There's Life on Venus, GUTH Venus, as in Double Duh! on NASA

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: March 05, 2004 )

Not that I haven't overly tried out this tactic before, of being entirely honest and all, but never the less here's yet another summary or perhaps sermon upon the "GUTH Venus" discovery beginnings, or at the very least another shot in the dark, or sort of perhaps yet another lose cannon effort of covering these beginnings and of reflecting upon what others could have and perhaps should have realized within my first few months worth of disclosures to NASA (that which was long before, as in months before, I ever created a single web page, though NASA certainly could have).

Somewhat from the top;  Starting things off as of (December 2000), this being where I was merely in the process of enjoying and subsequently reviewing through hundreds of planetary images, sort of getting a feel for the road, or in observationology terms, I was in the process of acquiring a visual/mental note as to what such satellite imaging (mostly those of of CCD and others of SAR format) was having to offer in the way of disclosing planetary geological items of interest, though by far the SAR seemed well above that of conventional astronomy photographic capabilities.

Even though I had only vaguely perceived that there was something thoroughly out of place within one specific Magellan image, I was not initially all that convinced of anything special, except for my considering upon what others had already specified about Venus as being so hot and nasty seemed to rule out any chance of there being something artificial. After all, these images were all way more than a decade old, and dozens if not hundreds of supposedly extremely smart folks had long since scoured through every square inch. So, I continued for nearly another month, returning to the suspicious image from time to time and yet also continuing along with my observational explorations of so much other, that which planets like Venus and Mars had to offer.

I had no preconceived motive as for even discovering anything new, just observing and learning more about what our trillions of tax dollars had already delivered, as I was becoming quite dissolutioned with all the conventional photographic issues associated with imaging Earth and especially those of questionable lunar imaging issues, and becoming somewhat irritated at the degree of "spin" and "damage control" taking place with respect to specifically all those Apollo acquired images. At the very least, I certainly was not expecting to uncover anything cold-war associated with Mars nor Venus and, thereby I was not expecting to identify something weird like that "Mars face" which obtained so much press and subsequently cost the taxpayers millions more then anticipated, nor even of anything like all those pathetically poorly documented Apollo lunar images as acquired from what has to have become the dismal accomplishment record of the world's worst possible photographers (either that or perhaps those anti-Apollo issues were becoming entirely true).

Being that I was merely on a multi planetary observational tour of sorts, and that I had become quite impressed with the degree of imaging and especially trustworthy and "truth worthy" aspects of what all the Magellan mission had accomplished, so much so that I focused the bulk of my limited time and resources upon Venus. Essentially the Magellan mission (as fairly old or stale [dead horse] as that was), at least observationally it was still seriously outperforming the more recent Mars images. In fact, from the aspect of what sort of "extraordinary truth" SAR delivers, it's darn near still better off in many ways then of what's currently being CCD acquired of Mars, unless pixel resolution and color is all that matters, and not knowledge of true content.

Exploring my way through hundreds of terrific Venus images (thousands if you were to include further cropping and enlarging upon certain areas of interest), I took the considerable time to pan carefully through these images (actually we're taking about extracting hundreds of sub-selections), where initially I was still using scales of 3X to 5X magnification upon just those 1:1 raw pixels. I subsequently downloaded several of the images, of those I thought offered greater detail and/or of somewhat more interesting geology patterns, so as to continue along with my viewing the considerable territories of Venus, as well as I had borrowed several images of Mars because, those were looking every bit as great, even though they were merely of optical 2D CCD format, thus no depth nor possible identification of the actual contents could be surmised, just super terrific illumination indexes and lots of interesting colors.

Further image browsing eventually focused myself back into the one composite image hosting the most of what's now referred to as "GUTH Venus". By the way; That only became the name associated long after several months of failed communications with our wonderfully thoughtful NASA, and of essentially being bashed by all those folks supposedly having "the right stuff", and from those official NASA Borg collectives of souls at their pagan "spin" and "damage control" center of anti-everything that's not specifically NASA moderated, such as their "" and even of anything such as GOOGLE's space related topics is apparently fair game, as most often orchestrated and imposed and/or excuted by Borg-OM..

