"Moon is less hot by earthshine"

and of a few other lunar related issues

by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA    updated November 08, 2003

Besides the moon being a seriously cool place, that is as long as you're in the shade or enjoying one of those vibrant star spangled evenings under the tremendous illumination of earthshine. However, the similarities of the Mars landscape strewn with such meteorites could become the lunar every-day/night more so testy issue than the 342 rads/hr of mostly solar influx, as sufficient shielding constructed of basalt composites will fend off most of that nasty radiation and more than adequately insulate from the lunar hot or cold. However, dealing with micro and/or those not so micro meteorites is perhaps the ultimate endurance factor of any EVA pod that's not literally constructed of armor-piercing bullet proof substance.

Unlike the Mars landscape, as ragged and sharp edged as those meteorites were depicted, the lunar versions should actually be somewhat more intensely sharp and, simply more of them because, unlike Mars, the moon has almost no atmosphere to deflect nor thermally fracture or physically aerobreak those impacts prior to striking the lunar surface. Thus per m2, there should be not only more existing but also more accumulating per year, thereby of an EVA mobile pod offering perhaps as much as 36 m2 of target should be prepared to expect an impact of at least one such micro or larger meteorite per day, to perhaps as many as one per hour, say a 1 mm pebble traveling at 10+km/s. Being that basalt composites offer such terrific impact resistance (especially if we're talking about 100 mm worth of composite) as long as those pesky impact craters can be identified and subsequently the fractured outer composites repaired as needed, there shouldn't be any insurmountable difficulty in surviving multiple 24 hour outings. Of course, of those 100+mm meteorites depicted as strewn about the Mars surface, if those sorts were unimpeded as targeting the lunar surface, at perhaps 5+kg and 20+km/s, we're talking about having to survive and/or accommodate some rather serious impact resistance and subesquent energy release.

Thereby lunar radiation, as well as lunar hot or cold, may without a moments notice become the non issues if your lunar motorhome has recently acquired a seriously big hole in it. Though this is where basalt composites should shine, as in being a whole lot tougher than nails as well as resilient, and best of all, fully field reparable. The ideal spherical shape may not prove as advantageous as the tube like structure for this lunar bus, thus most but not all impacts will be deflected to some degree, making the unlikely zero-dead-on impact a win-win for those using this lunar bus. Of course, there could be personal survival pod/coffins within that would resemble miniture life-boats that just so happen to look exactly like coffins, which if necessary could be retrieved robotically, if need be dragged back home to the safety of the LSE lobby.

I very much like this sort of feedback as a quote provided from Paul Mays:

"Furthermore it becomes folly to seek a boundary
between synthetic statements, which hold contingently
on experience, and analytic statements, which hold
come what may. Any statement can be held true come
what may, if we make drastic enough adjustments
elsewhere in the system. Even a statement very close
to the periphery can be held true in the face of
recalcitrant experience by pleading hallucination
or by amending certain statements of the kind called
logical laws. Conversely, by the same token, no
statement is immune to revision. Revision even of
the logical law of the excluded middle has been
proposed as a means of simplifying quantum mechanics.
-   Willard Van Orman Quine"

Perhaps this same quotation can be applied directly upon those invisible WMD, or better yet upon those really seriously dangerous (for real) donkey-carts, as well as for the purpose of our better understanding upon any number of other distortions and outright lies associated with our perpetrated cold wars against humanity, such as the immoral justifications for the sorts of disinformation and then subsequent damage control that's gradually becoming accountable by a few others making those "drastic enough adjustments elsewhere". It's bloody amazing what puzzle pieces start fitting together after a sufficient number of decades have passed, and those responsible as well as those subsequently benefitting have long passed their time on Earth. This might even become almost as good as re-discovering that Shakespeare actually did write all those plays, and that Cathars weren't actually exterminated by the Pope.

