as on the positive side of whatever or whomever happens to be Venus humanity, of which may turn out being more reptilian or exoskeletal than not, and related to Sirius/c to boot.

August 03, 2004;   Sorry folks, it been another one of those bad forum weeks, of my having to continually fight the "mainstream status quo", as opposed to folks simply sharing in what they claim they know, but would rather not share in a darn thing that could possibly rock their badly sinking boat.

As such, I've had to update my busting page, in that since I wasn't being allowed to honestly reflect and share my insight upon perfectly good and honest thoughts. Whereas instead, the intellectual incest collective of the "Sciforums" wasn't about to let any of the truth and nothing but the truth sneak out from under their noses, at least not without being thoroughly skewed into their way of thinking, that which naturally supports the status quo at all cost, and without remorse at that. In the near future I'll share a bit more as to what's what.

July 26, 2004;  I've been somewhat busy learning about photons, such as those intended for interplanetary communications (if not interstellar), plus I've further updated my replacement page that originally had to take the place of my locked-down but still available to read "NASA uses LLPOF anti-flak to protect Apollo butts" topic, and otherwise I've polished up the Apollo rusemaster page that's pertaining mostly to those phony baloney Kodak moments.

In case you're interested, I've created some ongoing topics (as I've stipulated, at least one of them becoming locked-down because I've become a whole lot more right than not about our being snookered for the past 35 years and counting):
NASA uses LLPOF anti-flak to protect Apollo butts
What's the Terminal Velocity of Space
Venus Offers Whatever It Takes For UFOs
Superconducting Photons via Atomic Oort Zones
What's the Terminal Velocity of Space

The "Population control to conserve upon energy" topic is still open for business;

There's also the "Science without morality, without remorse" topic (though oddly not receiving all that much feedback);

And I've even been replying nicely into several other related topics of science and social morality issues, such as the USS LIBERTY fiasco, and of the soon to be locked down topic on "The relative velocity of photon and moving frame:SR heresy.", although, without even trying I've got another of my own perfectly good topic transferred into their warm and fuzzy anti-Cuba cesspool to boot, thus insuring pro absolutely anything America decides is best for American interest, or otherwise screw absolutely anyone-other policy, or perhaps they're merely polishing upon the GW Bush warlord "so what's the difference" policy.

"Barcardi buys governments, even the American government" was just a little informative something about what we've done in the past that signifies our typical modus of operation (nothing at all as bad as what we did to the USSR and ourselves), including whatever necessary skew upon recorded history, and if need be a little dog-wagging on behalf of the Barcardi family to boot, much like we did for the Laden family, then proceeded to take out our rage upon Iraq.

July 21, 2004;   It seems sufficiently true that social reality makes truth, and the theorist (if allowed) only brings theory and truth into harmony, thus I'm working on a new page that'll further explain why all the orchestrated spin and damage-control applied onto absolutely anything that I have to offer, whereas it's almost as though I'm fighting the "flat Earth society. Though in the mean time, and preferably before we all fall off the edge of this flat Earth, I'm making slight progress on a good number of fronts, even fixing a few pesky words and syntax issues which oddly none others have bothered to inform me about, although perhaps that's because they're even dumber than I'd thought, or at least a whole lot more arrogant to boot.

Giving some reflective thought as to why there has been so much orchestrated flak upon not just against anything Venus, and/or of opposing Sirius, and especially of folks objecting to anything as per our moon;   The Recent 35th anniversary of the NASA/Apollo team snookering the world is more than everything, as without sustaining their "BIG ASS LIE" and of all the thousands of other subsequent lies remaining at play, whereas otherwise if the truth be known there'd be serious trouble brewing in River City. As such, there's absolutely no way that my notions of those Apollo Kodak moments being at risk is going to allow anything other that I have to offer into becoming published, much less of required reading, which only represents that I'm more right than I thought, not that I haven't offered my fair share of mistakes in attempting to deliver this message. It's almost as though I just don't seem to have the necessary tools and required funding of delivering this fundamental message from hell that this broad range of topics deserves. And by deserves I mean, on behalf of all the innocent folks that have prematurely died as a result of our perpetrated cold-wars and diverted resources, whereas I believe we're having to consider millions of folks plus the trillions of dollars/euros invested and/or blown to bits, and always remembering that you can't play this sort of game unless you and your opponents are equally in it for keeps, and thereby for sustaining whatever grand ruse.

As for just looking at the prestigious positions of power and of NSA/CIA cult like attributes, plus the obviously enormous military tit-for-tat benefits from what this game has to offer all sides, much of which wouldn't have existed in the first place nor sustained itself if the truth be known, and as for avoiding the "truth be known" factor was and still remains the all essential basis of this cold-war game, in that as long as either sided doesn't actually give a flying puck about humanity, and naturally neither side wants to become known for their being out-snookered by the other guy, thus the ultimate game continues as long as neither side wants their public to know the truth or consequences of previous actions or inappropriate actions. Of course, honest efforts at listing the number of times government as lied to the public, and/or skewed the truth, subsequently having lied about everything associated ever since, as such an honest and forthright review would take up thousands of volumes just to comprehend upon the global impact.

July 17, 2004;   I've added another worthy tonne of stuff, such as more to offer on the question of space and moon radiation, all on behalf of the folks of Badastronomy, Apollohoax,, GOOGLE and even a few rusemaster (damage-control) members of topic of "NASA uses LLPOF anti-flak to protect Apollo butts" which are all deeply in this ruse together. Since I can't always post what I honestly think, much less offer those typical "wall of words" that I tend to deliver, instead I'll just continue with my updating this new page on behalf of some supposedly nice folks or visitors within "", in that besides correcting grammar and syntax, or even a little math, I'll update and even bother to apply retractions wherever I've learned of the truth and nothing but the truth, though I'm not going to be waiting around for them Apollo cows to come home, at least not without sharing what I believe needs to be told, in spite of their freaking "mainstream status quo".

July 15, 2004;   Now I'm the bad guy again, or perhaps just the messenger from hell. It seems that the mainstream status quo has been caught with their pants all the way down, along with their fingers in the money pit of whatever suits their "Skull and Bones" agenda. Since I'm right about utilizing our moon, and I'm damn right about what's existing on Venus, as such I caught them sitting on their butts while opportunity knocked, banged on their doors, and even blew their socks off to no avail. Perhaps I should have utilized the Osama bin Laden approach by using a big aircraft as the ultimate delivery messenger, especially since it obviously doesn't do any damn good whatsoever as to send off that formal "DECLARATION OF WAR".

In spite of my declaration of discovery being ignored, those illumination spots on Venus are certainly capable of being artificial, at least my limited math demonstrates how such a narrow beam of surface emitted light would in fact cause a 500 km zone of illumination, exactly like the Alen Heath recorded image of Venus offering exactly that sort of illumination. Although, why on Venus would any fool be letting the village idiots of earth realize that interplanetary communications is doable, especially by the more efficient and proficient method of photons as opposed to the relatively inefficient methods of radio, this factor is quite beyond my way of thinking, especially if such intentions becomes misinterpreted as a potential WMD.

July 13/A, 2004;   Sorry about this update, as I've merely added the latest round of my need-to-know learning about photons, that's going into my ongoing build upon how many photons might coexist/m3. Since non others have volunteered squat (other than loads of their warm and fuzzy flak, and/or as much disinformation as they can get away with), as such it must be because I'm becoming a whole lot more right than not, and as such they (the mainstream status quo) do not want to see any chance of my being assisted and/or understood because, if that ever happened it could represent that I'm actual smart, and perhaps they're NOT.

July 13, 2004;   Earth/moon/Venus/sun 4-body alignment was an old argument that was set aside because, I had lacked the ammunition to go up against their mainstream status quo, much like until recently I've lacked the necessary polish as to impose the notion that our NASA utilized Kodak film as for recording squat nothing as situated upon our moon. Well lo and behold, not only was I entirely correct about that Kodak moment (every stinking photo worth), but than apparently the powers that be that were previously attempting to diminish the importance of what any Earth/moon/Venus/sun 4-body alignment was capable of triggering here upon Earth were equally chuck full of it, as in further dog-wag spinning and damage control on behalf of NASA and even of NOAA butt salvaging, especially important since folks had in fact died because of that unusual 4-body alignment.

Of course, this doesn't represent that our NASA/NOAA lied any more than usual, thus their shock and awe version of justifying upon their inaction and/or disinformation is their usual level of sustaining their intellectual choke-hold over a very dumbfounded and thereby snookered public that'll believe just about anything spoken and/or published by this mainstream status quo. Though I've concluded that the Nobel LLPOF award needs to go to such folks so that in spite of the tens of thousands of exterminated innocent folks don't keep them bastards and perhaps even a few bitches from their getting a good nights sleep. Apparently in many ways the intellectual incest is the very staff of life for these clowns of their "Skull and Bones" cult society, and as such we should be at least thankful that you and I aren't be considered as terrorist or God forbid hiding even one of those stealth donkey carts hauling a butt load of those 4th of July class of mini-rockets about, as compared to our multi-thousand tonne stash of VX, countless other tonnes of land mines, mega tonnes worth of relatively high tech conventional weapons, and even a few undisclosed H-Bombs that don't actually hold a candle to what those Boeing/TRW Phantom Works ABLs have to offer, as well as our having the means and whatever contrived motives by which to be making those deliveries, as it's a darn good thing those items are not considered as WMD.

July 10, 2004;  Absolutely no question that the Fantastic Forum is yet another incest borg like spook collective on behalf of sustaining their "mainstream status quo", as all certified forum members are knowingly incest cloning upon one another so as to keeping an intellectually tight lid on their badly overflowing space toilets. This "Know thy enemy" goes equally for the likes of, as all that I've received is their incest dog-wagging hype and spin on behalf of protecting their "mainstream status quo" butts in spite of the truth or consequences.

Instead of those supposedly nice and "all knowing" folks offering others such as myself usable feedback, as in specific numbers in qualifying their individual perspectives of those Kodak moments, or as to what's potentially artificial (man made or perhaps lizard folk made) about Venus, or even as to whatever honestly can be achieved with the proper utilization of our moon, or even upon an honest physics topic regarding the notions of what photons are all about, instead I've received only their warm and fuzzy intellectual flatulence as flak, as in telling us that absolutely anything and everything published under and/or by, as well as moderated so as to meet their NASA/Apollo status quo, where as such is all there is. And, if that isn't an absolute buckshot load of crap, then nothing is.

July 09, 2004;  I'm having another one of those bad-internet-days, in that the powers that be have been making my access to information as difficult as possible, and otherwise sharing as much disinformation as possible. In fact, I seem to be receiving more than my fair share of flak from the Skull and Bones cult of "", as such you might want to check out what those incest borg troops are up to.

"NASA uses LLPOF anti-flak to protect Apollo butts"
Main topic forum;
My topic forum;

Otherwise, I've updated my research/topic report upon the "Terminal Velocity of Space", not that us common folk (scum of the Earth) are entitled, much less supposed to know all that much about the sorts of speeds of such things, but just in case you've gotten any notions that we're all being dog-wagged and/or snookered again, guess what? We are.

July 06, 2004;  The likes of isn't actually all that bad for astronomy, although if dog-wagging were an Olympic event, as such they'd certainly be within the top-10 if not a gold metal winner.

This isn't intended as to discrediting the motives and actions of their partners in crime, such as is equally without remorse, whereas these two borg collectives have been incest cloning one another ever since their inceptions, all of which materialized as consequence of our perpetrated cold-war NASA/Apollo ruse/sting of the century. Now there's hell to pay; imagine that?

July 04, 2004;  It seems like the speed of light is NOT all there is, but also the amounts of warm and fuzzy flak from those GR/QM folks is not limited either, especially if either of their pagan gods isn't being worshiped to death without remorse. Sorry if I'm siding with those folks honestly trying to make a viable difference for humanity instead of blindly supporting the ongoing ruse/sting of the century that's been a bloody lie and has only created thousands of continuing lies and spendy dog-wagging ulterior agendas as we speak, as such we see the incest cloning of other liars as to replacing their "Skull and Bones" troops as the older liars die off. Thus there's to be no apparent end to their game of life and death, especially the death part if you're outside of their mainstream status quo box of our pathetic and absolutely insignificant existence within this universe. As such, I may not have found the path to heaven but, I sure as heck know where hell is located, and of whom is encharge.

Of course, in spite of NASA, I'm learning much and believe to be accomplishing all of this on behalf of humanity, as for what's realistically obtainable with what we've already got to work with, and so far on zilch worth of a budget, whereas just 1% of the existing Earth Space Elevator(ESE) fiasco funding would help my efforts at delivering 10 fold greater benefit (I believe that's a 1000:1 improvement in bang for the almighty buck). Instead, most of the ESE public funding that's going into dog-wagging and hype (infomercials based upon outright disinformation) as to attracting even more public funding, of which this ESE task is going to take at least another couple of decades, and then only upon investing hundreds of billions if not a trillion before the first two of these highly vulnerable items are available to deliver and retrieve those 25t or even 10t payloads, if that much. Remembering that the ESE is not only vulnerable and spendy, and thus far highly leveraved upon noexisting technology, but worthy of taking out lives right here in River City, and that's not even including the lives invested in defending such a highly focused target from being easily taken out by most any shoulder launched stinger, if not otherwise by mother nature.

July 02, 2004;  I've gone back through a couple of my old energy related pages (energy-resolve and energy-options), although there's certainly loads more as for myself to be learned, and corrections to be applied. At least so far, I've identified nothing about Venus that's the least bit insurmountable, especially when there's so much energy that's so easily available, and especially if I'm not having to communicate such physics-101 facts to some other incest cloned borg that thinks we've walked on the moon, and as though their pagan NASA is better off than God, which by the way they would have had to have been such Gods, or of at least portrayed by that of KODAK film was something Godly, as otherwise there wasn't a sufficient skew of the color spectrum within any photograph as for such having been acquired upon any stinking moon. Good grief, I realize that due to the educational qualifiers by way of our resident warlord's ("high standards and accountability") that most Americans are unavoidably and absolutely dumb and dumber than a post, and otherwise easily snookered by way of any WMD snipe hunting bastard that values domination of oil reserves over that of human life, as these pathetic folks really need to get another grip upon the soul of reality, and then some.

Geez Louise folks; if we'd been to the moon and did even 1% of what NASA/Apollo said we did, then why didn't those wizards having all the right stuff bother as to acquiring a few of those near-UV and UV/a skewed KODAK MOMENTS, instead of their having to fake everything?

June 29, 2004;  I have a new and improved page on photons, or rather the mass and/or energy per photon that's either resting as dark-matter or capable of zipping along at 310 fold light speed.

Now that ESA and a few others are taking that closer look-see at Venus, and even our moon for the prospect of establishing the LSE-CM/ISS before us, all of the sudden there's all sorts of NASA archived data and related reports on those two items that are getting revised as we speak, and of the very same folks that were consistantly bashing absolutely any notion whatsoever of utilizing our moon or of doing anything on behalf of Venus have decided that as long as I'm sufficiently out of their way they can proceed with their "spin" and "damage control", preferably before all intellectual and scientific hell breaks loose. In the mean time, I've been learning my way along in spite of all the nondisclousure and "need to know" cryteria, improving a few of the old pages of what I've been essentially sharing with folks for more than three years, imposing that we should have been utilizing our moon, as well as going for the likes of Venus instead of investing into the sub-frozen, pulverised and thoroughly TBI to death planet of Mars.

If those of you still think we can and should in fact accomplish a Mars expedition, then lo and behold, the likes of actually walking upon the moon should be a bloody snap, at least while more safely accomplishing such under earthshine, and/or of deploying all sorts of robotic moon based instruments, and of otherwise going for Venus is absolutely a technological walk in the park when it comes to the aspects of shuttle reentry and of efficiently cruising about under the security cloak of them nifty clouds. At least with respect to Venus we'd not have to bring along the necessary energy as for sustaining our expedition, nor for that of returning home, and of transferring a few tonnes of cold beer and pizza should more than trade for the usage of one of their rigid airships. We could even spare the likes of Martha Stewart for improving their decor, plus the personal services of our resident warlord (GW Bush) as for exterminating any excess population under the ruse of ridding their countryside of all those WMD, and if we're lucky, we might even discover Osama bin Laden while we're there, although by now Osama has probably become one of their Gods, so we'd have to be very nice to him.

June 27, 2004;  Lo and behold, there's more truth and nothing but the truth, a whole lot than either of us really needs to know about the moon, whereas actually Kodak isn't nearly as dumfounded about UV exposure as I'd thought, and as for the notions of using those lunar space elevator tether anchors spots as lobbies, perhaps as many as four locations spread-out by as much as 1500 km, as those LSE-CM/ISS lobbies are still offering just the absolute best ever ticket for that of accommodating future space travel, and then some.

