Worth Discussing; such as within "Idioms of Truth or Consequences"

(a listing of topics that'll need and appreciate your talents and expertise)

by; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS     update: September 18, 2005

Seriously hot and apparently nasty topics worth absolute loads of R&D, further debating and/or publishing as for sharing the truth and nothing but the truth:

The only problem being Usenet and forum naysayism, of a Usnet and mainstream science community that's acting as our anti-think-tank and otherwise being the rusemasters of doing whatever it takes for getting their way, or else. Of whatever's science still goes as far as the social/religious and political system allows, with the proof being the following list of topics that cant's be tollerated.

"Alan H. Guth is not Brad E. Guth"
"Ra-->LRn-->Rn-->ion = taboo/nondisclosure"
"Small/Compact rockets are taboo/nondisclosure"
"Micro Satellites at 10 kg or less"
"NASA/Apollo accomplished our moon at 60:1 ? "
"Microsatellites orbiting our moon at 32:1 ? "
"Venus Express Remains Taboo/Nondisclosure"
"VL2-TRACE simply can't be accomplished"
"Of Salty Ice upon/within our moon is taboo"
"NASA/Apollo says radiation is a non-issue"
"Our Once Upon a Time Icy Proto-Moon"
"Moon Recession Energy = X? TJ"
"Terraforming Venus With an Icy Sedna"
"Sol+Sirius = Diatoms @8:1 (8 fold/day)
"Life @5AU from Sirius-a (quite Venus like +UV)
"NASA's Space.com & BBC/BBCI = LLPOF"
"MI6/NSA~CIA = GOOGLE V-Chip that Sucks"
"MI6/NSA Spermware and Malware that works"
"What Sucks & Blows the most about our NASA"
"What Sucks The Most About Forums that Suck & Blow"
"Would ETs dare set foot upon Earth"
"Would ETs dare communicate with Earth"
"Where Has Intelligent Design Screwed Up"
"Calling Earth is big time ET/ETI no-no
"Solar/Stirling/PV/Wind @25 kw/m2 footprint
"Hummer H2O2/C12H26 @100 mpg (Zero Nx)"
"Is Global Warming our Paradoxic Myth"
. - or how about using -
"Young Venus gets itself hotter than Hell"
"Geothermal Energy verses CO2+S8 Global-Warming"
"Nocturnal Silica Based Exoskeletals of Venus"
"Venusian Extremophiles Survive Against All Odds"
"Those Silica Diatoms of Life (CO2-->CO/O2)"
"Atmosphiric Silica Diatoms Surfing Venus Clouds"
"Carbon Based Life Coextance w/wo Diatoms"
"Venus O2 = Greenish Nighttime Glow below 150 km"
"Life @100 Bar at less than 0.1% O2"
"The Atmospheric Buoyancy of Venus"
"4 m3 = Personal (Meida) Sport Airship"
"10 m3 = Hummer SUV Rigid Airship"
"1e6 m3 = Mother Airship & Astronomy Platform"
"Physics-101 of all those Venus Rigid Airships"
"Retrograde Atmosphere = Airship Station-Keeping"
"Renting of Rigid Airships + Miles"
"What we seem NOT to know about Venus"
"Mars or Venus, as in You Bet Your Life"
"By far the most Earth Like Planet is Venus"
"Coolest Rreal Estate Upon Venus @550 K"
"Space Travel, the hard physical way"
"Science Conjectures = Truth or Consequences?
"The nonexisting science of ice in space
"Ice in Space = No H2O/ice exist as hard-science"
"Dry-Ice in Space = No CO2/ice as hard-science"
"Other Life Sequestered Within Space Ice"
"Icy Proto-Moon Terraforms Earth"
"Icy Sedna Might Someday Terraform Venus"
"UV/a Spacecrafts as imaged by NASA/shuttle"
"Terminal Velocity (Vt/slug) of Space Travel"
"Energy Requirement of 10% Light Speed"
"Interstellar Surfing Between Nullification Zones"
"Subjectively Interpreting Satellite SAR Imaging"
"Observationology = Truth or Consequences"
"Viable Energy Resources of a Planet"
"How Much Energy is Enough to Survive Upon"
"Energy In = Energy Out, or else you die"
"Venus yields more Energy-Out than Solar influx"
"New Planets are always CO2/S8 Rich Planets"
"The Vertical Kinetic Energy of Venus"
"Those Venus Illuminations = Hot Spot Packets"
"Glowing Green Nighttime Clouds of Venus = O2"
"VL2-TRACE transponder and Multi-Science Platform"
"Delivering Venus surface transceiver kiosks"
"Interplanetary Communications (within our LLAC)"
"Chapel Bell Transponders at other than ME-L1/EM-L2"
"Boeing/TRW ABL as Communications Beacon/Cannon"
"Interstellar Quantum Packet Communications"
"Faster Photons using the larger Orme Atoms"
"Spinnings & Alignments of Interstellar Atoms"
"Interplanetary Intellectual Rights"
"ESA Venus Express beats anything NASA"
"The Worth of Interplanetary Enterprise"
"Moon Based Packets via FIFO Photon Node/Transponders"
"Quantum/FM Photon Packets = Terabyte/ms Throughput"
"Faster Than Light Speed (FTLS) communications"
"Interstellar Beacons via 400~450 nm = Qubits"
"What Stinking MUF if using FM Photons?"
"Photons nearly at rest = Dark-Matter/Dark-Energy"
"AntiMatter core w/photons surrounding = Black Hole"
"Black Holes of Antimatter w/nearly-resting photons"
"1e100e100 Photons/Universe is conservative?"
"Universe by Universe, Coexisting Frame by Frame"
"Relocating ISS to LL-1 (ME-L1/EM-L2)"
"LL-1 Mutual Gravity-Well / nullification"
"Moving ISS off to Venus L2 (VL2) is doable"
"Robotic Laser Cannons Deployed upon our Moon"
"Robotic Radar Apertures Deployed upon our Moon"
"Venus L2 Photon-->Microwave Transponders"
"TRACE-VL2 Halo Parked at VL2 w/Laser Canons"
"VL2-TRACE Makes for Solar and Venusian Science"
"Venus Air, good enough for life at 0.1%O2 @75+Bar"
"Methods of ET Artificial Illuminations"
"Bio-illumination by Venus Nocturnals"
"Artificial CO2-->CO/O2 = X joules/kg O2"
"Natural CO2-->CO/O2 via Plants and Diatoms"
"The Guth-Venus Tarmac for Airships & Shuttles"
"Humans upon a Hot and Nasty Venus"
"Other Life Existing on and/or above Venus"
"Nocturnals of Venus, sight @170,000 lumen/watt"
"The Guth Venus Suspension Bridge"
"The Terminal Velocity (Vt) of Skydiving Venus"
or perhaps an alternatives to this terminal velocity topic being
"Skydiving Thrills taking hours on Venus"
or even to consider "Body surfing the Atmosphere of Venus"
"The Township that's situated at 5+km)
"The Multiple Reservoirs upon Venus"
"Reverse Greenhouse (keeping CO2 out)"
"Multiple and seriously Big Venus Structures"
"R-1024/m Thermal Barrier via Basalt Composites"
"Active Fluids/muds existing Upon Venus"
"The Active Geothermal Fluid Arch of Venus"
"The Many Atmospheric Layers of Venus"
"Extracting 25%<33% H2O per kg of H2SO4"
"Processing Cloud H2SO4-->H2O2"
"Safe Storage of Bulk H2O2 upon Venus"
"Extracting/creating H2 on demand"
"Extreme VLA-SAR Imaging via Moon"
"Viewing Titan via moon SAR = 1 meter/pixel"
"Nullification Zones, Near and Far"
"Relocating ISS to ME-L1 is still doable"
"Lunar Space Elevator LSE-CM/ISS"
"LSE-CM/ISS Tether Dipole Extracted Energy"
"LL-1 Counter-Rotating Flywheel Energy Storage"
"LSE dipole outpost, w/100 GW Laser Cannons"
"The Ultimate Defense of Mother Earth"
"Not All ETs are going to be Nice Folks"
"ETs Pillaging and Plundering of Venus"
"Not all NEOs are forever going to miss Earth"
"Using moon as our best NEO killing field"
"IRRCE Operating Efficiently on H2O2/C12H26"
"The Lunar Metro Bus (LM-1 @600 tonnes if need be)"
"The LV-22 100t Fly-by-Rocket Payload Lander"
"Our Moon and of it's Argon Atmosphere Capped by CO2"
"Titan = 1.5 bar; ours should retain .17 Bar?
"Terraforming our moon w/Solid Impacts of Co2/Rn"
"Impacting The Moon Creates Artificial Atmosphere"
"Hot-Tipped Lunar Gyrocopter @0.01 Bar"
"Moon Helium-3(He3) = Clean Fusion Energy"
"Lunar Recession Energy Sucks at 5 Terawatts"
or perhaps the cleaner do-everything topic version of lunar energy is the best topic of all
"Lunar Energy Extractions Exported to Earth"
"Earth-Science for less than a penny on the dollar"
"Moon-Science = Earth-Science"
"Extended Spece Travel via Moon Dirt"
"Space Travel @0.1 c, using He3/fusion"
"Terminal Velocity of impacting our Moon"
"Bombing the moon with CO2/Rn, Yields 1e6:1"
"LSE tether expedites terraforming the moon"
"Banking of Bone Marrow for Space Travelers"
"Basalt Composites as Structural Spacecraft Items"
"Basalt/Silica structural insulation = R-1024/m"
"Basalt/Silica Composites = Good GPa Tethers"
"Venus and our Moon having arrived from Sirius"
"Velikovsky, the Arrival of Venus (w/beard)"
"Velikovsky, the Arrival of our icy Moon"
"Velikovsky, the young Venus that's still hot
"Hard-Science = Young Venus"
"John Ackerman = Young Venus"
"FW Taylor = Young Venus"
"BAA Heath = Young Venus"
"Team KECK = Young Venus"
"Brad Guth = Young Venus"
"Venus EXPRESS should help prove young Venus"
"Our Moon hasn't always been where it has been"
"Dogon/Anasazi Offer a Different Evolution Path"
"Dropa/Dzopa arrive 10,000 BC w/rock-solid CDs"
"Sirius-b or Sirius-c was once a very Red-Giant"
"Sirius/c Terraforms Earth, Mars and Venus"
"Tarraforming Mars Sucks (insuffucuent geothermal core)"
"Venus remains a keeper, while Earth sucks from DNA gone bad"
"Our Sirius Connection to Earth's Ice Ages"
"105,000 Years of +/- Near-UV and UV/a"
"Mars gets +/-10,000 year window of life from Sirius"
"JAXA Planet-C (Sirius/c ?) possibly now Venus?"
"What NASA Knows" (nothing they don't know?)
"What/Whom should replace our NASA?"
"Creationism via Terraforming"
"Intelligent Design via Terraforming"
"Icy Proto-Moons Not an Option, they're a Must Have"
"Gods having made mistakes, more common than you'd think"
"Creating the Artificial Lunar Atmosphere"
"Terraforming our Moon with CO2/Rn-->CO/O2"
"Moon Dirt/Dust = Basalt + 10+m Carbon. Iron & Titanium"
"Lunar Dust-Bunny Kicks Clean Through Moonsuit Butts"
"Lunar Atmosphere as Somewhat More Argon Than Reported"
"Physics/Science Forums that continually Suck and Blow"
"Posting Gibberish / Posting disinformation-R-us"
"Information Nondisclosure = Evidence Exclusions"
"The Mutually Perpetrated Cold-Wars"
"Idioms of Truth or Consequences" (20,000+words)

