Relative Heat ~ Venus Style

Heat and nasty are each very relative. Actually, how hot is hot is simply another relative measurement, as is nasty.

Well folks, that "hot" and "nasty" issue certainly depends upon a good number of mostly human intuition factors, certainly truth for one and of honest science and physics for otherwise considering what's not only possible but most likely the case. Some folks think that warlord Bush has become too hot and definitely being way too nasty, that too is relative to perhaps what the Catholics were doing to Cathars, as obviously that was certainly hot and nasty (surely Hitler wouldn't have been sufficiently qualified by the standards of the Pope).

Infrared (IR) heat is quite nasty (especially when you're somewhat closer to that nasty sun) and, thereby IR heat can be seriously hot, really hot even if it's measurably cold outside your abode or your EVA survival suit. Whether the surrounding atmospheric pressure is minimal as on Mars or, as little more maximal such as on Venus, in either instance IR is a seriously penetrating bad sort of heat. In fact, it take some sort of seriously thick and dense matter to block and/or absorb IR, as it's been all that solar IR that's been cooking away at creating and sustaining those Venus clouds (30+% H2SO4, which btw obviously represents their remainder is predominately H2O, as in mega tonnes worth) where the vast majority of that IR created heat has become stored thermal energy and subsequently responsible for the global heating of the underlying CO2/N2 ocean of thick atmosphere. However, the lower atmosphere is not only crystal clear as well as stable but mostly being heated via convection and/or conduction mode, which is absolutely not such a bad thing, just over time becoming a little toasty on the human scale of such considerations but, at least your ass isn't being solar flare radiated to death as it would be on frozen Mars (depending upon how much cold beer and pizza you've got, a little heat you can withstand, it's the solar flare radiation that'll kill you on the spot).

Conduction mode heat is something entirely relative to many somewhat controllable or even selective factors, unlike IR, conduction mode is often in good relationship to the surrounding composition of what's isolating yourself as well as for regarding the highly beneficial pressure considerations which counteracts much of whatever conduction heat introduces. Basically, the more pressure you have the lesser that thermal impact is in relationship to other elements, such as your body and of it's internal fluids, especially of those elements which need to remain fluid and not boil off simply because some wise ass dipwad pro-NASA fool has been telling you it's to freaking hot and nasty on Venus. Trust me on this, the status quo regarding Venus is not only absolutely dead wrong, those imposing this sort of toilet physics know they're wrong but, they seem to be getting their kicks out of snookering other fools like yourself (perhaps learned that one from pulling off their Apollo ruse).

In other words; the relatively cooler nighttime surface temperatures of Venus are those created by essentially being thermally convection drawn upon, transferring heat as in conducting the surface thermal units ever upward, via a highly conductive medium comprised of mostly CO2, obviously reaching into those much cooler nighttime clouds and, since there's no additional solar IR present as to reheat any of that vertically convecting atmosphere, thereby only by the thermal conduction mode is having to continue uninterrupted with it's mostly one-way upward thermal extraction, by continually pulling energy out of those lower clouds and being further assisted along from those higher atmospheric clouds that have recently been blown around from their seasonal daytime IR inferno, where even those upper clouds have also been losing much of their daytime heat by radiating into the darkness of space (150ºK or lesser) via further conduction mode plus whatever a little black body reverse IR contributes, merely adding upon another vertical convection boost potential for enhancing the heat exchanging process of whatever is situated below, so that the lower and somewhat cooler nighttime clouds are additionally inclined as to migrate their remaining thermal units ever vertically, as in conducting whatever newly arrived surface thermal units into being further extracted out to even greater heights, thus further eliminating upon even more of those Venus Thermal Units (VTU's).

