NASA fails to make connection of Sirius and our ice-ages

(unfortunately, that's not all they've failed to see)

This page is all about another huge "what if" notion for humanity, as in "Truth or Consequences for Dummies", and since most folks don't much care to being lied to, much less intentionally snookered into paying for the mistakes of others, nor being shot out of the sky, most likely this latest discovery will have an impact upon our DJI and IXIC investment outcomes for decades to come, though perhaps somewhat initially taking a dive like 9/11, whereas eventually the investments associated with interplanetary aspects should take off like rockets, as a win-win for humanity and of all the sort of good and wholesome sorts of enterprises to behold.

In fact, since there's been so many ice ages (some 58 recorded and counting), and if we simply introduced the 110,000 year timeline of such on again off again of what mostly near-UV and fully-UV class of illuminations as derived from Sirius/abc, then behold 6.4 million years worth of photosynthesis and subsequent evolution cycles, that which has become recorded among many accessible elements, such as geologically trapped into various layers of surface coal deposits, as those easily accessable near Kasilof Alaska, and otherwise clearly recorded by all sorts of verifiable methods based upon the levels of CO2 trapped within numbers of other core-samples, some of which being potentially accurate enough to include the Sirius/b influence of it's 50 years of mostly adding but also momentarily subtracting it's illumination when somewhat hidden behind Sirius/a for a short time.

This part is entirely "science future", even though some of us are having second thoughts that there'll even be a future, especially if we continually advanced the likes of American humanity and of others associated with our collective into averaging a consumption rate that's become responsible of creating 20 tonnes of artificial CO2/year per individual (roughly 5 fold above the other 75% of Earth, and of at least 10 fold greater than of the remaining 20%), as that's still not even including the secondary issues of exporting tonnes of stuff away from Earth, creating upwards of yet another 100 tonnes of CO2 per tonne placed into space, nor are we speaking of the methane gas increase due primarily to this initial stage of global warming taking hold. As we seem to be slowly learning, while responsible others have actually known this all along, that methane is the real greenhouse accelerant that'll insure that even if we somehow managed to cut artificial CO2 production by as much as 50%, those results could easily represent far too little too late, as being overridden by the already exposed tundra and subsequent methane release.

Though to consider if we'd survived by somehow cutting our consumption and thus managed to get our global average contribution of artificial CO2 per person down to 5 tonnes/year (a 75% reduction), especially if that's including all space expedition adventure contributions, of which that should have obviously required a functioning LSE-CM/ISS depot, though 5t/person/y (plus capping whatever methane that's supposedly 20 times worse for global warming than CO2) still represents a potentially lethal CO2 impact build of of 30e9t/y, and somehow in spite of our pathertic leaderships, we managed to become intellectually advanced enough (in spite of all those educational "high standards and accountability" factors as introduced by GW Bush) to have mastered the 10%ls, and of thereby having mastered the general physics as well as enough biological evolution of surviving such pesky space travel, of our having accommodated this rather enormous degree of applied energy as to overcoming friction, such as for the 10 m3 probe taking 1.36 GJ in order to make 10%ls, as well as for fending off radiation but most importantly are those individual but pesky dust-bunnies, of successfully deflecting such micro particles that'll deliver a punch of 900e9 joules (900 GJ) per encountering a mere 2 mg at 10%ls.

Actually, the thought of folks taking advantage of their planet itself as a spacecraft isn't such a half baked notion, as along with it's thick surround of atmosphere, perhaps even a magnetosphere, should have been just the ticket for accommodating a viable shield, of alluding radiation but also most meteorites that would been converted into heat and insignificant dust that couldn't hurt a fly. Utilizing an associated moon is yet another notion that may lack a sufficient atmosphere, but with some digging-in and a few thousand tonnes of supplies should do quite nicely as your alternate or plan-B. Being that such a journey isn't to be traveling without adequate illumination is simply improving the odds by another huge factor.

As to further consider, what if our motivation were merely centered about our home world (Sirius/c or /d) sort of going to hell in a hand basket (much like Earth), and what if the once in a lifetime opportunity were to come along, such as a 110,000 year event of our passing within a mere 0.01 ly of another solar system worthy of our species, whereas our home world was soon going to become a case of abduction by way of an unusual gravity alignment of our second sun and by that of additional forces of certain planetary alignments associated with the other nearby solar system (from the outside perspective we're talking those mostly of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and of course the sun).

