So What's The Difference?

If terraforming is supposedly so plausible, than why not of Earth, Mars and Venus?
The question should never have been "where's the money?" but, "where's all the money gone?"
then as for answering
Where has all the time gone and, of what the heck are we still waiting for?

It's certainly been difficult to deliver this positive outlook, even without my having to invent nor skew those existing laws of physics (unlike being the case for those accommodating our Apollo missions), as much as it's been more than difficult remaining supportive instead of anti-everything for the chances of some past and/or current civilization making a rather tough go of it on Venus, which seems far from being negative nor all that far outside the box of viable realms of possibilities, even if that's suggesting at least a 10,000% better off chance for life than for whomever stayed around for the prospects of being irradiated to death and summarily deep frozen on Mars.

If it weren't for those laws of physics, and of numerous biology examples being capable of making a go of it, though remaining positive on behalf of Mars has been a real push against the many odds, whereas for the likes of Venus has just been a matter of folks adapting over thousands of years, and if need be applied technology in all the right places, whereas at least on Venus there's been energy to spare and natural resources at hand. Though I'll suppose, if you were only half as pathetically dumbfounded as folks seemingly opposing life itself, your chances of surviving on Venus aren't going to be all that great, that's even if you're being cared for by really smart folks, as just like right here on Earth, where dumb pets are quite thoroughly dead if they've become predispositioned as to spontaneously running into the street, or of needlessly jumping into a fire.

As to openly reconsider upon the brighter side of things, upon the what if the Venus population had become even mildly aware of their plight (seems rather unlikely that such an onset of greenhouse environment would have been missed), or perhaps were given whatever basic sciences, and otherwise taught about what those same pesky laws of physics and of evolutionary biology could have accomplished on their behalf, as it only seems highly probable that of sufficiently motivated folks (such as those getting measurably hotter by the year) managed in spite of their testy situation getting itself into being so hot and nasty, whereas at least there's been no apparent shortage of easily available energy, nor has their atmosphere been insufficient for fending off lethal radiation as well as meteorites, as well as for obtaining/extracting multiple sorts of worthwhile energy considerations, while nicely surrounding their globe with otherwise such a crystal clear ocean of terrific buoyancy that's suitable for rigid airships. All of which seems like perfectly viable attributes that have been vastly superior to those of even Earth, much less Mars.

The only for certain and absolute problem that I can determine Venus ever had, was of little choice but to put up with us, as for their being situated right next door to the absolute most dumbfounded and/or stupified other planet in the universe, namely Earth. I mean, how pathetically embarrassing is that?

Most importantly, it seems sufficiently imperative, but otherwise harmless and of only scientifically and fully humanitarian beneficial for our openly considering the prospects of other folks much older and wiser terraforming a few of our planets, including Earth, in much the same fashion as many of our NASA huggers (tax dollar huggers) seem to have been suggesting that we humans supposedly have what it takes ("the right stuff"), as to be terraforming the likes of Mars, or even the prospect of our surviving upon our moon. Unfortunately, we've more than demonstrated by our intent as by our actions, and not once but time and again, as in over and over, that this Earth is simply too much for us to handle, as within merely recent geological terms of just the past 500,000 years worth (that's but 0.01% of the suggested 5 billion years existence of Earth). As merely within the last 1% of even that 500,000 year timeline (we're down to 5,000 years worth) humanity has accomplished about as much permanent (irreversible) physical as well as despicable moral damage as possible, though it seems even as for most of that's been expedited to extreme levels within the last 0.01% (50 years worth), where it remains somewhat crystal clear that many folks, including our very own resident warlord, are not the least bit finished with their pillaging of Earth.

