Sirius/c or /d must have had their fair share of diatoms

(wherever there's carbon based life to be had, there's diatoms converting CO2-->CO/O2)

Firstly, do not get the notion that I'm some sort of diatom wizard, as I only know from what others have to say, and even that much I'm assuming is skewed because of my lack of diatom expertise. As such, I'm willing to share and share alike, even though most of the time it has been myself against the mainstream status quo, meaning that I'm the one and only soul doing the sharing, as for obtaining what little I do know on a need to know or otherwise on the seek and exploratory discovery basis at that, especially since those claiming as being all-knowing are seemingly unable to budge off of their cold-war space toilet. Too bad for humanity and intellectual wisdom that we've become so absolutely snookered by folks that supposedly have "the right stuff", in that the box of politically correct knowledge is actually a cesspool of contrived knowledge that's as skewed as need be in order to uphold the past, as to not even rock their religious and/or mainstream cultism(s). Who said that inventors, witches and just sufficiently wise folks are no longer being burned at the stake, and that book-burning is a thing of the past, as I'll certainly beg to differ.

Diatoms coexist on Earth for the same reasons they'd have existed upon Mars, Venus and of any planet assocoated with carbon based life, including the likes of any planet associated with the Sirius star system.

On the related topic of diatoms that survive upon photons and CO2, thus effectively provide for carbon based life, there's certainly lots other to realize about the diatom illuminating Sirius neighborhood, of which our solar system has been just one of the somewhat lesser influential elements involved, whereas perhaps I've gotten this all turned around, in that due to our relatively minimal mass as a solar system, we're actually the ones forced into orbiting/trekking to the likes of Sirius. Of course, of what our solar system is orbiting is actually a continually morphing nullification zone as influenced by other nullification zone(s) that are simply chuck full of photons that supposedly do not weigh anything, at least that's what the GR and SR folks keep insisting because it makes their formulas related to our frame of existance function. I suppose it's a good thing that these GR and SR cults are unaware of the other frames of existance, thus perhaps their universe is sufficiently flat, with the edge of their universe offering nothing beyond.

Since the mass of our solar system and that of the likes of the Sirius star system and of what few atoms are in between is entirely insignificant as compared to the dark-matter and thereby dark-energy of space which supposedly represents 90% of the known mass of the universe, as such I believe we've been cycling through this photonic soup of the universe as primarily influenced by the dark-matter and dark-energy of the Milky Way. Although, it's been somewhat intellectually easier and spiritually acceptable for folks to contemplate that our solar system is the one and only central point (somewhat like the flat-Earth fiasco and of those that insisted that our sun orbited Earth), whereas at least most religious/pretentious folks would seem to prefer as to belive that our existence is but the one and only, over the actual truths of the matter any day of the week, and of our perverted government that's generally not going to buck that money and power grubbing trend of working one perverted faction against another, especially if there's votes and tax dollars at rick of losing.

Based upon our solar system's entire mass being of roughly 2e30 kg, if that's utilized as the base reference in order to compare our coexistence to other star systems of significance, of their influence upon the relatively massive status of Sirius/abc being perhaps 7e30 kg, as this analogy is what's seems clearly as offering a perfectly good indication of the sorts of gravity that's keeping the likes of Sirius and/or that of our solar system remaining on a most likely elliptical pathway, I believe as having a circumference of roughly 29.5 ly as traveling along at a fairly respectable 80.5 km/s, at least that being the case if based upon a nearly circular pathway.

In fact, if Sirius/abc being the massive and thereby predominate alpha dog among us lesser souls drifting along for the ride, as in our following within the gravitational course of natural events, as for establishing whom's orbiting whom becomes rather interesting, especially if the most logical outcome becomes that our solar system and even the likes of Alpha Centauri/ab, Procyon/ab and perhaps even Vega are merely other elements of the much greater Sirius system, as then lo and behold, we'll need to be seriously contemplating our goodwill intentions of at least making an honest effort at contacting whomever is still surviving nearest to Sirius/ab, such as folks of Sirius/c or Sirius/d that would pretty much have to be accommodated on a planet much like our Venus.

The other significant factors influencing Sirius/abc are as following:

1) Procyon/AB resides somewhat nearest at 5.2 ly from Sirius, and it's mass is better than twice that of ours.