Being that this is sort of an event horizon opportunity that's not a mere flash in the pan, but that of a somewhat gradual encounter taking thousands of years along a 29.5 ly trek as your solar system manages at 80.5 km/s, and thereby offering at least hundreds of years while within a 0.1 ly window of opportunity, whereas generations worth of scientific advancements and planning for this eventual and/or inevitable jump would have been long underway. Let us further speculate that many of us could actually have survived upon our home world as this transition or planetary migration of moving our toasty and geologically active (nuclear core) home world was underway, without necessarily doing more harm than good, but knowing that we certainly also had the capability of first transporting a few thousand tonnes of whatever over to our moon (also having a thermal nuclear core), as well as for eventually off loading everything we'd placed temporarily upon our moon for safe keeping, as for being transported over onto another planet or that of our original home world once the timing was just right.

The actual solar system to solar system travel timeline might be somewhat of a true test of one's will power, though probably not ever without a sufficient amount of illumination, as if the average speed of departing a given solar system and of having to travel some 0.01 ly at perhaps an average speed of even 300 km/s isn't going to be an overnight adventure, nor ever out of a 0.005 ly range of either Sirius/ab or Earth's relatively passive solar illumination. In other words, if making an average SOA of 0.001 ls (300 km/s) is going to take all of 10 years, though I'd expect the initial outward thrust or EV (escape velocity) away from a home solar system of Sirius to being at least initially reaching 3,000 km/s as we manage to whiz past our smaller but gravity influential 2nd sun, especially since our binary and subsequently bipolar gravity solar system offered two substantial stars like Sirius/a and /b. Then our outward travels would eventually become an issue of slowing down to near zilch until penetrating the gravity-well null point of NO return (92% of the way towards our objective), whereas the remainder of the intrusion into this new solar system would become a relatively short duration, with acceleration controlled only by the various masses involved, plus whatever our mad scientists could possibly dream up, whereas timing is absolutely everything, as in down to the hour if not the second would represent total success or absolute failure, whereas anything in between could have become pure happenstance or chaos depending on your outlook.

Obviously if the average SOA could have become 375 km/s, as that's cutting their timeline down to arriving within our solar system in as little as 8 years, though I'd suppose it would have been more likely and as such considerably more efficient for scout ships to have managed some advance explorations, as I certainly would like to know such things beforehand rather than having to learn everything after the fact, such as avoiding when it's too damn late to fix the sort of things that could have been easily prevented.

As I've previously speculated upon energy requirements for the 10 m3 probe traveling away from Earth, and away from our solar system, at least up until the gravity null point of NO return, I've roughly arrived at an energy value of the KE being 1364 million joules (1.36 GJ), that's if Earth's humanity were honestly striving of physically sending stuff towards Sirius. In other words, it should be technically much easier for us to send whatever towards Sirius, especially of physical stuff or even a sufficiently focused UV/c laser beam, than for folks or whatever to be arriving from Sirius, as our solar system gravity of 2e30 kg actually isn't worth squat as compared to the likely 7e30 kg worth of Sirius/abc and of their stellar soup of the day.

From the mutual gravity-well null point of being roughly 8% towards Sirius, from that point on, there should become a rather dramatic reduction in onboard thrust demand, since the horrific gravity pull of Sirius/abc and of it's stellar surround represents a rather substantial mass that's roughly 3.5 times that of our entire solar system, and is thereby taking over whether or not we intended otherwise, whereas the only remaining energy needs will be those of sustaining the probe itself, and of fending off whatever particle impacts, and of eventually breaking into a sustainable orbit instead of becoming just another fuel pellet for the likes of Sirius/ab, as Sirius/c or /d might not even be another star, but a planet much like Venus, though that too would be a nasty sort of thing to be running into.

Getting back into the prime topic, that of our folks or our DNA kinfolk leaving their binary Sirius/ab environment for the sanctuary of a relatively stable singular solar system;
Utilizing the available energy resources, whereas the planet (Sirius/c or /d) having loads of geothermal resources and thereby all sorts of nifty elements at their disposal, including vertical atmospheric pressure differentials of perhaps 5+Bar/km, and possibly more than a fair share of a thermal nuclear core (I suppose that represents that they'd have the option of implementing a massive nuclear EMPD), and then by way of various gravity forces aligning in order to fling an entire globe on it's way, as well as whatever survival pods and various commodities of essentials (including that aspect of taking their moon along for the ride) over to a passing opportunity that only happens every 110,000 years, and as such they wisely decide to fully utilize their moon as another go-between logistics depot, or sort of a plan-B life boat. Being that it's mass of 7.35e22 kg is technically so much easier to manage than that of our entire planet of 4.87e24 kg.