Thus so far, we've managed to badly devour/destroy 90% of Earth's most accessible and natural (non-renewable) energy resources, and meanwhile over just the past couple of centuries, as a whole we've simultaneously created those nifty trillions of tonnes of artificial CO2 that's never going to cycle back into nature, among creating many other undesirable pollutants as well as a few too many mutated DNA/RNA just for making our lives interesting if not a whole lot more lethal. This realization is not my stipulating the end, only upon the end of essentially a free ride that others may have intentionally created or at least took a well intended advantage of accomplishing, but I'd bet now they wish the hell they didn't, especially if you're nearing 9 light years distant, as that terraforming commute becomes a real killer.

At the current rate of our self-extermination advancement, seems our rate of energy and other resource consumption gives humanity roughly another 500 years worth before the end of life as we know it, whereas some (damn few) will undoubtedly survive through religiously justified (that being my God is better than your God) extreme greed and of a great deal of applied technology, perhaps including some of those stealth donkey-cart WMD. Even though Earth's atmosphere will have become heavily CO2 infused, thereby denser and thicker, where as a result the entire globe being very much greenhouse, of where any thoughts of natural surface ice will have become something within the history books (clearly pointing out that our leadership had nothing whatsoever to do with expediting our demise), along with all those old maps showing so much land, since our salty oceans should still be here, except bigger and deeper than ever, even if all natural life within has long been dead. So, in spite of ourselves, we're still not nearly as bad off as Venus, at least not until Sirius rolls around in another 60,000 years, at which time there'll begin at least another 10,000 < 20,000 years worth of some rather extreme UV intensity as well as for additional IR, though unfortunately there wont be sufficient other life remaining on Earth for obtaining the benefits of applied photosynthesis, in order to interact with whatever's left of the natural environment, thereby insufficient as to reduce the levels of CO2 to the extent previous Sirius cycles had induced. In other words, by that time, we may have become exactly like Venus, with perhaps all of our depleted oceans (consumed by whomever is left, as used up as fusion energy), whereas essentially everything humanly accessible having been converted into CO2, and as likely loaded down with the sulphur remains of our "high standards and accountability" stupidity, only to being ultimately superseded by our "so what's the difference" arrogance.

With Earth's added gravity and substances to be converted into CO2, we should eventually obtain an atmospheric density of at least 125 Bar, and a new warm and fuzzy thermal balance of perhaps 200ºC. So, life clearly go on, though only of sufficiently intelligent life is even given a fighting chance, as all other forms of life (especially Cathars) are devoured on the spot (no questions asked). Thus the final population of Earth might become two or perhaps three, with each remaining unaware of the other.

Magnetosphere or not;
If Earth further loses it's magnetosphere, as we've been recently informed that too will impact upon our way of life, by further depleting our global energy while allowing nasty stuff into our environment at somewhat greater levels of potentially lethal radiation, of which over a great deal of evolution and/or intentional genetic mutations, as altered forms of humanity should still survive, though staying out of the sunlight may have become imperative, of which this nocturnal aspect has always been a relatively simple task for those of Venus, whereas Earth's survival will never have the luxury of a 2900 hour season of nighttime.

Though perhaps for the moment, and firstly; the absolute very last sort of thing we should be pondering is upon any quest for contaminating the likes of another planet, especially Venus, with our inferior human DNA, especially any DNA belonging to the likes of GW Bush.

Energy wise; eventually for Earth, we'll soon be needing to import lunar nuclear substances after we've depleted all of the 3He or He3 from the moon, whereas for Venus there's already way more available natural energy near the surface than you can possibly shake a flaming stick at (day or night makes nearly no difference). Although as Earth's atmosphere becomes denser and thicker, by way of our creating the improved vertical pressure differentials could eventually be applied for extracting energy, though it's unlikely that Earth's environment is ever to obtain 10% of the density that's found on Venus, as right for now it takes 100 km in order to obtain 1 bar differential, thus we're at something less than 0.25% the vertical differential/km.

BTW; all is not entirely bad news for the worth of CO2, as it certainly makes for a rather super terrific freon replacement. I seem to recall that Venus already has lots of CO2, thus the physics of heat-exchanging simply isn't any factor, unless you're another absolute village idiot moron, like folks that think we should be walking on Mars, when we can't seem to independently verify that anyone has even walked on the moon.

