DEFCON-4, 3, 2, 1 or just how about a softer Xenon HELLO might be a bit nicer

( Laser cannons could be a wee bit overkill, Xenon's might do the trick at a mere 1% the cost )
( by; Brad Guth / IEIS   updated: February 10,2003 )

The past few weeks has enlightened myself to no end. I'll now try to share all that with you.

This is with further regard to the wealth of readily available equipment and proven illumination technologies, by which Earth can potentially raise the awareness of another planet such as Venus or, vise versa, except that NASA doesn't much give any damn about Islamic lizard folk as from Venus.

October 30, 2002
NO lie folks;  that's the date when NASA and their ruse partners or true boss NSA/DoD, are going to have to explain what in the hell has been going on, at least for the past 13 years worth. Don't keep getting me wrong, as I love our NASA, just not the NSA/DoD company they must keep.

Because of the current NASA/NSA/DoD mess (I'm not even including the Columbia shuttle), bad enough that NASA's bureaucracy is nearly always their own initial culprit and, as for some further reasons because, we still seem to have our cloaked partners NSA/DoD plotting away at our demise. Once again folks, the greater public is being thoroughly misled (snookered) as to believing what's being obtained about Mars is of some importance or value other then as to acquiring those lethal microbes for their true agenda and, now we even seem to be getting ourselves (tax dollars and gobs of talents worth) off to that pathetic ice ball Pluto.

Meanwhile, the issue of a rather significant 12th planet, as that having a 3600 year elliptical orbit, is about to gravitationally wipe our butts. That issue alone makes me wonder where the hell our priorities have been and, what true motivations are behind all this NASA stuff, at what ultimate price to humanity. Seems NASA can't even manage a response to a 100+meter space rock that's within 75,000 km of Earth, so we're to guess, what's the freaking big deal about something that's inbound and merely 4 times the size of Earth?

Folks, we seem to be having ourselves a little "trouble in River City".

Venus is not only going to be situated right next door (come this October 2002), but nearly at a most opportune moment by which to deliver (according to team "Venus Express" via ESA) a little unexpected DNA and, I'm not speaking of our going to Venus, as we can't hardly go to our moon with anything significant, other then what it takes as to orbit and verily getting our astronauts back home.

There's no question;  we can most certainly deliver instrument packages to our moon's surface and of fairly smaller yet packets out to other planets, we just can't seem to get them back. So the chances of our trekking off to Venus, even Venus L2 (VL2), with anything manned is simply not in the books (at least not within any of NASA's books). Club NASA can't even document how our lunar landers ever actually functioned (only hearsay, as we only know of whow they were supposed to function and, that much is restricted to the words of NASA), at least those Russian's did manage to robotically obtain their lunar sample, which for some unexplained reason is somewhat unlike our initial lunar samples.

What we do have down fairly pat, is our ability to outspend every other space capable nation on Earth (all of them combined by at least a factor of ten fold) and, within such a warm and fuzzy bureaucracy at that, from which we have developed some rather capable technologies, mostly developed so as to research and prove out necessities on behalf of NSA/DoD cold-war agendas (such as those nifty SAR imaging spy satellites and now UV capable laser cannons) but, none the less, now that we have them, bought and paid for many times over, perhaps they can be utilized (God forbid) for humanitarian aspects.

I'm now speaking of laser cannons;  as those capable of being accurately targeting upon a launched ICBM or inbound Islamic aircraft, by focusing a stable one foot diameter laser dot from a distance of perhaps 100 miles and, doing this from and upon moving targets. Thereby, we certainly do have the targeting stability (+/- 0.001º) and, we can deliver a sufficient illumination punch worthy of doing that job.

If this laser cannon, say from 50,000' altitude, if it were to be aimed at another known target, such as the planet Venus, especially if at full multi-GW power level, that sort of reasonably large target being at a distance of 0.27AU, might be illuminated with a 735km dot of sufficient intensity, so that whatever lizards happen to be looking back at Earth would likely be taking their world to a security level of DEFCON-4. That's because, viewing this much additional illumination would be to the naked eye, strikingly apparent if not down right irritating and, most definitely frightening to say the least.

If applying a Venus version of KECK-II;  an Islamic lizard sort, once again looking at Earth with their superior nocturnal IR/UV sensitive eye, would see our globe along with it's blues and it's Earthy land mass tones and even capturing our polar caps and larger cloud formations. In addition to all that, they could not help but notice such a horrificly bright new near pinpoint source of illumination, so bright that if telescope viewed by the naked nocturnal lizard eye, there would likely be permanent damage.

Now, please don't start yourself off telling me what we already know;  specifically that means, it's supposedly too hot for humans on Venus and those Venus clouds would prevent any such Earth viewing. Obviously you have not bothered to read nor comprehend one damn thing about those Islamic lizard folks associated with the "GUTH Venus" discoveries and of their planetary/species evolution possibilities at hand. Do remember that on Venus (no lie), there exist extensive territories situated above 10+km, Venus having other peaks obtaining 17+km and, at nighttime (that's 2900 hours worth and more like the three month season of night), those 20:1 density and highly thermally conductive (CO2 supported) clouds are in fact existing at somewhat lower altitudes, a whole lot cooler and sufficiently UV transparent at certain times and places, such that a brief view of the stars and most certainly of the brightest and nearest object besides the sun, that being Earth, has most likely occurred.