June 26, 2004;  This might be a little hard to believe but, in spite of myself I've actually managed to fix a few syntax issues as per those Apollo Hoax issues associated with Kodak film, and I've even improved throughout those related topics as to why this perverted government can't get off their space toilet without stinking up the entire countryside, and then some. Thus of what's good and of terrific benefit to humanity about our moon and that of Venus is still having to reside outside the mainstream status quo box of what making this country such a crying shame, though absolutely the peak of perfection for the likes of incest cloned borgs intent upon global domination via energy. Keeping the cost and risk factors of oil and gas artificially maximized is just as important if not more effective than of embargoes and/or having to build walls, as any bloody fool can figure that one out. By way of starving out and/or bankrupting the lower 90% populous (scum of the Earth) over the remaining energy reserves is just the ticket as to our achieving this ultimate goal. Unfortunately, that means we'll soon have to nuke the likes of Russia and China, especially if either or both of those start setting up the LSE-CM/ISS, or talking to Venus, as either way our Apollo ass is grass.

June 25, 2004;  New and much improved Lunar Space Elevator ( page, along with those pesky notions of accommodating interplanetary communications and a mission gateway to other planets, plus I'm still offering that a holy grail worth lunar and tether dipole energy that's capable of delivering as much as 10 tera watts without extracting nor processing out a single kg worth of He3. Sorry folks, sometimes my rage and then dyslexia gets the best of me, such as when I've gone back through an old page and I discover upon all sorts of testy grammar and syntax issues. None the less, the concept has remained the same, the honest quest even remains the same, and lo and behold the opposition flak that I'm receiving is continuous to say the least, as few have been willing to share nor apply squat worth of their supposed talents if it's having to be applied to anything that's not of an official NASA orchestrated and thereby publicly funded effort. Their cold-war of power and above all greed rules all there is, as such arrogance has been their corner stone of "up yours" or else.

June 22, 2004;  This is another opportunity as to briefly reflect back to the May 30, 2004 update, in order to confirm that our warm and fuzzy Government has been flat-out lying to us all along, and that it's because of these perpetual liars telling such lies and of the subsequent published layers of disinformation that has only further perpetuated the ruse/sting as reproduced by the likes of NASA and then NOVA, and otherwise published into textbooks throughout the world, as though it's the truth and nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, such lies only beget further lies, and of those being continually backed up by the sorts of liars having no morality nor remorse is exactly what's keeping the actual truth about our moon and that of Venus away from the honest mainstream media, and thereby away from the public that has long been snookered and/or financially obliged if not shamed into believing, and of forcing others into accepting the ongoing myth of the published words of NASA, as the public has been orchestrated as to clearly upholding the mainstream status quo, rather than the truth.

Of course, one government agency covering up it's own nasty butt so that yet another closely associated government agency can continue it's quest of snookering the entire world over the likes of unjustified carnage per WMD is just the tip of this very nasty iceberg, that which the guiding light of our fearless commander and chief warlord and of the resulting global warming is only being expedited as to melting said iceberg before our eyes. So, instead of our nation being 75% nuclear, and thereby environmentally clean and not to mention entirely free of middle East oil, our actions have inflicted horrific inflation upon the entire world, not to mention creating the likes of 9/11 by way of our provoking and otherwise not taking care of business, thereby we've managed to get tens of thousands killed off and nearly 2/3 of this world relatively pissed at us, and apparently this game isn't over until the fat lady sings.

BTW; that KECK-II recorded image of the green glow covering the greater expanse of the Venus season of nighttime, this observation obviously raises the qualification upon the speculation of nocturnal folks being able to see quite nicely, keeping further in mind that on Venus there's absolutely no shortage of renewable energy by which to improve upon the chances of surviving in spite of your world having to be situated right nextdoor to the dumb and dumbest other dumbfounded, as well as most easily snookered planet in the entire universe.

June 19, 2004;  The likes of and of their extremely polite Permanent Discussion Forum have been further improved upon, although that means we need to start allover with building up their audience and contributors.

Fortunately their ARCHIMEDES Institute (ARTEMIS) group is well situated as to taking advantage of nearly anything related to lunar enterprise, especially that which the LSE-CM/ISS can help to deliver the goods, as in both directions, plus for the task of eventually sending nice folks like Dr. Zubrin off to Mars for some of that dry-ice, and perhaps obtaining a few sub-frozen microbes of which being pulverised and of receiving a rather nasty TBI dosage may have survived the test of time, surviving in an environment that would otherwise have easily and in short order exterminated life as we know it. And to think that some of these nice folks actually insist upon their bringing such potentially lethal stuff all the way back to Earth, and at our expense (what could possibly go wrong?). This is where the lunar based "safe-house" needs to be on-line and ready to receive them microbes and microbe infected Mars expedition members.

June 17, 2004;  BTW; if you perchance see something within the following picture that's not all that hot and nasty natural looking, nor insurmountable considering there all the energy in the world to work with, please do let me know about such items, as per something that looks like it's associated with a freaking township having it's own bridge, multiple complex structures, items of reservoirs (some of which containing something fluid like), of highly rational and geometric causeway attributes, a rather sizable tarmac with sub-bays no less and of something other that's situated on deck, of a few nearby parabolic considerations and of other spherical tank like items, plus indications upon loads of other nifty stuff that simply isn't supposed to be there, whereas in comparison to otherwise all the rest of what's within this picture shows us the expected rock formations and erosions that do not look like anything except rock and erosions, nor upon enlargements and photoshop processing haven't turned anything natural into anything artificial looking, like what's associated within this Guth Venus township.

Link directly to the NASA archived original, or if need be I have several copies Basic enlargement of the area in question, of which you should be able to do even better

BTW; since this is an SAR image, whereas such there's no lighting skew nor refraction issues, in fact there's a composite worth of a combined 12 looks or samples per pixel, and that isn't nearly all there is to say about the truth factor of SAR imaging. Dark items are not of any dark color, as it's the absorbson elements like muds and fluids that'll be near black, and/or of vegetation like substances that'll register as somewhat darkish, and of what's white or nearly so is not of any light color but of what's radar reflecting hardest, as in steel alloy as well as from the sorts of rock or substances having a good deal of metallic mineral content, and/or from their being shaped sufficiently flat so as to improving upon their reflective nature, as otherwise thick composites of silica and basalt would be offering somewhat of a dark to medium gray worth of image signal attribute that's between that of fluid like substances and that of a steel like or substantial rock surface. BTFW; the likes of NIMA.MIL offers photoshop processing that's at least ten fold better off than what I'm using, thus if NASA or anyone other actually wanted to prove me wrong, that could have been easily and officially accomplished over three years ago.

Unlike NASA, and any number of our pro-NASA/Apollo incest cloned freaks that should have been exterminated before they mutated any futher, perhaps like how the Pope purged Cathars and/or there's a few other analogies, at least before they manage get all the rest of us killed off over absolutely nothing. I as well as many capable others, such as ADOBE and of countless better German photo software developers, can easily prove this image as truth before your own eyes, and that the likes of photoshop processing hasn't been ulterior motivated nor modified or distorted one damn pixel, and I can otherwise offer any number of examples to what's being considered as artificial upon Mars that isn't even worth 1% of what's most likely artificial about Venus. In other words of wisdom, good grief almighty folks, we've been snookered, some of us to death by the sorts of folks having "the right stuff", and they're absolutely intent upon continuing this dastardly cold-war action without remorse until hell freezes over, or those Apollo cows come home.

June 16, 2004;  The soup of the day is essentially offering a superconductor for photons. At least that's how the latest update to the "PHOTONS at REST page;" has been revised towards stipulating a somewhat better understanding of something I obviously don't have a freaking clue about, although apparently non other has a clue as to what the heck a resting photon is all about either, which is rather odd since there's at least a cubic billion times more photons than atoms in our universe.

In other words; just looking at an atom requires that we look through many cubic billions worth of photons. Those within our environment are mostly active photons, whereas in space and especially associated with nullification zones is where great numbers of resting photon seem to have become collectives of perhaps dark-matter, and this isn't anything superceeding the likes of Einstein or Plank, it's more like duh-101.

Between what I've uncovered about our moon and Venus isn't even representing the tip of this cold-war iceberg, whereas Henry Kroll and myself have gained more general knowledge than needed for proving that there's been and remains other life besides here on Earth, and that means other intelligence above that of ours. Whereas some of that other intelligence has been vastly superior to anything on Earth, and I'm not talking about any God, as any decent God doesn't need to go through the trouble of physically becoming involved and/or terraforming another planet, but of folks a whole lot smarter than us do.

June 15, 2004;  I don't always mean to being outright obnoxious but, it seems there's been quite a good deal of spyware and even unauthorised email moderation going on, that plus folks and/or spooks within DHS have been working their nasty butts off, on behalf of protecting their fearless warlord (GW Bush) pagan God, plus that of protecting their mainstream status quo by way of using my good name and by way of abducting my various honest email accounts so as to attract and/or spread as much smut and infected email as possible. In the meantime, and in spite of all their warm and fuzzy flak, plus the rathe obvious rejection by the borgs of GOOGLE, and, I've updated a few files, plus improved upon the context as per the site, whereas I honestly hope that you'll enjoy getting yourself into some of Henry Kroll's work.

Fortunately Henry Kroll hasn't become nearly as snookered as the rest of us village idiots, and has never quite fit into any known borg collective, thereby his work and even that of my research hasn't had to go after any of those invisible (stealth donkey cart) WMD, thus thousands of innocent folks have NOT been exterminated or tortured on our behalf, nor have our honest efforts been responsible for that of destroying any of their fine homes and cities, not to mention their entire country side that's about to explode before our eyes. Although actually, just for an experiment upon our supposed superiority over that of Islamic and Muslim types, and being that our God can essentially kick their God's butt, thereby we having the superior stamina, whereas I actually wouldn't mind proving that point by way of seeing how our resident warlord and his partner Dick holds up to some of the same torture (should be good for at least two seconds worth before they both sell out America).

So far at least, it seems that our resident warlord and of his crack Halburton team that indirectly includes such upstanding investment partners as Salem bin Laden, that plus the added wisdom of folks like Henry Kissinger (Dr. Death) has only managed to have pissed off a little more than half the world (some tend to think 2/3), while most of the other half or remaining third has become seriously undecided upon whom to suck up to. Though before sucking up to the likes of GW Bush, perhaps the same Botoxin desmirking treatments should be applied to his pecker, in that you wont get any surprises.

June 11, 2004;  It's been a long time of my not seeing all that much chat about the terrific benefits of establishing the LSE-CM/ISS (lunar space elevator or GMDE), and of what that sort of accomplishment can contribute onto science, astronomy and perhaps the very future of humanity, and/or absolutely poised against humanity if such capability (especially the tether dipole element hosting those 100 GW class laser cannons as held to within 50,000 km of mother Earth) were under the thoughtful command of our resident village idiot warlord.

I've added some further thoughts, perfectly worthwhile technology ideas and even fixed some nasty syntax issues, and I've even given some further thoughts as to why the heck we should have been there long ago, or at least before some other country such as China, or even should those poor bastards of the ESA gets there first.

June 06, 2004;  Surely you get my drift, though if my syntax and/or math is what's bothering you, just offer your best shot at correcting upon my limited understanding, as unlike yourself, I'm still on the learning curve as trying to understand the photon on the "need to know basis". In other words, if I don't ask the right sort of question, and in the proper context, there's nothing forthcoming from the "all knowing" cultism of physics. As much like those recorded illumination spots originating from Venus being unresolved as something naturally occurring, the numbers of resting photons/m3 is oddly still unresolved, yet looking a whole lot more like dark-matter than not, even somewhat blackhole like is possible if in fact the resting photon retains even an extremely slight amount of mass, as such there's no apparent limit as to how many resting photons might reside within a given nullification zone.

June 02, 2004;  Here's yet another one intended for those Apollo huggers that want desperately to believe that we did exactly as stipulated, but lo and behold comes KODAK to the rescue of the truth and nothing but the truth, and not exactly on behalf of Apollo but of the simple fact of the matter. Film doesn't lie, and this time I'm not so much taking exception to what's been obviously doctored into those images or of what's oddly included and/or excluded from those images, as I am having difficulty with the rather noticeable spectrum skew, or perhaps lack thereof, as to how those colors that were being faithfully recorded by the KODAK film were seemingly not the least bit shifted towards the blue when there's 128 times more bluish and UV/a to work with.

I might have to further edit this page with introducing a number of photographic examples, and links into various officially published KODAK documents, although any half assed photographer should already know all of this, and then some.

May 30, 2004;  As usual, I've been updating through a few files, such as my topic page, with new and improved math plus syntax corrections along with a few specific messages for the likes of "Earth Orbit" and "David Moore". BTW; those Apollo color photos are so entirely and absolutely bogus, especially since there was at least a 64:1 greater amount of just the UV/a to contend with, though more than likely a combined 128:1 as recorded by Kodak, and as much as 512:1 as per Kodak film recording upon the likes of Sirius (375 nm), whereas this Kodak film simply had to have recorded such items at several times greater intensity of what even the near UV spectrum had to offer, that which should have greatly shifted/intensified the recorded the blue color spectrum of our American flags into that of offering such as fluorescent blue stripped neon signs (that spectrum shift also goes for their B&W film). So my fellow snookered Americans, and for all the rest of honest humanity that's clearly outside of our stinking NASA/Apollo cold-war box; besides telling us where's the beef by merely sharing in where the heck all of them near-UV and UV/a stars were, as otherwise just please tell us where's the vibrant blue in our flag, that should have been the case?

Clearly the illumination upon the Apollo moon was NOT supposed to be that of xenon, yet lo and behold, the indication as recorded by such a highly sensitive Kodak film to near-UV and UV/a somehow didn't manage to record a damn thing outside of what's provided by artificial illumination, of which obviously there would not have been other items of stars to record, nor of anything other skewed as though being black-light (near UV) illuminated. In other words of wisdom, these NASA/Apollo folks are LLPOF bastards if they ever were, and that's a fact. Either that or perhaps it was all a result of the direct and secondary TBI dosage plus horrific thermal differentials that did all of that film in, so as to somehow preventing the yellow emulsion dye from recording such spectrums. Understandable of such stars within the 500+nm spectrum would not have represented but twice their visibility as viewed by Earth, of which only the brightest of those would have been dimly recorded, but none the less extractable via negative/transparency scanning methods, of which obviously this process simply can not be accomplished without spilling all the beans, and then some.

May 28, 2004;  Sorry for the posting delay. I was stuck in another intellectual rut, however this time it was merely the overflowing space toilet rut of and of their version of dog-wagging hype, spin and damage control on behalf of sucking up to their pagan warlord and master NASA/NSA/DoD or bust. In spite of all that ongoing butt suck-up, I've posted a few testy sorts of topics that their moderators didn't much like, and of so much so upsetting to their space-time-continuum that their IFAS internet plug was pulled. In spite of all such warm and fuzzy irishastronomy flak, I've gotten around to learning a few interesting things and of updating my "Photons at Rest as having mass that's worthy of dark-matter" argument, while plugging along with the notions of the Ashen Light aspect of what has been recorded upon Venus as being anything but earthshine as related to those illumination spots, nor even of that greenish nighttime glow recorded by KECK-II.

May 22, 2004;  This next phase of learning on that "need to know basis", of what was big-time discovered about Venus as of nearly four years previous, has been added into the illumination-spots-02.htm page, of pertaining to the greenish glow identified upon Venus, and of this illumination being of no spot like illumination nor of earthshine, but that of an entire portion of the nighttime season being oddly illuminated by something that at least so far can't be explained as anything entirely natural.

This next page isn't related to any illumination spot nor green (O2) atmospheric zone of life: JAXA "Planet-C" Venus exploration mission (2009)

I'm not exactly sure if their "Planet-C" mission has anything to do with Sirius/c, as that would be almost too much to ask for. Perhaps they're merely looking for the home of their Godzilla, of which their chances are better than not, if to be going by the size of multiple structures, a sizable tarmac and of that bridge I've identified, as such they may actually be on the right track.

Their Planet-C mission of a 300 km to 60,000 km orbit about Venus may also prove out as being exactly what the doctor ordered, that plus accommodating an SAR imaging capability of better than 10 meters and perhaps even 16 bits worth at that.