BTW; thermal heat exchanging is also not rocket science and, it's exactly what makes Mars so pathetically unacceptable for life as we know it and otherwise Earth within the zone of life, even though Earth's atmosphere and associated thermal transfer alone is not sufficient to protect us from ourselves nor of the galactic or solar flare radiation (we need the magnetic core along with those Van Allen belts for that), which is obviously not the case for other life NOT as we know it surviving on Venus. If anything, those on Venus have more than their fair share of a highly protective atmosphere that's more kin to being an ocean of energy resources plus buoyancy than of any hindrance as to other evolved life.

Fortunately, this terrific nighttime process isn't short lived, as having 2900 hours worth of opportunity for utilizing highly efficient conduction as an effective cool-down of the Venus surface, further aided along by the steep mountainous terrain and by the subsequent 9+K/km differentials that soon becomes another self reinforcing VTU transfer consideration, in fact the nighttime differentials of what a 5+km mountainous terrain has to offer could easily exceed 10ºK/km, that plus an initial -50ºK nighttime surface offset that would quickly settle in upon the surfaces soon after the first 100+ hours of sunset. This is not saying we go about snow boarding, as that's defiantly a Mars thing as well as even a Mercury thing, where in either case you're radiated to death.

This is roughly what I believe we've got to work with;
At sealevel (r 6052) daytime season: 720ºK
At sealevel (r 6052) daytime Bar: 92
At sealevel (r 6052) nighttime season: 670ºK
At sealevel (r 6052) nighttime Bar: 98
Thermal considerations -10ºK/km at the altitude of 5 km = 620ºK
Nighttime atmospheric pressure @5 km: 77+bar
Nighttime buoyancy factor @5 km: 69+ kg
Daytime surface (r 6052) buoyancy: 65+ kg

Obviously, irregardless of whatever rough estimates or math calculation errors, as for the pathetically intolerant humans, this extremely long season of nighttime is still something that's relatively hot and nasty, hotter yet if you're as stupid as certain warlords that still can't manage to get their own over-sized heads out of their own over-sized ass, or perhaps at this point it's become each other's asses. Sorry about that, just thought you needed to be reminded of what I think about certain issues that seem to be wagging that poor dog to death (where are those animal rights groups when you need them?).

If on the other hand, should perchance your physiology become mutated as in somewhat altered for the better, more or less exoskeletal like, as in having insulative armor platelets or scales of cellular composition containing mostly N2 or perhaps H2 (btfw; if you have for yourself a stable resource of H2SO4 [sulfuric acid] along with the ability of producing free electrons within the capability of your own body, thus creating volumes of H2 is another non issue), as then obviously your cold blooded internal organs are being sufficiently shielded from inwardly conducting much of that external influence. Please note; since there's a notable difference in the molecule size of CO2 as compared to the lesser CO and much lesser O2 components, there's a fairly good likelihood that a form of ceramic like cell/membrane infrastructure of somewhat exoskeletal platelets should be what's providing a bio-membrane like filtering property and, the ability for living organisms (especially those in such a toasty environment) as to creating their own free electrons is another well known fact of life, even as we know it, thus an electrolytic and/or catalytic form of processing upon the mostly CO2/N2 atmosphere into providing the reusable elements of CO and O2 is certainly within the realm of possibilities, unless of course you're a skewed science and physics bigot, as then nothing matters except the intended goal or outcome that protects your cult.

Fortunately, because of all the available pressure, the actual amount of O2 requirement for life NOT as we know it could potentially be sustained upon 0.1% O2. Along with a little technology and (God forbid) positive attitude applied, life as we know it (humans, even stupid ones) could be sustained at something below 1%. As to create such a habitat of sufficient structural materials (rock for example) and having that insulated by spheres of H2, otherwise surrounded by mostly bone dry N2, where a artificial 1% O2 environment would be easily contained, as sort of within a reverse greenhouse habitat or EVA suit, where this is certainly not something unobtainable and, it's certainly not even rocket science.