Try to also keep in mind that of those vertical pressure differentials (4+bar/km) of Venus are available anytime of the day or night, offering way more than enough energy as to power up whatever you've got in mind. The question simply isn't about how to go about obtaining this energy, as much as it's about how many GW would you like?

Nowadays, there's off-the-shelf electric motors/generators for sustained operation at 1000ºF (811ºK), and there's been ceramic bearings for much hotter yet, and I'll suppose that I could go on and on about sufficiently high temperature electronics and of various heat-exchanging opportunities, but that might suggest that I know something that you don't.

Energy certainly hasn't ever been the sort of problem for Venus, other than of what to do with having so much surplus energy. There's also been the efficient extraction of H2O from those relatively cool acidic nighttime clouds, thus the likes of sufficiently motivated folks creating H2O2 shouldn't have been any problem, unless the prospect of having too much H2O2 is what bothers you.

Speaking a little further energy wise; in review of folks that insist upon such planets offering an energy shortage, for that sort of doom and gloom pragmatism you'll have to be referring to the likes of Mars, as that God forsaken frozen and irradiated to death sort of planet, of which decades worth of our spendy exploration probes haven't identified upon a single geothermal worth of squat, nor is there even enough atmosphere near the surface to convert into a few watts, and of there being hardly enough solar PV worth keeping a micro robotic probe alive. Now that's a clear definition of having a shortage of energy, not to mention the horrific TBI dosage that'll exterminate most life as we know it, along with the remainder of whatever survives the sheer cold, the CO2 and the radiation, being freely pulverised by meteorites to boot. Unless you can devise upon obtaining energy from all those impacting meteorites, whatever is needed for sustaining human life upon the likes of Mars must be imported, whereas at least our moon offers a nifty thermal nuclear core, plus loads of He3 or 3He, plus way more than sufficient solar IR and of all the essential thermal differentials as to power up MW class Sterling power plants, and then there's the LSE-CM/ISS tether dipole energy extraction along with providing essentially unlimited energy storage within massive counter-rotating flywheels situated at the ME-L1 gravity-well, and from here on towards the sun, energy only gets better, certainly not worse off.

Remember that with sufficient energy, life can coexist where otherwise not.

Basalt microspheres as terrific insulation;
As for intelligent folks keeping their Venus style of hot and nasty out, I can't imagine that thermal insulation has been a factor, at least not at R-1024/meter, from what's easily obtained via basalt composites fabricated into micro-spheres, and otherwise of absolutely terrific fiber composite panels that'll structurally exceed ten fold what most alloy steels can deliver.

This is another win-win consideration of extreme insulation;
Following the convention of phi=1.618 of sequencing or mixing various ratio sizes of spheres or of ellipsoids offers a reasonably strong solution of creating a healthy volume fill of such spheres displacing all but little if any remaining CO2, comprised of micro thin shells that could even contain the likes of H2 or N2 at 1 bar if not less, making their overall thermal conduction mode somewhat as minimal as a vacuum, while their basalt shells block radiant mode in spite of having to coexist within a highly pressurized environment, along with another nifty side benefit of imposing somewhat negative gravity or buoyancy instead of contributing to the mass of whatever is insulating your abode or Venus jump-suit.

Fortunately, basalt is just about everywhere, including Earth and Venus, and the process of converting it into other useful formations is simply NOT rocket science. Though as for the likes of accomplishing this task upon Mars is quite another issue altogether, as it's not only damn cold to start of with but, the prospect of utilizing solar IR to accomplish all that much isn't likely, as I'd hardly believe that 1000 m2 worth of concentrated solar illumination couldn't ignite a fart, much less boil a gram of basalt. Although, for our moon it's entirely different, as not only is there basalt to spare but, the solar influx is super terrific, not to mention the vastly superior process environment of having a vacuum is about as good as it gets, along with the prospect of summarily extracting trapped O2 along with 3He or He3 seems like one hell of a nifty set of byproducts. Venus style basalt conversion might need to be processed as a thermal byproduct of CO2-->CO/O2, and of otherwise from air conditioning heat transference, or via geothermal resources (of which Venus offers lots), which by the way is yet another nifty solution of creating a flow of those pesky free electrons. Although if you needed some rather serious GW worth of electron flow, that's where those vertical towers of power will extract kinetic energy from the horrific 4+bar/km differential, thus electrical resistance and/or heating via CO2 excitation of whatever substances becomes another non issue, or done deal if there ever was.