BTW; somehow my words of wisdom about Venus and of the possibility that we've been overlooking some other life, this notion apparently placed their mainframe into cardiac arrest. I've managed to re-post somewhat within their less sophisticated version, although the official flak started flying within before I could even effectively respond. Thus apparently Irish astronomy folks are NOT so much interested in the truth and nothing but the truth, but rather in sustaining their cozy mainstream status quo, and of apparently doing such at all cost, even if that includes shutting down their entire program. I'm withholding a few analogies for this over-reaction, although at this point there may not be a future of public access into their version of the past, nor of the future to worry about.

May 20, 2004;  The Apollohoax.Com site is nothing but an absolute load of LLPOF borgs, and that's a fact. Nice folks like "Earth Orbit" are trying to do humanity some good, and all of what NASA/NSA/DoD is doing is clamping down on their badly overflowing space toilets. Meanwhile the world is capturing images of spot illuminations taking place upon Venus, and I'm not talking about earthshine as in "ashen light" nor about any notion of lightning, as earthshine is mostly too IR and otherwise too weak to be seen my the typical astronomer, and of lightning is simply too short of duration and offering an entirely different spectrum than of what's been reported and even photo recorded by the likes of the BAA and by many others.

May 19, 2004;  There's been some new sightings of those darn Venus illuminations, and I do not believe we're speaking of lightning, though I'm not excluding the notion of lightning, just qualifying upon such as to not be so easily excluding the more likely aspects of there being an artificial source at play.

As such, here's two pages and of a few others updated as to indicate what's possible:
May 06, 2004:
May 19,2004:

May 12, 2004;  As I've often said before, 99.9% of this internet is harboring the absolute scum of the Earth, that seems to include pro-NASA and pro-Apollo scum, although that leaves all of 0.1% as for being worth while. I've also stipulated that our own conniving government is chuck full of it, as in being directly responsible for the perpetrated cold-wars and otherwise stressing out and/or exterminating whomever isn't on our side of this incest cloned cesspool of humanity, that which is being clearly represented by the 99.9% of the internet, and then some, meaning that we've eaten our own kind whenever necessary. As such, it's somewhat of a wonder that any of our tall buildings are standing.

Watch out because, I feel another horrific rant coming on.

Now that there's "proof positive" that our government had perpetrated the ultimate cold-war ruse/sting of the century, by their own cult admission of doctoring those Apollo images to a fairlywell, and that nearly everything since has been an outright lie as based upon so many lies before, as such there's no telling what's true and what's not. Even the "ASHEN LIGHT" of Venus isn't exactly being helped along by Einstein's constant of light-speed, which isn't hardly any constant, and thereby Planks constant of 6.626e-34 J/Hz is NOT all there is to know about photons, and so on. It seem our scientific morality as well as those laws of physics are situated in the space toilet of life, except for the unfortunate fact that said toilet has been plugged solid and apparently overflowing for decades, and here we thought, because we'd been told by those supposedly nice folks having "the right stuff", that the horrific stench of rotting flesh coming from the vicinity of our Washington D.C. was that of a nasty pig farm.

May 11, 2004;  This latest report of earthshine upon Venus is my having to continually accomplish what others firstly claimed as being absolutely impossible, and secondly claimed that because it was pertaining to something they had specified as impossible that as such their valuable time and expertise couldn't be bothered. I could even name names, dates and the subjects discussed if you'd like to know whom's kidding whom.

In spite of their absolute arrogance, I've researched a bit further into understanding earthshine, as for identifying that element as a photonic noise component for contaminating the Venus nighttime, of which a signal from Earth should need to exceed that amount of background by 10%, and lo and behold, it's not been the least bit impossible. In fact, I've learned that earthshine wasn't even the 16 fold greater intensity as previously stipulated by those Apollo freaks, but that it's at least 48 times greater, which isn't all that much stranger than learning of all those photographic modifications applied to several of those supposedly official NASA/Apollo images, such as where they couldn't even manage to get mother Earth in the right place nor even of the correct size.

May 09, 2004;  A somewhat older file that badly needed attention was also an effort at further helping myself and others, as to understand that in spite of our being informed otherwise, and specifically by way of our NASA and secondly by their vast collective of moles and borgs residing with the likes of "", those of their "" plus countless lost souls at various GOOGLE space and physics related sites of apparently their extremely privet cultism of mainstream status quo or bust, that in spite of all of their intentional disinformation and subsequent spin and dog wagging efforts at derailing the truthful aspects of optical/photon interplanetary communications, and of once you have come to realize what a total pack of perverted and malicious liars they all are, and thereby of how snookered you've become, if you'll just take another look-see at what those laws of physics and of otherwise what common sense tells you, as then and only then can any of this discovery about other life on Venus sink in.

Basically, if you can't be bothered as to except the fact that an artificial illumination of essentially visible photons can be received from the likes of our moon, especially as from the earthshine portion, then there's no further point in your going any further, as there's absolutely nothing that'll convince folks like yourself that have clearly chosen as to being fully snookered and otherwise continually fooled by those having "the right stuff", just as you must prefer those of us responsible for the taking of lives on behalf of phony WMD and thereby insuring our next tit-for-tat 9/11, and perhaps you're even one of those pleased that many folks are having to eat buttered dirt in order to badly survive another absolutely miserable day on Earth, while our resident warlord continually runs what's left of humanity and global energy reserves amuck.

May 07, 2004;  I've corrected a few math and grammar items of my reporting those Venus illumination spots, and added some further input upon Planks constant, as for obtaining the cubic numbers of the volumes of available photons per 3e8 m3 (including photons at rest) instead of limited to the usual of per m2.

Of course I'm still on my usual rant pertaining to Venus life that's in spite of ourselves.
"Venus does offer a few mitigating features. The cloud temperature drops from 206 degrees Fahrenheit at the base to minus 46 at the top, and the middle is "like room temperature on Earth," Grinspoon said."

Of course, like nearly all of NASA and of those continually sucking up grants and other funding that could have otherwise been wasted upon humanity, these folks are consistently focused and/or mind-set upon the apparent facts within their NASA moderated bible, that of whatever Venus ET isn't even a remote possibility, and even if there were to be some form of surviving ET identified, apparently they would have to be heathens at best, and otherwise inferior in every way to Earth humans (judging by the utter lack of intelligence imposed by our resident warlord, how is that even possible?). If type-casting all of other life to be discovered as heathen or less, and if that's not considered as an intellectually bigoted point of view, if not remaining arrogantly sadistic, then I certainly don't know what is.

"The consensus: "Venus is hell."" This statement alone should have been rephrased as for being; The consensus is that Venus is a hell for the class of dumb and dumber sorts of snookered folks that simply can't think outside their box.

Due to the effective buoyancy of the Venus atmosphere, and of the horrific thermals capable of keeping so much aloft in spite of the mass associated with having so much of that cloud content as H2SO4/H2O at 75%/25%, being of the H2O portion once distillation extracted on the fly sort of speak seems entirely worthwhile.

A conservative total mass of Venus atmosphere: ~5e20 kg < 5.5e20 kg.
Total volume/mass of clouds ~ 10e18 m3 (@1 kg/m3 = 10e12 tonnes of H2O), and if my suggestion of 10 trillion tonnes seems a bit on the high side, try settling for just a trillion tonnes as being most easily extracted. Actually, since it's a closed loop system that can relied upon forever, even depending upon a thousand tonnes of pure H2O is way more than sufficient for sustaining millions of folks.

May 06, 2004;  Here's an improvement upon the Venus Illumination topic, being most likely artificial and all, and of what I'm learning that most likely those damn Brits have already known for decades, and obviously they're capable of accomplishing a whole lot more good for humanity for less than a cent on the bloody dollar or euro, than of anything NASA. Sorry that I have to keep inferring that American astronomy in seriously stuck deep within that stinking Apollo space toilet, but apparently that's exactly where it's been all along.

May 05/A, 2004;  Oddly, I've never had to stipulate that our radiation-proof boys never once upon a time arrived at the moon, as they most likely did, and traveled around that sucker a few times prior to dumping their various loads (obviously deploying such from a great rate of speed, and at the mercy of a hopefully sufficient robotic lander, of which we oddly still do not seem to have as much for any other deployment application as of today, although those damn Russians seem to have theirs, of which their reduced mass prototype version test files itself just fine and dandy upon Earth). However, for the likes of our boys, the closer to the moon the more secondary (hard X-Ray) radiation there is to being had (NO atmosphere = NO effective secondary radiation shield), and on the lunar surface there was certain as to being more incoming debris/flak than not, some of which is already moving along as for closing on a head-on trajectory of at least 30+km/s (such as those nasty solar iron particles), while other stuff (moon-suit lethal class of 2 mg dust-bunnies plus a few somewhat larger items that could have vaporised their lander) might just be averaging along at 15+km/s. Otherwise, of what's merely floating past within 4r (coasting nearly the same speed as the moon) is most likely persuaded towards the moon at eventually taking on the speed of ever increasing gravity advancement, of that reaching 1.623 m/s/s, with perhaps as few as 1e8 of mostly hydrogen atoms/m3 getting in their way, whereas the final 1738 km drop soon becomes a real speedy sort of event.

Those various illumination hot-spot issues are still of keen interest, if not for our understanding of what's dead wrong about having such spots upon the moon, but as for what's entirely right on target as for having such illuminations originating from Venus of all places.

May 05, 2004;  I've relocated another very pro-Apollo report that's certainly worth a good look-see, plus there's still the likes of "", "" and even of several alternative forums within "GOOGLE" that are exactly what they are, cesspools of incest cloned Borgs, each doing what they've done all along, without remorse and always with a big-ass grin as to the needless suffering of others and the absolute demise of human morality. This latest page/update is simply my focus upon NASA's "" insanity, as it's their very own personal cesspool of dog-wagging Borgs, continually doing whatever it takes as to snooker the world.

This time they slipped rather badly in their own overflowing space toilet shit, letting it be known that our warm and fuzzy NASA/Apollo faked a few too many of their photos. It's now become a proven fact that they had access to and had applied those talents into various photo allusions, and kept right on promoting such phony images as for those being the real thing, when in fact there's damn little if anything that's real, at least not by way of the Clementine spacecraft imaging standards.

April 28/A, 2004;  Potty training of American style astrophysics-101 is out of control, running itself entirely amuck as their pot flowith over, and there's no apparent relief from any plumber in sight. This page is about the truth of others being honest and of having nothing whatsoever in opposition to NASA/Apollo, and of such talent and expertise collaborating quite nicely along with what I've been specifying as being more likely artificial than not, existing as plain as day upon Venus. But then there's that damn Apollo moon that's still plugging up our space toilet of life, still stinking everything to holy hell and then some. So, I've regressed myself into reviewing just upon one of the Apollo images that I haven't even considered nearly as conditional and thereby skewed as so many others, that was up until it was pointed out by folks a whole lot smarter than myself that mother Earth simply can't be in two places at once.

April 22, 2004;  There's more to Immanuel Velikovsky than of his associations with the likes of Einstein, and as such the quest for furthering our knowledge about the likes of our moon and of Venus, as well as for the expectations to come are in fact getting hot and nasty.

Don't look now but, our incest cloned Borgs of NASA's dog-wagging spin and damage-control are all over this one. So, I'm not all that surprised nor amused anymore, just thinking that as bad as I've suggested things are, it's actually far worse, and there's still no light at the end of this dark tunnel.

April 08, 2004;  I've finally gotten myself around to reconsidering upon one of the original CO2-->CO/O2 aspects of what's likely responsible for powering those Venus astronomy class metro airships, even though lord NASA remains as tightlipped and otherwise unable to even free themselves from their own space toilet because of its' bowl and drain having apparently become entirely wide open to the vacuum of space in another effort as to clear their rather enormous blockages. Although, I could be wrong, that if you knowingly associate yourself with the sorts of slime-mold that opposing any of this, there's actually a fairly good chance that if you're not already that you'll soon become one and the same. Much like the folks (Jewish and otherwise) that sided with Hitler for their own notions of protection (rather than standing up to the bastard), second only to bolstering their own personal wealth and prosperity are those very same souls siding with the current administration by way of their not standing up to the sorts of disinformation and cloak and dagger aspects of what's ongoing, and thereby knowingly responsible for the current dismal state of NASA (among so many other collateral issues), and thereby being with the very same folks participating in the intellectual assassinations (publication banishments and otherwise book burnings) of the truth, most noticeably applied whenever and wherever that improves upon their pathetically skewed side of the equation.

Personally, I'd favor far worse things than as for our warm and fuzzy GW Bush than merely not being reelected, as for his "just rewards" as being bestowed upon our commander and chief for his acting as our resident warlord, that which has been essentially running us and humanity amuck, along with those of his entire gang of polluting energy profiteering thugs conspiring and continually operating against the moral fiber of humanity, made only worse off by way of their pretentious cloak of an extremely distorted if not perverted (Henry Kissinger) sense of democracy, and otherwise inflicting daggers worth of their hidden agendas as being carried out by the likes of NSA/DoD (DHS), and of isolating various business associates like those of Salem bin Laden and Halburton, especially by way of his using and insisting that others must use the policy of stone-walling arrogance plus formal "nondisclosure" when and wherever the situations calls for such, whereas lie upon lies has only beget more layers of such lies to the point where their space toilet of life as they see it, and especially as a result of our having to be within the same porta-potty that flowith over is well beyond repair. Great God almighty, what a horrific stench!

April 05, 2004;  Interplanetary Packet Transference via atom/atom nodes, where an atomic Oort zone influence of perhaps multiplier of 1e10 is possible, which represents that as few as one atom/m3 may exist, that which would still allow for a transference of photon packet energy to being passed along, though the required frequency or spectrum of such energy may no longer be that of a given photon, at least not of those within the spectrum that we can see.

It seems that only when there's a sufficient number of atoms to work with, that as such visible photons may coexist, thereby essentially be successfully transferred along from atom Oort zone to one another, so as to continue their nearly infinite journey, and for accomplishing such in their initial direction. Whereas with there being too many intermedium atoms, and thereby little if any free atomic Oort zones for the photon to work with (coexist), in which case the photon is less able or unable to continue, at least not in the original direction.

The LSE-CM/ISS topic is based entirely upon our utilizing the lunar L1 (M/E gravity-well) as for the basis of accommodating this lunar space elevator. In this instance the exact L1 placement is a fully interactively managed location, but occupied by a pair of truly massive counter-rotating flywheels, say for starters of 1e6t each (actually there's little if any limit to this mass), thus unlimited energy as either generated and/or extracted from the tether dipole element is what gives the vast bulk of this elevator system it's energy resource. The CM/ISS is roughly situated at M/E-L1.1 (10% offset towards Earth), and even the CM is sufficiently massive in it's capacity of holding moon dirt, created as much like that of a Borg sphere as for surrounding that of the 1e6 m3 ISS within. The tether dipole element might become the most interactive aspect, at times reaching to within 50,000 km of Earth, thus the solar EMF and of the lunar recession differentials induce terawatts of energy that the CM/ISS crew manages to stores within a pair of truly massive counter-rotating flywheels. A lunar base camp or lobby is where all the He3 or 3He is being gathered and processed, subsequently delivered via elevator pods to the CM/ISS for export to Earth.

April 02, 2004;  Interplanetary Packet Transference via atom/atom nodes is all about our using photons; instead of physical substances in the way of probes and spacecraft as for going to/from other planets, as with photons representing safety first, and then sheer speed and that of energy efficiency become rather important roles, but the fact that inter-species may best detect and communicate via photon packets is of the utmost consideration, unless your thoroughly bigoted upon sticking with the inefficiencies and narrow intellectual aspects and added expense of radio, as well as for otherwise intent upon physically insulting humanity as well as for remaining focused upon contaminating mother Earth as well as other worlds with our total lack of compassion and understanding, along with a good dose of absolute arrogance to boot.

Although I must admit, this photon/packet notion of dependency upon using atom/node to atom/node transference has become a bit like my having a 3D animation notion that's firmly stuck within a 2D solidified world, unable to escape because all of the 2D cops are guarding every known gate and otherwise out in force with instructions to kill-off all of those 3D photons on sight, as though there's some horrific bounty on each and every 3D photon that's out there. In other words, Earth is still flat according to the 2D Borgs.

April 01, 2004;  There's not all that much to report, as GOOGLE's space related topics are those moderated to death by NASA's official and unofficial incest cloned Borgs being firmly stuck deeply within one of those spendy space toilets, so I've ventured myself back into the lion's den of NASA's very own "", just to see if there's any hope. At least so far it's mostly more of the same "spin" and "damage control" wagered on behalf of their lord and master (NASA) although, I've identified a few individuals that haven't yet become assimilated into the "all knowing" collective, though time should tell if the site is operating sufficiently outside that "nondisclosure" space toilet or merely cloaked by some other hidden agenda.