I'll have to re-stipulate upon the previous phrase containing "failed communications" because, I certainly did get through, firstly several times by phone, then into direct email(s) and then by phone once again and so on, that on many occasions I in fact spoke with those closely associated with the archived Magellan images as well as several directly associated with their interpreting upon those images and, thereby indirectly sharing my research with dozens of their associates or at least good upstanding numbers of their staff that were being informed or at least made aware of my discovery. At least of my perception of there being a worthy discovery wasn't entirely ignored (like I even contacted and shared all of this with NASA's arch enemy NIMA [NASA's arch enemy being our National Imagery and Mapping Agency, that's because they even managed to locate one of NASA's crashed Mars missions and, promptly got yelled at by NASA for their doing such], whereas eventually I included calls and email directly into or NSA and even an introduction of sorts was directed for our Commander and Chief Warlord). However, in nearly every response I obtained essentially their nearly identical "scripted" responses (worthy of squat nothing or otherwise offering pure nonsense).

Basically, NASA and of those associated with NASA and/or of the Magellan mission team couldn't give a tinkers damn, or even a flying puck about seeing anything except of purely natural as well as that restricted to being of only hot and nasty substances, as well as for insisting that there was entirely rational patterns of purely natural generated stuff (hot rocks and all). Perhaps I should go on and on about those I've contacted and of their pathetic responses and/or a few null replies, clearly giving disregard to anything of this stature was truly astonishing to say the least.

Unfortunately, many folks that I subsequently discovered as being the least bit associated with interpreting the Magellan mission were either quite dead, or quite comfortably retired and/or so totally removed from the picture, so there was simply becoming no further point, especially in my bothering to point out that something this significant had been overlooked or perhaps never intentionally looked for in the first place.

It soon became more then apparent that what the "status quo" wanted to hear was absolutely nothing whatsoever regarding anything as being potentially overlooked on Venus, as according to their pretentious and almighty expertise, Venus has always been way too damn toasty, and subsequently thoroughly more dead than a Poptart, and will likely remain so (thus no point in ever looking back again). It's almost as though Darwin never existed, and that other life discovered on Earth that's existing quite nicely where humans can't possibly survive, is another joke being plaid upon humanity. Thereby only fully human forms of intelligent life are to be considered worthwhile, though even at that the ethnic aspects must be considered, as in the official eyes of our resident warlord and of his administrative oversight, so much of human life on Earth isn't worth squat these days (especially if you're Cathar or in any way opposing Israel).

Although, upon our further review of the 9/11 fiasco, then we have flight-800 and of our COLUMBIA fiasco, where these issues alone more than confirms that our top agencies had not been and perhaps still do not communicate with each other, nor even within their own ranks, thus it's entirely possible that my hundred or so initial email's along with several direct follow up phone calls was a predictably dismal waste of time (sort of like Osama bin Laden trying to express his concerns, or those Japanise trying their best at informing our administration that we were still acting like imperialist jerks, and that war was imminent, as in being declared, or perhaps of all those confirmed U-Boat missions of which the British had conveyed specifics to no apparent avail, or how about our intentionally ignoring all those concentration camps which we most certainly knew about for years and did absolutely nothing except continue to accept financial deposits as for damn near directly from Hitler) and, don't ever forget the 6-Day war fiasco involving the USS LIBERTY demise, Like *Duh!* and perhaps there's a Double Duh!, whereas I should have included contacting our crack CIA and FBI, or perhaps just like 9/11, where I would suppose I could have elected to have flown a sufficiently large aircraft directly into one of their pristine office complexes, at least in that way someone might have noticed that I'd been trying for months to make a simple point about what's existing on Venus.

Though because of all the unexpected rejections (obviously affecting a great deal of "spin" and "damage control" on behalf of NASA), I started asking for as well as looking for those other signs of such supposedly rational geological patterns, as those I'm told are supposedly so typical and/or so common and natural, as other and I even scoured SAR images of Earth and still, we had absolutely nothing whatsoever that could support NASA's stance nor of those supporting the status quo, as well as none other explanation (pretty much like those Apollo missions) was being offered by NASA, or by those of any other critic. Essentially I obtained NO put up or shut up.