OOPS SORRY ABOUT ALL THAT; it seems that I've unintentionally shot all of those positive solutions right over your head, and otherwise straight through your legs without giving you an opportunity to bash everything that not NASA moderated with their stamp of approval, interfering with the abilities of others as to keep telling folks like myself that we're absolutely full of it. I can only assume that you're one of those nicer folks referring to my being full of the truth and perhaps even disclosing upon the consequences a little too much.

Regarding the electrolytic and transference process of CO2-->CO/O2
This certainly takes care of mere humans, though under that much pressure you'd likely not require more than 1% O2, the remainder as N2 (of which Venus has lots of N2) or of even becoming accustomed to substantially higher levels of CO2 shouldn't kill you right off the bat, unless you simply can't stop drinking Venus beer and subsequently sweating like a stupid pig, as it takes a fair matrix of H2O in order to make CO2 into a nasty external issue for humans, just as it takes H2O to making sulphur crystals into anything more than harmless power, and I do believe whatever free amounts of H2O are those restricted to the matrix that's existing within their clouds, of otherwise nowhere near the surface.

So, whatever's your point about the hot and nasty aspects of Venus, this merely needs to be tempered by pressure and the reality of the toasty dry environment that's keeping so much in check, if not check mate.

TRACE-II with micro laser cannons is what's needed at VL2;
As for the only item that's actually needed in orbit about Venus is the Venus L2 (VL2) laser and microwave transponder platform, as affording a relatively small and efficient relay solution for sustaining itself as stationkeeping at VL2. This is for providing nearly continuous communications, as in live two-way smut. I've actually been thinking along the lines of implementing a well proven TRACE instrument as TRACE-II, sort of multi-functional imaging instrument and interplanetary communications solution, to also be including another SAR format of imaging because, Venus nighttime is relatively dark, unless you're one of those nocturnal lizard folk. Of course, as for having a fully staffed Venus ISS at VL2 isn't impossible, just a wee bit spendy as well as downright testy getting our selves there, and remaining somewhat remote for resolving new problems, such as having a minimum stay of 18 months plus travel to/from time is certainly another good reason for using folks that have little if anything to lose (wealthy volenteerrs come to mind, like Martha Stewart and nearly all those ENRON and Arthur Andersen folks, along with room for a few others we'd all kike to see somewhere other than on Earth).

And, good grief almighty folks, why should we even bother with going there in person, when we can simply communicate with whomever and/or whatever?

Of course, since our evolution of survival hasn't sufficiently kicked in, as we're still not even the least bit smart enough as to efficiently communicate via laser/photons, as most humans can't even communicate with their dogs, much less their own kids, then perhaps we should leave Venus and their Cathar lizard folks well enough alone.

As for the laser task of our actually calling Venus;
Even though I'd settle for a 100 watts of 0.5 milliradian laser, preferably delivering @400~450 nm however, there's been other nifty stuff out there that'll seriously knock someone's socks off, if not burn out their visual rods. And here you thought we're only good at pissing off Taliban folk. Well, guess again.

Boeing/TRW (Phantom Works):
"Development of the ABL demonstrator now shifts to the ABL System Integration Laboratory, a new facility at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. There the ABL team will assemble the five additional laser modules, integrate them with LM-1, then perform a ground-based demonstration of the integrated high-energy laser that will fly on the first ABL system."