I'm assuming the part about analytic and/or synthetic statements is in reference to my research. Though if and when I'm given the correct information in the first place, and/or better yet is where the topic and/or quest is being formally addressed by the sorts of supposedly nice folks that apparently already know everything there is to know, as then whatever the analytical/synthetic statements should exactly match the real periphery thing. Although, when I'm being feed orchestrated disinformation and/or incomplete data, or perhaps encrypted data that only the author knows the all important key to unlocking, then I have to punt. Sometimes my punting takes on a curve-ball, and/or my efforts at coming in contact with that curve-ball as incoming flak caused that ball to bounce unintentionally off a few of those bystanding spectators, those that have been tossing said flak at me ever since I discovered the more likely than not existence of what's artificially remaining on Venus, in plain old sight which is very much unlike all those invisible WMD. I'd have to call this wild-ball my sort of the "lose cannon" affect, or perhaps my version of friendly fire that's run amuck.

The part about "no statement is immune to revision" seems to clearly fit my situation to a "T", as eventually I'll revise until it either looks right or at least reads correctly, either of which I'm obviously having my difficulty with accomplishing, while having so much other responsibility of returning favors by tossing back so much of their own flak.

A somewhat more recent quote of worth offered by Aman Motwane:

"One thing I teach people is how to connect those dots.
  ...  When we see the truth of what's going on, we can
grow from that and create the outcomes we want"

Yet another solid sort of individual worth a few good quotes is David Helfand:

"The best science is done when the maximum number of people have access to the data"
"We are playing a very dangerous game. The basic nature of science is being distorted in the public mind"

That part about "maximum number of people have access to the data" must exclude village idiots, Cathars and a good number of other nice folks, as I seem to have located more of those black holes regarding our moon and now of Venus than all of what astronomy has recorded to date. Otherwise, it seems I'm willing to share, but others are not.

It seems as though, assorted dot connecting has been basically what I've accomplished for the past three years. Obviously I've been creating the sorts of outcome(s), allusions if you will, that suits my agenda, the focus of which has been about my hopefully connecting up with other worthy dots of life NOT as we know of, or perhaps NOT as most folks are willing to accept regardless of whatever is fact. Those ongoing Lunar Space Elevator (LSE) dots are simply another extension of my dyslexic way of offering an affordable as well as highly obtainable means to various ends, including on behalf of those numerous lose ends associated with connecting up those Venus lizard folk dots, or perhaps if we're simply too late (again), as for connecting just the very well done remains of, or of whatever's left of their remains to connect (certainly wouldn't be the first time humanity stood by while we watched as perfectly nice folks burned at the stake).

The fact that we have no specific knowledge of current Mars life (microbe or otherwise), doesn't represent there's never been, or that there's currently no sufficiently adaptive life to being had. If one is to honestly include upon certain levels of survival motivated intelligence, along with some degree of ingenuity and thereby applied technology, perhaps even some dumb ass luck tossed in for good measure, there can be life sustained in outer space (ISS), as well as human life surviving deep under water (submarines), as well as wherever it's too damn cold and/or too hot and nasty, as long as the tolerance for such extremes is being adequately met by the technologies and/or laws of physics at hand, not to exclude upon whatever a little DNA/RNA evolution might have devised while we weren't looking. As such, there's actually darn few places in which intelligent life can't manage to coexist.

I tend to believe if any microbe survived the transition of becoming frozen near solid and otherwise irradiated to near death, chances are fairly good that those Mars microbes are going to be highly intelligent, and perhaps looking for a human host whenever the time comes. If we're stupid enough to goto Mars and to mess arroud with much of anything, perhaps we'll all deserve the outcome.

Obviously any surviving life on Mars would have become downright testy, as in way too cold and way too irradiated to death for any form of life that we know of, especially since the geothermals are nearly depleted and there's almost no atmospheric kinetics to work with, as without energy resources you haven't got squat. Whereas Venus, this roasty toasty greenhouse planet offers more natural energies than you can shake that flaming stick at, and wherever there's energy there's opportunity for sufficiently motivated life to adapt in spite of lacking the necessary DNA/RNA of natural evolution. As long as their present DNA/RNA related to their intelligence wasn't in the toilet like ours, Venus offers multiple solutions for surviving.