BTW; if one were to construct whatever out of common steel alloy, there's absolutely no corrosion issues, as there's so little free H2O thus whatever acids are entirely harmless power crystals and, of such little free O2 that equally represents essentially no oxidisation, meaning that raw steel's would remain absolutely corrosion free (even polished), as well as at sufficiently full strength, as it's no where nearly hot enough to compromise such alloys, then there's no perceptible wind to even carry particles such as dust or sand, so that whatever mechanical erosion is nearly nonexistent as well. Essentially this is a civil engineer's paradise at roughly 10% lesser gravity to boot and, there's construction assisted by various rigid airships capable of lifting thousands of tonnes.

We have the existing technology of extracting O2 and CO from such a bulk of CO2 (especially of toasty CO2 that's already under good pressure) and, wherever there's such an abundance of surrounding natural energy resources by which electrons can be produced (continuous mega watts to giga watts worth), there's a darn good chance that even we could accomplish this feat without reinventing much of anything. If we can accomplish this degree of life support without our actually having any life or death incentives or motivations, such as what a full blown greenhouse environment nipping away at our butts might otherwise induce, then obviously of others being sufficiently motivated along with a timeline (supposedly thousands of years) being on their side, where intelligence as well as Darwin's evolution should have kicked in, seems any species worth their salt (unlike most humans) would certainly have given it their best shot, even if they were merely Cathars hiding out from the Pope, as what the hell would they have had to lose?

If you're thinking any of this is seriously weird, try again, as you need to understand what all of this means. Try understanding that what we have here is neighbors, likely far better than those of many on Earth and, there's a fairly good chance we don't even have to go there, as interplanetary communications is also not rocket science, as nearly all of humanity has had this ability (especially within the latest decades) to cause or affect a sufficient signal of great illumination, as to being directed at Venus and, there's a fairly large body of supposedly capable astronomers capable of detecting any potential signals from the nighttime side of Venus (excluding SETI or even OSETI, as they're only interested in whatever tax funded and/or tax avoidance is looking at multi to hundreds if not thousand+ lightyear distant targets, which obviously excludes upon anything local, as well as excludes upon anything that's still alive from the inception of their transmission, signals which are only belatedly intercepted by SETI freeloader freaks).

Now that I've made friends with anyone associated with SETI, we can forget about their pretentious goals because, they seem to already have the knowledge of the universe at their disposal (you simply can't tell God anything new) and, the rest of us village idiots are free to involve ourselves with whatever managed to evolve and survive on Venus (how boring).

Of course, you can remain on the dark side of Club SETI as well as Club NASA and continue to cloak on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, arrogantly pretending that your moral standards are self endorsements, that all others should continue to bow to whatever your pagan agendas happen to be, even if those include whatever NSA/DoD wants on the side, as after all, if it weren't for their immoral introversion and obviously much higher bar than your immoral standards, we wouldn't have had the 6-Day war fiasco nor subsequently 9/11 and all the fun and games of what our very own warlord has been perpetrating upon certain individuals that just so happen to have oil, while he's been neglecting the moral responsibility (always has) of attending to those which have not (no surprise here).

This is also become another good thing, if those of Martha Stewart's and your stock portfolio just so happen to contain companies involved in creating WMD's, those which are developing upon technology like the Boeing/TRW IR laser cannon and/or nifty UV death-ray, very much unlike those fictitious and/or fabricated sorts of WMD's which clearly were based upon intentionally bogus documents that claimed such were being developed and made ready for deployment by certain others (so far there's been no cigar and, at best someone might eventually come across a mere cigarette). I guess that justifies killing a few tens of thousands and at another trillion dollar cost.

When I was asking about the whereabouts of the Boeing/TRW 747 laser cannon, as pertaining to the recent shuttle COLUMBIA incident, all I've received is loads of "spin", "disinformation" and assorted "off topic" accounts about any issue other than the actual laser cannon. This is quite interesting, in that I was merely offering insight into what's technically possible, as for what a little (presumably safe) low-level target practice upon a nearly ideal inbound target that was over-loaded with thermal sensors, as well as having a data downlink by which to monitor the results and, besides all of that consideration, I was asking what if a little of their "death-ray" element of mercury were introduced, where that TRW laser cannon at the same 1% output could be safely utilized for interplanetary communications.

