(and how hot is hot, who's saying it's too damn hot, seems we been lied to again ) ( by; Brad Guth    updated: June 26, 2003 )

I simply couldn't decide upon what to name this page. I started off with "DISINFORMATION~R~US", but then instead I had considered using "Chariots of Fire", though after the COLUMBIA fiasco that seemed inappropriate, so I then reconsidered "TOILETS~of~FIRE" because it's supposedly so damn hot on Venus, but not to be forgetting about using "VILLAGE IDIOT verses NASA". Somehow "WAG THE DOG ~ II" seemed most appropriate. Unfortunately, I'll have to polish this page as time permits, as unlike my flawless and even clueless critics, I can't seem to avoid making a few mistakes, sometimes more than my fair share, as somehow when they were handing out all those God badges and/or Borg implants, I missed out and got the dyslexia merit badge instead.

This page was created on the eve of our shooting off our other foot (again), this time using Iraq as the excuse and as led by our very own warlord Bush. So, I thought it was another good time as any to review the past two and a half years. This being the sort of "should have been / could have been" report upon an otherwise ongoing plan of our government intentionally distracting the news media (at all cost) away from anything Venus, especially GUTH Venus.

To start things off with; you and I were supposedly educated by the same system. The American education system that brought each of us through the near brink of self inflicted destruction upon many occasions and, for some of that brink having become reality for many (disproportionately) non Americans, especially for those of any non-allies. Unfortunately, for many of those involved with our version of history, their willingness to go with the flow was not their idea nor first choice, in fact, if they (myself included) had it to do this portion all over again, I'm thinking Austria or New Zealand or perhaps Nova Scotia would have been a smart move, as even Cuba looks a whole lot safer than being a target in this grand and not so old USA.

Somehow this supposedly near perfect American system taught us to believe in what we read as being truth worthy, especially if any of that had our national stamp of approval, such as NASA. Thus we started off in a big way believing in the Easter bunny, as well in our pro-white-American versions of God, our further entrusting in absolutely anything our government ever did or even took credit for doing or perchance elected not taking credit for, as either way it was supposedly nothing but the truth and the whole truth. That also meant of anything USSR was simply pure evil, as bad as bad gets. So, if the good book of American standards and morals stipulated Mars was seriously cold, we believed, and if that same good book stated Venus was seriously way too hot, that too we believed. As like the pledge of allegiance, if you didn't get the words just right you were either punished, belittled and/or received lesser grades if not a swift boot from any number of friendly passer-by.

Regarding Venus heat; exactly how hot is hot and, who says?

We, the greater body of consensus among the worlds' educated, have been given the opinion or proper understanding from all sorts of politically approved documentation and subsequent publications (none the less by those publications receiving NASA's official moderation stamp of approval), that of whatever our personal humanity can't withstand, as with regard to too much heat per 24 hours, that somehow this sort of criteria is to be considered as what's universally defined as for being "too freaking hot" for any life as we know it to exist, apparently as equally anywhere else in the universe (period!), as somehow the laws of physics upon pressure has been denied it's place in the sun, where most specificaly being denied function on Venus. As apparently, according to my loyal opposition, a good number of the laws of physics as well as SAR imaging simply do not apply to Venus (I guess, being the village idiot and all, I didn't know that).

I'll need to reaffirm upon something; as of before I ever discovered what I did, I too believed that Venus was simply way too damn hot. I mean, every textbook and research article clearly stipulated such (still does) in black and white as well as spectacular color, that "Venus was too hot and nasty for life to exist" (period!). So quite understandably, when I introduced not just the idea but of darn good imaging evidence which clearly supported that apparently there's another interpretation out there regarding tolerable heat, that which is not exactly as according to what's been previously outlined in our textbooks, trust me folks, some of that heat and horrific friction noise was just me seriously working against the grain.