Sorry if this latest contribution remains as a little too unpolished to easily extract items out of context. Hopefully each revised effort has somewhat improved upon my desires to know and better understand the truth, whereas an honest function of my being subjectively prosay rather than naysay opinionated is exactly what I am (hard-science and matter of proven fact opinionated), in as much as without an opinion that's based upon the regular laws of physics and having backed such by the best available hard-science, as otherwise there'd be no valid reason as to be looking for whatever truth(s). And, if my limited talents and/or methods for applying a positive/prosay motivated interpretation upon acquiring this truth is being subjectively a little too far outside the box is what makes you uncomfortable about whatever I happen to perceive America and of our not-so-hard-science has to offer that's pertaining to our moon, Venus and the Sirius star system having previously stood for, and of where all of that continual smoke and mirrors has been taking us for the past four decades, then so be that as well. If you simply can't otherwise decrypt my dyslexic Klingon, then don't bother yourself, just go back to your usual snipe hunting for all of those WMD and otherwise rigging the textbooks with disinformation that'll continually snooker young minds in order to make the likes of our resident LLPOF warlord look as great as possible in the eyes of Lucifer.

If you're the least bit offended by such prosay trial and error or that of my loose cannon methods, then by all means don't bother yourself and have another nice global warming day in spite of yourself, especially since no matters whatever the truth is where yourself and the likes of GW Bush and even a few Popes simply wouldn't have changed a damn thing, and it seems you're probably not alone with regard to never changing a damn thing, especially if you have any Jewish DNA to contend with is exactly why there could become yet another and another holocaust or something worse off (such as what's been happening ever since) just to prove their revengeful point (there are perfectly good reasons why Dr. Kissinger is called Dr. Death and why Muslim groups have been going postal). And, if you're another one of those thinking religion and politics has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with government ot otherwise influencing the interpretations of history, nor of influencing physics and science, think again because you're a damn fool. As far as I can tell, nearly everything that gets into textbooks and otherwise in official record has either been the word(s) of some God or on behalf of whatever group won the most votes (our "whatever group" being GW Bush and company, except those votes were obviously rigged, and not that John Kerry's version of Skull and Bones agendas would have changed all that much, proof being in his taking a sponsored dive for the old Gipper by not contesting any of a dozen highly questionable returns).

At this point I'm thinking, if there are a few of those considerate ETs out and about, as having been placing their Power-Ball bets upon the odds of our humanity and Earth itself surviving as a whole, as such those sorts of lottery odds have got to be getting nearly astronomical against our surviving past the next decade. Watching Earth falter within it's own self-imposed and dumbfounded demise has got to be the ultimate interstellar reality show around, as where else in this universe could there be such an otherwise nifty planet being so pathetically eaten alive by it's own kind?

Basically this page of alternative topics attempts to offer folks a few honest to-do or hit-list of worthwhile notions that I certainly do not have all the answers to, thus I'm still imposing perhaps a few too many questions, though always intended as focusing upon the positive aspects of using whatever we know for certain as obtained from accomplishing whatever as been within our expertise and thereby offering reasonable payback potential, and subsequently I'm offering a good number of well intended suppositions and/or deductive reasoning in support of conjectures that are otherwise adequately supported by the laws of physics, and otherwise I'm offering a few weird but interesting notions that are clearly outside the mainstream status quo box, though by no means impossible if given half a brain worth of survival skills and/or of applied technology were ever to get involved, as man simply doesn't live by man alone, at least not when there's abundant energy resources to tap and all sorts of viable minerals, chemicals and thereby composites at hand, backed by a nasty global-warming incentive like nothing we've ever seen.