This following addition is somewhat about Immanuel Velikovsky, of which I'm fairly certain that team GOOGLE and even a good number of "" folks (especially those that have absolutely no faith in other life whatsoever) would just as soon have Velikovsky as their barbecue snack as not. I'll also soon offer a bit more confidence on the photon packet that's using few atoms as their interplanetary transfer nodes.

March 25, 2004;  I've gotten myself into another notion that outer space seems to be offering a slight but for real "drag coefficient", although being an extremely small sort of "slug" factor of perhaps .05e-9/m3 as based upon making 10% ls, where this being only somewhat important for any sizable space craft that's attempting to sustain a SOA of 10% ls or better, of which this drag coefficient isn't what's going to kill you, nor necessarily a problem unless it's your life and those of others that's on the line for having to plot out the expedition trajectory, a timeline and eventual destination placement for precisely relocating a sizable moon and possibly even a planet the size and mass of Venus, as those items originating from Sirius over to residing within our solar system. Of course the original exit phase of getting a non atmospheric lunar orb safely through the Sirius Kuiper Belt and of equally the reentry into our solar system having it's Kuiper Belt that's chuck full of nasty stuff is most likely going to sustain somewhat serious damage from various impacts of the sorts of debris to be found in such zones. Whereas for that of a substantially atmospheric orb such as Venus would have to sustain but only some of those impacts, as the density of having such a thick atmospheric surround would have been providing a darn good buffer zone that would have gone a long ways towards deflecting and/or defending itself.

BTW; the not-so-nice folks (NASA Borgs) from GOOGLE's space related news topics and other info related topics are seriously miffed at how damn right I am, and how more so than right I am about their resident warlord commander and chief village idiot/moron GW Bush, and of his close business associates the likes of Salem bin Laden. Too bad they've gotten way too much of his brown stuff allover and up their noses, so much so that they can't even smell nor taste all the rotting flesh nor rotten eggs. Don't forget about our all-knowing (anti-Palestinian) Henry Kissinger (the ultimate silent insider of all this WMD mess), and of the Tel Aviv flight of which TWA-800 took as that once-only departure time-slot in it's place (I'm still wondering if our Dr.HK or perchance one of his associates was on that extremely lucky Tel Aviv flight, or for that matter of whom other was onboard that are still thanking their lucky stars?).

It's become way more than apparent that of all the religious Gods as well as all of the devils workforce have been mutually opposed to disclosing the truth, essentially opposing whatever rocks their precious boats, and worse yet if there's questions arising as to what's actually contained within their space toilets. This time their toilet overflow is not only smelling badly but it's unstoppable, and of those attempting to stuff it all back into the bowl are simply getting that nasty stuff all over themselves.

March 18, 2004;  I have another rant coming soon, though I've recently updated the previously posted pages, and I just thought you'd like to know that I've checked myself back into NASA's funny farm of, only to rediscover there's still a thriving intellectual nondisclosure black hole element fully encharge of moderating just about everything under the sun, especially encharge of those spendy pay-space-toilets which contain all of their skewed knowledge, along with one predominate NASA toilet bowel Borg as their alpha dog responsible for reloading their flak guns and taking aim at anyone going against their precious status quo. As usual, they'll toss out the first rounds of "spin" and damage control" as polite E-flak, such as their auto-rejecting upon whatever's new and improved, while much like the Pope/Cathar fiasco and of 6-Day war policy of "taking no prisoners", rather than even offering a perfectly valid argument based upon what's been fully moderated to death by their pagan lord and master NASA/NSA/DoD, much less offering anything that's outside their official nondisclosure box of offering the least bit independent of nature is simply out of the question, unless it's intended as to further cloak and/or justify on behalf of some of our own horrifically spendy WMD or ulterior sights upon global domination.

In spite of all the official flak, I believe it's worthwhile as for others to be pondering over the various issues dealing with what's been incoming in the way of meteors, micro-meteors and even those dust-bunnies that'll seriously knock your block off if you're out and about strolling on the moon, whereas even the likes of the Mars environment remains somewhat of a pesky influx worth of a meteorite overloaded situation, not to mention of what 4.5 billion years worth of an unobstructed free-for-all lunar buildup that should have become meters worth, that instead remains as oddly not the least bit like what those radiation proof Apollo astronauts photographed.

Unfortunately for our NASA, the moon being of so much lesser density and of having a thermal nuclear core and all, as such our moon hasn't been anything at all like the substances of Earth, and because we still have nothing robotically reporting back, there's still no scientifically honest way for those good and morally proper folks deciphering upon how much influx of stuff there is, and at what impact intensity we're going to have to deal with in the future, nor do we have other clues as to any number of lunar/Earth science related issues that shouldn't even be rocket science by now.

BTW; Venus is coming around for another good look-see at us. Since we're not the least bit interested in looking at Venus, and just as unlikely to be using our existing inventory of laser cannons as for interplanetary communications when Venus is slightly more distant than 100 times that of our moon, as for those Cathar lizard folks to be studying Earth and of the absolute mess we've gotten ourselves into, this opportunity to view upon Earth shouldn't be all that difficult, and at least worth another darn good laugh.

March 12, 2004;  Since none others are apparently nearly as smart as they've claimed, a few necessary improvements have been applied to this terminal velocity topic, as offering another somewhat corrected look-see at the terminal velocity on Venus, as that being another solid win-win as for whomever's surviving there, and/or planning upon visiting. Then here's been more corrected data and somewhat improved math pertaining to those pesky lunar dust bunnies, as they'd just as soon knock your block off as not, whereas a modest 2 mg dust bunny that's just coasting itself in for an impact is easily capable of yielding a nasty 100 KJ peroration. Fortunately there's 40e12 m2 worth of lunar surface terrain that's taking on those dust bunny hits, in that what our Apollo astronauts merely needed to accomplish was to not be standing within or near to any of those m2 that potentially receive their one dust bunny or micro-meteorite per day. Of course, at any moment and without notice, there could be a significant shower of such and much larger debris impacting at velocities far exceeding 30 km/s.

I've also caught a few other of my ongoing math errors, though I can certainly appreciate why others that must have known better said absolutely nothing. Mostly because my errors were those way conservative upon the kinetic energy calculations, such as upon deploying those lunar javelin probes, as well as upon impacts of countless micro-meteorites or even contemplating those mere dust bunnies by the billions that must impact somewhere across the 40e12 m2 expanse of moon every day, whereas most of such dust-bunnies can become quite lethal with respect to any EVA astronaut being hit by one when you're situated as somewhat naked upon the moon. Another issue is the 10% ls impact of such a 2 mg dust bunny, which actually still amounts to an impact of 900 GJ (or somewhat like taking a 900e6 kg poke with the tip and spear of a very sharp needle, though only a thousand times worse off if all of that energy should transpire in 1 ms).

March 07, 2004;  The likes of Sirius/c and Venus may still have (or at least should have) their fair share of diatoms, and as such there may even be sufficient fossil remains on Mars, possibly even upon our moon. In other words, diatoms are everywhere carbon based life is, or ever existed, and that's a fact. If science can't discover at least those fossilized remains of silica enclosed diatoms, then perhaps whatever life simply wasn't carbon based, which isn't necessarily a bad sort of thing, as the carbon based forms of life situated on Earth certainly haven't proven out as for their being the most intellectual, more recently like the dumb and dumber factions of village idiot morons than not, and that's being nice.

March 06, 2004;  Be advised that I'm still receiving mostly tonnes of thoughtfully infected and otherwise unsolicited though highly intentional junk email (much of which uses the MicroSoft logo and page layout), but also some mail as containing no name nor even context, almost as though all had been stripped and/or replaced prior to my seeing it. So, if you've been attempting to contact me, even though I'll always return with an honest email reply whenever possible, instead you should just call: 1-253-8576061, and we'll set up a somewhat privet channel or alternate email solution, as otherwise no one has been authorised to intervene on my behalf, nor of diverting my incoming or outgoing phone calls, as only DHS has that sort of capability and damn good motives for doing such (you realize that Hitler had a DHS, as well as their versions of prison camps that were nowhere nearly as large nor as capably enforced as ours).

It seems that dust bunnies are quite lethal in space, especially if a probe or expedition were to be making 10% light speed, as for impacting such a dust bunny at such speed (dust bunny of 2 mg) offers 900e9 joules (900 GJ) per encountering this mere 2 mg at 10%ls, whereas an actual grain of somewhat micro sand at 20 mg is obviously becoming a 9 terajoule event, and so forth, of which I rather doubt that a solid probe of diamond probably couldn't survive.

I've recently updated another somewhat older page, having to do with the very beginnings of my research, and I'll likely continue to do such onto other pages as time allows.

March 04, 2004;  Someday we'll all have ourselves a grand laugh over all of this, at least those of us still alive after the next 9/11 fiasco, and of the one after that and so on.

This is about doing what's right, in spite of ourselves and in spite of what a few too many others would just as soon see go away, and preferably somewhat like those World Trade Towers. Yet that's just not going to happen, at least not as long as I'm still kicking. So, if you've got something of specifics to add, of something numerical upon atmospheres, planetary elements, of communications and/or upon doing so much more for a fraction of what it's costing us right now, then this would be a good time, though expect a great deal of officially sanctioned flak, with lots of intentionally infected email stuffing all of your accounts, as you can thank DHS for that and then some.

March 03, 2004;  As far as I can tell, our NASA is merely offering us another governmental cloud of flatulence, and otherwise loaded down with chunks of disinformation, spin and damage control, with as much dog-wagging hype about Mars as humanly possible, though with no apparent regard for the health and well being of those dogs. Where our NASA could have been and should have been merely doing their jobs as of decades ago, instead they were too busy playing around and/or sleeping with fire, and subsequently with our lives, and as such impacting thousands of other lives by cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas. It seems that NASA not only occupies the very same complexes, and utilized much the same technology base and inventory, but that they also share those very same space toilets, thus creating one and the same cesspool of whatever's left of their moral fiber, of which such fiber actually is going to last all that long if it has to pass through their mutual septic system. In other words, it's become a toilet bowel of information input, and only a blended substance that no longer represents the truth of what had been consumed, much less retaining any moral fiber.

Where we could and should have long been robotically functioning on the moon, with loads of micro interactive instruments and of those nifty VLA-SAR imaging capabilities, as well as for implementing the LSE-CM/ISS, instead we've got squat to show for all of it, and of only an ongoing cold-war aftermath of tit for tats pertaining to defending our butts from folks we've been aggravating from the beginning of time. How the hell anything of scientific benefits for humanity can ever emerge from that sort of muck is obviously far beyond my capabilities.

Now that there's become more evidence than even all of us can possibly shake that flaming stick of life at, pertaining Sirius/abc as well as Venus and possibly even our moon as being entirely other than we've been taught, as lo and behold, instead of getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth, their flatulence has only become chunkier, except now they're spewing out more hype and grandeur about our frozen and irradiated to death Mars, of which previous missions and essentially thousands of sufficiently smart folks had already stipulated upon some past geological environment of Mars that once afforded life, possibly even as we know it, of which I never once disputed such (only objecting to the here and now as being a tad bit difficult for nearly any form of life, other than apparently the forms of life known only to Dr. Zubrin). And now that it's become clear that Sirius has been having visitations with our solar system, roughly upon every 110,000 years, as there seems even more valid reasons to be considering what that sort of analysis represents to planets such as Mars and Earth, but far more so as to Venus, as that which could still be sustaining intelligent life, though not necessarily as we know it (in other words, nowhere as arrogant and pathetically bigoted and thereby as snookered as Earth, because that's not possible), and of not to be entirely disregarding ourselves nor that of the implications of our moon from these close associations with Sirius.

February 29, 2004;  As I believe I've pointed out in the previous update promotion, folks and their governments and/or religious leaderships make mistakes. The only difference being is that if their mistakes happen to get thousands and even millions of folks killed off for no apparent good reason, it's considered "no fault", or like our resident warlord's "so what's the difference" policy, whereas if you or I exterminated even one lousy individual that perfectly deserved to die, chances are that the likes of you and I would be either locked up for life and/or executed, whereas our fearless governments and religious institutions seem to get metals and even obtaining Nobel Peace Prize awards, while otherwise nice folks were prematurely expiring specifically due to their actions and/or inactions (as for whatever their words and gestures seem entirely meaningless). I don't wish to name names because, my computer simply doesn't have enough storage capacity, and the web page would subsequently take forever to load.

In spite of all the otherwise avoidable carnage, and subsequent waste of talents and resources, this update is having mostly to do with the good and honorable accomplishments of promoting interplanetary communications, as opposed to the horrifically spendy and time consuming task of our probing another planet. Some of your feedback on alternate and/or better solutions might also go the distance, as I certainly can't object to whatever you've got that's worth trying, even if it's another dumb sort of physical probe idea, as that still might lead others to some positive resolutions. This update is also suggesting upon yet another of my wild conjectures, as this time I've become somewhat fixated that Venus and that of our moon were once upon a time Sirius/c, and as for a relatively short duration Venus and Earth were gravity-well locked as an orbiting pair, with the Venus moon sort of getting seriously in the way of our mutual survival. In other words, something had to give.

The next installment should focus a bit more so upon the facet of Sirius/c terraforming the likes of Earth, as one of their efforts at surviving a truly bad situation as that offered by Sirius/ab.

February 27, 2004;  There's been a little good new and some bad news. I believe Sirius is more or less our God star, or stars, and most responsible for trekking us off through the expanse of the Milkyway, and that the likes of Sirius/c is merely a planet that is or was much like Venus, just a bit larger and nearly every bit as toasty. The bad news is somewhat dependent upon your religious affiliations, in that Christ was acting a whole lot more like a Cathar than not, so it's apparent that the Jews weren't actually as responsible for killing off one of their own kind after all.

Of course, any village idiot with half a brain would have to consider both of the above arguments as entirely "good news", whereas only those opposed to other life under any sun other than of what's existing as illuminating here on Earth, as being impossible. As these sort of anti-everything folks would just as soon eat their own kind, of which I'd hope meant killing them first, which might of have been the aftermath of what actually happened to the body of Christ. Now there's a perfectly good plot/lead for another movie "Jews dispose of evidence by eating Christ" (sort of places new meaning to the phrase "Last Supper"), whereas of today our government spooks dispensing "disinformation" such as WMD, and subsequently applying "wag the dog" sorts of "spin and damage control" would have thought nothing of doing such, if not whatever worst dastardly deeds if their fearless warlord misleadership requested, or perhaps even without leadership knowledge. Since we already know of what those onboard the USS LIBERTY suffered, just ask Israel about all those thousands of 6-Day war prisoners, and of their "last supper". Of course, in order to be somewhat fair, we'd need to reflect upon our despicable US-Mexican war(s), of which included Cuba on multiple occasions prior to the US/Cuban missile thing (a cold-war ruse that the USSR won), and onto the price far too many native indians faced, as well as for how our contracts with various tribes isn't all that rosy as of today.

February 25/a, 2004;  Just another friendly reminder, if for some reason you're not getting through to me, or if your email is sent back as being infected or undeliverable, or if the reply you received isn't anything like my usual way of doing things (in other words, those words were not actually my words), as that's simply not my style nor my email service doing that, as I'll honestly answer any legitimate message, just as I'll personally answer my phone (1-253-857-6061). The problem clearly lies within NASA's and their cloak and dagger counterparts within GOOGLE's swat teams of "spin" and "damage control" moles, plus countless Borgs that have been tossing as much smut and infected junk mail as possible at my email accounts, while excluding my efforts at sharing weird notions and ideas within those GOOGLE topics that include anything to do with the likes of GW Bush or NASA/NSA/DoD and so on. Gee, I wonder why that is?

Besides reporting that my phone calls have recently been diverted (I'll share with you on how I happen to know such, that is if you'd care to set up a privet meeting), though I suppose that I could and perhaps should report each and every one of those infected and intentionally damaging emails to DHS, (E-Mail:, but that would be rather silly, almost as absurd as inviting Cathars over for dinner at the Vatican, or of Osama bin Laden and his brother Salem bin Laden (close business associate of GW Bush) over for a brunch at the Whitehouse rose garden, entirely sponsored by Halburton no less.

February 25, 2004;  New stuff on the prospect of our going places at sub light speed, as opposed to our saving big bucks and loads of time by going at light speed with those nifty laser packets, then there's the latest flap over my lunar javelin probe considerations, and finally a little more tit for tat on the cost or consequences of our present day and future methods of accommodating honest science, as well as for salvaging humanity in spite of folks like GW Bush and Halburton, though I'm not sure yet of what we're going do about our Henry Kissinger.