Of life composed of arrogance and utter stupidity on the other hand, this proves that such pathetic life can't even manage to coexist here on Earth. Unfortunately for Earth, we have cultivated way more than our fair share of pathetically stupid folks, many of which have already died, more often than not taking others with them, while still so many others are well along their way to becoming prematurely terminated. So, as for being on such a life survivable planet like Earth is no clear assurance that actual intelligent life exist, nor of whatever life is existing has any further right to survive. What I'm saying is, when and if our mad scientist create a truly bad microbe and/or bug, hopefully someone has taken the moral responsibility of destroying that nasty creation before it gets lose, or will return some day to finish off with the exterminations of a planetary terraforming effort that ran seriously amuck.

BTW; if in fact I'm supposedly so incorrect on "so may levels", then how about my critics offering some of their specific numbers, as from the other side of this non-paranoid non-delusional equation, offering the corrected data that so many folks much like yourself keep speaking of as though they know everything there is to know about what they're talking about.

Never the less, I seem to keep receiving loads of their warm and fuzzy flak, mostly from others intent upon focusing nice folks away from the truth, away from the facts and further away from what's affordably obtainable. Though in spite of all these testy differences, I'm still interested in their comments and/or technical expertise of others that could, or at least should be capable of shedding some intellectual light upon what the lunar surface environment has to offer. After all, as compared to Mars, the moon isn't all bad.

Surely there's some solid data, other than Apollo, as to what the fully solar illuminated surface is like (I'm not speaking of the visible light spectrum but of radiation aspects), where I'd be quite interested to know about those times of passive solar activity when the combined direct solar influx and resulting secondary TBI dosage is below 1 Sv/hr, as well as when that's at the extremes of 100+ Sv/hr, such as during the last week of October 2003 and well into the first portion of November.

As equally of considerable interest will become the value of the earthshine illuminated lunar surface, as to the hourly levels of TBI dosage imposed as a result of the galactic influx along with the reflected and/or deflected solar influx via earthshine. Certainly lunar nighttime represents a whole lot less than being fully solar illuminated, and thereby irradiated to death by day.

As the final nail in this coffin of lunar radiation knowledge, I'd like to obtain a basic awareness and thereby understanding of what the absolute lunar nighttime of just the galactic influx is all about, especially if we're speaking of the lunar back-side while the sun is being eclipse by Earth (perhaps more correctly phrased as an Earth eclipse of the sun from the perspective of the far side of the moon) where Earth along with its Van Allen buffer zone of death is obviously blocking and/or absorbing its fair share of solar influx, thereby the maximum or extreme lunar nighttime (opposit side to Earth) becomes the utmost shielded from solar induced radiation, unless there's some other supernova contribution. As such, are we speaking in terms of raw rads/hr, or perhaps only a few mr/hr?

I'm assuming that the amount of secondary radiation (day or night) is going to be somewhat directly proportional to the space between the lunar basalt soil and instrument/probe reading, whereas a distance of -10 cm into lose soil of basalt and meteorites should be about as activated as it gets, and of the measurement taken at 1 meter above the surface should be measurably less. Though since there's so darn little atmosphere, perhaps only a few billion atoms/m3 of lunar atmosphere, the attenuation per meter may need to be revised in terms of requiring a kilometer before there's a significant reduction.

Since the lunar core has recently been established as thermonuclear, there's bound to be geological vanes or pockets of radioactive concentrations worthy of becoming nuclear grade fuel, if not even weapons grade. So, obviously there's going to be those locations of the lunar soil and/or rock being more radioactive than not.

I've come to understand that the lunar substance itself (crust) is roughly twice as radioactive as Earth, whereas Earth substance may represent as much as 0.01 mr/hr, thus lunar substance should offer somewhat twice that amount, or 0.02 mr/hr.