Since scientist seem to always know almost all there is to know (pretty much like those arrogant members of Club NASA claimed prior to roasting another batch of our astronauts), as the intelligent sort of folks we've become, we soon realize that not everything is going to work out exactly as planned, at least not as coming from the sorts of self absorbed egos that any self respecting scientist is typically willing to bet our farm or whatever, if that's what it takes for getting their funding and rewards, and I suppose a few back stabbing jollies at the expense of others (in other words, nothing's actually changed on that front). So, for another good measure of options, as a whole we decide upon trading off some vital resources as to allow for the positioning or depositing of our moon near to one of the three most likely candidates (including that of our home world, that is if it survives the introduction without smashing into an existing planet or becoming a solar fuel pellet) as worthy of our terraforming and/or hopefully re-emerging, thus giving us a somewhat more controllable option of surviving upon technology and supplies previously delivered and stashed onto our moon, whereas this moon of ours would have been utilized as sort of DMZ survival alternative, at least until all the gravitational influx commotion created by that of our having introduced another significant mass of the size and composition of Venus into an existing solar system, which needs to come down to at least a dull roar before folks can go back home, though I suppose there would have been folks unwilling to ever leave their home in the first place, thus sort of dug in for the duration and of hoping for the best.

Of course, if upon arrival into this new singular solar system caused some environmental imbalances upon the existing planets, that may have been just the sort of compromise that wasn't avoidable. Although, with our superior space travel expertise, and the likes of Halburton at our side, some degree of repairs and/or compensation could be managed, as long as those other worlds weren't inhabited by folks having similar space travel nor stealth WMD capabilities, as if those folks existing on a planet like Earth were of pagan worshiping heathens, as then the chances of our kind (Cathar lizard folks) the odds of our surviving becomes a whole lot better, in spite of the fact that our entrance has inflicted widespread catastrophic devastation and subsequent carnage unseen up until our arrival, and if anyone (namely Earth heathens) should complain, we simply implement another of our "so what's the difference" qualifying policies, and otherwise quote from scriptures translated into stone tablets as handed down from those educated by the utmost of our "high standards and accountability", as then if all else fails, we otherwise go about provoking other folks (mostly promoting and instigating civil wars among various ethnic groups so that they mostly kill each other off), as to otherwise somehow cloak and/or justify our pillaging everything in sight.

Now I'm fairly certain that among numerous existing Earthly religious cults are going to take strong exceptions to my analogy, but then since it's my argument and/or my allusion, they can all just eat my shorts. As otherwise, I'm invoking my own "so what's the difference" ruling, that is unless you've got a better idea as to how Earth became so pathetically screwed up.

So far so good, in that we've arrived somewhat in tact into a new and vastly improved environment of Earth's solar system. So, unless you're one of those home world Cathar work details left on Earth, and none the less caught with your pants down when their Pope was in town, as then your ass became grass, and apparently in more ways than just being killed off, and as for influencing the likes of Christ into being a Cathar certainly didn't go as planned either, but as terraforming and cross species educating goes, sometimes the best you can do is that you simply have to roll with the punches.

Of course, in order to get back at those nasty Earth heathens for taking out so many of our Cathar lives (Christ being the last straw), we simply infect their species with a few greed and stupidity (dumb and dumber) DNA genes, thereby insuring that the likes of Hitler and GW Bush well eventually come to past. Revenge is sweet, though sometimes entertaining ourselves by toying with Earthlings, such as creating crop circles and occasionally abducting various species, and then sometimes redepositing them after we've had our time of probing and/or mutilating.

Of course, it's seems entirely possible that of a mere happenstance of two solar systems coming to within a 0.01 ly separation isn't all that uncommon, as various observations of intersecting and colliding galaxies have been on record ever since the beginning of serious astronomy, as well as the laws of gravity certainly haven't changed, though of our politically and religiously skewed perspectives is pretty much what seems to have been at fault, rather than of what certain facts that seem to have been indicating otherwise all along. One such research avenue has identified some 58+ ice-ages, while yet another pre-biblical event seems to suggest that watery sorts of folks arrived after an 8 year timeline of travel, suggesting yet another possible connection to those arriving from the likes of the Sirius star system. With all of this mounting evidence, and of what's otherwise to be seen as still visible upon the surface of Venus, that plus the fact that our moon substance is clearly and absolutely nothing whatsoever like Earth (of course we have to exclude those supposed Apollo lunar samples, as they seem to have become merely exactly like modified Earth samples, even though their reflective index and density factors are not possible), thus pointing at a more likely alternative possibility than not, of folks from Sirius having their way with us.