Somehow, I'd gotten the oddest notion that folks involved in space research and exploration were intellectually curious as well as honest and mature, at least capable applying their expertise for that of reviewing options upon a few "what if's". Such as, what if there were a certified picture of something (actually of a darn good number of something's) of what looks, smells and even taste very much like a group of artificially constructed attributes (very community like) that's situated somewhere where it's supposedly too damn hot, but none the less, there it or rather several items of good size are, as situated in a collective community comprised of numerous other interesting attributes that are quite remarkably unnatural looking (at least by any recorded geological standards to date, as well as by any conjecture based upon the known laws of physics).

You might have thought, that even if this were the toasty remains of whatever once existed (pre greenhouse as in X thousands or perhaps even millions of years old), that such evidence alone would have become of some limited interest to an intellectually mature research scientist. Wrong again, totally dead wrong. As it turns out, the notion that certain research or astronomy folks are mature about anything that's the least bit contrary to what's already been published (especially of their work) is a huge step if not a forced march in the absolute wrong direction and, to even suggest they're possibly mistaken in any of their pretentious previous assessments of Venus, this is obviously becoming a worse thing than criticizing their mother or religion, pagan or not.

I even tried out a little humor tactic;  another truly bad move, as humor caused nearly every one I contacted to literally explode, body parts going everywhere, brains soared into low Earth orbit and ever since I've been having to dawn a full-body flak suit. Apparently the humor gene or of the humor DNA/RNA were somehow removed from these folks and, if you should go about injecting something of humor, they instantly get a soaring fever because their immune systems start rejecting it like it was some sort of foreign biological matter that's infecting their body.

All this fuss (way over reaction along with their retaliation flak) seemed a tad bit odd to myself, as why would anyone knowingly turn down the opportunity as to re-explore what's so obtainable (especially of these days when budgets and resources are supposedly so tight), as well as to reject upon something that was so easily verifiable as compared to just about every other past or ongoing space exploration adventure. After all, Venus is right next door and, every 18+ months it's a mere 110 time lunar distance, or that's almost classified as a near miss as space travel distances go. And besides all of that, unlike all of the other planets explored (including Mars), at least Venus holds a great deal of promise of learning about not only the remains of whatever and/or whomever constructed items there but, as to understanding the rather enormous potential of renewable energies for such a toasty and still geologically active planet, as just about everywhere you care to turn there's positive examples of energy resources as defined by the known laws of physics. Unlike anything Mars, at least on Venus one has immediate access to and the sheer abundance of simply loads of natural energies by which to accomplish whatever (CO2-->CO/O2 conversions and air conditioning might be something highly in demand, but again, that's simply another one of those doable things). Such energy may be obtained just by the vertical pressure differential of 4+bar/km and of those nighttime thermal differentials of 9K/km (near surface could be offering 10K/km), of which this seems like an almost unlimited energy resource by way of our present day technology that could easily derive environmentally green megawatts if not gigawatts 5832 hours per day, as in forever (this is somewhat like locating an unlimited waterfall that's situated smack in the middle of a seriously hot desert, except in this instance the kinetic flow of energy potential just happens to be going in the opposit direction, UP UP and away!).

Because no one else would bother, I looked up what other substances might safely coexist on Venus and, lo and behold, under that nifty pressure cap (92+Bar and actually as much as 98.5 bar nighttime, greater pressure yet in any Venus death valley) there happens to be a good number of fluid elements that would remain stable, such as under such pressure even hot H2O2 remains sufficiently stable and, obviously sulphuric acid is another item that's good for go and, because there's so little free O2 percentage, there absolutely no chance of creating any undesirable reactions, and besides all of that, how difficult is it to construct fundamental containment spheres for those valued elements which may require a little more pressure, especially when creating 1.1, 1.5 or even of 2 atmospheres would be so damn simple as well as efficient)?

Oddly, there has also been a more recent recorded gradient of O2 that's worthy of our further understanding but, that subject is also become taboo, as Venus isn't supposed to have any significant O2, not that other life requires but 0.1% under such pressure.