This is where I'm trying to be the Mr. Nice Guy, by not being the "all knowing " wizard of space radiation knowledge, whereas I'll post credits to those able and willing to suggest and/or specify whatever. I'll even make those corrections to my calculations, giving credits to those responsible for their efforts at informing the rest of us folks of what's what.

If in fact I'm all of half right about the enormous values that are inherent in establishing the lunar space elevator, and of the subsequent gravity-well counter mass surrounding the next generation of ISS (LSE-CM/ISS) as offering a moon dirt depot situated at ME-L1.1, then of knowing the lunar environment is certainly an important attribute, though not essential for the amounts of basalt I've planned as a safety surround (3+ meters for being underground and/or 75+ meters worth as associated with what's surrounding the CM/ISS interior.

The lunar SE lobby itself would be something that's situated below 3 meters of basalt plus of whatever surface meteorites, thus offering 1024 g/cm2 of shield density as well as thermal stability, whereas the CM/ISS environment would be surrounded by many additional meters worth in order to accommodate the necessary SE gravity-well mass, while otherwise offering a great deal of impact resistance, as well as for permitting the off-loading of hundreds if not thousands of basalt tonnes for the purpose of outfitting manned missions to wherever with a sufficient surround of lunar mass, of which can not be affordably derived from Earth.

In addition to simply affording a good deal of mass for radiation and of much needed debris (meteorite) shielding, the raw elements within lunar basalt could also become the raw fuel for the ION or EMPD engines of the future, then the basalt itself should already be the ultimate fiber, and thereby the ideal composite of structural material for comprising whatever the task demands. It doesn't get much better than that.

I heard it said; that somewhere on Earth there's a fool born every minute, whereas in America we seem to leave nothing to chance, we educate them as fools.

Myself included because, I believed that America was all good and right, sort of warm and fuzzy all over. I had believed that the likes of the USSR was purely dastardly and just mean spirited with their sole intent upon ruling America and of the entire world into their communist ways. I was taught to trust only our government, and to intrust that the likes of the SEC were doing their jobs, that the FBI, NSA and CIA were supposedly on our side. I was even taught to being respectful of all religions and above all, to respect the honesty and integrity of all charities.

Lo and behold, life is not only unfair, its been a damn lie from the get go. So, don't be all that surprised if I've taken exception to and/or question your data as for having ulterior motives, and/or suggest there's an ulterior agenda at play. It seems there's hardly a topic of scientific interest that's not been skewed into the nearest toilet by social/political agendas, and naturally that must include those laws of physics when folks utilize such as working just fine and dandy upon supporting their agenda, while denying those very same laws from supporting the competition, even if that competition is the truth. As that's somewhat like how we knew all along about the French and British cold-war agenda, of their accomplishments of intentionally downing the Russian SST, clearly as to remove the competition at all cost, just like we've known of the crimes of the 6-Day war was specifically why our USS LIBERTY was nearly destroyed along with killing 39 of our folks (in that case the hand that was feeding got seriously bit). The current Pope knowing of how his church of God, or perhaps Satan, specifically exterminated Cathars and of anyone associated, for absolutely no moral justification whatsoever, is simply more icing on the cake.

I certainly could go back and forth in time if that's the sort of tit for tats you're looking for, or perhaps we could focus our remaining talents and limited resources upon obtainable goals that'll benefit all of humanity, within our lifetimes no less.

Sorry folks, if you think you've gotten your moneys worth out of NASA, as that simply isn't the case whatsoever. In fact, we've all been snookered, some of which working in tall buildings and onboard certain airplanes have been snookered to death, and ever since hundreds of thousands have either lost their jobs and/or taken substantial cuts, and thereby 10's of thousands have lost nearly everything they owned prior to 9/11 and, thousands more have been dying on the spot because you've been further dog-wagged as well as snookered into going after those invisible WMD (so far it's Saddam 1, America 0). 9/11 has impacted America and of American interest not by hundreds of billions, but by trillions and, there's still no end in sight, only the greater likelihood of yet another round of retaliations (so far it's Taliban 1, America 0).