Now here I am, just typing along and minding my own business, though often with all three of my dyslexic brain cells running amuck, and without any actual help from others supposedly (though perhaps not) more qualified, as when absolutely none other of any self proclaimed "all knowing" competence will bother to lift a finger as to otherwise investigating squat on behalf of re-exploring Venus, nor that of our own moon, much less for the notion of laser calling Sirius or Venus, as though all that I'm offering is a mere novel of pure fiction. Yet lo and behold, if all of hell isn't otherwise busting lose, as though day by day I'm getting a little more right, and right onto the point than not about humanity. As now somehow I'm worth attacking as based upon what I'm believing took place, as somewhat entirely opposed to what the status quo wants their entire world to believe, yet at least my conjectures having been based upon some fairly good images of numerous artificial looking items, and those of considerable size existing on Venus are somehow entirely fiction, even though I didn't even take the damn picture(s), but that of an official NSA spy class satellite did, and even though none others officially charged with telling us the truth of what Venus had to offer haven't been coming forth, as instead they apparently never bothered to look, not even after the fact, but have subsequently devoted a great deal of their efforts and resources towards deliverting others, especially keeping the media away from my findings, and with a good deal of "spin" and "damage control" applied on behalf of supporting their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD), such as pointing out Mars details as though no one could have possibly known such information prior to the latest two spendy probes.

It seems the only apparent reasons why our NASA isn't officially going for the moon (talk is cheap, and certainly a whole lot safer than for actually going to the moon), nor allowing squat worth of anything even the least bit media focused upon Venus or Sirius, is clearly that such risky avenues of disclosures would sooner or later uncover somewhat difficult to explain inconsistencies, specifically with respect to those Apollo missions, and of nearly everything since. Questions like; what in the hell has our NASA been doing for humanity, especially over the last three decades and counting.

Thus our warm and fuzzy NASA has been and remains hell bent upon focusing the media and folks as far away as possible from anything Venus, Sirius and even the moon has once again falling into the zone of taboo, and apparently the further away the better, regardless of the cost and/or consequences, even if that takes on the form of delivering carnage of yet another cold-war form of a "dog wagging" era, by using the media and by way of controlling whatever gets printed and/or becomes excluded is moneys and blood well spent upon protecting their ultimate ruse/sting of the century. In other words of snookering the world, our Arian "disinformation-R-us" genetics is alive and well, almost as alive as all those invisible WMD and that of Salem bin Laden's business associations with our resident warlord.

Being snookered is one thing, but knowingly being snookered is clearly what gave Hitler the will and the means by which humanity suffered one of our worst insults since those previously bloody Pope/Cathar fiascos. And, of no matters how much hype is applied against the likes of Saddam Hussein and of others far worse (like those typically muderous bastards of Kuwait), none has delivered 10% of what the Roman Catholics imposed against all of humanity, nor of recent history even a fourth as deadly of what our resident warlord "GW Bush" has inflicted upon accomplishing his own personal policy of revenge, while protecting a finantial interest of the likes of Halburton, Henry Kissinger and of all his Jewish partners in crime against humanity (that which is apparently including against other Jews, such as their Christ). This is not my approval of Islamic nor Muslim faiths, as I'm certain that the bulk of such religious orders (Jewish included) are as honest and good to nearly the last drop on behalf of humanity, though of their blindly following their misguided and corrupt leadership has perhaps become just as involuntary, as a genetic incest form of mutation that's become entirely irreversible. Though that shouldn't give it merit, nor should that heritage be in any way protected under common law, much less protected by the utilization of our WMD.

If we intend to sanction and subsequently protect such mass genocide, and otherwise intentionally covering up the truth, then perhaps convicted serial killers need to be given their freedoms as well. Unfortunately, modern technology can be used against humanity much easier than on behalf of, as it's typically those in power that'll be deciding where and when such technology need be applied, as equally as well for the spin-offs being allowed or not. Such as the Boeing/TRW, Raytheon and Phantom Works ABL, creating a laser cannon that can be altered for accommodating the ultimate stealth WMD capability of ethnic cleansing, with the mere introduction of UV/b and UV/c spectrums.