Seems like, or as though, if this world (Earth) were getting itself hotter by the day, with folks all around you becoming impatient as well as short tempered (literally hot under the collar), that such a thermally induced motivation might start off an expedited round of expedited technology applications, such as for fully enclosing whatever open reservoirs into being fully contained and if need be pressurized, exactly like what we already accomplish regarding LNG. I realize that your average "village idiot" is not supposed to think about, let alone know such things, but this is not exactly rocket science, nor is there any prerequest as for the existence of other technologies to exist, such as radio need not be in play nor even all that much in aerodynamics. In fact, for the essentials of one's survival by rather primitive sorts would have figured out the solution as to containing their dwindling fluid resources of H2O or of more importantly beer, as well as their having seasonal migrated to territories of sufficient elevation and preferably nearness to other geological energy and element access, as this too is not rocket science, it's called salvaging your sorry butt or else.

Once the evolution of your planet became sufficiently toasty, say too damn hot to even take the family Winnebago out on the road and, since all of your rivers and lakes had long since dried up, it seems like somebody (the village idiot perhaps), just fooling around with those party balloons would have come across the notion of utilizing airship travel. Here again, there's absolutely no rocket science involved, certainly nothing of radio needed and, by having such a buoyant crystal clear as well as stable ocean of mostly CO2 that was remaining sufficiently calm as well as generally protecting yourself from all that solar flare radiation, along with the addition of those terrifically thick clouds accomplishing more of the same, I mean to say, how pathetically stupid would you have to be, to not realize upon what you had to work with. Even of glass or steel spheres displaced by N2 is offering 26 kg/m3 and a whopping 65+kg/m3 upon using H2 (that's offering roughly 54 times greater buoyancy than the Hindenburg and safe as ice cream in the middle of Antarctica).

So, how hard could it be, to come up with glass/ceramics and/or steel alloys for containing N2 or H2?

Venus certainly has those essential raw elements of making glass, steel, iron, most certainly of ceramics and silica and of whatever's below the surface should be providing ample deposits of coal like petrochemical deposits and possibly (most likely) there's even radioactive stuff. There's obviously numerous active volcanic resources of geothermal heat, plus whatever raw elements that are being naturally delivered via lava or mud flows to the surface, not to mention whatever can otherwise be expedited through applying a little vacuum distillation processing, of which should accomplish nicely as for cracking out just about anything your over-heated cold blooded lizard heart could possibly desire. Again folks, so far none of this is even rocket science, more medieval or possibly of the bronze age and somewhat like witchcraft potential.

I've learned that N2 is certainly not any problem as to coming up with and, with such nearby volcanic mudflows are likely those to be providing a natural resource of H2, and even if not, there's always those relatively cool nighttime clouds, that of any dedicated airship comprised of N2 displacement could easily reach into, as to obtaining cloud contents which can then be efficiently vacuum distilled into pure H2O, then obviously converted and stored as H2O2 as well as processed into mega volumes of H2. So, how about for yourself, just trying for once not being so absolutely negative about absolutely anything that's residing outside of Earth, by openly reconsidering upon the minute speck that we are, existing among so many other seriously bigger solar systems (some offering multiple stars like Sirius/ABC) and not to mention those of far bigger and better galaxies, or has your God become so bigoted and narrow minded that such thoughts are simply unimaginable?

Unlike frozen and radiated to death Mars microbes, just about any place on Venus you care to look you've got yourself natural resources of heat and of subsequent thermal differentials, thus you've got access to energy, not to mention whatever can be derived via extracting selective elements as CO/O2 as directly obtained from all that pre-heated CO2. As I've mentioned countless times before, even that atmosphere is chuck full of energy potential and, of those terrific clouds, especially those cooler nighttime clouds are those even more so accessible as for their useful elements, which just so happens to include good old H2O, as in mega tonnes worth of that stuff is just sitting up there, as suspended upon that terrifically buoyant and crystal clear ocean of mostly CO2. Once you've vacuum distilled out whatever amounts of H2O, the next logical step is perhaps processing that into H2O2 for storage and then just as I've already indicated, processing out a few million cubic meters worth of H2 (sort of on demand).