America has gotten itself into being just like Israel, whereas we can't even goto the bathroom without first checking for explosives.

What do you suppose is next?

Another USS LIBERTY fiasco?
Another USS SHUTTLE whatever fiasco?
More supposedly friendly fire casualties?
Another flight-800 event and subsequent lies?
Another 9/11, this time using fire(s) to fight fire?
A nuclear as well as biological tit for tat with North Korea?
Use of the Boeing/TRW laser cannon as a tool of ethnic cleansing?

Don't look now but, we're still getting our butts seriously kicked in Iraq.

The likes of the ESE fiasco is simply another tactical dog-wagging diversion that's so far costing us hundreds of millions and, soon after this will be costing hundreds of billions, whereas eventually trillions by the time there's a working version capable of transporting humans to/from space without being burned at the CNT tether/stake for merely visiting the Van Allen zone of death, that which has been known to deliver a raw 40e6 Sv/y, as I've identified such radiation dosage from a worthy TRW Space Data report indicating 2e3 Sv/y if you're shielded behind at least 2 g/cm2. Of course, you may have to go fish, as those supposedly highly qualified Apollo freaks will inform you about the mere few mr/hr associated with those 36 hour lunar EVAs, as being simply another walk in the park.

I certainly don't mean to be the continual messenger of doom and gloom bad news but, since there's been so little believable nor affordable alternatives proposed by those intent upon accomplishing their ESE or bust dastardly deeds, or of the absolute insanity by those intent upon going after those potentially lethal Mars microbes, whereas that doesn't leave the rest of us village idiots, like myself, with all that much to work with.

This rather testy lunar radiation issue is all about what's what. In other words of doom and gloom wisdom, standing on the fully illuminated moon is not the same as being situated behind any significant shield, as not only is there NO Van Allen buffer zone, but darn little atmosphere to cut the solar influx, as you're standing in front of, as well as literally into, the material of shield itself (clumping moon dirt and all). As secondary radiation goes, it simply doesn't get any worse off than that. 36 hours worth of solar maximum, or worse off is being solar minimum, your butt may become cooked beyond what any banked bone marrow can save. Even if your 0.5 g/cm2 moon suit interior were 1% of what I'm suggesting as lunar environment, 36 hours worth is still only survivable by bone marrow transplant. Of course, going by way of earthshine, we may very well be speaking of only a few hundred mr/hr, of which can easily be moon suit shielded.

Testy lunar surface as space radiation (@342 rads/hr):

Regarding my Lunar Space Elevator and/or GMDE depot:

This somewhat related page pertains to the updated notions on the Earth/moon recession energy factors.

The arguments imposed against the LSE are still intentionally bogus, as in being orchestrated to reflect poorly upon whatever I or anyone else has to say on behalf of utilizing the moon for absolutely any purpose, as equally against focusing whatever resources upon Venus. The likes of this blooming ESE group is of another prime example of what's been running seriously amuck, though bringing to light some rather novel ideas that shouldn't get too many folks killed, just bankrupted and otherwise dead from old age long before there's any worth coming from this misguided adventure: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/space-elevator/

Essentially, NASA and of their loyal till death armies of their internal as well as external Borgs are continuing to lie through their false teeth, as much as they're playing if not betting the entire farm upon the utter ignorance of a seriously uneducated and thereby easily snookered America, using political dog wagging might and cost-plus infomercial influence whenever and wherever it suits their task of pulling off their ultimate sting/ruse of the century, that which includes the likes of continued butt covering over the failed Apollo-1 (10) that irresponsibly roasted three perfectly good folks for absolutely no sufficiently technological reason, somewhat exactly like what happened to that NASA/Apollo safety engineer and of his entire family on the day prior to his testifying.