Now that more than three months has passed, that's about the timeline of when I started my serious image enlarging, as well as applying "PhotoShop" software filters, so as to improve upon (not to intentionally distort a damn thing) upon these official images, so that of what I was perceiving could be better realized by others less observationally experienced than myself. This took some quite time, like months worth in order for my experience levels in digital image enlargements to mature and, as to be continually confirming as to that everything was being applied equally, in a sufficient manner so that the entire process could easily be reversed, as well as duplicated over and over and, by doing as such I was acquiring essentially the same results. I even applied 5 alternate photo software solutions before I selected upon the two most capable (most capable meaning least fuzzy, least introduction of new material that was still mostly unrelated to the specific items in question, but somewhat distracting and easy for a critic to focus upon rather than of the already connected and thereby associated pixel patterns).

Fortunately, I already technically understood a great deal of SAR imaging process but, then I had to learn even more, so that I could best explain this onto others, as how to interpret so as to extract useful information from such images and, as to further reflecting upon the "extraordinary truth" factors or "extraordinary proof" values by which SAR technology offers such truthful observational capabilities above any other form of imaging. That's also about when the larger pieces of flak started hitting the fan, as soon as my critics understood that I actually knew and understood something about photography as well as SAR imaging to boot, that's also about when NASA applied their bigger guns of "damage control" moles at each of their various infomercial web sites, the likes of "" or just about of any other site hosting their space related topic forums.

Without the experience nor capacity for writing the sorts of ultra pristine "white paper" reports, and seeing no formal help in sight, I simply gave it my best shot. I even had to learn HTM format for the first time (of which I'm still learning that aspect) and only then quickly made the usual mistakes and delivered upon my somewhat dyslexic as well as poor syntax, which obviously makes for following this adventure a wee bit difficult for those that aren't actually as smart as they've been telling us.

Because of all the unsupported E-flak (idea bashing without offering anything for backing that up), I soon felt I had the obligation to return the warm and fuzzy favor(s) and then some. Thus, as for someone new at this flak tossing sport, as coming into this carnage arena of astronomy and history de-skewing, my opposition to the status quo will be quickly introducing a good number of comparisons or analogies, a fair number of those analogies and a assortments of "tit for tats" which is rather unfortunate, because all of humanity looses, actually it's merely loosing somewhat more these days because, it had been already loosing serious ground long before I ever became involved and, that's certainly long before flight-800 or 9/11.

In order to focus a few of my critics willing to fight fire with fire and, as to minimize the mutual flak potential, I tried selecting upon one of the very least ornate or least complex considerations, that feature of what I'll refer to as the "suspension bridge". This item already offers a sufficient number of pixels, those obviously associated with the relatively horizontal bridge like attribute, plus a few others connected at either end, as to further implicate this bridge with either a roadbed and/or possible tunnel (all of this being equally surrounded by the traditional Venus terrain as equally viewed @1:1, as well as at various magnifications requiring resampling up to the 10:1 enlargement still looked exactly like common terrain and not of mutating into anything artificial). The center of this considerable span is indicating somewhat darker (indicating SAR signal absorbson and/or signal deflection, as possibly due to exactly what a great cluster of center span cables might have created. As such artificial worthy targets go, this bridge consideration is comprised of but 10% of what several others targets have to work with and, because all of these more likely artificial attributes are surrounded by their even more likely natural and relatively common terrain features of Venus, there's certainly ample opportunity as to compare and judge such patterns from nearly all sides, even viewing of what's underneath, as with respect to this bridge is actually possible due to the terrific image viewing perspective of 43°.