Quite unlike our polluted and life depopulated wet oceans, the Venus atmospheric ocean is entirely unobstructed by any land mass and, further unlike our wet oceans, their ocean is unobstructed, crystal clear and relatively calm, at least up to the bottoms of those thick clouds, say 35 km by day and perhaps 25 km by night. That's certainly giving a great deal of ocean depth to work with, 25 km is most certainly sufficient as for accommodating a perfectly good working environment for any rigid airship that I can think of and, that's certainly not all. As for powering your airship could become the best part, as for burning CO/O2 as your primary fuel/oxidiser is only semi rocket science. Electrically exciting that raw CO2 (basically electron igniting CO2 across a small gap for achieving xenon illumination) is also not being rocket science. In fact, as for having to build sufficient pressure firing chambers is not even required and of igniting the already pressurized and preheated CO2 is damn near child's play (at least for any smart lizard child on Venus). If need be, further compressing upon that atmosphere is something that's extremely easy and efficient to accomplish, such as for intentionally creating heat exchanging (as in air conditioning) and further towards one's processing upon extracting CO/O2 in sufficient quantities to seriously power your airship may become where this function is getting a wee bit into rocket science, but still nothing to the degree, manner or intention as you and I would normally think of such things (in the dark ages upon Earth is were we have examples of fires turning essentially small updraft turbines and, that's certainly not rocket science).

Doing whatever it takes as to salvaging your own butt is hardly comparable to our way of doing things (unless there's stock options involved or incriminating documents to shred before the SEC takes another look-see). First of all, I'll be willing to bet there's no stinking patent office on Venus, as no new idea goes for long without being announced (unlike here on Earth, where most ideas must first become patented and thus seldom never get past go, especially if the competition buys them out and, of those that make it are often a decade after the fact), nor are you likely being restricted from utilizing whatever resources it takes as to getting the task at hand off the ground and flying, as every day that damn hot sun comes up from the West and slowly UV's your environment as well as your butt into the new greenhouse reality, that it's not getting any cooler for at least another 2900 hours, is perhaps incentive enough at getting folks to either piss of get off the pot.

Fortunately there's tonnes of benefits as to having such an atmosphere of mostly CO2, being nicely topped of by another moist layer of thick clouds. Besides the terrific ocean buoyancy affect, there's the solar flare radiation shield benefit, a damn good thing to be having since your planet is so much closer to the sun and your planet has either lost or never had it's magnetic field and thereby no Van Allen belts (you simply can't have too much of such a good thing as radiation shielding). Secondly is the fact that since CO2 is providing such a nicely thermal conductive element while remaining electrically insulating, obviously means that a good number of otherwise testy chemical activities can be safely taking place. In addition, once that nasty sun goes down, then that same thermally conductive CO2 soon becomes your very salvation, as becoming your nighttime season's heat exchanger via vertical thermals, as being entirely unlike what the NASA moderated textbooks have to say, where those nighttime clouds are not only a whole lot cooler, they're lower and somewhat thinner as well as radiating away a good deal of their absorbed solar IR heat (even of those preheated clouds being sent briskly about the upper atmosphere are only acting like convection boosters (this is thermal conduction on steroids, as there's certainly little if any nighttime IR involved), because if this were not so, that planet would have exploded long ago, which it obviously didn't. And, don't discount the amount of free O2, as there's been research indicating that a gradient of such is offering 50/50 at the nighttime elevation of as little as 100 km (daytime could place that balance waypoint at 150+ km), plus there's other research clearly indicating that life even as we know it could adapt to as little as 0.1% O2 and even of humans at below 1% without evolution/adapting (just a little thermal protection).

