Moon formed from older Earth?

Certainly possible, though I think not, especially if going by those supposed moon rocks

by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA

Stop already, especially if you're out and about looking for proper terminology, polished syntax or even exact math, as that sort of context you're not going to find. What you will discover is that I'm a whole lot more right than not, as just as equally capable of creating worthy conjectures that should place new (outside the box) insights into how we perceive the past, present and future.

These are just a couple of worthy links related to what's entirely possible:

"Origin of the Earth and Moon", as written by G. Jeffrey Taylor, and the Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, as well as others:

Planetary geology; Moon formed from older Earth?

The likes of Al Cameron may be absolutely correct as to lunar creation, as I'm certainly not of sufficient worth to be suggesting otherwise. However, even though his computer modeling assertion that Earth was impacted and subsequently formulated the creation of our moon from Earth substance seems quite doable, though unfortunately, his honest efforts may have been skewed from the outset by those supposed moon rocks, and their lack of containing the proper refractivity as well as radiation index.

As otherwise, this lunar arrival and/or creation event seems just as equally to coincide along with an alternative conjecture that I've suggested, of that impact projectile perhaps being the moon itself, of belonging initially to Venus. As for the likes of Venus arriving into our solar system along with a moon, of which Earth being the gravity bully of these two worlds, essentially took possession of that moon, though perhaps not without the Venus moon touching down for an instant, thus an moon/Earth impact may have occurred, which may have accounted for establishing the rather significant lunar core offset.

If this vastly more complex computer model were comprised of Venus arriving on the scene, along with it's moon (possibly that moon being as large as Mercury), if that were to have become a merger of a sufficiently mutual outside gravity-well union of VL1+EL2, and/or perchance even the inner EL1+VL2 zone, with that lunar orbiting about Venus eventually becoming elliptically situated directly aligned by these two planetary gravity opponents, as such, something would have to give. As for the moon that may have initially been polar orbiting Venus, this body would soon become orientated as a highly elliptical equatorial orbit, ever distorting in orbit as being pulled closer towards Earth.

Once said moon was sufficiently on the path or persuasion of more or less favoring Earth as opposed to Venus, the combined entry level of gravity mass represented by the Venus/moon dual will have become less united, as well as the potential impact of that moon with Earth would have become considerably more likely. In fact, creating not only a tremendous pulsating gravity-well situation of a sufficient energy release (way more than sufficient for agitating the lunar core into a heightened state of thermal activity), but perhaps sufficiently so as to have boosted and/or released the likes of Venus away from the mutual EL1+VL2 association, allowing Venus to move off and settle into it's present day position, though not without leaving behind its moon.

As for the studies involving those supposed moon rocks; there's still no clear nor conclusive evidence that those rocks are in fact lunar, being that there was no independently certified contributions of what those insufficient basalt rocks represented, in order to account for the lunar illumination index, and even of whatever supposedly clumping moon dirt samples seemed lacking in basalt content, of which the illumination refractivity was not the least bit representative of the typical 11% and, oddly once that infamous moon dirt was situated on Earth, even while exposed to 1000 times the H2O environment, said moon dirt was oddly no longer clumping. The truly dark lunar substance should have been entirely of basalt if not nearly coal or more soot like than not, and of the otherwise greatest illumination refractivity of the lightest lunar portions shouldn't have been obtained/photographed at much over 25%. More recently misunderstood, but now clearly understood, is the value of lunar substance radiation index, as unlike what was acquired from those supposed moon rocks, would have needed to represent at least twice that of Earth basalt.

All of this doubt over those moon rocks is not to mention the truly horrific solar illuminated induced radiation exposures, of those issues being way more than representative of a lethal (342 rads) TBI/hr dosage factor, nor of further mentioning upon the total lack of lunar lander technology, with there still being those entirely insufficient prototype flight testing rituals that would have at least offered an astronaut having a death wish, hope of pulling off what was to be expected. Even if the lunar surface were somehow half as irradiated as EL2, that's still a fairly nasty 34+ rads/hr., hardly moon suit survivable from any 36 hr. worth of EVA.

So, I'm obviously one of those village idiots that remains not all that convinced, that those moon rocks which Al Cameron based his computer model upon were lunar, which doesn't exclude his conjecture, it just sheds a little more light upon the alternatives than not.

As compared to my pathetic efforts at delivering a new thought or two, pertaining to how the likes of Venus and/or Earth may have come onto the scene, as well as for how I'd like to believe that our moon was something dragged along for the ride as Venus merged into our solar system, as well as for the perfectly dreadful thought of how Earth may have been terraformed, supposedly by God, though in reality it could just as likely been those nice Cathar like lizard folks from Venus, of subsequently their playing God, or perhaps playing the bit part of Frankenstein, as in fooling around with a few too many of those petri dishes and, perhaps their losing track of exactly whatever it was they had created, which is almost exactly what a good number of our mad scientist may unintentionally plan upon accomplishing with our going to Mars, of which onto those existing and new hybrid Mars microbes, at least until something better comes along, that makes us their God.

I believe life isn't perfect, certainly isn't fair, not even on behalf of the most advance civilization would have been immune from making a few mistakes, and of subsequently covering up whatever is considered as their butt, as well as wagging their dogs to death long before ever admitting to making such a horrific mistakes, somewhat exactly like the sorts of really big DNA/RNA mistakes that's been responsible for the likes of G.W. Bush, as well as a few too many others I could think of.

Speaking of not being perfect; these a are a few pages chuck full of my dyslexic way of looking at things. Too bad all the folks telling me how much of a village idiot I am, while how bloody smart they are, these nice folks being so bent upon self destructing humanity, that they can't even manage to decipher my apparently encrypted context (maybe they're not actually as smart as we've been informed).

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