Too bad those GOODLE groups of NASA's "spin" and "damage control" aren't doing so well, at least their pagan warlord seems to be slipping from the ranks. The only aspect that I can see is their darn good effort at excluding honest folks from anything that might otherwise benefit humanity, and God forbid, we certainly don't want that to happen.

February 24, 2004;  Sorry for all the delay, as usual I've been wasting my time as well as my talents posting into GOOGLE, while their establishment of NASA/NSA/DoD moles, spooks and Borgs has been implementing further "spin" and "damage control", while ignoring and/or blocking my every move, it's almost as though I've actually got a hold of something they'd rather others not read about, much less pay any further attention to what other tid bits I've got to say. Like their now having to exclude upon topics having anything whatsoever to do with the transit of Venus, and of what's been so easily obtainable as interplanetary communications via laser cannon (especially ABL class), of actually as little as 50 watts leaving Earth's atmosphere at 0.5 milliradian being sufficient at Venus transit, and of this communications effort centered about the 425 nm which might best penetrate those relatively cool nighttime clouds of Venus. Then there's the most recent of my Sirius/abc topics having become way to hot and nasty to boot, but otherwise highly UV illuminating upon our solar system.

Pretty soon there wont be all that much to discuss, besides other life NOT as we know it having survived outside of Earth, without their having to involve something on the topics of those rigid airships of Venus, of extracting upon vertical pressure differential as kinetic energy, of folks (other than mere humans) surviving on Venus in spite of our dumb and dumber arrogance, of securing our limited survival on Venus though applied physics, of achieving the LSE-CM/ISS or GMDE instead of the ESE fiasco, of moon dirt shielding benefits from meteorites and radiation, of our obtaining lunar He3 or 3He as fusion energy, of local area code and LD laser interplanetary communications, the proper use of laser cannon packets, implementing quantum binary packets, IRRCE operating on H2O2/C12H26 for powering the lunar LM-1 metro bus, properties of various lunar basalt composites and upon numerous products, space radiation as opposed to lunar surface TBI, capitalizing on the various transits of Venus, using TRACE and of a TRACE-II stationkeeping at Venus L2, the 110,000 year cycle of life provided by Sirius, terraforming of planets (including Earth), surviving upon our moon in spite of Apollo, surviving onboard a commercial aircraft having those exploding fuel tanks, of using surplus (free) CO2 as to flood said fuel tanks for the added safety from the next time your aircraft is mistakenly targeted by another rogue stinger, of preferably our NOT using inbound shuttles as ABL targeting drones, and so on.

February 19, 2004;  Thanks to David Knisely, believe it or not, I've greatly improved upon my understandings of moons and of lunar environments, though I'm fairly certain that I've missed something, such as yet another perfectly good opportunity to insult those folks that should have been, God forbid, doing their jobs. But, in spite of all the lack of their forthright support, or outright lack thereof anything worth squat, I still managed to uncover some of my own errors and unfortunate syntax that was none the less understandable by anyone having a positive outlook, but this simply wasn't nearly sufficient nor focused to the point for those folks charged with trying every trick in their dirty black-book to foil yet another worthwhile discovery. So in spite, I've applied some improvements and even introduced a little new information into the Sirius and synchronized moon page, as unlike my opponents, I've actually learned a few new things.

Here I was thinking that our moon was sufficiently unique, thereby the LSE-CM/ISS formula was going to become somewhat of a restricted "one of a kind" application, which is obviously not been the case at all, as others should have been doing their part of exploring the LSE-CM/ISS potentials of outfitting at least one Mars moon (Deimos), and even upon the likes of Jupiter's Io, Europa or even Callisto, though of achieving a Mars LSE outpost would remain at least 100 fold more spendy, and even another 10 fold worse off yet for the likes of those Jupiter moons than for doing our moon first. Seems as though once we've gotten our local LSE-CM/ISS online, presumably exporting the likes of basalt products and shipping sufficient loads or volumes of He3 or 3He back towards Earth, as then prospects of our outfitting other moons should become dramatically offset from being way too spendy, to becoming quite doable and, supporting of those missions as entirely radiation safe and meteorite resistant at that, because of affording a sufficient surround of local moon dirt, as that so easily obtained from our local GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot.

February 16, 2004;  This one is for the road, the road map of Sirius terraforming via synchronized moon, upon the three most likely candidates within our solar system. I mean to say, if you've got yourself 30,000 km/s worth of commute travel speed at your disposal, then why the hell not give it a shot?

February 15, 2004;  Truth or consequences seems the order of the day. As I've reflected over the past few months, I can't but further wonder upon the degree of dastardly things and utter carnage the sorts of spooks, borgs and moles will accomplish, just for keeping their status quo in tact and their locomotive from hell on track.

Here again, I'll offer the solutions to numerous what ifs, as to resolving a portion of those Sirius mysteries, to otherwise offering entirely doable and extremely affordable alternatives that are each and every one worthy of benefiting the greater good for humanity, at darn little if any risk, yet lo and behold, all we've seen is an incest cult system of dastardly folks doing everything possible to foil life itself. In other words, I've become worthy of their focus.

I can thereby only surmise that I've been mostly right all along, that perhaps besides our self inflicted mistakes, we're otherwise doomed to being snookered beyond the grave, and otherwise thoroughly damned if we're attempting to offer whatever's good and right. Thus obviously the warlord likes of Hitler and Cathar exterminating Popes lives on and, where the likes of Ted Kaczynski was more right-on than we'd care to admit, and perhaps even Charles Manson wasn't that far off course, which brings us right back to Osama bin Laden, and why America was singled out as the focus of his rage (obviously he wasn't unhappy about his frequent flyer mileage credits). I mean, if France was supposedly so bad (somehow worse than the USSR according to so many folks, even though I can't seem to get their picture), and if all other countries are being considered beneath our dignity, then why America?

Perhaps we simply haven't been as sufficiently educated by those same "high standards and accountability" as our resident warlord, thus I'm unable to fully appreciate the sorts of wisdom and values for delivering the levels of carnage and collateral damage that it apparently takes for keeping this world on track.

February 08, 2004;  I've actually cleaned up another old but extremely large page, and I've managed to introduce some new specifics upon interplanetary communications, specifically of those focused to/from Venus, but then there's loads more to being offered about TRACE and onto the likes of Sirius as defiantly being another long shot, though upon accomplishing either efforts are still way less than clumping-moon-dirt cheap. In other words, I can see this as another perfectly good place for applying some of that infamous "high standards and accountability", or perhaps just exactly where more of our "so what's the difference" policy needs to be applied, that'll run us at most a penny on the dollar compared to those pathetic Mars probes.

Unfortunately, the advancement of this interplanetary opportunity for humanity is still being impaired by the likes of the most dastardly sort of folks like our very own warm and fuzzy warlord "GW Bush", and of just about everything this moron idiot stands for. As murdering bastards tend to go, at least I can understand the mind set of Charles Manson, and of Garry Ridgway shows us remorse, whereas those aspects associated with the likes of GW Bush and of those continually sucking up to him have become more Hitler and/or Pope like than anything else. The most recent levels of their dog wagging in order to distract folks from the truth are just implementing more of the same old spin and damage control, whereas now he's relying upon Jesus Christ as being his salvation (though this time I actually think he's got it right, as it'll take just about all of whatever Jesus Christ has to offer in order to save his sorry butt).

January 31, 2004;  I'm either losing my grip, or I'm turning into one of those astronomy Borgs that I can't stand. I've worked through some more of my pesky math and I've even drawn out a graphic upon Sirius and of it's association with our solar system. Unfortunately, this gives me more notions as well as corrections into what I've previously posted. Lo and behold, unless the 400,000 years worth of CO2 ppm recording are entirely bogus, Sirius seems to offer the motherload of photosynthesis opportunity for cutting CO2, a 29.531 light year path that'll bring it around to our solar system every 110,000 years.

January 29, 2004;  GOOGLE has been a Borg rats nest of moles and "damage control" rusemasters from the very get go. It's not that I can't locate someone other to post into GOOGLE on my behalf, upon what all I've discovered, though it's interesting to note how those within the collective knowhow can manage to block out whatever goes against their agenda, or perhaps of what goes against thier warlord, at least as of January 23, 2004. Meanwhile much worse things are being spoken of in numerous other categories that are not of such political hot potatoes. So, my tactics will merely have to shift a little for the worse, as obviously I'm finally hitting some of my targets directly between their eyes. If I can't say my words into related topics within GOOGLE, then soon I'll have lots more to offer others, perhaps more than you can possibly shake that flaming stick at.

January 28, 2004;  Just some additions and improvements into the Sirius/CO2 cycle, and of what that could have meant for the likes of Earth and Mars, though none of us nor those of our kin will ever live long enough for the likes of Sirius to bail us out once again, as by the time that illuminating event rolls around, Earth will have been thoroughly destroyed by the likes of our resident warlord and of his incest cloned Borgs, as well we'll have entirely depleted all there is of lunar 3He, leaving Earth with a residue of 10,000 ppm worth of CO2 and only the likes of Venus to pillage. I suppose that you thought WW-III was going to be the tough one, just wait until those Cathar lizard folks get wind of this notion.

January 27, 2004;  Check out the latest National Geographic, goto their article on CO2 and peruse that nifty chart graphic on levels of CO2, then start yourself upon thinking Sirius, as in being sufficiently nearby as of 40,000 years ago, as to offering the affect of shifting environments of entire planets. Of course, if you've got some other notion or solution, lets hear it, as otherwise tell us where the heck Sirius was as of 40,000 or perhaps 80,000 years past, and of how close it came to illuminating our solar system, especially of the Sirius UV spectrum, that which I believe is worth at least 26 times that of our sun.

January 20, 2004;  For the life of myself, it's either my dyslexic brain (all three cells worth) running amuck, or there's simply way too much spyware taking place on my computer, as when I've posted what I'd thought was good enough, the very next day it clearly wasn't sufficient, as those pesky words were either incomplete or simply applied in reverse order. I seem to keep excluding and/or doubling up on way too many words, so much so that half the time I can't even figure out what it was that I was focused upon.

This most recent of topics is pertaining to making the best possible usage of our moon, while taking another stab at trying to figure out how and/or where our moon came from, and of why it's important to be understanding such science "what ifs", as opposed to merely following the Borg collective off the nearest cliff, like we did on behalf of those cold-war Apollo adventures, and subsequently skewed just about everything, including our morals, into that proverbial space toilet.

January 17, 2004;  Too bad I don't seem to have better things to be doing, such as focused upon the virtues of interplanetary communications, or upon any number of specific tasks, as that way I probably wouldn't have had the time nor interest in telling the world of what I've learned, especially in the worst possible way of contributing such insight as compared to how others, which have usually claimed knowing all there is to know, and subsequently could certainly write about such topics without their involving facets of our warm and fuzzy resident warlord.

It's simply been because of those folks that should have been helping out, but were so focused upon accommodating their spin and damage control on behalf of those NSA/DoD agendas, that I simply couldn't help but to wonder why all the cloak and dagger influence upon pure science, or upon what should have been honest discovery and of the subsequent R&D. Because I've received so much of their wonderful flak, in order to return the favor, I've had to learn far more about politics, about their lies and of the liars that persist in lying through their false teeth. Trust me, it looks as though the cesspool it gets worst, I just haven't gotten that far yet, and it already smells to high heaven.

January 15, 2004;  There's a brilliant light of fusion at the end of this tunnel, at least there's a hot prospect of what our moon has to illuminate upon humanity with it's bounty of nearly unlimited energy. Although, if our resident warlord gets his grimy mits on any of it first, other species of humans on Earth may have to kiss their bank accounts as well as their sorry ass goodbye, and next well be those nice Cathar lizard folks of Venus having to defend their world from the sorts of inferior DNA/RNA incest of what's become of Earth.

Keeping snookered folks focused upon Mars is a darn good thing for the current warlord administration, even though there's been absolutely no new science delivered, whereas at least those Mars images are holding true to form.

January 12, 2004;  I like where our fearless warlord is taking us back to the moon. At least if we actually manage to get there first, establish the LSE-CM/ISS and thereby rule over whatever is imported/exported, chances are that we can kiss those Arabs and other sand pirates goodbye once and for all, allowing the value of their oil to drop to less than $10/barrel seems like the right sort of thing to be doing, while improving our global environment and otherwise defusing the potential of future energy wars by way of diminishing their wealth as to carrying out any such war.

I've also improved the previous two pages and I'll soon improve others as I learn more and otherwise catch my mistakes, as unlike all the Apollo huggers, I'm not perfect, not nearly as "all knowing", more like being on the "need to know" basis and having to deflect nearly continuous incoming flak.

January 08, 2004;  This latest report has sort of bounced itself from what's doable to what we should not be doing, though it's still targeting the primary "what ifs" of applied interplanetary communications, and of my sharing such matters of interplanetary communications values in spite of NASA. In other words, in spite of all those dumbfounded and of their dog wagging foolishness that's giving all the recent spin and focus towards Mars, even though so far there's still nothing new being reported from Mars that we didn't already know, just greater details upon what we already knew, along with lots more of those spendy details coming in, promoted and touted as though our team has located the holy grail on Mars, instead of just more of those meteorites and shards strewn about the mostly frozen solid surface of a very irradiated to death planet.

Perhaps all of this Mars distraction is simply more of our resident warlord's "high standards and accountability" that's fortifying his "so what's the difference" policy. Frankly, I'd just as soon have one of those stealth donkey-carts, as for more of their hype and disinformation packaged into such spendy infomercials isn't doing myself nor humanity any good.

January 02, 2004;  I've actually managed to added some further insult to injury of making happenstance into policy and vice versa.

Then there's still the issues of others creating solutions by taking advantage of the LSE-CM/ISS, thus giving international birth to moon He3 (lunar He3), by offering humanity the holy grail of energy as an alternative for salvaging/reserving what's left of Earth's resources. Not that such matters when most of us are just a likely to being dead and/or dying off before our time, from the impact and results of either too much CO2 global warming, and subsequently way too much water, if not otherwise blown to bits by some stealth WMD donkey-cart.

In case you've forgotten, or perhaps have never been told, lunar He3 is most likely where the most bang is for the almighty buck or the euro, even though Russian or Chinese stand just as good of chance as not for becoming our future He3 energy cartel masters, though don't discount Japan or even India, either of which would probably become a whole lot better off for humanity anyway. Of course you've also not been informed by our NASA of what's existing on Venus, nor have you been informed of hardly anything worthy of improving Earth scienses that just so happens to include the taboo of what's apparently become so "nondisclosure" worthy about our moon.

December 31, 2003;  Morals smorals, "so what's the difference". Besides a few too many body counts, and blowing hundreds of billions (actually trillions), and the fact that our administration has skewed history as well as science and even those laws of physics another notch or two into the toilet of life, as otherwise nothing is all that new. The moon still exist as does Venus, though there's no public focus nor worthy forum that's honestly being delivered upon either. If anything, our administration has been fearsomely wagging their dogs to death, trying their damnedest to make the likes of our moon and Venus vanish, much like all those WMD. Lo and behold, they may even have to hire the likes of Saddam in order to accomplish such a feat.

December 29, 2003;  Making policy look like happenstance, and/or vice versa, is key to snookering folks. By quietly keeping the pressure on, always ready as to take advantage of true happenstance and/or if need be creating and/or allowing what looks like happenstance is crucial to fooling folks into believing anything. Like how the Monks and the Pope turned so many events into their advantage, whereas they also created allusions of happenstance into favoring their policy of hidden agendas, thus when millions of Cathars needed to be exterminated, the will of God was not to be challenged. In the case of modern events, such as our previous cold-war against humanity that came back to bite us in our butts, and of our continuing energy cold-wars against humanity, our NASA became the cloak on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, as for implementing that supposed will of God.

As for honestly contemplating the pro/con issues of He3 and of the ARTEMIS PROJECT is seemingly much like a number of other issues surrounding anything lunar, deeply cloaked into "nondisclosure" and/or accessible only upon that "need to know basis". Such as we apparently don't need to know how testy those mircro-meteorites can get, nor as to how TBI one can expect to get, as even the ARTEMIS PROJECT (extracting lunar He3) is sufficiently alluding to any specifics that might otherwise disclose upon the lunar environment truth.