Oddly, even though all of this information quest about laser cannon stuff is being openly honest and forthright, especially towards that instrument being applied upon humanitarian aspects (even if that should inadvertently happen to include our contacting those Cathar lizard folk of Venus), for some reason my opposition remains focused upon disrupting the flow of ideas, foiling the interchange of merely focusing upon what's morally responsible as well as of what's entirely doable, as well as with regard to what's affordably obtainable right off the shelf, or in this instance of what's already in the air and well within the technology of the Boeing/TRW laser cannon, as for doing a little good (I guess, God forbid, we can't have any of that good sort of crap getting in the way of our devising serious WMD's capable of being focused upon DNA altering death and destruction).

In case you're wondering about some of my language, my utter contempt for the authority of what was supposed to be nearly as good as God, as how much closer to God can you possibly get than Walter Cronkite? If Walter says we went to and walked on the moon, then obviously God has spoken and, for 35 years I believed in whatever Uncle Walter had to say. Some of us almost consider Dr. H.K. as being next in line but, since he clearly wanted nothing whatsoever to do with investigating the 9/11 fiasco, I guess we can place his morality in the toilet along side that of NASA/NSA/DoD's.

Well folks, there seems to have become a rather significant breakdown of rather substantial proportions, a uncloaking of a grandiose ruse of the century that'll make whatever Shakespeare ruse look like a preschool monopoly or "spin the bottle" game, this is where even Hitler starts looking like Santa Clause, the Pope into looking like merely a gay Jewish blood thirsty anti-Cathar freak, Charles Manson coming off looking better than Belly Gram and almost anyone looks better than Martha Stewart or for that matter warlord Bush. This discovery of other life NOT as we know it is sort of like finding out that ENRON/Andersen have been encharge of the world bank, making you feel all warm and fuzzy all over (I'm kidding of course).

If you think I'm proclaiming "doom and gloom" out of any of this, I'm not, as that's way past due and totally beyond any moral redemption that I can think of. At this point in time, I believe it's nearly every one for themselves, as you certainly can't trust our government, can't hardly trust in anything the Pope has to say, certainly there's not an honest corporate enterprise without their employing multiple Andersen formulated bookkeepings and otherwise multiple divisions strategically alocated into semi-legal as well as tax advoidance safe zones, so that if and when they're caught they get to keep most if not all the booty (even if that means sleeping with some really ugly SEC guys).

If you think I'm offering humanity a way out of this self imposed mess, that I believe I am, as what could possibly be better as well as cheaper than our merely communicating with those nearest to Earth. The universal language of light is a rather good start, easily decoded and/or encrypted to suit the requirements of nearly any species and, it's a freaking local laser call, there's no long distance charges and, it's something capable of Earthly individuals making those calls and receiving whatever in return, as hopefully lizard smut becoming a whole lot better than what's currently on local TV.

Do you think I'm being a little too crude?  Not in the least bit, if anything I'm being very kind to those currently involved with this thoroughly skewed dog wagging system of ours. It's been the predecessors and their recent clones which need to be retroactively expelled, exterminated if need be and not the Saddam's of this world that are responsible for all the carnage, not by any measure against what our perpetrated cold-wars having imposed upon Earth, which have recently become almost as bad off as what the Catholics and their Pope did onto those nice Cathars. The new guard can still become responsible and fully capable of bringing all this subterfuge and despicable lies to an end, perhaps not over night because the stench of rotting bodies would be unbearable but, over a brief period of time we could systematically go about exterminating those involved in creating this ruse as well as those intent upon carrying out the ultimate goal of their achieving global/world domination, as obviously this world couldn't possibly become any worse off and, of those on Venus we certainly don't want to infect any of them with our inferior immorality genes, as that could prove disastrous if they're currently surviving upon limited resources and having to prepare for Earth blowing itself up at the ongoing hands of certain pretentious warlords.