Laser Team Fires Up The Raygun, Los Angeles - Apr 30, 2002
"The Air Force's Airborne Laser (ABL) team successfully completed test-firings of the first flight laser module (LM-1) in March."

"The high-power laser is coupled with a revolutionary optical system capable of focusing a basketball-sized spot of heat that can burn through a missile skin from hundreds of miles away."

"I'm very proud of the technical innovation and collaboration within our team that helped us complete this test program," said Steve Hixson, TRW's ABL program manager."

Without going into too much difficulty, we calculate; Say if this beam starts itself out at 250 mm worth (though this factor could just as soon be smaller or 500 mm), either way it really doesn't take all that much reverse math in order to establish what an addaptive (KECK-II like but obviously much smaller) mirror achieving 0.5 milliradian can deliver, of which delivers something good for an overall spot diameter of 28.5 m at the range of 1000 miles (1,609 km), thus 500 miles range = 14.25 meters, and 250 miles = 7 meters, whereby we may further deduce that our cloak and dagger boys and gals of Phantom Works, along with Raytheon/TRW, have obviously achieved 0.1 milliradian, that is if in fact they're focusing the entire 100 MW upon that basketball at several hundred miles, as in 250 miles should qualify as "several hundred", whereas 199 miles obviously would not.

Of course, the overall tracking stability and thermal effectiveness would only have been obtained by accomplishing real world and preferably real-time verifications, and all of that upon something that was not intentionally reflective nor rotating as to evade the thermal intensity, as obviously that sort of tactic would have made the effectiveness somewhat impudent, whereas upon the reentry phase of some worthy target would certainly have been adding further thermal insult to injury, though this is simply not the issue as for the laser as communications potential, although if anything it still remains way over-kill. Even though our ABLs are currently configured as for delivering IR, for the likes of accommodating interplanetary communications, the spectrum could have been easily modified.

"Not only did the laser exceed performance goals, but our team overcame significant engineering challenges, including demonstration of a new two-stage turbo pump capable of the chemical flow rates required for full-power lasing."

"TRW is providing the complete chemical oxygen-iodine laser system. Lockheed Martin is developing the beam control/fire control system, which will acquire the target, then accurately point and fire the laser."

As you can clearly identify by the date provided ("Apr 30, 2002" report), the Boeing/TRW ABL team had become far more than some underground cloak and dagger R&D laboratory, as even I can identify documents specifying upon their in-flight qualifications for obtaining additional funding (with the exception of February 01, 2003, as much like the flight-800 that took an unfortunate conventional hit on behalf of the intended Tel Aviv flight, no one seems to be able to locate essential manifest documents nor verify squat), thus it's entirely possible that besides the two R&D ABL outfitted aircraft that I personally know of, that most likely within our inventory are a few prototypes that either didn't cut the mustard, or were simply of too much lab R&D, instead of being configured for their aircraft installations, and therefore, I'd venture to suggest they've been bought and paid for, and most likely several times over at that.

Thus when folks (mostly NASA/NSA/DoD borgs and moles) have tried to evade and/or stipulate that we don't actually have what it takes for sending laser packets to Venus, I've laughed out loud, and sometimes I laugh so damn hard that I uncontrollably vented. As even via a one mega watt laser cannon prototype would easily burn way more than a sufficient number of photons through those relatively cool nighttime clouds of Venus, though of having to utilize CO2 plus a little mercury or perhaps xenon that would be necessary in order to obtain the 425 nm (+/- 25 nm) spectrum, rather than for applying the original (oxygen-iodine) matrix designed for delivering the IR spectrum, of which IR obviously wouldn't sufficiently penetrate them clouds.

Come to think of it, the full blown 100 MW class laser of our existing ABLs is good for doing Sirius as is, as it's certainly sufficiently capable of tracking and, most certainly the modified spectrum beam should more than piss off whomever is looking back at our solar system. Remembering that of whatever photons exit our atmosphere has only the divergence to account for diminishing the effective photon delivery, although there's way more photon energy punch that's offered by going into the UV spectrum, rather than IR, and of the 0.1 milliradian capability being transmitted from 40,000 feet is about as good as it gets, at least until we've got something deployed on the moon, thus perhaps some day we should try going to the moon.