As for the task of other life having survived upon Venus is at least technically doable, that is unless you're another certified moron that's continually dumbfounded. Actually, I can point out many others offering their past research and of their subsequent suppositions that have either since given up on humanity or have since been investing their talents into the likes of the ongoing advancements of the ESA Venus Express, or the JAXA Planet-C missions to come, along with the likes of China marching close behind and as rightfully focused upon whatever our moon has to offer, meanwhile our infamous NASA seems to be trailing the pack due to their past NSA/DoD luggage and subsequent skeletons of our perpetrated cold-war era that's apparently not even the least bit over until our fat lady sings.

First of all and in spite of what we've been told, Venus has been absolutely and without any possible doubt offering us a geologically maturing environment that's been simply by all conventional measures and hard-science accounts representing itself as being much newer than Earth, of a planet that's possibly recovering from bouncing off Jupiter as according to John Ackerman, and/or currently in the atmospheric building phase. It's fairly certain that such craters simply did NOT happen while cloaked by that much of a surrounding atmospheric ocean of mostly CO2 plus having loads of S8, as there's any number of active geothermals and thus ongoing atmospheric creation and obviouslu the vast bult of what's contributing to the thermally overloaded environment, thereby ample signatures having existed just about anywhere you'd care to look, including that of an extremely large 'fluid arch' (possibly mud flow) that's situated near the primary site where there's so much other that's otherwise quite artificial looking, that is only if you'd care to honestly look and reconsider upon my subjective interpretations.

In spite of all the flak, I can still with good reason and intentions proclaim that there has been an extremely high probability of Venus hosting other life of some degree (possibly ETs) because, something a whole lot bigger and intellectually more functional than spores or microbes or even of whatever the most ambitious sorts of diatoms created a rather substantial and highly rational community, either that or the likes of gravity, geology and mother nature have been seriously running amuck like nowhere other. Chances are certainly far better off than Mars that there remains sufficiently intelligent survivors and/or visiting ETs upon Venus, and I'd tend to believe of a whole lot smarter about their surviving than us because, their having managed to have survived where all of humanity has been continually informed that Venus was absolutely impossible as being a totally perpetrated lie as of decades ago.

If the scientists we see and read about in the news and otherwise published through textbooks and of all the science related media in general, as for their going on and on about the likes of Mars or Titan can proclaim the viability of that sub-frozen planet or moon as having created and/or sustained other life, and thereby capable of hosting sufficiently advanced life as is, while thousands of others can further insist that Mars once hosted life and can even sustain sufficiently advanced life as is, then lo and behold on behalf of other life upon Venus because, the planet Venus offers more easily accessible and usable energy per m2 than Earth, Titan, Mars and our moon combined, and it's not even been technically too hot for evolution and applied technology to manage. With such energy and all the raw elements you can shake that flaming stick at has clearly represented that per most all such things hot and nasty become surmountable, at least up to the melting point of iron is technically survivable, especially whenever there's the composites of basalt and silica at your disposal, along with all the energy for processing such basic elements into viable composites. Obviously Venus wasn't always as hot and nasty as we've been informed, and guess what else; humans have actually been known to make a mistake and/or overlook a few details from time to time. Imagine that!

OOPS; it seems I'm suggesting that our warm and fuzzy NASA and of all those folks continually sucking up to those public funded fiascos of whatever has ever since accomplished our NASA/Apollo sting of the century become the decades worth of serious ruse building and reinforcements on behalf of our perpetrated cold-war(s), whereas I'm the village idiot/fool suggesting that perhaps a few of these nice folks either made an actual mistake or perhaps a few of their nondisclosure lids are what's coming off some of them smelly cold-war jars. Either way it seems that I'm making some those damn morons look really deservingly bad.

Of course, this other life (lizard folk, silica exoskeletals or whatever ETs may not have even originated upon Venus, whereas instead of 100% reliance upon panspermia or any local forms of evolution, perhaps we need to thinks a little more or less outside the established box, by way of whatever well intended intelligent design upon terraforming Venus via ETs is most likely the case instead of reliance upon the pure multi-billion year happenstance and otherwise absolute crap-shoot of whatever panspermia having managed to take hold and, of such dumb luck somehow managing to have mutated and evolved as to surviving while their new world was getting itself hotter and hotter and somewhat nastier by every season, of which this hasn't been exactly my first notion of what's actually been transpiring. Not that evolution alone isn't perfectly capable of managing if there's a few hundred millions if not billions of years worth of essentially uninterrupted growth cycles, and of such having only minor setbacks of ice-ages and/or being hammered by massive asteroids or by way of some icy moon to deal with. Being that Venus is so much closer to the sun, and that our sun seldom relaxes it's nasty solar-wind output much below 100 km/s (usually we're seeing the likes of 300~600+km/s), and being rather unlikely that the environment of Mercury shared damn little if any surviving spores via solar blown and/or collision transferred panspermia, I'd tend to favor upon the much older and well established ET method of making such things happen on behalf of Venus (at least that's exactly the foregone intentions and ongoing actions of what some of us humans have been focused upon accomplishing on behalf of re-terraforming Mars back to life).

BTW; I was going to add a little something on behalf of getting frozen water onto Earth, as sure as hell water didn't materialize from any BIG-BANG fire ball and subsequent creation of mother Earth. Unfortunately, I haven't learned of any such hard-science as per raw water-ice(H2O/ice) or even dry-ice(CO2/ice) as having survived in space travel mode, much less as having survived reentering as to being assimilated into the otherwise hot and nasty environment of Earth. When I learn the capability of raw ice surviving space travel, I'll gladly let you know. Assuming the star/sun was first come first served in the cycle of creation, thus I'm still in search mode by way of asking others as to where did such water-ice or even dry-ice originally materialize and thus come from and, how the heck did it ever manage surviving the hellacious gauntlets of space travels withing such a near absolute vacuum as well as having to travel multiple times near such a horrifically nasty sun as per the google to one happenstance of just getting here in the first place?

I'd go so far as to further ponder throughout the rather enormous evolutionary gaps within our process of supposedly becoming human without external intervention, of our advancement somehow surviving in spite of all odds isn't all that much better than 1e100:1 odds if we must continually exclude every possible ET contribution factor. Life as we know it becoming human is at best a multi-billion year natural process, whereas supposedly the survivable timeline of Earth accommodating such evolution simply isn't old enough, as it hasn't been all that livable/survivable for even all that much of geological recorded history of Earth. However, along with a little outside intervention, at least panspermia as derived from somewhere that is obviously much older (the Sirius star system for just a relatively nearby example), whereas with such older ETs getting involved is where many perfectly good sorts of intelligent design sorts of things could have transpired outside of the normal evolutionary happenstance/crapshoot sequence, and that's even in spite of Earth having been so darn hot and nasty for so many of those initial billions of years, whereas a little outside assistance, such as directing an icy proto-moon into our realm would certainly have made a good deal of terraforming common sense.