BTW: if you wanted to do anything that's positive, as in uplifting, that's including correcting upon any of my math and even syntax, please do just that. Otherwise, don't bother telling me what you and I already know about Venus, like about how damn hot and nasty it is. Instead, tell me something about their season of nighttime, about those terrifically thermal nighttime clouds, about airship buoyancy, about the nighttime gradient of O2, about the mega tonnage of H2O contained within those cool nighttime clouds, about creating energy from the vertical pressure and temperature differentials, about xenon/laser beam communications, about near UV spectrum communications that could go quantum, about establishing an affordable VL2 platform, about CO2-->CO/O2 considerations, about thermal insulating (R-200) via H2 spheres, about some likely physiology and/or the sorts of evolution that's entirely possible, how about biolumination considerations along with nocturnal vision, inform me of technology that might apply to other life NOT as we know it as well as for life as we know it. If you want to get into planetary politics and religion, that's certainly another good direction, as well as for whatever enterprise issues. If you need some of my accelerated LSD in order to better visualize upon such possibilities, that too I can help out with, just like how I can provide you with full body flak suits in order to fend off those incoming rounds from the pro-NASA camps (NSA/DoD flak as well, possibly even from Bush's WMD's).

So, when I've stipulated that heat is something relative, trust me, it is. It's as simple as all that and, it isn't rocket science that's needed in order to explain what's been going on nor of what we need to apply in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Obviously 27 months and counting for our government to pick up upon doing what's right is another perfect example of the degree of continued dog wagging as well as the applied toilet science and skewed physics we're having to live with, where we don't seem to have another place to hide that's not sufficiently accessible to those holding a grudge, those in need of returning a favor of an eye for an eye, by presumably those merely attempting to survive somewhat in spite of what the upper most 10% of this world has been doing to them. If you want my fullest comments upon this subject, I'll certainly offer a few tens of thousands of words.

Good grief all mighty, if we (warlord Bush) tries any harder to help others, soon there will not be others to help, at least of the lower 90% will have to start avoiding all eye contact with the upper 10% and, perhaps go entirely underground in order to remain out of sight and thus out of mind, avoiding warlords thinking the lesser 90% just possibly could have a little too much of something we the upper 10% could possibly want, without having to pay or even trade for it is even better.

If on the other hand, in spite of everything going to hell in a hand basket, if you can find a way to involve yourself with what's been existing on Venus, sidestepping the status quo of rather considerable opposition, then seeing that a few of the under developed nations get a good shot at whatever a mutual interplanetary exchange could deliver, quite possibly we can produce a momentum worthy of at least shaming those involved with our past into self exile, as certainly no moral sole is ever going to want such pretentious bastards to ever socialize with whatever this interplanetary future has to hold (that would be like asking Hitler and Charles Manson to run all the daycare centers or of the Pope to adopt Cathars).

Not that every document/report has fixed the ongoing syntax and math issues, not by any long shot but, here's a few line items you may want to update yourself upon (there are other pages, more or less worth considering):

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As line items go, I may have to add to the above list, as I'm still not sufficiently polished to deliver exactly what I'm thinking, as somewhat obvious according to my opponents, my thinking is what's become the really big problem. As village idiots go, I seem to be running myself seriously amuck and sort of acting like a lose cannon that perhaps someone ott to grab hold of and point it at a worthy target, like perhaps some of those NASA/NSA/DoD complexes. I'd gladly take out Bush but, that's a serious waste of any good WMD that's best needed to be smuggled into Iraq, so I actually don't think I'll have to do all that much of anything that Bush hasn't already done onto himself.

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