Of course, at most I'm only in favor of implementing a considerably modus laser capability, such as for applying those initial 1 bps packets at not more than 1% of even the megawatt capability, thus the peak pulse and/or modulated CW might become 10 kw, which is still potentially damn irritating from a distance of 0.27 AU (25 million miles), especially if you're a nocturnal sort looking back from under those clouds, though much worse off if cruising your astronomy configured rigid airship above those relatively cool nighttime clouds, but just as sufficient is seeing your entire clouded sky illuminating in some intelligent pattern or code as though Earth is about to explode, of which could actually happen at any moment if our resident warlord keeps pushing those "do not push" buttons.

Basically, of a great number of those 425 nm photons that are in fact going to reach Venus, and initially illuminate deep into those clouds, lets say that roughly 25% of those photons are getting through. So depending somewhat entirely upon the final exit divergence leaving Earth's atmosphere, and of giving yourself at least as many as 12e24/680 = 1.76e22 photons/lumen, and without all that much further math you should be fully capable of determining for yourself upon what's to be seen from the Venus surface.

Secondly, instead of relying upon the 10 photons/100 ms of what's necessary for the threshold of human eyesight, perhaps we should be considering upon a nocturnal sensitivity of 1 photon/10 ms as threshold, in other words, a magnitude 5 (X100) advantage by the sorts of folks going about whatever it is that Venus lizard heathens do while surviving their still relatively hot and nasty season of nighttime, even though the so called "hot and nasty" part is entirely relative to mere humans (more of a psychological than biological barrier), and not of those evolved and adapted to life NOT as we know it, that's life as likely as not surviving just fine and dandy upon Venus, in spite of our arrogance and thoroughly dumbfounded nature about all of this.

There's slim hope for humanity in spite of all those sick oppposition groups;
Such as those spin and damage control folks implanted on behalf of NASA at, and of their incest cloned Borgs and moles situated at GOOGLE and even BBCI that think it's been perfectly fine and dandy for the likes of Phantom Works to utilize a shuttle as their targeting test drone, as for their obtaining those inhearent thermal measurements and built-in down-link of such vital data, directly into the dirty hands of Phantom Works, thus thinking nothing of intentionally risking astronauts that might not be sufficiently towing the line, such as falling outside their tiny/nitch "nondisclosure" boxes has obviously been something punishable by death, whereas the ongoing notions of sending out spendy and extremely time consuming probes off to much of anywhere, especially those of Mars or further away, and perhaps even targeting another mission upon Venus may seem like yet another total waste of time, unless you're one of those considering an efficient multitasking stationkeeping platform at Venus L2, and/or that of surface deploying a fully interactive communications kiosk, whereas at least Venus holds pronise of once upon a time if not currently sustaining advanced life.

Where's the money?
Well folks, seems there's already been all "the money" you can imagine, as in decades worth of hundreds of billions, and actually trillions if you'd care being honest for a change, not to mention upon the rather enormous global carnage inflicted just on our behalf, especially ever since our button pushing cold-wars of the 60's, then of numbers of our own kind having to die before their time seems rather spendy if not downright wasteful of such nice folks and of their talents. But what do I know, being the village idiot and all, as it seems that I've more than mentioned upon the enormous benefits to the greater humanity and even upon those of our own kind, of our developing numerous lunar issues such as the LSE-CM/ISS, and of our otherwise affordably achieving interplanetary communications if not including what's obtainable of Sirius, instead of our having to go to such spendy and risky places via probes and further contemplating manned missions to other worlds, which is odd since we obviously can't even take care of the one we're on.