I'm not entirely sure but, just how much "extraordinary proof" does it take these days. Seems that even this pathetic bridge issue offers far more "extraordinary truth" then all of those Apollo lunar images combined and, this bridge consideration is not as representative of even 10% of what so many other most likely artificial attributes have to offer. If need be, I'll entertain by further explaining the comparison between Magellan's 3D images and of those Apollo lunar aerial and surface images, or even as compared to those finer pixel resolutions of Mars that are merely of 2D illusions of an otherwise 3D environment.

Now folks; if this bridge topic were of the one and only artificial consideration (like of that pathetic "Mars face"), then we might be having a tough time of it. But it's not been the only issue nor even the most interesting and (unlike that pathetic "Mars face"), there's multiple associations and/or nearby infrastructures, as so many other items seem to be associated with this canyon/rille jumping bridge. Good grief folks, I realize that NASA's crack image interpreting team as being trained and led by the likes of Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink whom continually "see nothing", but surely their's got to be a janitor or grounds keeper about, or perhaps Col. Hogan will come to our rescue, the sort of nice folks that still have their fundamental capability of sight, as otherwise folks, how would anything this messy ever get cleaned up.

According to most of my esteemed critics, I'm entirely mad. As the village idiot, I'm somehow fooling myself while attempting to fool others into believing in something that's simply not there in the first place, even though others nor I can't seem to conjure up a single motive for my doing such. I understand that most all astronomers are seriously up tight and humourless souls, thus when I apply an analogy or even an intentional spoof, my delivery either goes below their two left feet or right over their enlarged pointy heads, as my delivery rarely if ever hit them squarely between their eyes.

As I manage to fill in the voids and blanks left wide open by others, it seems I'm losing some of my audience, yet by those nearly useless but higher resolution Mars images and of nearly whatever Hubble delivers is pure gold, even worth the risk should those Mars microbes turn out lethal and I'll suppose even if a thousand years worth of humanity couldn't possibly benefit from anything Hubble locates (90+ lightyears is hardly anything humanly accessible, especially if it been moving off by another 100 miles per second). So, instead of my utilizing facts and focusing upon humanly obtainable goals, obviously my research needs a host of pure glitter and tinsel, lots of fancy spin and 3D animation up the kazoo. Instead of the three L's (Location, Location and Location), it's loads of PHS (Packaging, Hype and Spin) as all rolled into one of those nifty NOVA infomercials, along with whatever NDCLE ("Nondisclosure", "Damage Control" and Lethal Enforcement thereof) as for backing myself up and thus insuring that access to whatever I'm basing my results upon is terminally inaccessible (exactly like all those thermally stressed beyond the maximum and otherwise seriously radiated Apollo negatives) to all others.

Folks, I'll simply have to keep saying this;  There's some sort of other life existing on Venus and, right about now we can damn near touch Venus, as it's so freaking close and being well within our mutual local area code as far as any binary illumination packets are concerned. Yet Club NASA and any number of other teams comprised of our crack space wizards are simply way too busy at whatever "spin" and "damage control" (especially after 9/11) to even bother with anything that's so close by, even if it holds the greater truth and of our best chance for connecting up with ETs, as that's simply too bad, as we're being forced to forget ever looking at Venus, let alone going back towards Venus for another look-see and, of absolutely authorizing NO such Venus L2 (VL2) platform over their dead bodies. Well, now there's a terrific thought! "dead bodies" (where's Ted Kaczinski when you need him).

All the sudden (as of the "GUTH Venus" discoveries being told), every one of our observatories and space platform instruments (even of those solar capable images, such as SOHO and TRACE, engineered for their looking directly at the sun) are either indisposed of or unavailable as to even locate and track upon Venus (not that tracking is even necessary for this task). Well darn, if we can't manage to track upon that big ass target, then apparently there's no hope whatsoever of our "star wars" defenses ever working because, we've just told the entire world exactly where to place all their weapons of mass destruction, as in L1 space, so that no one can ever identify them until it's too late. Unfortunately, Earth's L1 might soon be getting a wee bit crowded, as in a thermonuclear way.