Knowledge is power, especially if your knowledge base offers the keys to physical, biological and even psychological powers of perception above what others might hold, as just the threat of using some perceived power and/or leverage is most often enough to cause others to back down. It's called bluffing, and/or applied disinformation that's obviously intended to give your side the unfair advantage, in spite of whatever the facts, and in spite of any honest competition. As in our perpetrated cold-wars, there were NO rules of engagement, only the steadfast cult rule about your not getting caught, which up until lately worked just fine and dandy for the likes of the Roman Catholic church, and even benefiting the cleverest of Jewish communities and individuals which have oddly become so unusually powerful in spite of their previous demise, especially those having aligned their wealth and powers without the actual substance of any global industry, but merely with their strategic alignments to a winning sided. Whereas at least for the moment there's become sort of a DMZ existing between American interest and those of a decidedly Jewish flavor, and of which our considerable threat of using our WMD has long been protecting over this supposed DMZ. Though I guess that we wouldn't be all that surprised if instead of there being Venus Cathars, we should learn of Venus Jews being encharge from the very get-go (wouldn't that be the kicker).

Of course, any village idiot with half a brain (in my case that's 1.5 cells worth) would have to consider such arguments on behalf of Venus and now Sirius as entirely "good news", whereas only those opposed to other life under any sun other than of what's existing as illuminating us here on Earth as being impossible regardless of whatever truths, as these sorts of anti-everything folks would just as soon die, while taking as many others with them as possible, rather than accept any few facts of life, and of where some if not all of our DNA/RNA may have originated.

It's become a little too gruesomely clear that these sorts of anti-everything folks would just as soon eat their own kind, of which I'd hope meant killing them first, which might of have been the aftermath of what actually happened to the body of Christ. Now there's a perfectly good and wholesome plot/lead for another movie "Jews dispose of evidence by eating Christ" (sort of places new meaning into the phrase "Last Supper"), whereas of today our government spooks have never stopped dispensing "disinformation", such as against the USSR and now Russia, plus those WMD of Iraq, and subsequently their applying "wag the dog" sorts of "spin and damage control" would have thought nothing of doing whatever worst dastardly deeds it takes, especially if their fearless warlord misleadership requested, or perhaps even without leadership knowledge, as sort of operating on their cloak and dagger auto-pilots.

Since we already know of what those onboard the USS LIBERTY suffered, just ask Israel or their Dr. Henry Kissinger about all those thousands of 6-Day war prisoners, and of their "last supper". Of course, in order to be somewhat fair, we'd need to reflect upon our rather despicable US-Mexican war(s), of which also included many failed attempts upon taking Cuba, where I'm speaking of multiple occasions long prior to the US/Cuban missile thing (BTW; that recent Cuban thing was a cold-war ruse that the USSR won), and then onto the untimate price that far too many of our native indians faced, as well as for how our contracts with various tribes isn't all that rosy as of today.

In other words, our government hasn't always been, if ever, any Do-Gooder nor Dudley Do-Right in every instance, perhaps more recently acting much like dumb and dumber, and that certainly goes for the current WMD events and of our pathetic state of affairs created by our most recent past.

Unfortunately, our Hubble is way too preoccupied looking at those extremely distant stars and of deducing upon potential exoplanets, in other words too distracted to give an honest puck about anything Sirius, even though some Hubble images of Sirius/ab do exist, they're relatively outdated and there's no apparent plans for the remainder of Hubble's existence to further assist in understanding anything that's so close to our solar system, regardless of how significant, much less of ever again viewing upon the nighttime season of Venus.

Calling Venus (if we're not being allowed to officially look at Venus, much less even discuss the possibilities, then it certainly can't hurt focusing a few laser cannons upon it);
If you're perchance the sort of individual that's more interested in the truly viable prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications (contacting ETs without utilizing radio), as for that relatively simple and extremely efficient quest, I've added lots of notions, if not a little too much quantum packet information into this following page;

Here's the latest deliveries upon what other is new, and of what's certainly hot, as offering a bit more than you may need to know of what my three brain cells can deliver on behalf of Sirius lizard folk terraforming the likes of Mars, Earth and Venus.
Cost or Consequences is merely offering yet another vantage point or perspective.

For those interested more into the future of our moon, rather than having to muck about within the Apollo space toilet of our past;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to establishing a focus upon achieving the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as a notion offering humanity a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually many obtainable ends), of which seems lately to include the rather worthy fusion hot prospect of our obtaining He3 or 3He, as well as for further accommodating those folks intent upon trekking off to Mars or Venus: The Lunar Space Elevator
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