December 28, 2003;  The GLV-22 commercial lander, and of mining lunar He3 so that it can be efficiently exported to Earth from the LSE-CM/ISS depot is another done deal. Too bad that our NASA isn't going to be part of it. As much like we now have to import the bulk of our energy from others, we'll be having to import He3, and likely paying a hefty cartel price at that, except this time it's not looking all that certain that it's going to be our cartel that's encharge of seeing whom gets what, and at what price.

December 23, 2003;  Is the moon really walked upon? or, are we being further snookered and subsequently walked upon by all those folks having "the right stuff", or perhaps we should be going along with their ruse by way of our resident warlord's "what's the difference" clause, as apparently truth matters not. After all, it's just been trillions of bucks and of decades down the toilet, along with a few too many folks that paid the ultimate price, of which our previous and resident leader clearly thinks nothing of, because "what's difference", especially since it's not his butt that's being targeted by one of those stealth donkey-carts, just of those working in tall buildings which apparently don't count for all that much.

December 22, 2003;  Since all of yesterday, I've recalled a few interesting details pertaining to the manufacturing of and storage of H2O2, so I've introduced those topics into the previous page and even corrected a few of my dyslexic contributions.

You'll have to forgive my freaking dyslexia; as I keep reversing nearly everything under the sun. Sometimes my work actually reads a whole lot better from back to front, as well as for the math that keeps getting turned inside out, though eventually I'll catch those mistakes, and I'll even appreciate it when others point those out. I only get thoroughly ripped at individuals that can't seem to accomplish anything on behalf of humanity, though spout loads of their "doom and gloom" and/or dispense their orchestrated "damage control" on behalf of some pagan god, by way of taking perfectly good thoughts and terrific notions out of context, then further twisting by utilizing an unintentional mistake or simple misunderstanding in order to take whomever the cleaners. Somewhat like how I'm twisting the rusty knife of truth or consequences into the guts of those pro-NASA/Apollo freaks that must have spilled some of that NASA super-glue all over their bar stools decades ago, as they've been stuck ever since.

Of course, speaking of NASA/Apollo's notions of moderating everything to death in order to suit their lord of the rings, that's specifically the sort of snookering that brought us the 9/11 fiasco, as well as those invisible WMD (unless you include stealth donkey-carts), and of so many other warm and fuzzy cold-war tit for tats before and after the Apollo ruse/sting (associated with plenty of secondary carnage to boot, theirs as well as ours) that by the way we're all still paying for, unless you're one of those lucky ones that's already prematurely dead.

If you intend to disrupt the flow of thought by bashing away at every possible opportunity, than expect to receive a similar favor in return, as I'm truly willing and able to return such favors, if that's the sort of flak tossing you've got in mind.

December 21, 2003;  Something about what's a hazard and of what isn't. Obviously having a WMD donkey-cart parked in your driveway isn't a good sign, although H2O2 seems rather harmless unless you're a moron, of which apparently is exactly the consensus of what our NASA and of all those worshiping such has to offer, suggesting that all Americans are not only pathetic morons but quite easily snookered to boot.

This contribution is merely offering some further insights into the "what if" of applied H2O2/C12H26 for that of fueling and oxidising the IRRCE into yielding 15+kw/kg, and from an engine that's not amounting to 0.1 kg/kw, as opposed to the fuel-cell and other spendy as well as damn risky alternatives. In relation to most other energy alternatives, there's certainly a few worthy and sufficiently safe attributes for that of utilizing C12H26/H2O2, if not just the H2O2 by itself.

As usual, I'll have to get myself back into this page, as for including worthy links to some of the references, as well as other pages I've created. Until then you may need to search through a few previous pages in order to grasp the fullest extent of what's what.

December 12, 2003;  Just another delivery or sermon upon the hybrid IRRCE potential, of what's considered as dangerous and of what's not. Such as staying in bed is certainly less dangerous than not, as well as living in a country without it's warlord running amuck is definitely better off than what we've got to work with.

Plus there's been a little further improvements stacked into the previous document. Though I was going to post this latest context into GOOGLE, however going by the level of warm and fuzzy doom and gloom instead of offering meaningful contributions, I'd have to say those rusemasters are for the most part thick as mud, or perhaps it their own sewage, which is simply too bad for the 1% or so nice individuals that could actually contribute to humanity rather than being responsible for it's demise by looking the other way each and every time something Pope/Carthar is taking place.

December 11, 2003;  More thoughts and alternatives becoming available for the task of creating usable shaft torque energy from the modified IC engine. The IRRCE "Internal Rocket Rotary Combustion Engine" that offers at the very least 15+KW/kg, this would have seemed unlikely if it were pre 1965. Although, those pesky laws of physics haven't changed nor are there new ones. As compared to whatever fuel-cell and/or of rocket powered turbine engine, the IRRCE alternative(s) for delivering considerable mechanical energy on the spot, as well as on-demand, is downright way too simple and certainly far safer than having to deal with anything involving liquified hydrogen / liquified oxygen, especially as opposed to the safer alternatives of utilizing nearly ambient h2o2/c12h26. This is not to say that reasonably small rocket/turbine engines couldn't today be applied, however converting such a high-speed power turbine into relatively low-speed rotating shaft energy, especially as for on-demand and upon variable loads is not exactly their best utilization nor all that efficient.

December 08, 2003;  A number of folks are going to contend that they simply couldn't understand a word I'm saying. Unfortunately, that only proves of how thoroughly dumfounded they are, and of otherwise how incompetent, as for setting and upholding their examples for ignoring what brought about the likes of the COLUMBIA shuttle disaster and of all the ongoing 9/11 fiasco that's somehow become my fault because they're so smart that they simply couldn't figure out exactly what I was offering. That's pure bull pucky! I certainly know it, they know it and perhaps you should begin to realize when you're being snookered by the sorts of folks that "have all the right stuff". Trust me, this has become the Pope/Cathar situation all over again.

Though if you believe that I'm entirely dead wrong, then by all means there's absolutely no hope for America as anything except for being the global bully, especially chief energy bully, as nothing whatsoever is going to alter your skewed perceptions of history, thus there's little point in my expecting scientific folks that are so incest dependent upon government handouts to otherwise give a flying puck about anything that doesn't specifically harm thy butt, just those of others is apparently OK as long as that doesn't impact their future funding. I hate being the one to tell, future funding has been in the nearest space toilet ever since Apollo-17 (the last honest opportunity at actually walking on the moon), along with American morality becoming worth somewhat less than toilet paper.

December 07, 2003;  This next page has been somewhat a work in progress, though it delivers upon notions of creating the hybrid IRC or IRRC engine that'll yield 225 kw worth of mechanical torque (15+KW/kg of h2o2/c12h26), continuously if need be. This is in addition to roughly another 12 KW worth of PV energy conversion as derived from 48 m2 of panels, thus a maximum capability of sustaining 237 KW demand which should more than propel the LM-1 along at 25 km/hr, perhaps even 50 km/hr with sufficient range to safely circumvent the moon was the goal that's seemingly quite doable with pretty much what we've got to work with. This time around, stealth WMD donkey-carts aren't even part of the plan, so those pro-NASA Borgs should like it.

December 04, 2003;  Besides fixing a few testy things within the previous posted pages, I've gone back into the hot topic of those suitable internal combustion engines, mostly for Venus but also for our moon. Since none other have offered their supposed expertise (must be because they don't actually have any expertise to offer), I've continued my research into the various IC options of what even one halfwit village idiot might have accommodated on your behalf if surrounded by such a terrific crystal clear buoyancy ocean of a rather serious bunch of already toasty CO2, or even an IC engine if you're planted on the moon with only whatever H2O2/C12H26 you can manage to pack along.

Soon I'll focus another infomercial page just on the lunar LM-1 IC engine and of a few related topics for making a go of it while safely cruising along in your 300 tonne (50 lunar tonne) LM-1 through much of the meteorite strewn nighttime (earthshine) surface of the moon, and then some, of navigating their way though all of those meteorites shards on the opposite side, where the nasty cocktail of solar and cosmic flak should be at the worst.

December 01, 2003;  Something further about those Basalt Composites and Basalt Microspheres that'll certainly improve your chances of surviving in places ill suited for humans. At least sufficiently smart humans should be able to figure this out without having to being any rocket scientist, whereas utilizing whatever is on hand, including energy, seems like a whole lot better off than having to bring every other damn thing along.

Unfortunately, this page has become somewhat complicated, thus nothing new about my research, and I'm certain I've overdone the words and otherwise messed up in more than my fair share of places, though others can contribute whatever and I'll post full credit to those willing and able to help out.

November 25, 2003;  This next delivery may require some future editing in order to refine upon the "Airship Academy of Venus", not so much for retracting anything derogatory, though I should include a few more analogies if it suits the situation at hand. Actually, I may attempt to improve upon the math plus offer another research page just to further bestow upon the rigid airship engineering of those basalt composites as well as of what I believe is powering this sucker. Since size seems to have become an important factor to some, I'll may try to supplement this page with variations of smaller and bigger airship utilizations, as size is purely a factor of whatever's necessary for a given task, and not of any aerodynamic nor structurally insurmountable factors, certainly not of any qualifier/disqualifier as for interpreting such pixel patterns as for being more likely artificial than not.

Seems that only a true village idiot would imply that size of something claimed as being artificial would ever qualify/disqualify much of anything, as size is purely relative to function, which in turn is relative to the task of what an ant or an elephant might require. Since you nor I know of the true stature nor volume requirements of whomever lived/lives on Venus, there's no point in using size as an argument basis for disqualifying, other than of microbes certainly don't require all that much of even a tiny airship, whereas a million ants might conceivably utilize a few m3, though a few m3 is not going to cut it if there's elephants to haul about. In other words, at this point your guess is as good as mine.

November 22, 2003;  There's actually nothing new to report this time around, at least not about the moon nor Venus. Unless you'd care to consider that it turns out I was dead wrong about our having a rigid airship gap to be concerned over, like from those nifty rigid flying machines of the Royal Venus Air Academy. As it seems our botoxin desmirked resident warlord has far more testy issues worth considering, in fact he's been just a little too busy at getting our butts as well as those of other nice folks seriously kicked by the sorts of other folks entirely without any sort of Royal Academy and, of not only by those riding donkeys and camels, but so that it now appears we've identified a significant donkey-cart gap that's obviously become an unfair shock and awe advantage over our best WMD technology. What's next? stealth donkeys, donkey cruise missiles, donkey smart bombs, or perhaps exploding donkey pies. To think that all this time we've been looking for those impressive WMD, when all we had to do all along is to see what's been stuffed up the ass of an ass.

Don't hold your breath, but perhaps another 500 billion from now, minus a few thousand nice folks, it won't actually matter because, all the rest of us lucky enough to being alive will have become so flat broke and otherwise so afraid to sleep that no one is going give a flying puck over what's coming next.

November 21, 2003;  What's it all about "5 to 6 terawatts worth of Earth/Moon Tidal Energy Recycling" seems to have become about uncovering raw data, about nice folks having to learn of what's what on that "need to know" basis, about subsequently discovering that skewed science and those skewed and/or politically conditional laws of physics are quite alive and kicking as we speak. Discovering all that much about our moon is almost as difficult as locating those WMD. Talk about being snookered, of continuing damage control and of whatever Borg spin worth of dog wagging, it seems if it has anything honestly whatsoever to do with our moon, it's still taboo.

November 18, 2003;  I've recently cleaned up the "interplanetary communications" page and polished a few others.

BTW: The one and only reason why nice folks like yourself can't get through to my email is because of all the orchestrated email account bashing that been underway for the past several months. If you've been getting anything annoying whatsoever that's addressed from either "" or "", those simply are not generated from my side of this DMZ, as I've never intentionally plugged anyone's account, much less introduced a bug or virus other than whatever this piss poor operating system of "windows" does all by itself. Same goes for calling; if you can't get through or have obtained anything that sounds suspiciously NASA or DHS moderated, that's because they've been able to block and/or divert phone calls as well. The good part is, those annoying telemarketing calls have been cut by 90%.

I otherwise receive any number of scrambled emails and/or of blank pages, as though all has been erased. Otherwise I'll personally reply to any legitimate email that manages to get through, and that goes for phone calls as well, as I don't even use an answering machine. BTW; you should always report whatever intentionally bad email stuff into this following DHS service agency: or otherwise simply forward copies your infected email to: in that way they'll be able to tell you specifically that there's not one damn thing they're going to do about it, at least not on your behalf.

November 18, 2003;  Some further impact upon what our moon needs if anything, it's a darn good metro bus (LM-1), sufficiently structured from basalt composites as to defend itself from those pesky meteorites and allude from all the secondary radiation, as well as direct solar influx that's otherwise trying to fry your butt, though earthshine is the prevailing solution to most of what's at risk.

Besides accommodating the LM-1 for those LSE-CM/ISS excursions based out of the LSE lobby, I've also updated a couple of other recent pages, one of which pertains to the Earth-moon recession energy, as well as another improvement for the initial LSE page, in further hopes that this time they've become somewhat more readable if not a bit more lose cannon worthy.

November 14, 2003;  Wherever there's a demand for energy, there's a space elevator that'll take all you've got and then some, especially if it's the ESE fiasco, or perhaps we're talking 1/48th as much if it's the LSE alternative. Actually, I could be off by under-stating the LSE capabilities, in which case a 72:1 advantage may become reality once all the cards are plaid.

November 11, 2003;  Here's the lunar metro bus (LM-1) solution that's doable within existing technology (CAD graphics soon to follow), as well as some learned data upon what galactic/cosmic radiation is all about. I'll have to thank Wizard Jay for this because he correctly criticized the holy heck out of my incorrect terminology usage, but as usual offered no specifics whatsoever.

November 08, 2003;  According to the likes of Tim Thompson, and I'm certain the likes of David Helfand isn't far behind, there is in fact a great deal of repulsion like energy involved between Earth and our moon, either that or there's been a secret nuclear rocket engine on the moon that's accelerating our lunar orb ever faster and thereby further away from Earth.

The notion (physics-101) of tapping into and/or extracting upon a minute fraction of a percent of that energy existing between Earth and our moon is what I've thinking is doable, via dipole tethers, and of electro-magnetically storing such as kinetic energy within those massive counter-rotating flywheels situated at ME-L1 (gravity-well null situated roughly 84% between Earth and the moon).

November 06, 2003;  In further review of the November 2003 Smithsonian, of yet another typical infomercial of somewhat lesser impact than those of the Astronomy publications, which are of no match for those multi million dollar Scientific American productions worth of infomercial devoted entirely to NASA, I've re-noticed some of those meteorites and shards associated with the Ares Vallis flood plain, captured by the Mars Pathfinder, and I've reconsidered upon what the less atmospheric environment of the moon has to offer. So, I've added some further input as to the lunar physical environment, as being somewhat like a turkey-shoot via WMD, with respect to whatever is incoming without benefit of any Van Allen buffer nor atmospheric breaking, just accelerating at bloody full speed ahead until there's nowhere else to go.

November 03, 2003;  I've fixed another few words and even tried keeping it civil. This time I'm focused a bit more upon the lunar surface radiation, somewhat less upon the sorts of flak I'm taking, and I'm trying to leave those freaking barn doors wide open for those having "the right stuff", to demonstrate their knowledge and superior expertise or perhaps damage control skills upon my less than educated guess work. Of course, I'm only having to punt because there's oddly no concise lunar data, at least nothing worth squat, even though we've supposedly been there a half dozen times, plus a few other satellite missions worth. Yet oddly we know so little, almost nothing of specifics about our own moon, while this moon represents our best, bar none, satellite for VLA/SAR imaging opportunities we've got.

October 27, 2003;  Moon formed from older Earth? That's certainly possible, though I think not, especially if going by those supposed moon rocks.

Space radiation isn't just about what the sun as to toss at us, as it's also about what the fairly horrific galactic background has to offer but, more interesting than not, it's about the lunar substance itself being twice as hot as Earth substance and, that's not necessarily because of the moon being energised via the sun. But then you likely already knew all of that, though not willing nor permitted to share because, that sort of knowledge would conflict with the status quo of sustaining the Apollo ruse.

October 24, 2003;  Just because the moon is hot by day, doesn't represent that we can't have our cake and eat it. This effort is on behalf of tormenting one of those nice Apollo ruse-masters. It's also another installment on my making good on keeping the rest of us village idiots informed of what's what. Even if I can't seem ti use all the right words nor in the correct order, the message remains the same, the intent well founded, and the morals do exist for the all the right reasons, as to why I've been a whole lot more right than not.

If you'd care to see why our moon is so freaking hot these days, for that quest you'll need to understand a little something further about "Space Radiation 101". This being where those Apollo Borgs are having to get another re-boot, as their "Blue Screen of Death" clearly indicates there's been yet another CPU overload, and/or another glitch in their "auto-protect" firmware node. Perhaps I'm just one of those viruses that will not go away, as a nasty worm buried deep into their "nondisclosure" kernel code.