Perhaps also, because you haven't bothered to review about all the positive aspects nor of the Venus air travel and airship capability, nor of the energy options, I'll tell you something about all that. It's a done deal; as the physics, mathematics, logic and above all else, their evolutionary motivations for achieving such capability certainly exist. The energies for supporting such technology, which they could accumulate and deliver such through a simply extraction/distillation of H2O loaded clouds and then subsequently O2 and H2, obtaining such resources by igniting CO2-->CO/O2 as their primary fuel is another done deal, functioning a whole lot better then those NASA ruse masters may want you to realize, like that of CO/O2 offering an impulse value of 280 is within Earth's technology and we don't even have the motivation (nor all the abundance of such a toasty hot CO2 resource) as to be doing that. Motivated Venus soles (especially if they be Islamic types) may have developed a hybrid variation, a blend of CO/O2 and H2O2 plus even a little C12H26 for the ultimate kick (sort of like tossing in a little NITRO into your already 4000K fireplace) and, above all those issues, we have as a highly convenient byproduct of processing upon the CO2-->CO/O2, one heck of a lot of air-conditioning potential via compressed bleed-off CO2, that which has merely been heat-exchanged and delivered back into cabin evaporators (CO2 based air conditioning is not only far superior as far as thermal conductivity but, unlike freon, it's also entirely environmentally friendly, so much so that Greenpiece should truly love this aspect).

The reason why I even bothered to re-inform about this airship aspect is, that by their having such significant buoyancy capability, this means placing a KECK-II class observatory above those nighttime clouds (not that anything so capable is even all that necessary, as a pair of 10X50 binoculars would be sufficient and 20X80's would be thoroughly outstanding) is simply not all that complex, especially on Venus. The physics clearly stipulates and reaffirms that such massive items can be accommodated, as buoyancy is not an issue. The rational concept that survivors on Venus would have had more then a little motivation, as to their extracting H2O from those clouds (by simple and highly efficient vacuum distillation) and thereby obtaining nearly unlimited amounts of H2O, from which O2 and H2 is something that can easily be extracted or produced along with other processing so as to acquire a whole lot of N2 for displacing their cabin interiors of that CO2, is not something Earth will hopefully ever need to do but, for those stranded on Venus, what other long term options are there? Why would any creature prefer to die by intentionally ignoring such capable and obtainable resources?

I've stated this fact before; Venus was not always where it is and, it certainly was not always a "greenhouse" environment. I realize that lord NASA wishes you to believe otherwise but, taking my word plus that of a few thousand others (including from the context of various speeches and publications created by staunch NASA types) they're flat out lying. Folks, there is at best a triple standard going on here and, you don't want to know what the first two standards are because, that will upset you to no end. The third NASA standard is their safety version of the Watergate protocol, I call it VenusGate.

Those Venus clouds (still containing mega tonnes of H2O) have become their equivalent of our oceans. Having a mostly CO2 atmosphere (besides serving as an effective solar radiation shield) supporting them clouds, offers a buoyancy factor somewhat like a submarine in water, as a Venus airship can lift literally thousands of tonnes into and even above those nighttime clouds and, thereby clearly view Earth. Perhaps those lizard folks can even plot out something more Islamic like. So, do you want our beloved NASA to continue waiting around, like for the past 12 years, or would you rather have them make the initial effort at "first contact", taking sort of preemptive charge of a potentially risky situation, as well as a grandiose opportunity.

Speaking of "first contact"; I've recently learned this from others, that laser cannons may become a wee bit overkill. At least anything much over a megawatt (say at most 10 each 100 kw units), as the illumination from such could deliver a sufficient light-show as viewed from the pitch black Venus surface looking up at those clouds (at least of the more transparent zones). Of interest, I've come across several capable Xenon illumination technologies, as could be applied (right now, today) into existing telescopes, so as to creating highly effective illumination emitters, especially of the KECK-II verity. We could be transmitting packets of data or perhaps more valuable smut from sources generating several hundred billion candlepower, seriously irritating those on Venus but not so focused as to blinding them, thereby avoiding Venus DEFCON-3, 2 or 1. Seems the last thing we need is another troop of irate Islamic lizards headed for Earth.

So folks, if you need consulting or consoling, now is certainly a darn good time because, if this October 2002 doesn't do the trick, next year that 12th planet issue will certainly be getting your attention. Our NASA already knows all of this and perhaps much more so, don't expect much other then a whole lot of official spin and continuing damage control. If you have what it takes, you'll need to become assertive and if need be, a little downright threatening to those highly benefitted soles (retroactively may even need to be applied).

As always, I'm open for your ideas and naturally whatever support you can muster. I'll accept criticisms as long as that includes your more correct solution or text delivery and/or the resources upon which are being utilized against my quest. I have no faults with giving credit where credit is due and, I should hope the same applies towards myself.

The time for doing something (anything) is becoming past due, as now it's catch up (I don't mean tomato sauce) all the way and, guess what folks;  Other nations not so compromised with the likes of our crack NSA/DoD wizards, are going to easily pull ahead of our grand (not so old) US of A. Remember, that for the past 18 months, I've been preaching and poking at the "status quo", to no apparent avail (go figure).

Without the resources and the power by which to utilize such, there's only so much individuals can do, especially against the overwhelming odds of the establishments. Class action groups on the other hand (like the 100 or so millions of us taxpayers) can impress upon achieving a new sense of urgency.

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