Keeping within an open mind, if mature ETs had been within the vicinity of Mars, Earth and Venus, having planned upon terraforming a few such newish planets while the opportunity was most available, Earth probably wasn't exactly providing the most ideal solution, whereas shortly after the time of infusing Earth with the initial teratonnes worth of proto-moon ice having made for as little as 10% of the surface of Earth as suitable for humanity, whereas the rest of Earth would have been situated under water or under ice and/or nearly continual snow, minus whatever dry land as being situated at too high or at too low of elevation and/or of whatever else was at least partially on fire, along with an extremely unstable climate that was either getting blown over or simply getting way too damn hot or too darn cold and/or having been continually flooded or simply as having been re-covered seasonally as well as big-time every 105,000 years in thick ice and snow isn't exactly prime conditions for accommodating those new and improved samples of ET crafted DNA/RNA life, as released upon such an otherwise microbial infested and thus lethal globe that's offering but 10% of it's globe surface as available as for remaining sufficiently dry but obviously not too dry and thus worthy of accommodating humanly DNA/RNA, such survivable land for whatever subsequent deposits of fully evolved humanity as having arrived long after the initial ice-down trauma phase that must have been absolutely horrific for even somewhat advanced humanly to have survived.

In other words of my limited wisdom, whatever creationism or even intentional terraforming is only so good, as obviously any attempts at importing significant life onto a developing planet that's too near (such as Mercury) to a given star is not going to fair so well unless it's well cloked by a protective atmosphere, as well as for attempting anything on planets situated too damn far away from a given star isn't exactly offering a surefire formula for succeeding at creating and/or sustaining life of any sort (Mars being near the far edge of whatever's possible unless there had been a viable geothermal core of reserve energy, or otherwise of having a sufficient Jupiter like mass as to self-generating energy from within), as the zone of natural life as we know it is clearly species and habitat limited, as such we're not impervious to being easily exterminated at a moments notice. Having lots of but obviously not too much energy as key to life as we know it is what gives rise to the notion of a Titan moon being possible for only advance forms of life to have coexisted, though along with a little ET help seems somewhat essential. However, as for natural evolution surviving long enough as to eventually obtaining all of the necessary intelligence as to utilize such raw energy via applied physics goes without saying, as otherwise being somewhat unlikely unless that influx of intelligence was derived from a much older solar system, that which from time to time was close enough for making the interstellar jump feasible.

I'm having to assume core fusion energy isn't going to be all that natural of what a planetary energy resource has at it's disposal, that is unless we're talking about life emerging upon a spent star or of something Jupiter+ size, thus perhaps Titan must have something bio/chemical or perhaps one heck of a massive and well insulated core, or perhaps something thermal nuclear ongoing that's responsible for continually boiling off raw elements into creating and sustaining that terrific 1.5 bar atmosphere around such a 1.35 m/s slight gravity worth of a supposedly icy moon. Of course, this makes me think that our once upon a time icy moon should have been capable of accommodating a whole lot better than 3e-15 bar. Our moon shouldn't even be entirely dry unless something intentionally extracted the likes of water-ice and other elements of salts that would have been necessary to infuse on behalf of life upon Earth, as the only method of transporting such volumes of water through space is sequestered within a suitable shell or at least as having been cloaked under a sufficient atmosphere, then sub-frozen and perhaps surrounded by a layer dry-ice for the short transfer of getting such raw ice away from the moon and into landing sufficient volumes upon Earth becomes possible. Of course, if you were an ET God, this sort of terraforming task should not be all that difficult.

Artificially imported and obviously ET sustained life is all together possible within almost every environment that can be technologically managed, as long as it's within the limits of available elements and by whatever applied technology that's at hand, whereas most all of our planets from Mercury to Pluto are technically capable of their hosting such artificially imported and technology protected life. In other words, interstellar capable ETs would certainly have been fully capable of their camping out just about anywhere except upon the sun itself, or perhaps of their not staying for long wherever there's too much local or secondary/recoil radiation and unprotected incoming debris influx may obviously have suggested as being a no-life zone. Actually pressure is a good thing, and that of much lower percentages of O2 is another good thing unless we're attempting to survive at something less than 0.1 bar, in which case the less than 0.01 bar sub-frozen environment of Mars is going to need nearly 100% O2.

Besides my observation and subsequent honest interpretations of the Magellan images, especially of the 12 looks/pixel composite that's sharing somewhat less than ideal resolution but offering much greater image truth, whereas the laws of physics and the known sciences have clearly been indicating on behalf of my side of this argument as being right, whereas the orchestrated opposition to there being other life outside of Earth has also been anti-ET and thus anti-God from the very get-go, having only obtained their typical knee-jerk over-reaction of what their typical priority-1 of systematically auto-rejecting by way of whatever their mainstream code of evidence exclusion ethics, or rather lack thereof, so happens to stipulates. Yet it's those very same brown-nosed mainstreamers that are the ones insisting Mars not only once had life (of which I actually agree with) and that some of that life may still exist in spite of the situation being sub-frozen, TBI and of otherwise easily pulverised to death (of which I do not happen to agree with such notions of other life as being so easily sustained under such absolute harsh conditions), thus supposedly we should willingly invest decades and another trillion as to physically going there, if not even strive as to going even further away from Earth and that of our moon or Venus, as opposed to investing less than 10% of that talent into accomplishing our moon, or just a few million by way of utilizing 1% of the projected Mars or bust budget upon further exploring whatever Venus has to offer, such as via using direct interplanetary communications that'll not take such vast talents nor the usual decades, nor having to risk the lives of astronauts, nor subsequently polluting mother Earth to the tune of 1000 tonnes worth of artificial CO2 per whatever tonnage gets sent off towards the likes of Mars, Saturn or even Mercury seems a bit outside their perverted box of pathetic life that's essentially sequestered upon Earth and apparently only that of Earth.

Of whatever artificial atmospheric pollution is lingering and ongoing for mother Earth, for some reason this task and/or hidden agenda of supposedly smart folks intentionally depleting our energy viable fossil energy resources while further polluting mother Earth is somehow not as such the least bit forbidden as per creating those additional hundreds of thousands if not megatonnes per year of artificial CO2, plus any number of other toxic substances on behalf of whatever's being R&D, created and launched into space that attributes absolutely nothing on behalf of the lower 99.9%(scum of the Earth) humanity. Of course, in addition to the 5.5 billion tonnes worth of just CO2 that America is entirely responsible for attributing roughly 20 fold greater per population than of other advanced nations, and perhaps a hundred fold grater than of under-developed nations, it's no wonder our last ice has been melting before our eyes from such darker atmosphere and more raw Earth being exposed, allowing the solar daytime energy absorbson as reported increased by 5% as opposed to somewhat less than the added 5% influx being radiated out the nighttime side is due to the fact that Earth's global atmosphere retains more water that has to go somewhere, such as increased nighttime cloud cover that has been reacting much like a global semiconductor of allowing the daytime energy in but somewhat restricting the thermal radiation from leaving, and thereby we've been creating the sorts of energy shift differentials which we see and fear as global warming, as providing worse than ever recorded storms as well as other atmospheric and thermal extremes which have in the recent past and will again be directly responsible for the taking of lives and property. Other than all that, there's nothing much going on that sufficiently powerful and subsequently wealthy folks that just so happen to fit nicely into the "Skull and Bones" profile can't manage as to continue living within their means, even though that represents others of the lower 99.9% are having to make-do or perhaps die trying.

I don't believe I'm exaggerating one bit, as even I personally know of folks that are consuming at least a thousand fold more of just about everything under the sun than myself, and even I probably consume a thousand fold more than the truly havenots, thereby that represents a good million to one energy and subsequent pollution ratio that's as plain as a smogy day between the haves and the have-nots.