I'm reposting this page rather than offering another wordy post/reply at GOOGLE. Besides, I'll need to re-edit at least 50 times in order to say what I meant, or at least what I thought I meant. Those opposing often refer to this as "add hock", simply because I didn't bother to use their terminology and/or the exact phrasing right off the bat in order to suit their bashing everything that wasn't there idea criteria, even though their criteria hasn't produced all that much for humanity, unless cloak and dagger cold-war stuff counts.

October 20, 2003;  I'm still receiving lots of intentionally blocking and/or infected email, mostly thanks to NSA/DoD and their puppet DHS that's been hard at work, seeing that I obtain more than my fair share of whatever is their most disruptive email account bashing possible. If there's an honest email of any worth whatsoever manages to get through, even if it's an argument of entirely opposing to what I'm suggesting is the case, I'll respond to it. Thus, if you haven't heard back from me, or you simply can't get your email through because my accounts are chuck full, that's not my fault, as I'm also not the one sending out infected files in my name. If push comes to shove, I'll even answer the phone (I don't use an answering machine), so if you tried to call and couldn't get through, or someone other was imposing by diverting and taking my call, again, that's not my doings, nor my intention of avoiding your input (good or bad).

There's another way of looking at all of this, even if I can't manage to make these topics a little more understandable. As there's a distinctive mode of operation clouding the past, of what's happening right now, and of the future that should be of modest investigative interest to those still residing sufficiently outside the Borg collective. Such as those ESA teams and now the more capable than ever China, along with soon to follow Japan, India and of course the likes of Russia (our arch enemy, for reasons I still can't figure out) should be more than capable of breaching this nondisclosure dike.

October 18, 2003;  I've cleaned up one of my initial LSE (lunar space elevator) pages and bothered to include a few more links and updates. Unfortunately, those of the ESE or bust cult, as well as for all those of the NASA/Apollo huggers gild that can't face the facts that's you've been snookered, including some folks literally snookered to death, without their supposedly wizardly input I've had to accomplish nearly everything associated with the LSE because, others claiming as being smarter seem too dumbfounded to even function as humans.

On behalf of a little sanity; I've introduced the LSE-CM/ISS along with those massive counter-rotating flywheels storing up tether dipole energy of GWH worth if not capable of storing and delivering tera watts, I've introduced devout ESE huggers to basalt fibers that could even include a sufficient matrix of those spendy CNT fibers for improving their less than fiscally responsible ESE fiasco, yet I've not seen the sorts of considerations as those given to the ESE or bust sorts of contributions, especially if related to any (God forbid) LSE potential, unless it's been in the form of more of their warm and fuzzy flak, or perhaps it's just their flatulence that I'm detecting, as something certainly smells rotten as hell.

October 17, 2003;  It's been more than a while since I've gone through the GUTH Venus INDEX page. Not that everything is fixed or even all that correct, though I have made another effort to repair and improve, as well as to further inform those that oddly can't seem to decode even the drift of my information, while those same folks seem always capable and willing to being fully understanding of their rather insurmountable fiasco as pertaining to the ESE, especially capable defending such if they're spending tax money and planning upon spending hundreds of billions if not trillions more. Of course, their prototype ESE is going to be a whole lot cheaper, but also nearly useless except for continually repairing and/or replacing their spendy tether, as well as for waving goodbye to their massive 100 tonne CM or perhaps WMD that's just as likely as not on an eventual collision course with the likes of Miami, or Cape Kennedy, or if we're lucky it's find it's way onto those other WMDs.

October 15, 2003;  Is all this getting insane or what?
Here I'm suggesting and imposing all sorts of "can do" sorts of things, like the obtainable as well as affordable LSE or perhaps GMDE, and of all things other, I've even been suggesting that we should have been communicating with the devil himself, or perhaps whomever is still situated on Venus.

Sorry about all that, I simply couldn't resist the opportunity of sharing what's what, in returning those warm and fuzzy favors of flak that I've been taking for nearly the past 3 years.

October 14, 2003;  What a pathetic joke, NASA's space rangers are having to use their cold-war tactics, and a whole lot more of that dog wagging on steroids, just to block nice folks from knowing the truth. Even though the LSE is doable, and for pennies on the dollar, these folks opposing are certainly proving that I'm a whole lot more right than not. Their (DHS sanctioned) email account bashing scheme is now infecting so many, that soon we'll be in need of the likes of good old Ted Kaczinski in order to straighten everything out.

For your continued entertainment, I've updated something fairly old on interplanetary communications, that'll be sure to impress even the likes of NSA/DoD or simply DHS. Even some of my most recent LSE reports are now hosting a solution for the ultimate ABL of all times.

October 11, 2003;  Lo and behold, tether GPa is definately within the bloodshot eye of the beholder. Thanks to considerate folks like Ian Stirling, I've learned more than I ever thought necessary. Even though Ian and most of his associates remain focused upon their ESE or bust fiasco, there's still a great deal of worth in hearing what they have to say. Too bad these nice folks are forbidden to venture into anything lunar, as otherwise they'd likely be more than capable of taking this LSE opportunity to the max, and receiving the credits for doing such.

BTW; if you've received a bogus or annoying email with my name associated, you can thank those DHS folks for that, as besides their plugging my email accounts, they're also moderating every input/output effort, most likely even filtering out those wishing to contact me and, perhaps entirely responsible for channeling those unauthorised replies. A solution is to contact me by phone or even snail-mail, so that we can establish a somewhat privet and/or encrypted correspondence, just like those al-Qaida or al-Qaeda members that can easily learn how to anonymously utilize the likes of GOOGLE to almost any extent, for posting their information and future plans. I'm also receiving those blank and/or encrypted sender and subject lines (thanks a bunch DHS, you're doing a super fine job of screwing this country further into that toilet of yours, that's the very same toilet that's still plugged solid with all that Arthur Andersen/ENRON as well as all that dog wagging WMD crap that you're still trying desperately to get rid of). P.S. DHS; you need a seriously big plunger, perhaps nuclear powered.

October 07, 2003;  This paper is almost getting downright ridiculous, as for accommodating a lunar space elevator seems to technically win hands down, time after time. This recent page is merely about our creating the LSE lobby, or perhaps elevator sub-lobby, that's if we wanted to take some limited advantage of the lunar internal thermal signature. This is where I've learned from others that our moon is far from being a dead horse, in fact it's somewhat toasty hot in the center, such as 830C, as well as internally more radioactive than Earth. Is this good news or what?

Rather strangely, or perhaps not so unexpectedly, these "ESE or bust" sort of folks seem unable to think outside of their ESE box. It's as though absolutely anything other is simply out of the question. On countless occasions, I've suggested upon and otherwise asked specific questions, to receiving mostly their contempt at the very idea. Even though I believe I'm offering the moon and the stars, remaining entirely open to their form of expertise, and willing to insure the fullest of credits wherever such is due, none the less, the sorts of their information or feedback being provided have been more like idea bashing or disinformation, if not warm and fuzzy flak than anything other, as otherwise whatever being offered is weighed heavily upon benefiting their spendy ESE, as opposed to anything LSE.

October 04, 2003;  Is this Earth Space Elevator thing a joke or what? Sorry folks but, I still fail at getting their punch line; Perhaps that's because I'm so broke from even thinking about any spendy ESE fiasco.

On behalf of my relocating sanity; I've tried out a few more of those pro/con ESE/LSE invincibility issues and, lo and behold, I'm still at a total loss. This is quite odd, since the ESE or bust cult seems to be suggesting upon their insurability of perhaps their invincibility. I've never even suggested the LSE was something of low risk, though these nice ESE huggers have been all over the planet in their impressing upon others that their ESE operation and/or deliveries are insurable (I can only presume their insurance brokerage firm is headed by the likes of either bin Laden or perhaps Saddam).

October 02, 2003;  This latest page still needs a whole lot of work, as well as it could use your input plus lots more medication. In this delivery I'm discussing or at least attempting to convey upon the pro/con issues of the ESE/LSE, though obviously I'm thoroughly confused and disorientated as usual, as I can actually foresee others and even myself being snookered again, just like those grand old Apollo cold-war days of disinformation-R-us, along with all their usual dog-wagging on steroids plus all of that being so nicely packaged into the sorts of top notch NASA produced and/or moderated NOVA class infomercial productions that'll knock your socks off.

Since I'm no good at telling stories, I may have to get myself back into this one, polish it up and otherwise continue to share in whatever warm and fuzzy favor returning that I can think of, as I'm certain of those opposing or silently playing along, or perhaps they're pretending at their playing "hide and seek" because, in reality these folks may really be dumber than dumb (that's arrogance without realizing it), but would otherwise expect nothing less from my perspective. So, I'll try to oblige.

September 29, 2003;  Sorry about the delay. I've been a little preoccupied learning way more than I ever needed to know about BASALT fibers, as in continuous fibers of 4.84 GPa, so I've added this recent info into my LSE-Tether page, along with links of at least two worthy BASALT composite manufacturers. I've also been somewhat side-tracked helping myself and others into understanding a few things about refrigeration or air conditioning via air or of whatever atmosphere, be it polluted Earth atmosphere or just plain old Venus CO2, where I've posted this as "Atmospheric/air Refrigeration, Physics 101; Energy in = Energy out" though I'll soon place this topic into another or existing page.

Not that anyone seems to care but, I've also been thinking on behalf of my opponents, thus I've included some words of wisdom or perhaps lunacy for those nice folks of NSA/DoD and of their puppet DHS, as for accommodating one of their star-wars laser cannons, as situated on the LSE-CM/ISS outpost. Thus all of our cold-war "carnage-R-us" folks can continue poking fun at others, daring them to try anything.

September 21, 2003;  There's ESE GPa and there's LSE GPa, or perhaps I've found another solution for resolving the "chicken or the egg", of which came first. Sorry about that chicken or egg thing, I just couldn't think of another appropriate comparison or analogy without getting myself too political or sacrilegious again, not that there's insufficient numbers of those to go around.

September 18/A, 2003;  In case you're wondering why you can't manage to get through to my email, or that I can't seem to get through as to reply to whatever you're expecting an answer upon, that's only because of the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD having been intentionally blocking my efforts, and otherwise trashing my email accounts in every which way but lose. Of course, we'll have to understand that theses are the same folks responsible for having their nifty Boeing/TRW Phantom Works (ABL) laser cannon in the air on the very same date and time as the return of COLUMBIA, so I guess trashing my email isn't nearly as bad off as all that.

If you have something serious to say, you'll obviously need to call or use some other method of contact. If need be, I'll provide an alternative email that should work until that one gets equally trashed with more of their same orchestrated smut and viruses. Posting your reply and/or request on GOOGLE is obviously one very public work-around, though I might not get around to discovering and reading it for some time unless we establish some mutual protocol.

September 18, 2003;  I've been on vacation for a couple of days, but not that of my dyslexic mind, as I've got news of what's to come. The GUTH Lunar Space Elevator has gotten itself into the absolute motherload of tether flywheel power and, unlike anything so far presented by Wizard Brad Edwards, I've got the moral science to back it up. Not that even recorded history of science has ever been all that moral nor honest over the past century, seemingly devoid of such over the past decade. Honesty, truth or even morality, there's obviously none of that crap getting in the way of the NASA funded infomercial progress for the likes of the "Starlight Express".

September 15, 2003;  Tera joules of tether energy is certainly an extremely powerful if not shocking possibility. So, besides all the solar PV and sterling solar conversion potential, especially considering the size of the primary CM/ISS and obviously unlimited lunar surface deployments, the aspect of dipole tether energy may become a whole lot better, at least way more lethal if you're situated anywhere in between these dipole elements. For your entertainment sake, I've added some further issues of storing tether energy via some rather substantial flywheel management into the lunar space elevator update.

September 11, 2003;  I seem to keep getting my L1 and L2 unintentionally interfering with what little logic I can provide. Sorry about all that. What I'd previously meant to convey was this; ME L1 = .00038995 G, EM L1 = .00038995 G, thus ME L1 - EM L1 = O G. And as for regarding this lunar space elevator, for that issue I've meant all along a gravity-well format, not of any pathetic centrifugal format like Brad Edwards is suggesting, which further represented that when I was discussing this lunar or moon s.e. as an alternative, what I was obviously inferring by the various lunar L-1.1 or LL-1.1 or ME-L 1.1 terminology was certainly none other than creating and utilizing a "gravity-well CM", thus entirely my fault expecting of others to think outside their tiny box, as that was simply not going to happen. Duh, silly me, to think that the status quo was going to comprehend squat was not even a remote reality, not by any long shot. I actually needed to remind myself that some of the opposition is so freaking smart, so much so that's why our resident warlord wants to continue subsidising their inadequacies with yet another 18 billion per year (I only wish I was sufficiently inadequate to qualify for my fair share, as I understand most states have been offering their matching subsidises to boot).

Of course, most anything having to do with space research and/or exploration isn't partially subsidised, it's been essentially 100% subsidised by taxpayers and otherwise of a few end-users. So, that's even better than getting another bonus, as their entire livelihood has been on the tab. Whom exactly is benefitting and thereby an end-user from the likes of Hubble and/or the ISS isn't quite clear, though a great number of things haven't been all that focused to this village idiot, other than it's been perfectly clear that numerous astronauts have been sacrificed, countless others getting in the way have either bit the dust or simply disappeared off the face of Earth and, there's been thousands of tonnes of artificial CO2 created every year for the benefit of expediting global warming, and BTW; we're nearly flat broke as a nation and scared to death to fly anywhere or breath the air. Other than all that, we're doing just fine and dandy, while more and more of us sit in total darkness due to our crack utility wizards (it simply doesn't get much better, at least I hope not).

September 10, 2003;  Camping out with Mr. Van Allen discussing the prospects of doing this lunar space elevator, in spite of all the orchestrated flak. As strange as that may seem, it's a fact that Van Allen is not such a happy camper about human space travel, at least not at our present level of affordable shielding that would be necessary once unprotected by the Earth magnetosphere and as further unshaded by Earth itself. Though traveling extremely fast is an alternative that's going to significantly cut the TBI dosage by a factor of time.

BTFW; A gravity polarised and thereby gravity tensioned tether is not as I was being so kindly informed or perhaps intentionally disinformed as "unstable". If anything it's a whole lot more stable than of any centrifugal dependent format (especially of those being so rudely influenced by any big ass moon), unless that centrifugal force is truly horrific, thus nanotubes to the rescue as well as extra billions if not trillions in order to pay for all that. So what if the moon varies its distance by 5%; I'm still trying to figure this one out but, thinking if there were to be no tether linear compensation whatsoever, at worst there's a relatively slight gravity/tension increase upon the CM, which is hardly going to bust anything out of the gravity well, aligned +/- a fraction of a degree since the CM should have to be, or could otherwise easily be induced (via EMPD thrust) into leading at all times.

September 07, 2003;  A few updates continuing into the space elevator arena, and of something improved on the quantum binary packet front, and of otherwise just placing that local laser area code call to Venus heathens. Not that I'm right about everything but, these arguments are more often than not about others claiming as "all knowing", and of their being way off by .01% is simply unacceptable, a fate far worse than death, especially when considering their God like superior constitutions. Besides my honest "lunar space elevator" tit for tats, there has also been some ongoing "terraforming of Venus" aspects posted by others in GOOGLE, that which makes absolutely no moral sense whatsoever (somewhat like those cold-war Apollo landings), but since there's absolutely nothing moral going on about our forging ahead with any multi-trillion dollar Earth space elevator or hardly of anything Mars, what the hell do I know?

September 03, 2003;  Since I often can't seem to say exactly what I mean, or even half the time understand it myself, though eventually I'll try and try again, such as to convey this ongoing space elevator tit for tat as an affordable alternative to otherwise flushing trillions down another one of those multi-million dollar space toilets, as perhaps another reasonable comparison to what the likes of Brad Edwards "Starlite Express" is proposing. Otherwise I've been thinking a little too much about the energiser bunny tapping into a cosmic BIG BANG space battery, whereas this one could truly light your fire, especially if that's become a dipole sort of energy tether tap that's being energised with just about everything our sun has to offer, plus whatever the galactic background can spare and of all that being consistantly gravity polarised to boot. I've also added into this tether energy resourse of applying some of those energy consuming EMPD thrusters, as I had failed to previously share links. So, I've also somewhat updated into the original lunar space elevator quest, as well as for the next more recent of Lunar SE updates.