Regarding a little something of what you and I can and/or can not see:
, as this is where WYSINWYG applies (what you see is NOT what you get). The only thing illumination has to do with lunar radiation, is for that factor or element being from the source of that illumination, as obviously the primary influx of the directed radiation that's striking the lunar surface, as well as accounting for those sheets or layers of solar flak, all of which are seriously loaded down with radioactive particles, especially of those solar flak tossing events during the last week of October 2003 and into the first week of November.

In other words, our sun is by far a seriously big cosmic source of rays, that just so happens to offer visible illumination to boot. In this case, what you see is absolutely NOT what you get, at least it's not the nasty part of what you're getting, it's just the visible indicator of where you shouldn't be, unless you're surrounded by a few tonnes of basalt.

The non illuminated lunar surface is not only much darker (illuminated by mere starlight) but, a whole lot less irradiated. The earthshine illuminated moon is only of a very slight irradiation factor, thus EVAs are not only radiation safer but way more than sufficiently illuminated.

The surface of the moon itself (mostly of dark basalt) is essentially the shield, the mass that's ideally situated between yourself and of whatever is radiating your entire body.

Obviously we have a wee bit of a problem with respect to walking on the daylight lunar surface because, instead of our being shielded as behind such mass, we're obviously standing directly in front of it. Worse yet, if you're standing on that infamous clumping moon dirt, you're obviously standing within the lunar substance itself, where down to -10 cm there may be the absolute greatest degree of secondary radiation to being had.

On top of all that, said lunar soil and rock is supposedly of mostly basalt, which is not only relatively dark in color (near black) but far denser per volume than aluminum and, thereby creating greater amounts of secondary radiation in the form of hard X-Rays, and that's a fact.

With honest regard to what can be seen; With an aluminum coated mylar mirror of as little as one square meter, this simple passive device could have been established so as to signal Earth via reflected sunlight, even earthshine reflected back towards Earth would have become detectable by most any of the existing observatories of the day, where as little as 10 m2 of this reflector would have been detectable by the amateur astronomy eye, and the likes of 100 m2 should have become down right irritating, especially if that were as focused. Of course from all the incoming debris impacting, the highly reflective mylar itself would need to be robotically replaced from time to time.

I believe obtaining a 1 focus would have been exceptionally more intense/m2 than merely direct sunlight, thus without having to introduce all that much sophistication, absolutely zero energy, nor as for representative of hardly any weight nor volume, our crack radiation-proof Apollo astronauts could have and should have established this simple reflector. Ever since those infamous Apollo missions, of so many other low cost and reliable robotics could have been delivered in much the same manner as we done onto Mars, as well as for delivering and establishing the VLA/SAR image receiving module without involving another astronaut.

BTW; regarding that mylar solar reflector issue, that item which could have easily been situated on the lunar surface, if focused at 1 and embellished into automatically tracking upon the sun, then if voice coil enabled, this incredibly simple and extremely low energy demanding opportunity could have been modulating those solar reflected photons in a very binary format, as well as offering any number of analog and/or quantum binary formats of truly impressive baud rates, thus efficiently transferring to Earth all sorts of seismic probe data, background acoustical, thermal variations, and naturally of surface radiation data, as well as just a concentrated stream of solar photons ever since the early 70's would have been worth the trip. The capabilities of what just 10 m2 focused to 1 was not only doable, but far less involved as well as less costly than of any moon buggy. In fact, I'd be surprised if we're talking 1% the cost, and certainly of not even 1% the weight.

Regarding a little further moon dirt cheap aspects, but of extreme astronomy imaging without optics: https://guthvenus.tripod.com/moon-sar.htm

Unfortunately, my delivery still isn't sufficiently punched up with animated 3D graphics, nor custom surround sound. My promotional production staff isn't NOVA, my infomercials are not those being funded by tax dollars and, unlike Hubble huggers and dozens of other astronomy as well as certain physics cults, I'm not suggesting anything that's going to roast another batch of our valuable astronauts. However, if this LSE holds true to form, the commercial enterprise aspects will more than sustain the ticket to ride and, if need be, I'll personally pay for all of it from the GUTH Venus proceeds.

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