I've since had to revise upward my original conservative 100:1 ratio of artificial CO2 being generated per tonne sent off to other planets or even to orbiting or impacting upon our moon, as the thousands of dedicated folks around the world having worked for a decade or longer on behalf of and prior to most any launch, as well as in the case of the most recent of Mars, Mercury, Saturn and soon to come Pluto mission must be continually supported as to their staff hanging on for at least another decade after the fact, where most all of these folks having been commuting upon average 100+ miles per day while they were involved with utilizing some of the biggest and bestest facilities we've got at their disposal, then having commissioned upon dozens if not a thousand spendy publications and whatever a few NOVA class of maximum spin and hype infomercial productions along the way, thus each individual is actually being responsible for consuming megawatts per day and subsequently creating way more than their fair share of artificial CO2, plus contributing whatever intellectual flatulence to boot should honestly have pushed that pollution ratio towards if not far exceeding the more likely 1000:1 mark. Clearly this accelerated energy conversion and subsequent artificial out-gassing is where the warm and fuzzy skewed intellectual bookkeeping talents of Arthur Andersen became polished to another fine art of snookering thy humanity to another fairlywell, and of insuring the next generation of folks that hasn't a freaking clue as to the truth of the matter, especially of whom's going to being paying the actual as well as ultimate price hasn't a chance in hell of their avoiding the dire consequences of what's happened in the past and of what's transpiring as of today.

Unfortunately, besides my pursuing the perfectly good and honest prime topics as related to further interpreting upon those nifty SAR images of what's been looking a whole lot more artificial than not about Venus, and my subsequently suggesting there's been "other Life upon Venus", or such as further pertaining to those sorts of highly unusual spot like illuminations of 500 km that had been clearly recorded are NOT any part of earthshine and somewhat unlikely as any result of lighting. Instead, my efforts against the orchestrated opposition has become an impressive level of my having to return the favor, which obviously sucks worse than what had been perpetrated by way of our cold-wars and now 9/11 that's not going away any time soon.

Due to the opposition's intent upon keeping myself from remaining focused upon a narrow topic of the original observationology, I seem to have gathered upon few too many of these other related sub-topics of interest to share, plus conntemplating notions of our eventually getting ourselves to places like Venus and Mars via the LSE-CM/ISS (lunar space elevator) as providing the ultimate depot/gateway in the sky, but since there has been mostly orchestrated flak opposing any such discovery and upon all related notions, subsequently there has become simply too many of these sub-topics that couldn't possibly fit into a typical forum, nor within most publications unless we're speaking of creating absolute volumes, nor is it likely that your body armor is anywhere nearly sufficient as for deflecting all of the warm and fuzzy mainstream flak that our wonderful NASA/NSA/DoD and of their collectives of their devout Apollo borgs will gladly share without remorse, as in much the same manner as we've gone after those invisible WMD by way of asking questions only long after we've provoked others into attacking us and subsequently we've blown everything else to bits, then using our ultimate "so what's the difference" policy as the ultimate qualifier for whatever collateral damage and carnage of the innocent. In other words, if you're interesting in what our moon has to offer, of anything about Venus or the Sirius star system, don't expect any support from the mainstream ranks, as everything I've got on the table is going to seriously piss-off way more than a few, and I obviously have a lot of pesky topics to share. So, dig in but, be just as prepared to take on flak. And BTW, I don't have to create any of my own flak because, all that I need to accomplish is to pick up what's incoming and return the favor, with love.

Unlike our all-knowing lord and master MI5/NSA~NASA, I'll gladly share-off a few dozen other primary or sub-topics worthy of whatever honest folks might openly discuss and hopefully resolving what has become so terribly wrong with the likes of our NASA, NSA/DoD and so forth about the horrific impact of our cold-war Apollo ruse/sting of the century that was not as such ever honestly captured by way of those Kodak moments, that is unless you merely wanted to realize upon what didn't happen on the surface of the moon. Although, I do seem to have a rather nasty habit as to working much of that context into many of my topics because, those sorts of absolute lies upon lies have set us back nearly a century and cost humanity trillions along the way, not to even mention the continuing carnage over global resources that's ongoing. However, attempting to keep an active topic within the likes of the BBC (auto-purge) forums that suck is easier said than done.

BBC Science Forum, and Brad Guth / h2g2 U206251

Other than per the USENET worth of intelligence gathering and for purposes of their usual dog-wagging spin and damage control of having been brown-nose sucking up to whatever's of American interest, the BBC forum archives, or rather lack thereof anything thats not currently being discussed, whereas such BBC(BBCI) archives are intentionally not being maintained nor even being included within the WWW realms of whatever search engines can seek, and otherwise their auto-purge format of essentially allowing everything that's being typically bashed, ignored or the least bit unpleasant as to summarily dropping such topics entirely off the edge of Earth is their status quo norm (as to returning everything to the way it was), regardless of whatever truth(s) and honest to God worthwhile discoveries is actually quite British typical of keeping their royal butt-cracks as straight and tight-lipped as ever. No wonder those nice Germans wanted to put all of them sorry souls out of their self-inflicted royal brown-nosed butt kissing misery.

Thus lo and behold, unless we're each being individually BBC forum persistent and/or others on our behalf are sufficiently in this life for the long haul of keeping the fires of sharing knowledge for the sake of learning and thereby expanding upon our existence, thus improving our odds of surviving in spite of ourselves, chances are that the snookered American, British and much of the other upper class public of this world is going to remain stuck with whatever their usual government of incest cloned borgs affords as the usual collectives of liars begetting lies upon lies until them Apollo cows come home.

It's become quite clear that long before I ever came along that the majority of infomercial funded publications, textbooks and of the ongoing public forums had become consistently a one-way ticket of collectively dispensing disinformation while otherwise consuming all information, and of internally utilizing such new information (out of context) in order to suit whatever their own desires without ever once considering the moral right and responsibility of sharing squat, other than what's been officially moderated to death and thereby orchestrated as for upholding of the one and only mainstream status quo, or else. Thus topic and author bashings and otherwise banishments are exactly what the mainstream accepted norm has been and remains as all about.

This typical BBC restrictive content and of form of auto-purging policy is certainly none better off than of our NASA's uplink.space.com that's about as anti-ET and thus anti-God, other than that of our resident warlord(GW Bush) "high standards and accountability" and of his "so what's the difference" policy that sucks big-time, thereby having made the average citizen just as morally guilty if not knowingly complicit within the ongoing intellectual-incest of promoting such disinformation as well as allowing the worst possible form of war-crimes against humanity. It seems as though folks that intend to snooker thy humanity do not need a viable reason, whereas almost any phony baloney reason(s) or evidence exclusions will do just fine and dandy. Of course silly me, here I'm thinking way outside the box, like that apparent village idiot fool upon the hill as to thinking the slightest physics/science based lie begets MOS and becomes every bit as bad-off if not actually the foundation of what's become far worse than every other atrocity that's been perpetrated against humanity. If you can't place trust within the laws of physics nor of their supportive hard-science that's supposedly providing us with whatever's the truth and nothing but the truth, then what else is skewed and/or falsely justified?

If I'm dead wrong, as such it seems otherwise that the likes of the supposed honest science and physics forums would have wanted their topics continually archived and thereby being directly accessed by the various internet search engines, especially if they're being supposedly so all-knowing and proper about absolutely everything under the sun, as what could they possibly have to lose unless they're afraid of being caught while lying their stinking British butts off (again and again). Fortunately Brits don't hold much of a candle to our form of global pillaging and expansionism, of contributing such a perpetrated cold-war of our mutually dog-wagging butt lying expertise, as to what we Americans have achieved lately that's supposedly second only to what the likes of what Russians had previously accomplished for less than 10 cents on the dollar, and long before then it was the postal going Pope as dealing with those nice Cathars that probably give the likes of Hitler exactly the sort of notions that his methods weren't going to become nearly as bad off for humanity.