2) Ross 614/AB is 5.5 ly from Sirius but represents only 23% of our mass, which should indicate as being somewhat less influential.

3) Luyten's Star resides only 5.8 ly from Sirius, though 76% of our solar is still more influential upon Sirius because it's so much closer than us.

4) Epsilon Eridani of 7.8 ly from Sirius is but 71% of our mass, though 29% closer and thereby also of somewhat greater influence than us.

5) There are perhaps another dozen or so, including Alpha Centauri/AB by more than twice our mass that's situated 9.9 ly from Sirius, where as such there's a whole lot more there to be influencing upon the orbit or path of Sirius than of our little and relatively insignificant solar system, whereas it seems we're sort of being dragged along for the ride, as a community of star systems and perhaps solar systems that's become associated with Sirius, whereas we're as a group somewhat of the outsider and/or intruder of the Milkyway galaxy, traveling through at 14 km/s and merging towards the center at 10 km/s.

The following graphic is what's based upon the record of CO2 cycles, next graphic is what my preliminary 2D notion depicts as a circular pathway or timeline of 29.53 ly, and of based upon a SOA being 80.47 km/s, with the marks on the circle representing 1000 year intervals, adding up to 110,000 years per full cycle. The third image is supposedly what little our Hubble managed to decipher upon Sirius (the small speck to the left of Sirius/a is supposedly representing Sirius/b), whereas other conventional optical and of radar observations have actually managed somewhat better information, as even the likes of TRACE should do better than Hubble.

CO2 timeline for the past 400,000 years Raw graphic indicating Sirius at 8.64 ly, 40,000 years since being along side Hubble's best effort upon Sirius/ab

Of course my math as usual could be unintentionally skewed, and certainly the pathway isn't as circular nor merely 2D as depicted, at least not by the sorts of influences of what's surrounding Sirius that's every bit more capable of affecting the path of everything than what our small solar system has to offer. Thus we likely have an elliptical or even egg shaped pathway imposed by all the issues that surround Sirius.

Since I've recently been stipulating that a most likely 110,000 year cycle of Sirius/abc exist, and as having come to within .01 ly of our solar system (though .1 ly would have been sufficient), from which the rather terrific degree of UV-a and near UV spectrum photons were saturating throughout our solar system for thousands of years at a time, especially illuminating if in fact the .01 ly differential ever transpired, as for at least several hundred years worth of improving the environments of our planets that would have been hugely immersed in a bath of excess photons, as coming from two directions, from which such influx enabled all sorts of plant and certain animal life (especially diatoms) would likely have thrived like nowhere other, converting CO2 being their fame, and in some instances their singular purpose in life.

Naturally the Sirius/abc star/planet system offers us a good amount of visible photons, though including the invisible UV but also somewhat warming benefits of the IR spectrum of energy, though otherwise offering the most photons/m2 as a spectrum peaking near 400~425 nm, rather than the likes of 500~525 nm as our sun provides, which also represents that the bulk of Sirius energy is of the more visible and otherwise much into the UV spectrums than not, whereas our sun is shifted away from the UV by more than 100 nm, offering visible plus a greater proportion of the available energy as IR than indicated by what Sirius/ab would have delivered.

DIATOMS that seem hell bent upon converting CO2 into O2

The Smithsonian February, 2004 publication offers us another small but interesting article from their files upon such interesting diatoms, of their offering an extremely wide variation of phytoplankton that's accomplishing an efficient CO2-->O2 by way of photosynthesis.

Diatoms alone represented nearly 50% of Earth's entire CO2 conversion force, at least before mankind destroyed and/or polluted so much of their environment, whereas today we're lucky to have half of those oceans and other bodies of water thriving with such diatoms, thus at best we're obtaining a 25% rate of conversion as of today. In other words, it's almost as though diatoms were genetically engineered and then intentionally terraformed into existence here on Earth, with the bulk of their beneficial intent of CO2 conversion in mind, much like we've custom engineered emzymes and nematodes, having been genetically modified and then mass produced for the task of cleaning up disgusting substances we've polluted with.