August 31, 2003;  The day we start seeing those lizard folks strolling about the Venus season of nighttime, this opportunity is just a VLA/Lunar-SAR image away. Too bad we couldn't have managed this one 13+ years ago. In order to offer other another shot at understanding how this might actually come about, I've updated the "moon-sar.htm" page.

August 29, 2003;  As space elevators tend to go, accomplishing a lunar based version is certainly a doable goal, one that's within existing technology and not 1% the budget of attempting any Earth based space elevator. You and I are simply not going to live long enough to see nor afford any Earth based space elevator but, that need not be the case for the lunar based space elevator. As a means to an end, all manned space expeditions of any significant duration will need lots of shielding from the horrific space irradiated environment; moon dirt is an answer, I believe a darn good one at that.

August 28/A, 2003;  There's yet another elevator ( Plan-B), plus I've fixed a few more items and added in some old Skylab radiation data, then applied some of that against the most recent 2.5 times multiplier factor for doing business while orbiting about a frozen and irradiated to death planet like Mars, as I've also applied that data into the ongoing "Space Radiation" page and, I've even polished up the Lunar Space Elevator, or perhaps this is actually becoming more like creating the ultimate Vandegraph Generator from Hell, though I'm trying hard to use better math and fewer words this time around. Another reminder for those image observing experts of NASA's white cane exploration team, for their benefit I've created a couple of my preliminary braille space elevator graphics plan-A of what my clumping-moon-dirt elevator depots are all about, whereas the Plan-B space elevator has become somewhat simpler and equally doable.

August 26, 2003;  Fewer words and just refining more weird ideas on the initial GUTH Venus / Lunar Space Elevator, complementing the clumping moon dirt depot in the lunar sky. Not to forget about the idea of stuffing our next ISS within the lunar L 1.1 CM is certainly another win-win for my ways of doing things, as opposed to the status quo of others not actually doing much of anything, unless it has to do with endangering astronauts and testing the endurance of just about every other consideration there is, even though it would have been nice to know about certain things if it's your butt going on the line.

August 25, 2003;  This time there's a drawing/diagram of this lunar space elevator, which offers a perfectly viable means to and end, of our affordably utilizing all of that clumping moon dirt for future spacecraft radiation shielding, though this effort is still a bit testy on my math, far exceeding my primitive skills and hardly worth doing in this non-intellectual society of idea bashing and otherwise "anti-everything" harmony of NASA's "spin" and "damage control" cults.

In spite of all that warm and fuzzy stuff, I've introduced some further space elevator numbers, along with a picture that could be entirely dead wrong but, at least I'm trying to present something that's uplifting (that's an elevator pun) and positive, hardly anything at all like the rest of the pro-everything about NASA gang, even if their science and physics and not to mention their morality, is having to be skewed into the nearest toilet in order for their truths to sustain their ongoing sting/ruse.

As space elevators tend to go, doing this lunar thing is by far a sure bet over anything that's even on the books for an Earth based space elevator concept, especially since the Earth based elevator would still create at least a 50:1 ratio of artificial CO2 per tonne delivered into orbit (that's not even including the construction phase of the damn space elevator, as by then there'll be so much new CO2 created that our ice caps will never form again, besides all of that, we'll be flat broke and entirely out of oil or down to the last remaining 10% of other natural petrochemical energy resources).

August 23, 2003;  There's "dumb and dumber" and the "can do express", of which either seems to be emphasizing upon the positive while simply returning the favor of sharing the very same warm and fuzzy flak. I'm thinking (always a bad sign), perhaps I should have become one of those SETI types, accomplishing nothing whatsoever for humanity, while at least Hubble huggers are unnecessarily risking astronauts and responsible for creating hundreds if not thousands of tonnes of global warming artificial CO2, and for otherwise blowing all those billions upon obtaining super terrific computer wallpaper, or how about my working for Boeing/TRW on laser cannons that are occasionally in need of a handy drone that's been conveniently loaded down with live data-feeds upon dozens of thermal sensors, thus providing their much needed focus of (real world) proof positive performance capability of what their most recent adaptive tracking and targeting laser cannon mirror has to offer (I understand that you simply don't get paid until you've proven your worth), or perhaps I could just become their resident document shredder, as that talent alone ott to be worth billions (just ask ENRON or WorldCom).

August 21, 2003;  A little response to those idiots thinking about terraforming planets like Venus and Mars and, there's even more warm and fuzzy flak to return on behalf of those opposing the ultimate means to an end for procuring radiation shielding through utilizing an efficient and relatively moon-dirt-cheap lunar space elevator, not to mention a few words of wisdom for the majority of fools opposing just about anything Venus, of which I don't intentionally include distain for the snookered public, as they're at the mercy of whatever the Gods and their favorite warlord wants them to believe, just like the Pope wants us to believe Cathars were terribly nasty folks, still deserving of what they got. I just had another village idiot idea, lets make a movie about the greed and arrogance of warlords, popes and the extermination of all life as we know it, as then there will not be any further quest, other than for the rotting remains of all human life to start itself over from the cellular level. I'll bet the entire galaxy would pay big time to see that movie.

August 17, 2003;  As you can tell, I'm not a moon person, as somehow I've gotten myself way off track as to the E/M distances and, even though this messed around with a number of my previous calculations, any one of those claiming as knowing all there is to know would have realized exactly what I was driving at, in spite of my incorrect assumptions. So, there's even more improvements and more ideas as to establishing this lunar dirt depot at ME-L1.1, as well as something on our NExT ISS becoming a sort of Borg cube or sphere situated within the lunar space elevator CM, while neatly surrounded by thousands of tonnes of that nifty clumping moon dirt.

As usual, this time I've used better terminology and, I've rechecked some testy math. Of course, if you know all there is to know about space elevators, you can always offer your correct information and/or better ideas. I promise, I'll not bite nor steel anything you've got to offer. You can even run with some of my difficult ideas and make something worthwhile out of what I can't hardly understand. All I seem know is that this should be another doable thing that can't possibly hurt anyone, while offering way more than sufficient benefit (bang for the buck) than anything Mars and, of not likely to cost 1% of accomplishing any Earth based space elevator.

August 15/A, 2003;  I've further corrected a few of those pesky words, not to mention getting my pathetic American astronomy miles and of those far superior metric km corrected (one of these days I'll even have to learn about triple checking my math), and of otherwise I've mostly learned some better terminology, as well as for my learning what simply doesn't work from the likes of Michael K. Heney, thus my lunar space elevator has taken on a highly dynamic (+/-40) function.

August 13, 2003;  I've gotten myself around to revising the Space Radiation page and, as usual I've taken on a few more worthy items that are still forthcoming that should go a long ways towards refining upon EL4/EL5, as well as for my understanding what the VL2 environment has to offer. The following Lunar/L1+ (LL1+) space elevator is certainly taking on it's own light, as yet offering another viable means to an end, somewhat like the VLA lunar/SAR imaging that has been worth doing for well over a decade.

August 12, 2003;  Something that's almost better than space sex is a Moon Space Elevator (LL1+), a depot of moon dirt configured at LL1+ that's loaded up with megatonnes worth of that bone dry clumping lunar dirt. This LL1+ is another means to an end, a perfectly viable way of shielding the likes of ISS so that folks could survive the 2+ year adventure of an extreme expedition to/from VL2, preferably without having to rely upon their banked bone marrow nor without their losing any measurable quality of life.

August 10, 2003;  It's been a long time since I've considered editing the Ebay auction of selling off a sort of risky DNA inclusive stock option, a seriously high risk investment opportunity that includes putting your fortune as well as your DNA on the line, that which would insure at least one lucky soul the guaranteed lock-in opportunity of taking a mission to Hell and of hopefully returning, along with the likes of a few others considered wealthy enough and/or insane or perhaps just expendable enough to risk it all for the chance of their advancing or perhaps just being responsible for exterminating all of humanity. This page is about the opportunity of your body and soul (not to mention your loot) being included in the collective for the once in a lifetime "Ultimate Extreme Survivor" televised and world syndicated series transmitted from on-location, as in depicting the actual to/from chaos and of the entire duration of all those staying at VL2 for a 18 month term, overall representing at least a 2 year mission and/or quest that's way outside the box.

August 04, 2003;  There's been another metric tonne worth of new information that I've learned about the radiation environment at Earth L4/L5, not to mention the greater risk imposed from secondary (X-Ray) dosage that's attributed to solar minimums allowing cosmic radiation to be interacting with the likes of any shield and/or that of the lunar surface. This topic has been where the opposition offers intentional disinformation, as being tossed about like so much warm and fuzzy flak at my position, whereas actually that's been what's giving me insight and further motivation into uncovering what's more likely the case than not, like what our atmosphere and of the void or space in between Earth's atmosphere and 590 km has to offer our survival something like 274,000:1 in reducing radiation exposure as opposed to the Van Allen zone attributing another mere 200:1 as influx buffer.

July 27, 2003;  Once again folks, I've gotten the word or perhaps the nonomination that I'm difficult to understand. Well, what's to understand; there's other life NOT as we know it on Venus. As such, because others wouldn't support nor lift a finger, I've had to learn a few too many new things, much of which has been indirectly prompted from critics that haven't otherwise been the least bit capable of addressing specific questions but, solely dedicated upon maintaining their "status quo" while destroying whatever opportunity there is for uncovering truths on behalf of Earth as well as for those on Venus.

July 25, 2003;  Not that you don't already know far more than myself about space radiation issues but, in spite of my dyslexia and reliance upon whatever my three remaining brain cells have to offer, I believe I've finally learned or perhaps just figured out a few interesting things about NASA's space radiation smoke and mirrors program, so much so that I've even corrected some of my math, of that which only matters if you're the sort trying to discredit my research rather than being informative. As unlike yourself, I'm certainly no radiation expert but, since most of my critics apparently are experts on everything under the sun including space radiation and, not only so much so that they're also smart enough to know exactly what I've been driving at all along, in as much they're also concealing a whole lot more truth than letting on. As it's either that or they're all bluffing just like those radiation proof Apollo astronauts or they're just dumber than a post.

All sorts of nice folks should continue updating any number of my files because, unlike my esteemed and saintly souls remaining pro-everything NASA/Apollo and otherwise anti-everything other that's new or not of their idea, or merely opposing whatever's a little too truth worthy. Even though I'm still on their "need to know basis" of learning my way along, thereby I'm having to make loads of unintentional mistakes but, unlike our NASA and the bulk of their supporters, at least I've been willing to openly share upon whatever (mistakes and all), though I believe that I've managed to do so without getting anyone killed (as in beheaded) nor roasted to death upon reentry, or mistaken as for being onboard the TWA flight-800 instead of the intended Tel Aviv flight, nor is there any reason for Islamic or Muslims having to devise any sort of extreme retaliation since I'm entirely unlike our cloak and dagger administration, in that I'll openly receive and give consideration upon whatever is sent to my attention, which seems somewhat a whole lot better off than of what our resident commander and chief village idiot moron warlord can stipulate about our having pretended to deal with his close business friendships with members of the Bin Laden family prior to 9/11, then having gone after all those invisible WMD as yet another dog-wagging adventure.

In those infamous words of our resident snipe/WMD hunting warlord's (GW Bush and Dick Cheney); So what's the difference?, as I'm to guess that in spite of such absolute perverted bastards, perhaps there's even an eventual upside to my research that has uncovered truths about what our moon has to offer, that there's actually been any number of other forms of sufficiently intelligent life to behold upon Venus (obviously that's NOT the sort of life as we currently know of it) having to coexist upon such a supposedly hot and nasty planet, and there's even become something quite interesting about the Sirius star system that's affecting our environment on a cycle of roughly every 105,000 years. To think if those small accomplishments should some day lead our Earth into our first WMD class "War of the Worlds" (perhaps utilizing those stealth WMD donkey-carts and all), so be it. As perhaps only then can I become so admired by the same warm and fuzzy class of cloak and dagger cults like those of the resident "Skull and Bones" community that previously snookered so much of Earth into believing we did what those having "the right stuff" said we did, as then once and for all I'd be forever praised and so honored, exactly like so many continually praise what a certain resident warlord accomplished that justified his taking of countless human lives by way of his dog-wag instigating of such horrific actions against Iraq in the first place, based almost entirely upon phony intelligence and ultimately invisible WMD, and of otherwise antagonizing all others by threatening those nations standing in our global energy domination way, as surely then I too should become vindicated and perhaps even idealized in the same pagan manner by which those worshiping so many other pagan cold-war Gods have been, akin to those folks that essentially produced the likes of the USS LIBERTY fiasco, which subsequently created the likes of folks like Salem bin Laden and even of his brother Osama bin Laden, plus of all those Saddams running their portion of humanity amuck, including those of the past as well as of today and quite probably of our Halburton or bust future as well are in for one hell of a ride.

I should only hope that I manage to handle all the responsibility of my becoming one of those pagan cold-war sorts of all-knowing Gods, as equally capable of dispensing such immoral carnage over energy greed and subsequent arrogance without a gram of remorse, whereas perhaps I too can obtain an honorary doctorate degree in such dastardly things, possibly even aspire to obtaining my doctorate in the ultimate high standards and accountability ruse of "so what's the difference", in that no matters whatever runs us amuck I'll basically cover my butt in the very same aspiring educational "high standards and accountability" policy, the very same standards of the "Skull and Bones" presidential manner that's been employed by our resident warlord (GW Bush), in such as that of our resident moron previously imposed upon our already pathetically skewed education system. I mean to say, as long as most everything that matters is based upon a bloody lie (in much the same way as were those WMD), and such as those NASA/Apollo missions are simply going to remain as another qualified example of his "so what's the difference?"

Why bother leading our country and humanity out of the mess we've gotten ourselves into, when we can manage to deliver more lies as being perpetrated by the sorts of liars we've elected in order to save most of our sorry butts, though somewhat at the demise of others that clearly do not matter. Of course, I could continue offering a few alternatives to some of this fiasco, that is if you'd like to hear what another messenger from hell has to say about where our efforts should be focused, although because I'm posting my messages in public view, I probably will not have to go so far as to divert large aircraft into tall buildings in the way our resident warlord created as the one and only alternative for a certain other messenger.

Sorry if I can't become a little more specific about how I happen to feel. Although, if you'd care to reflect a bit further into history, I'm fairly certain that besides myself a few others can point out where we've managed to have become such total absolute bastards at getting our way or else, even more often than not at our very own self-inflicted dog-wagging demise, much like how we entered WW-II and for getting ourselves into the USS LIBERTY fiasco without a clue as to the consequences of our actions as well as inactions ever since, as then there's the likes of the TWA flight-800 (instead of the intended Tel Aviv flight), Fahrenheit 9/11 that simply shouldn't have ever happened, the COLUMBIA fiasco, and of just a few too many other sorts of supposedly friendly fire and war games oops situations as per what's still the ongoing status quo that's transpiring from Afghanistan onto Iraq that could just as easily have escalated matters into becoming a nuclear and/or biological backfire, and may still accomplish just that if we insist upon pushing those "do NOT push" buttons of China, North Korea, not to mention that Russia isn't exactly on our side, and that most Islamics are now more certain than ever that we've entirely lost our minds.


Of another most interesting and generally that of an active pro-Moon/lunar ARTEMIS infomercial site, as for their topic forums on nearly any worthwhile agenda, or there's always those NASA/Apollo moderated to death and dog-wagging alternatives as "" and of their external all-knowing spin and damage-control clones as "" and "", as there's always what's being nicely provided by the previously named ARCHIMEDES Institute that had once upon a time been directed by Lawrence D. Roberts (now somewhat missing in action), having been recently killed off by way of old age and/or modern technology (URL/server upgrade) or perhaps most likely by someone not exactly all that in favor of what I had previously posted. This site as now become and, please do bother to checkout their extremely polite Permanent Discussion Forum, as it seems entirely focused upon existing space technology, and of research and of perfectly moral development upon accomplishing obtainable lunar related exploration with the intent of geologically pillaging our moon for all it's worth, and otherwise capable of offering a great deal into space law related matters along with their being sufficiently pro-NASA and thereby pro mainstream status quo upon just about everything under the sun, though oddly remaining almost NASA mole free, as in at least so far it's been quite "intellectually civil". Perhaps that's because the owners and/or administrators of the original "Archimedes" site and of this revised site were not necessarily being entirely pro-NASA enough. Quite possibly knowing of things that the rest of the cloak and dagger gang back at Club NASA doesn't want to get out, so they've been leaving this site as a mostly "space law" and "space enterprise" forum somewhat alone, however that growing eye of the intellectual storm that's brewing may soon have to change everything.

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