As a direct result of MI5/MI6 and equally NSA, whereas only indirectly and inefficiently are folks of the BBC/BBCI forums able to search and locate upon ongoing topics and external information that's not being moderated to death or otherwise banished. Such as from my BBC h2g2 account, from which they can select the BBC "TALK" option or otherwise using other back door methods that are not user friendly, which seems rather unfortunate if certain members should care to revise their h2g2 entro page and related journal entries as to suite whatever hidden agenda, as even the likes of Osama bin Laden can manage to coexist within the BBC, whereas as average individuals are essentially left out in the cold or otherwise entitled to the British style of mainstream disinformation.

So, if you should find anther topic of interest, or would like to suggest upon one that I might be able to contribute a few words upon the available research that's at hand, as for learning and otherwise sharing something of worth, at least judging by the amounts of official opposition coming from our pro-NASA troops should give us another clear indication as to where the mainstream collectives will soon be sharing the most topic bashing bang as well as their flak for their almighty buck/euro. Meanwhile, humanity keeps paying for everything that comes along, as in hopefully extracting the good benefits more so than unknowingly and/or unwillingly funding the bad and the ugly portions that which so often has been the trademark of our past, of having to learn after the fact of what's been ongoing and most likely responsible for the construction of so many physical as well as intellectual walls, such as the formats of such aggressive/preemptive auto-defensive intellectual systems of today (going by the lastest round of bomb shelters being installed throughout Washington DC, I'm to guess that we're actually planning on provoking a few others into WW-III before our warlord administration lets go of their incest infected brass ring).

As an example of what humanity could be accomplishing; this honest topic of "Interplanetary Communications" as per Local Laser Area Code(LLAC) efforts, or perchance interstellar communication goal of achieving a Long Distance Laser Area Code(LDLAC) beacon is not of anything that's pro-SETI, since SETI is not as such the least bit focused upon such nearby targets as due to their extremely limited intellectual as well as limited species mode of using inefficient microwave technology that's primarily eavesdropping upon the likes of such distant places that are so far away as for being most likely quite dead and even entirely gone by now, and otherwise of places where humanity can never survive long enough upon Earth as to our chance of ever obtaining a reply due to our frame of existence being limited by the known speed of light and typical though not exclusively ongoing rate of recession, making our combined life spans incompatible with such SETI notions of our ever transmitting squat with any remote hope of expecting such distant ETs to offer a reply on our behalf, as in what's the point if we've been long gone before our outgoing packet ever arrives, much less a reply materializes. Whereas the likes of calling Sirius (being the most likely and nearby viable star system) is at most offers 19 years for obtaining a conventional reply, as opposed to an extremely advanced (0.2% c or 60 km/s) one-way probe taking tens of thousands years just to get there, if ever. Therefore, at least Sirius is worth our placing a doable laser cannon call that's utilizing the most widely accepted method of inter-species communications, at 400~450 nm tailored towards all but the blind and/or pathetically ignorant (though such photons easily converted on the receiving end as for accommodating the blind as well as on behalf of the most dumbfounded of ignorant bigoted souls as common upon Earth), and of otherwise there's always the likes of Venus being well within a few light-minutes worth of our LLAC backyard, whereas at times a duplex link would be taking less than 5 minutes worth, while using far less than a megawatt pulse/packet (millisecond beacons) as to efficiently accomplish such a task from some backyard or even mobile setup, and possibly of less energy than a KW/packet/ms as long as we're talking about sub-milliradian performance.

For yet another positive topic selection; "Lunar Space Elevator LSE-CM/ISS" is not intended as a negative topic about why such can't possibly function, nor has this one pertained to why humanity shouldn't bother going to the moon, nor is this tpoic about anything NASA/Apollo unless you'd care to make it into another sub-topic or primary other external topic of the sorts of LLPOF liars as having been telling us "Lies That Beget More Lies".

The notions of "Terraforming the Moon" is also not a topic joke, nor is it the least bit science fiction. However, mention the moon for absolutely anything except the pagan worshiping of the NASA/Apollo cultism and, lo and behold we've boldly started WW-III along with identifying loads of those stealth WMD as hidden somewhere in order to justify all the shock and awe of our dog-wagging collateral damage and carnage of the innocent, just so that our mainstream can deliver their first and subsequent sucker-punches without remorse. The topic of creating an artificial lunar atmosphere of CO2/Rn or whatever, even if it requires that nasty matrix of Radon and dry-ice would enable the efficient deployments of instruments and robotics without all the smoke and mirrors of spendy and risky fly-by-rocket landers that apparently nobody actually has to work with.

As for discussing the "The coolest real estate upon Venus" was clearly not a topic focused upon how absolutely hot and nasty Venus can be, nor is it even pertaining to what's humanly cool since nocturnal lizard folk or perhaps exoskeletals could just as easily be cold-blooded and without a single nerve being exposed to that heat, or otherwise simply a whole lot more sophisticated about their thermal insulative EVA suits, although visually such folks could be those having a magnitude 5 better off visual sensitivity, and of a peak wavelength being shifted by a good 100 nm towards perhaps something a bit more nocturnal of worthy of 407 nm, instead of our primitive 507 nm peak spectrum sensitivity that's anything but nocturnal. As for this coolest real available estate topic, if we could just get another grip upon exactly how cool certain parts of Venus can become, as then the topics of whatever nocturnal forms of life might still exist is a given, especially if there's all that available energy to deal with whatever's still too hot and nasty.

Of "How Much Energy is Enough", is offered for the sort of topic based somewhat upon what we know Earth has at it's disposal, and of what an influx shift of +/-1% can do to our environment that'll reck absolute havoc upon our survival. For example, of what as little as an additional 1% influx comprised of mostly near-UV might have accomplished as for accommodating life upon Mars, whereas that same 1% increase or perchance even a few teratonnes worth of an ice-ball might have been sufficient as to exterminate nearly all of human life as we know it to exist right here on Earth (something to the affect of 40 days and 40 nights of rain and floods comes into mind). Or it's also about what amount(s) of energy can accomplish great things towards making insurmountable issues surmountable. BTW; Sirius/ab was certainly capable of delivering a great deal more than a 1% influx booster, perhaps 10% if you're honestly focused upon the near-UV and UV/a spectrum rather than just the IR portion.

Of this "How Much Energy is Enough" or perhaps that of "How much Energy is Too Much" are the sort of topics that can be initially argued over and over by using the likes of comparing our survival upon Earth, that of Mars and conceivably that of having to survive within our moon, before ever having to contemplate the notions of our physically going onto Venus, which I still happen believe is better off as for an environment having too much energy rather than zilch, such as for going to Mars for the prospects of getting your Butt sub-frozen and otherwise TBI and easily pulverised to death isn't exactly promising upon any safe return.