I'v discovered that being the village idiot has it's drawbacks, as it means that you're on a "need to know" basis, as an outcast that's intentionally being ignored which also represents that if I can't determine the precisely worded phrase for asking a technical question, you get either squat nothing or receive orchestrated disinformation. Whereas for yourself, supposedly not being a village idiot, shouldn't have that difficulty and, that's why I've asked of others to pitch in and provide their expertise, such as in regard to rigid airship technology or deriving energy from all of the available resources of Venus (that's asking a lot since Venus seems to offer more than Earth has), for better understanding what's physically possible and, towards focusing our limited resources and talents upon making contact with whomever is still hanging around, as obviously they've been a whole lot smarter than we've given them credit for (all we need to do is learn a little Venus lizard lingo).

I know there are good folks out there that are not formally restricted by any nondisclosure cult agreements and, capable of doing what's moraly right is still within their prerogative if not responsibility, admittedly that pretty much eliminates most any pro-American pro-NASA type, as for one thing you'll need to have been educated without all the cloak and dagger influence created by generations of political and economic warlords telling you what their version of the truth is. In this country, seems you can't hardly think straight, let alone explore and deliver anything new into such a clogged septic system that's still using those ENRON/Andersen toilets for processing every document. At some given point, the idea that science and physics can not be dominated and subsequently dictated upon by any corrupt or at least incompetent political system must prevail. Basically, the science and physics of what's been going on with the planet Venus is something that's long been within the realm of being survivable, especially since we know that toasty greenhouse environment didn't happen overnight. The Darwin theory of other life making it's way in spite of all odds is also something that's within the realm of known physiological capabilities, again I'm speaking as though the onset of any greenhouse was taking at least thousands, ten's of thousands if not million of years as being way more than what necessary for life to have adapted and/or accelerated in technology, that certainly does not mean the same thing as flourishing without bounds, as there are sure to be reasonable limits to just about everything and, Venus could already have exceeded their capacity by having become the latest "Easter Island" of lost civilizations but, I somehow believe that as of 13+ years ago that was not the case.

As you will soon discover, I've located but three worthy sites and, that's without exploring the entire Istar Terra as for being another most likely zone of life. Unfortunately, the Magellan elliptical orbit was simply way too high over Istar Terra to enable any degree of resolution, where under that restriction such details lesser than 600 hundred meters are not even showing, in fact a 650+m object is about as good as that territory offers, from what I can tell that's just not going to cut it.

So, how much longer should we just stand around doing nothing other than blowing up half of our own planet, while otherwise stripping, desecrating and polluting the remainder. Seems my thought upon interplanetary communications is a wee bit past due, as there's certainly nothing technology unobtainable with UV and/or near UV spectrum communication packets, as these are certainly well with the realm of what's been existing on the shelf, even establishing the VL2 platform as for performing a relay/signal converter/booster is relatively cheap and a doable thing. For one other thing, there's absolutely no human risk involved, as well as there's no interplanetary biological infection threat involved and not even all much of any mission delay. I'm offering only positives unless your religion is already about to kick the bucket and your past political and hopefully moral decisions are those about ready to bite off your own butt. Perhaps we need to reconsider what do we really need more of, than of whatever self inflicted fear as lurking around the next corner?  I happen to think we need a serious break from our past and, with something that's internationally capable of pulling us (all of humanity) well out of this ongoing loop of doom and gloom, with profits to spare.

Good grief folks, I know for a fact that I've stipulated upon this positive enterprise/economic aspect at least a hundred times before. What could possibly be better than our taking charge of discovering and sharing a new realm of intelligence, something that can only lead to future interplanetary commerce and, of all the freaking planets, which one other than Venus is closer and more obtainable, having it's own natural energy resources to boot. You certainly can't say that about Mars nor hardly of any Jupiter moon, and besides all that, communications wise, at least Venus is a local laser call (no long distance charges).

So, why all the fuss?  ~  Why all the dog wagging?