Though these single celled diatom creatures have long been extremely adaptive and varied in their life-cycle of rapidly creating their relatively transparent complexities of a porous silica shell, within which photons plus other chemistry go about creating O2 from CO2, and otherwise of their expiring within 6 days as to be taking their contained or residual CO2 to the ocean floors, whereas those mere six days to live isn't all that impressive, at least not until you further comprehend that a given population doubles per day, thus the existence of one diatom becomes 100 million per month, and so on. Likewise our destruction of a single diatom impacts our environment by subsequently excluding the evolution and subsequent function of those 100 million diatoms per month, thus you do the math of what happens when humanity negatively impacts the diatom environment by factor of essentially exterminating tera diatoms per day, if not per hour, and otherwise nullifying their future populations through pollutions and arrogance as on steroids.

However, without a good influx of photons, and much of those preferably being of the UV/a spectrum, diatoms could not function nor otherwise would there have even been a creator's or terraforming need as to making them exist. As without sufficient illuminations, the likes of diatoms would have become little more than inorganic crystals of silica, perhaps much like what's remaining of life on Mars, or perhaps even our moon.

Of course, it's not helping Earth's environment in that some of us are creating way more than our fair share of artificial CO2, as in 20+t/person/year seems a tad bit much, made worse yet by those impoverished by the unbalanced advantage of a few, as few as 0.1% that's making it imperative that others (the lower apparent 99.9% as the scum of the Earth) must rely directly and/or indirectly upon stripping their surrounding forest as well as allowing massive erosions of at least another million or so acres per year seems to have been adding a good deal of insult to the diatom injury, as does the over-fishing of our oceans and so on. As such, I believe we've pasted the point of no-return, whereas the only recourse is an entire reset of the global populations of carbon life as we know it.

Fortunately for Venus, there's a perfectly good chance that their diatoms can fly, as otherwise of the surface environment is going to be absolutely dry and extra hot by day, and if you don't have the use of an airship as to migrate yourself into the season of nighttime, and preferably of accessing sufficiently elevated territory, such as diatoms are wouldn't make it past go.

What if Sirius/abc was only once upon a time inclusive of a planet, pretty much exactly like Venus, and quite possibly that planet having it's own moon that was oddly exactly like our moon. What would it have taken for such a planet to have survived the horrific influx from Sirius/a and then defending itself every so often from the likes of Sirius/b.

1) Gravity wise, it seems logical, as others have surmised, that it would likely need to be situated at roughly 3.75~4 AU from Sirius/a, as well as geologically evolved as for surviving the illumination factor of Sirius/a that is supposedly 23 times greater than our sun but skewed towards the UV spectrum, as for having it's peak wavelength intensity at roughly 375 nm.

2) It would certainly have required a rather substantially thick atmosphere, comprised of something offering a great deal more substance and thereby greater mass/m3 than merely N2/O2, and thus sufficiently defensive of solar radiation. As 4 AU is offering but 1/16th the 1 AU influx of what a star that's offering 23 times greater illumination than ours. Thereby having lots of dense atmosphere is the tall order of their day.

3) It should have acquired a need or perhaps by happenstance for yet another optical as well as radiation barrier, as comprised of a sufficiently dense buffer zone of clouds, with the average opacity filtering benefit of subduing the bulk of photons by at least 75%, via perhaps 10 km worth of clouds, whereas the makeup or matrix of H2O into those clouds isn't necessarily all that critical, although the more composition/m3 worth of heavier elements of mass the better. In other words, a good percentage of acidic content would go a long ways towards fending off and thereby filtering the excessive amounts of solar radiation, as well as for diminishing the otherwise horrific illuminations and especially of reflecting those of the IR spectrum, which at times are coming in from two directions.

4) Rotation wise; it would be best for whomever was electing to stay if this planet offered an extremely long season of nighttime, such as 2900 hours worth, so as to allow some manageable degree of airship migrations to take place prior to sun rise, as even such an extended season of nighttime isn't exactly offering any likelihood of snow, as of sunrise filtering through those thick clouds could likely impose another 10% increase upon an already toasty environment, which obviously wouldn't be such a factor for an Earth like environment, but if you're already surviving somewhat closer to your biological as well as technological limits, adding another 10% influx to the fire isn't such a good idea.