Folks need to realize that for each and every employee within and associated with the likes of NASA, there's been an investment of perhaps 10 million (obviously some having required but one million while others having taken 100+ millions), plus whatever various missions. Although it's been the continuation of that employment and of servicing that average 10 million dollar investment per employee that's gone on and on, year after year with no apparent end in sight. Now multiply that amount by the truthful numbers of those tens of thousands, without leaving out the services and infrastructure of involving the Marines, Army, Air force, Navy, Seacret Service, NSA and even the likes of NIMA which has often made NASA's image interpreting irrelevant as compared to their's, as only now is the true invest to be known, and even that's skewed by all their numerous hidden agendas and of those infamous cold-war ruse/sting adventures which often utilized NASA as their cloak.

Of course, if we continue along with sending off spendy probes to ever more distant places, and of deploying instruments focused upon what's even further away, not only is that "wagging the dog" by way of SBRs, but we're obviously going to miss those important factors of what's headed directly towards Earth, as we're obviously never going to see nor foresee what's been directly before our eyes, much less realize nor admit to what's been overlooked on Venus, and apparently regardless of how embarrassing those laws of physics keep pointing out, the more likely than NOT probability of there being survivors, where such folks may not have been into radio but would more than likely have eyes and a brain that's just as likely much older and DNA/RNA evolved than ours, or at the very least is going to be their remains of what was once a viable planet much like Earth, though still chuck full of energy resources and much needed knowledge as to how Earth is going to look if we continue with out total disregard to humanity and of our environment.

When so much resource and talent must be applied to sustaining our past, plus accommodating yet another American cold-war energy related adventure, for acting out the part(s) of doing what we've told everyone we supposedly did, then of all the hundreds of billions that have been infused year after year, these investment drains (Arthur Andersen black holes) are going to obviously continue up until everyone is thoroughly dead (many having already achieved these goals), where at least that's always been the rules of playing Russian roulette, and/or of continually imposing the "my god is better than your god" game of death and death, as it seems life and death isn't even an apparent option for these folks that live their every day to snooker one another.

Calling Venus;
If you're perchance interested in the hot prospect of achieving interplanetary communications, as for that quest I've added lots if not way too much into this following page;

Earth's CO2 has dropped by nearly 50% every 110,000 years;
Seems as though, most of what's become a whole lot more worth while knowing about is something that's been one hell of a lot closer to our home world than we'd previously thought, as sufficiently outlined within the following page; Latest Sirius entry, along with graphics (Feb. 04, 2004):

Though it may seem that I've resolved at least a portion of those Sirius Mysteries, and even given the most likely cause for the skewed orbit of Pluto, though I've really only given the most likely scientific conclusions based upon the given facts of what's transpired over the past 400,000 years worth of CO2 levels. Yet it never seems to end, the opposition to whatever "truth or consequences" is being systematically applied by the sorts of folks intent upon keeping their good book exactly as is, regardless of the truths or consequences. Thus it seems their pagan god isn't the "all knowing" nor the least bit capable of being challenged, especially if it takes the sorts of pathetic individuals (spooks, Borgs and moles) as posting in GOOGLE or, and even the likes of BBCI are simply chuck full of skewed science and internal rules clearly focused upon excluding the truth when and wherever possible, essentially imposing just the exact opposit of what they've touted as being their charter.

BTW; There's still way more than a darn good chance of there being other life of some sort existing on Venus:

Some good but difficult warlord readings: SADDAM HUSSEIN and The SAND PIRATES

David Sereda (loads of honest ideas and notions upon UV energy), for best impact on this one, you'll really need to barrow his video:

The latest round of insults to this Mars/Moon/Venus class action injury:

Some other recent file updates:

For those interested more into the future rather than mucking about within the toilet of the past;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to establishing a focus upon achieving the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot notion, as offering humanity a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually many obtainable ends), of which seems lately to include a rather worthy fusion hot prospect of obtaining He3 or 3He, as well as for further accommodating those intent upon trekking off to Mars or Venus: The Lunar Space Elevator
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