The only thing that keeps coming to mind about why all the discovery avoidance through "spin" and "damage control" on behalf of blocking honest research and mostly for opposing my discovery of potential life surviving on Venus, is somehow having to do with seriously big-time "dog wagging". It seems as though, I've inadvertently stumbled upon a perpetual rat's nest of horrific disinformation, upon a ruse of the grandest proportions and a good deal other intellectual smut than I ever expected. Actually there's more here than a little obvious, as there were motives galore, hosted by truly insatiable money trails, enormous power, greed and subsequently God like arrogance. The cold-war was obviously not cold (never was), at least not for those directly affected by our nation intentionally doing everything politically and economically as well as invasively possible towards making their lives a living hell, by causing their nations to extract/deplete unacceptable resources in order to compete with the likes of ourselves on not such a level ballfield. The Apollo moon race was the last straw, as no matters how hard and how good those Russians were, there was no way in hell they could beat us to the moon, that's because we soon discovered that we couldn't do it either, not even at 100 times the investment of what the USSR was capable of expending, as early on our science and physics was running seriously amuck with radiation issues and, I'm certain while there was a time and a place to have gracefully retreated once the personal staff informed JFK of the unlikely achievement of any goal for placing our men on the moon by the time originally stated, by making it clear that this was simply not going to happen as planned, as worse case was the much greater likelihood of our inflicting a good number of lethal embarrassments upon ourselves and, that's not even including the ET radiation factors which by today's standards we barely have the solution but still not the means by which to safely deliver and retrieve humans from the moon.

From what I've learned about an actual lunar mission, considering the typical solar flare output and of the very nature of the average travel speed and overall mission exposure time, this is at best pushing up daisies for those utilizing the technologies of the late 60's. First of all, there simply wasn't sufficient mass involved as to fend off full body insults of an accumulated 0.1 to a potential of 10 Sv's and besides all of that, we had apparently not even achieved a working 1/6th gravity scale test flight lander, nor never once achieved by any recorded documentation of the imperative "fly-by-wire" technology (still can't hardly keep our Osprey's in the air which are aerodynamic and thus much easier than anything of purely rocket thrust), simply did not have sufficiently modulated rocket engines, the lunar lander had little if any gyroscopic mass stabilisation and not the least of all, KODAK still can not stipulate how their film ever managed in such a thermal shock environment (+/-250 degrees F) along with all of that radiation impact, as those cameras weren't made of thick lead nor thermally insulated. Taking those same raw cameras and film into antarctica and you'll get cracked and broken film, that's only -150F, not to mention the other thermal lunar extreme of +250F of noticeably deforming film (that's 38F above boiling at 1 bar), remembering that because there's no atmosphere, thermal shock goes quickly from sunlight at +250F to shade being -250F in no time at all, as in instantly), Try putting your Hasselblad w/film in the oven until it cooking at +250F, then take a few pictures and advancing that tightly rolled film, then instantly place it in the coldest part of your freezer (actually a CO2 fire extinguisher may be necessary in order to even approach the same degree of thermal shock) and then once again again trip off a few frames and lets see what happens, as somewhat exactly like what the lander itself had to tolerate in a more static mode, situated so that half was thermally stressed (expanded) at +250F while the opposit side was seriously frozen (shrunk) at -250F, that's some sort of neat structural failsafe non-distortion trick for such a large item made of such pathetically thin aluminum (flat sheet metal panels no less capable of structurally sustaining perhaps 0.2 bar pressurization without ever bursting a seem, of which even that's generating 432 lb./sq.ft. upon such flat panels which is extremely stressful).

None of this part came easily, I had to really think long and hard about a number of items that were oddly no longer adding up (as a teenager at the time, I certainly didn't have the expertise), as prior to 2000 I had obtained lots of expertise and I was absolutely certain we had made it to the moon, at least by the final mission because, that would sufficiently explain why the world's worst mission survey photographers couldn't disclose all the truths without also disclosing that some of the prior missions were cold-war impostors, like why there's never been a vibrant star depicted in that pitch black sky over the horizon of an asphalt (10% reflective) lunar surface. Well folks, there never was any lunar surface photographed much below a 25% reflective value and in fact, judging by the notable differences between those stark white moon suits of 85% reflective value and of the greater surrounding lunar landscape seems more like that of an unheard of lunar 50% reflective factor and, to further top that off, those negatives could and should have been easily reprinted with sufficient dodging and burning to have fully resolved those lacking star issues (oddly those originally thermal shocked and radiated to near death negatives can't seem to be accessed, not even by NASA).