5) A retrograde rotation of their atmosphere would certainly be another darn good thing as for aiding the rigid airship travels, as for making the energy requirement relatively slight as compared to an Earth like environment.

6) Because of the overall density and thickness of the atmosphere, and of the cloud layer acting somewhat like a topping of substance that's residing sufficiently buoyant above a relatively calm and crystal clear atmospheric ocean that's surrounding this planet, as the soup mix of those clouds could even contain a fair percentage of diatoms, of those nifty silica shelled organisms suspended along by sheer buoyancy, that which could easily reside anywhere between the 5 bar > 0.1 bar environment, especially of the nighttime season which is obviously offering a whole lot cooler environment of perhaps 275K that's nearest to the cloud bottoms and/or potentially less than 225K of what's situated within the tops of them nighttime clouds, obviously considerably cooler than what's otherwise available for those evolved as having to reside on the surface at 100+ bar and perhaps 650K.

7) Having yourself a rather terrific sort of near surface atmospheric pressure differential of merely 4+bar/km is essentially placing a power utility energy resource within every backyard, whereas a community vertical wind tunnel of such kinetic power extraction is capable of delivering gigawatts, day or night makes little difference. With said energy, all sorts of otherwise insurmountable issues become entirely surmountable.

As for our Earthly astronomy technology and/or expertise to discriminate upon a planet the size and mass of Venus, such as orbiting at 4 AU from Sirius/A would certainly be something terrific, and perhaps some day in the future we'll obtain that degree of excellence, although for the moment we'll have to limit this level of exploration conjecture to the laws of physics and of the likes of Darwin's evolution, and/or of the "science future" of what's to come, unless we'd care to listen more intently to those nice Dogon and numerous others that claimed to have been visited and thus informed by folks from other worlds.

Although, as for our Earthly planetary race of supposedly God's chosen beings, especially as incest cloned, bigoted, arrogant and pagan worshiping as our pathetic Earth has become, the likelihood of folks taking an honest look-see at their past, much less the future, isn't nearly as likely as another 9/11 event.

It's obvious that we'd rather be snookered into exterminating the likes of Cathars and dining upon their remains, than of our becoming openly honest to ourselves, much less onto such strangers from another world. In other words, even if nice lizard folks arrived from Venus or Sirius, and boldly ventured as to coming into physical contact with Earth inhabitance, chances are fairly high that we'd make a preemptive attack upon whomever long before considering the consequences of our actions. Thus if I were such an ET outsider, I'd be advising all my kin folk to remain as clear as possible, away from the morally degrading influence and vastly inferior DNA/RNA of what's residing on Earth. In other words, Earth would be off-limits, except for keeping us from learning the truth, as if we ever knew that there's life on Venus, and subsequently that we're not the sole creation by God, chances are that the Pope would go on another crusade of cleansing us from the intruders, and otherwise book burnings until all knowledge is lost.

Perhaps our Earth has actually become their galactic dumping zone or biological safe-house for defective genetic experiments, of designer DNA/RNA that simply didn't make the grade, which would certainly explain a whole lot of why we've been stuck with the likes of Popes killing Cathars for sport, of Jews killing off Jews (among others), and of warlords like GW Bush that's still responsible for killing off innocent folks over his invisible WMD, and at an ongoing rate of at least 20:1 over the losses our expendable forces, not to mention our destruction of a somewhat pesky social infrastructure that had been advancing better for humanity than of those murderest Kuwait bastards, as there have been and remain ten fold worse-off dictatorships and/or warlords in existence than what the likes of Saddam was providing. Unfortunately, it seems we're not nearly finished with pushing other peoples buttons, thus we haven't learned all that much, thereby future generations will have to waste their talents and resources upon making the same and worse sorts of decisions, and subsequently paying the ultimate price over and over.

Of course, if we weren't such absolute fools, we could literally focus some affordable and quite doable photons upon other worlds, thereby harmlessly risking our letting other worlds know that we exist, disclosing that at least a tiny portion of humanity has finally come to our senses.

Calling Venus (if not being allowed to officially look at Venus, then it can't possibly hurt focusing a few laser cannons upon it);
If you're perchance the sort of individual that's more interested in the truly viable prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications, as for that relatively simple and extremely efficient quest, I've added lots of notions, if not a little too much information, into this following page;

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