We seem to have known that because Mars is nearly half the size and merely 10.75% the mass of Earth, whereas such that's clearly offering so much less gravity for holding onto an atmosphere than what Earth has to work with, so much so that even if Mars were to be repositioned where Earth is, or even as a secondary or entire replacement though more distant moon of Earth, that the revived atmosphere would likely remain a relative fraction (1/10th to at best a possible terraforming worth of 1/4th [0.25 bar]) of what we have to work with, and otherwise darn little if any magnetosphere backing any of that up. Thus without a substantial thermal core, and regardless of the solar influx, such a small and low density planet as Mars is going to have a rather tough time of it, unless that energy influx were to become more near-blue and of a UV/a spectrum (such as the bulk of what Sirius/ab offers as 325~425 nm has to offer) rather than IR that isn't good for much of anything, especially tough for folks if the relatively thin atmosphere is not providing an adequate shield against the sorts of solar/cosmic radiation or shield/diversion from those pesky meteors that'll kick serious butt if their terminal velocity was to remain as nearly 10 times that of what Earth has to work with, as that's offering at least another 100 fold greater influx of substance that'll reach the surface at 100 fold greater impact worth of energy. And trust me folks, you don't even want to honestly know about such items as impacting nor of what sucks about skydiving upon our moon.

Of what's too much energy influx should be the likes of what Mercury or especially of what Venus has to deal with in addition to considerable geothermal contributions. Though fortunately, the smaller size, mass and even density of Venus to that of Earth insures a rather good deal of retained atmosphere as your shield, that plus the likelihood of viable and thereby invaluable geological elements as being naturally delivered to the surface via mud flows and volcanic express, of the sorts of elements that are not nearly as likely to even be found within Mars, much less of our moon. At least with such absolute loads of directly usable energy being at your disposal is where insurmountable issues become surmounted, whereas unless you've otherwise imported nearly every stinking watt of energy to Mars, the chances are of whatever has been insurmountable about Mars will remain so.

Fortunately for Venus, and certainly towards their good fortune and perhaps just in the global warming nick of time, this new/emerging world offered sufficient elements to spare, whereas their atmosphere was becoming sufficiently thicker as well as dense, and rather extremely buoyant enough as to sustain those enormous clouds that essentially reflect/transfer most of the solar IR influx, as in partially transferring the solar IR influx into their nighttime side as being effectively radiated away, as otherwise the geothermal surface and near-surface environments would have become truly hot and nasty, if not the entire globe having exploded before our eyes.

Last time I had checked, Venus wasn't exploding nor imploding, thus "energy in = energy out", plus having been taking along a bit of the core thermal index along with it having been reported as being worth 15% more than attributed by the solar influx, clearly indicating that Venus is no longer getting itself hotter. At least the greater consensus having been that Venus wasn't always so hot and nasty, nor has it been further accumulating solar energy in spite of our sun supposedly getting itself measurably hotter by the decade.

Roughly 54 w/m2 that's mostly of the near-UV and lower visible spectrum (375~575 nm) of the solar influx that actually hits the deck (excluding the obvious conduction mode of thermal transfer energy) leaves us with an external ongoing energy balance of nearly 2.6 kw/m2. Since whatever energy-in must equal energy-out, the available energy that can be extracted and/or stored within the atmosphere and clouds of Venus as a whole becomes rather tremendous. Whereas even though Mercury is so much closer to the solar energy resource, there's so darn little atmosphere as to soak-up and subsequently having to transfer/radiate out the backside, that as such is why there's so much less available energy as being stored and/or transferred throughout the atmosphere of Mercury, and that very same argument goes even further into the physics space-toilet for the likes of Mars. Lo and behold, of the environment as surrounding Venus is damn near representing a hydrodynamic ocean worth of opportunity, whereas near the surface becoming roughly 10% the density of water, and especially within the extended season of nighttime where the atmospheric density is by far the greatest, and where the opportunity as to extract energy is actually improved upon if that were based on the 4+bar/km and 10ºK/km worth of available differential for each and every m2.

Using a base offset of 10 km we're talking about nearly 40 bar and 100K worth of relatively dense CO2 per m2. That's worth 145 psi or 64 kg/m3 times whatever volume gets past a radial power turbine at perhaps a velocity of 16 vertical m/s. That's 1024 kg/m2/s is better than a metric tonne per second per m2 of whatever's perfectly capable of being converted into squeaky clean and entirely renewable energy.

This is where the never ending questions upon insurmountable issues should have become one of "how much energy is enough", as actually being somewhat of an energy dilemma upon what on Venus to do with all of the surplus of easily accessible energy, none the less being entirely renewable, and/or of subsequently debating upon what the heck isn't surmountable about Venus. Obviously insufficient energy is nearly always a real problem, such as for the likes of Mars and of whatever's further away that'll require every joule of energy to being imported, as obviously having been extracted from Earth or perhaps afforded from He3/fusion and other nifty elements as extracted from our moon.

At 2650 w/m2 divided in half is but another primitive way of briefly suggesting perhaps 1325 w/m2 worth of solar influx alone should be directly and/or indirectly converted, thereby usable by whomever is smart enough (that notion obviously excludes most folks from Earth). Excluding the vast bulk of thermal energy being geothermal, as to taking into account the global atmosphere that extends well past 160 km before reaching 1e-6 bar, of that being worth at least 4.5e20 kg (inclusive of all cloud and mist/haze density), of which in places there are more than 30 km worth of such energy packed and water holding clouds to work with, though if given just the average 20 km depth of cloud and haze as being primarily situated well above a median radius of 6102 km (roughly 50+km off the deck) provides roughly 10e18 m3 worth of an acidic/electrolytic (H2SO4 sulfuric acid) substance that's possibly capped by S8 and thereby thermally conductive on behalf of the vast bulk of what's accommodating the day/night(energy I/O balance) plus having to deal with a great deal of outgoing geothermal energy and thereby further shifting the global thermal energy balance, whereas due to the mostly retrograde wind velocity and absolutely terrific buoyancy factors, I believe within that volume there's perhaps 10e12 tonnes worth of what's representing at least 152,100 terawatts as to work with.

I believe as much as a third of that 10e18 m3 worth of cloud density being easily extracted in the form of pure H2O on demand. Of course, I'm continually eggagerating on behalf of the positive side of this argument, and as better models of the atmosphere and of what's situated above and just below them nifty clouds should only yield an even greater volume and subsequent usable density worth extracting more energy as well as pulling out H2O. Without applied technology is where none of the H2SO4 would ever become plain old H2O, much less be deposited anywhere upon that hot and nasty surface that's being quire nicely sustained by geothermal energy and according to John Ackerman receiving nearly a continuous dosage of S8

However, as for a wee bit more realistic energy extraction that's situated near the surface, as such might be easily founded upon the vertical 4 bar/km and by the 10ºK/km worth of what a mostly CO2 density that such an elevated environment of what 65+ km/m3 at base and at good elevation providing at the very least 50 kg/m3 has to offer, as that's downright impressive if you'd care to run with the kinetic math on what a few m/s of such a good density and volume of CO2 offers as it's expanding through an upper axial/radial power turbine as having that 4+bar and perhaps 10ºK/km offset with respect to whatever the nighttime base entrance environment has to offer. As such, I do believe there's multiple GW worth of continuous and obviously entirely renewable energy to being easily had, as such offering only a slight if any thermal signature (that's if you knew exactly upon what and where to be looking for such) and otherwise absolutely no pollution created, nor is there likely to ever be any disruption in that available differential. Because it's bone dry and this being a crystal clear and thereby clean body of CO2 (except for those geothermal plums of S8), as such there's absolutely no corrosion issues. Even if the vertical exit velocity of a given power turbine were to obtain merely 4 m/s, the base intake of this vertical-wind and somewhat cooling tower-of-power wouldn't have to exceed 1 m/s, thus even mechanical erosion factors due to velocity should not become factors. This example is purely a direct energy kenitic extraction process that's nearly impossible to achieve 0.025% of such upon Earth, thus entirely impossible for the likes of Mars, and thereby proves my point that sufficiently smart folks need not import a watt of energy if planning upon staying for awhile on Venus. (BTW; electrical motor/generators already exist that operate at 100% load within an environment of 811ºK, the likes of ceramic bearings have been around for decades, and standard radial expansion turbine designs that are efficient exist. So, there's no technology R&D requirements unless you're another certified village idiot that's fcoused upon snipe hunting after all of those stealth WMD, and thereby fully supportive of our resident warlord).