Obviously that's suggesting some sort of serious "dog wagging" and, in order to continue the ruse one needs to pull out all the stops, as to put on the performance of their lifetime because, someone has permanently set the stage and there's no apparent exit nor any finally that's written into the script as to when you can take your bows and gracefully leave the stage, as the show must go on and on into eternity (talk about your living hell on Earth, this is it). Everything pending upon the past that was an illusion, at best is more than a little tricky, it's beyond any tricks-R-us phase because, truthful science and physics knows better and, if it were not for all the NASA/NSA/DoD entitlements, subsequent grants and associated funding involved with just about every learning institution and of everything other being contracted for space research and exploration, as without these nifty strings or tentacles there would have been no way of NASA/NSA/DoD controlling/influencing the media, suppressing the truths and thus continuing along with their ultimate cold-war games of global and space domination (you certainly don't need to own the entire company, just a little insider expertise upon manipulating the controlling stock will get the job done quite nicely [ask ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom, Microsoft or just Martha Stewart] and, don't worry yourself about any SEC, as they're either down at the nudy bar, asleep or just as in on the take).

Now that I've come along and started questioning why we're not taking a seriously affordable as well as accessible look-see back at Venus and, for all of the right and moral reasons, perhaps asking "what the hell just happened"?  Are all of our science and physics types that truly baffled, perplexed by the differences between my findings and those of what's been recorded under NASA's moderation rules?  Were in fact all of the Walter Cronkite's and of myself so easily snookered, to such an extent that we blindly continued to fund the cloak and dagger NSA/DoD agendas via the NASA/Apollo ruse and, on top of all that, was there ever an actual national threat from the USSR? (seems quite odd that there has never been a smoking gun established, never a plan nor a plot as to any military backed aggression upon American interest uncovered, even though the US and it's allies were openly doing just about everything nasty we could possibly think of to undermine the USSR, including deliberately/knowingly taking out their commercial SST program), as it seems that such a discovery or confession from a defector (there have been many) would been able to have easily delivered such dastardly sorts of documentation, if it ever existed that is, of which apparently it never did. So, how much further has our government actually gone with this and, is there any limit as to how far our government will go towards pretending we are whom we're not?  Is starting another war by way of further instigating political and economic pressures upon those unable to fight back on the same level our only option?  Has this become worth the added investment in global carnage, loss of security as well as costing trillions of dollars, simply in order to distract the media and the world from the real truths?

I could certainly understand the Catholic church wanting nothing whatsoever to do with discussing anything Cathar, as that horrific accomplishment was far worse than anything Hitler ever pulled off. Certainly a good number of our cold-war adventures were a bad thing, damn near started WW-III, costing the world trillions over fears of what just the two of us idiots might get ourselves into, and certainly more than obviously was the USS LIBERTY a fuse for representing the bomb shell that more than contributed to 9/11. All of that's bad enough but, how much further "dog wagging" is there to come or, how much worse is it??

How about further contemplating something a little more extreme, like JFK's demise and then of the Apollo-10 and now COLUMBIA and perhaps even flight-800? (these were each certainly major distractions at a time when there were enormous numbers of unanswered moral questions popping up and demanding answers). I think we must realize upon some of the quite well motivated possibilities, as from the example set by the USS LIBERTY fiasco and of those tens of thousands executed plus those subsequently killed onboard the ship itself were apparently worthy of that cold-war investment but, perhaps not worth the 9/11 retaliation as for our part in that 6-Day war and for all of the subsequent involvements benefiting anyone other than an Islamic, Muslim or just Palestinian that stood in the path of whatever Israel wanted (was this another form of restitution support as perhaps an internal secret pledge agreement that was secretly made in exchange for pardoning our decade worth of knowingly illegal profiting at the expense of Jews before we ever lifted a finger as to dealing with Hitler?).

In a somewhat parallel analogy;  If somehow our science and physics explained not only why the indications are what they are on Venus but, then also explained why such had been so easily overlooked for 13+ years, then perhaps why the educated masses can't seem to comprehend, or is it that they'll simply fear the rational logic of other life NOT as we know it surviving in spite of their greenhouse environment, as then I could relax and subside about thinking there's been something ulterior going on with regard to suppressing anything Venus, as it's not been that I haven't asked of others to better explain things and, it's not that I haven't reassured that I would post their credits as well as any links to the sorts of examples and better explanations, especially since those opposing my research claim as being so damn right about everything (so how hard can that be?). So, I believe it's simply not my fault if I've had to fill in a few too many blanks, as for my looking in places for ideas and even surprisingly discovering the now more than obvious ulterior motives that do seem to explain why and how so many others are being intimidated, or just plain snookered into the NASA way or else camp. After all, it they managed to fool and snooker Walter Cronkite and even the likes of myself, that's almost as good as fooling God.

I'm hoping this Iraq and then the North Korean things are not going to become more "dog wagging", intentional or not, as to pulling the public attentions away from what's existing on Venus. Just because the opportunity arises to kick butt doesn't mean we have the obligation as to taking advantage of it (if nothing else we certainly have our way of pressing other peoples buttons). This also doesn't mean that we sit by while another warlord flings something nasty at one of our partners in crime, as that would be equally stupid (you can't dominate upon the world unless you're thoroughly in charge). As we've had the ability to accurately spy at better than 1.5 meters SAR resolution (that's 0.15 meters after PhotoShop enlargements) and in 16 bit depth, this means that our spy satellites can see into things the human eye can not, as well as greatly determine upon their substance and, that's certainly not our one and only spy tool, that's just the best imaging one that doesn't give a damn about weather nor illumination and offers essentially zero distortion, exactly like what the Venus Magellan mission had to work with. Maintaining but one tidy missile frigate in the area should more than hammer any attempt at aggression, along with a submarine as backup and we could put the final nail in their coffins (yes, that's certainly a tactical nuclear punch but, that's a whole lot cleaner and more humanitarian than what's about to go down). The infrastructure and logistics of delivering a significant conventional blow is pretty much maxed us out and, just as it proved itself in Afghanistan as being slightly better than insufficient, Iraq's forces are hardly as incapable as those in Afghanistan and, North Korea is at least another ten fold entrenched and far more ready to return fire over what Iraq has at it's disposal and, both countries have far more national/leadership loyalty than we're giving them credit for, plus they have a rather nasty habit of never to forget and forgive one another.

That's about as far as I go;  when Iraq tries anything that's outside the guide lines, hit them hard and deep. Until then, open the world markets to whatever they have (the UN taking a 10% bite for continued restitution) and, at the same time getting our Nation above the 75% nuclear baseline, thereby virtually eliminating our dependence upon any imported oil, including from Canada. Let the global value of oil drop if need be to below $10/barrel so that poorest of countries can afford to purchase it and thereby stopping the majority of rain forest losses and of so many other avoidable (many irreversible) devastations. Sorry folks, it's already far too late in many countries, as Earth has already lost what will never return as long as humans need to survive.

I tend to believe that our doing what's right about Venus would soon become our best goodwill weapon of leading the world by setting a good example, by no longer having to otherwise punish through our inflicting a good deal of pain and suffering via political/economic sanctions and/or subsequently of their enforcements (sanctions aren't worth squat if you don't enforce the living hell out of them and, btw; sanctions are never about achieving fair trade). It may be too late for our NASA to gracefully explain itself and redeem it's authority in space but, it's certainly a far better alternative than of what our warlord Bush has planned, especially if there were any chance of our nation developing an interplanetary enterprise, as all bets are off about who's in charge if in fact it turns out that there's more to Venus than what our NASA has been letting on about, as why otherwise stall and avoid upon re-exploring anything Venus?

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