This suggestive abundance of there being such surplus energy doesn't represent that we should expect to find the roasted ET remains of hundreds of millions, or even the prospect of uncovering the likelihood of hundreds of thousands having survived by skating about on artificial ice made of h2o2. Chances are that their greenhouse impact on top of their already geothermal situation hasn't been any walk in the park like a certain series of entirely unscaved lunar missions claimed, and whereas Venus being supposedly so darn hot and nasty, I'd be absolutely impressed if there's but a few thousand souls still alive an kicking. However, with essentially unlimited energy at their disposal, and countless geological and atmospheric elements (including H2O) easily accessible, and of a little applied technology that simply doesn't have to include anything radio, along with those darn pesky laws of physics at hand, I'd say there's certainly a perfectly good deal of viable optimism that perhaps tens of thousands of nocturnal folks could be doing just fine and dandy in spite of their having to past us as for their being right nextdoor to the absolute dumb and dumber and most dumbfounded other planet in the universe. After all, Venus is nearly as big as Earth, whereas accommodating tens of thousands of souls as disbursed over just the nighttime season is going to be a wee bit sparsely populated (Earth offering but 10% of it's surface area as suitable for human life as we know it, whereas at least their nighttime season represents nearly 50% of Venus as good enough for sufficiently smart life to coexist). And, since their season of nighttime is still too humanly hot and nasty, I'd have to say that most decent folks having half a brain would have become at least smart enough as to their surviving by way of their having been situated as nicely protected within well insulated(R-1024/m) abodes, that is unless they're efficiently cruising about within some massive rigid airship that's having to stoke up the hearth on behalf of comforting cold blooded types because their season of nighttime is getting rather cool at 25~35 km, perhaps above 35 km it gets down to as little as a nocturnal lizard bone chilling 350ºK, although even 450ºK might seem a bit cold to an exoskeletal cold-blooded sort of individual that has become thousands of years acclimated to life within a pressure cooker.

Since it's my contention that UFOs are accommodating of mortal ETs that can't stay aloft forever (I don't believe for a minute that ETs are immortals nor without need of shoreleave), as in traveling through space at perhaps 1%'c' (3000 km/s) unless they've managed to have phase shifted past our limited frame of coexistence (in which case 10%'c' (3e4 km/s) would be downright impressive, and whereas their rpbotic probes might actually have reached if not exceed 'c' as indicated by their having a UV signature instead of a physical IR signature), and especially since our government as having those governments of the past would just as soon kill them off and summarily eat such ETs alive if they ever got caught anywhere on or even near Earth (examples may include the unusually advanced but extremely small stature Drops/Dzopa of 10,000 BC), or perhaps even worse off these days if they're the least bit associated with such invisible/stealth WMD or the likes of Osama bin Laden. It thereby stands to reason that they'd need a suitable but safe outpost/abode (UFO park-n-ride) that's sufficiently out of sight and thereby out of the perverted and sick minds from the nearby but otherwise really stupid humans, and preferable for that location being where there has already been an existing atmospheric cloak and absolutely loads of easily available energy to boot, as you simply can't keep your stash of beer cold enough ithout said energy. Fortunately, easily available energy is something the likes of Venus has way more of than it's fair share of the fact that it's a wee bit too humanly hot and nasty, but this really isn't such a big factor if applied technology is offered more of said local and none the less 100% renewable energy than you and I can possibly shake that flaming stick at.

Energy in = energy out is not just about the 2650 w/m2, whereas there's also the ongoing and rather substantial geothermal outflow and of the terrific atmospheric soup that has become their surrounding and extremely buoyant ocean that's making for the easy access to said energy at the very least several hundred fold better off than for what our 1375 w/m2 influx that has almost no atmospheric soup density to offer as accessible energy storage, and perhaps Earth has not 10% the geothermal outflow. Earth reacting somewhat like having to charge up a storage battery that's mostly water based, whereas the Venus storage battery offers a nicely isolated layer of sulphuric acid and apparently a good portion of S8, with otherwise protective layers of nifty CO2 and even a usable nighttime seasonal cap of O2 that's as easily obtainable on demand as for vacuum distillation of extracting H2O from those relatively cool nighttime clouds. Of course, the biological likes of Earthly village idiot heathens are not allowed upon Venus, as only smart and capable nocturnals are permitted within their genetic DNA pool that's obviously a whole lot smarter about their surviving in spite of having been situated nextdoor to the dumb and dumber and most pathetically dumbfounded other planet in the universe that's still focused upon pillaging their planet to death before considering the alternatives that may be too little and too late to matter.

I'd have to say, that's why I've had to defend every conceivable step of whatever I've learned and believe that I've discovered of what's mostly of honest scientific values and of what's supported by the known laws of physics, and apparently this effort must continue in spite of why others opposing such truth must continue with their doing absolutely everything within their dirty little cold-war black books as to undermine the likes of anyone (especially myself) at every possible turn in the road, creating a rather nasty and continually skewed road of cloak and dagger disinformation which was already formulated by others long before my time, as founded almost entirely as based upon a perpetrated cold-war of liars telling us lies upon lies until them Apollo cows come home. Unfortunately, this long and winding road of perpetrated lies offers many nasty switch-backs and unexpected excavations of somewhat hard to identify evidence, of which the likes of even Senator Kerry would have been hard pressed as to alter such an established focus of such deeply Skull and Bones rooted ulterior agendas that seem to have become as much anti-ET as anti-Islamic and therefore anti-Muslim and anti-God as they are supposedly anti-Hitler, yet his intellectual if not biological incest close association with the very same "Skull and Bones" cultism that's providing a nifty cloak of past and of a present day pro-Hitler extremist like intent, of actions having been focused upon protecting their positions of power seems just as intended for continually shielding their status quo butts, whereas this undertow simply isn't going to make for his or any other honest job any easier, nor is there a safer personal/political alternative than to stay the mainstream course that's been so well established by our resident warlord(GW Bush) and of those before.

If need be, I can certainly filter out (white-wash) and/or rephrase whatever in order to sufficiently moderate my personal views upon the US government and of the many agencies that seem to have been running humanity amuck by way of their skewing history along with all of those social/politically conditional laws of physics that apparently work differently upon our moon and on Venus, and thereby subsequently keeping all of whatever's astronomy as focused as far away from our moon, Venus and Sirius, thus astrophysics and of numerous other sciences throughout our mainstream are clearly remaining within their usual mainstream muck-running mode of their direct and indirect methods of moderating against us village idiots, in as much as they can muster upon keeping humanity away from what I believe has been decades worth of nondisclosure and need-to-know that's been getting in the way of folks honestly advancing humanity. By way of the mainstream obstructing and/or orchestrating our science past is exactly what dictates the present and future of science, seemingly at times of running the truth down and of exterminating it wherever there's any chance that the actual truth and nothing but the truth might become told, whereas such I've been pretty much on my own for nearly the past six years.

As for another not so brief rundown of what has always been in progress, and indications of what's to come is perhaps still at best a bit dyslexic encrypted, though if need be as readable in reverse order, with the most recent of topic/pages and of others being edited as from the top down: https://guthvenus.tripod.com/update-242.htm

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