Understandably, my having to dig deeper into the more then obvious ulterior motives of others trying absolutely every dog wagging trick in their book as to stopping this research and discovery of "Other Life on Venus", as all this action must have seriously tripped some of those "red flags" at their boss NSA/DoD. Meanwhile, our country is continuing to strike out in ways that are still seriously pushing other people's buttons and, somewhat doing such button pushing for all the wrong reasons (again!). Obviously we don't learn from experience and we certainly can't possibly learn anything from skewed history, thus we obviously don't much give a damn of what others think of us. So, it's lie, lie, lie all the way to the bank, always taking the credits for what's not ours yet quickest to blame others for whateve is happening that turned out bad. As instead of learning from our mistakes, our esteem leaders must think nothing of expending massive resources in order to cover up and/or skew the facts in order to suit the situation at hand, namely salvaging their own butts.

I'll guess, I wouldn't want to upset the process that's gotten us into the present predicaments and bloodshed, as it looks as though our futures are going to be forever tied into such disinformation and subsequent tit for tats until both sides are quite dead. Perhaps the UN should start in by reclassifying the entire population of the US as an endangered species, as without a great deal of such outside help from the UN, our pathetic existence on Earth could expire (very much Pope/Cathar like) before our eyes.

Of course, by leaving NSA/DoD Borgs and spooks entirely out of the picture, our NASA could simply start (God forbid) telling us the "truth" and, simply get itself along with actually doing something constructive towards associating with those nice folks being our closest planetary neighbors, instead of ignoring their plight as well as for not sharing in their wisdom and expertise. Gee whiz, what a novel and radical idea, actually doing something that's entirely good and wholesome for humanity, good for our Earth environment as well as for those folks of Venus, by accomplishing something that's so freaking affordable as well as for that being so obtainable (don't look folks but, perhaps this interplanetary communications consideration is starting to sound a wee bit too efficient, sort of like Communism).

It seems that those consistently objecting to my endeavors are those very same anti-everything individuals that have been suggesting we should be using instruments like Hubble as to be looking hundreds, thousands to possibly millions of light years away, as for locating potentially livable planets, of which I'm certain their are such. Just seems rather pointless, especially when the next 100 generations (2500+ years) will never materialize one solitary benefit because "EVERYTHING'S TOO DAMN FAR AWAY", even the closest potentials such as Sirius have been offering nothing whatsoever detectable as far as radio communications (even if they did, all such life could be long dead, Earth too by the time we manage to get a reply), nor can we ever physically go there within the foreseeable technology (best estimate is down to another 14 years and perhaps another trillion plus dollars just for our going go to/from Mars and as of so far, it seems Mars offers nothing whatsoever for life as we know it, virtually zilch worth of detectable natural energy resources at that and, it's still damn cold, not to mention cosmic/solar radiated to death, plus being pulverised by countless meteorites and micro-meteorites making damn good entry and aceration speed as they continually impact as unobstructed by the micro thin atmosphere). Lets see now, at best future mission prep and travel speeds of perhaps 100 km/s, now multiply that Mars mission preparation investment and subsequent cost impact by a factor of at least 1000, then multiply our travel time by another 100,000 and perhaps we've managed to have arrived at the closest detectable planet outside of our solar system (this being a one way ticket because, quite obviously there's no point in ever returning home). On the other hand, foot, claw, tentacle or whatever, we could just start ourselves off by communicating with whatever or whomever constructed all of those massive items as situated on nearby Venus (for God's sakes, it's a mere few light minutes away, a local laser area code).

As a recently NASA infomercial reported by CNN; "New planet found" ??? (and it's only 90 lightyears away)

9.461^12 km = 1-ly
90-ly = 851.5^12 km

As for making good speed @100 km/s, this 90-ly trip will only take us 270,000 years, plus a little extra for accommodating whatever it takes for catching up to the 100 miles per second (161 km/s) that it's likely been traveling itself away from us, as actually at 100 km/sec we've only reached a stationary target objective, where in fact the original 90-ly distant planet is now long gone unless our original headway was somehow averaging at least 261 km/sec, or perhaps 0.1% lightspeed (300 km/sec) would be best, as just for being on the safe side of things.

Duh! and double Duh!

I'm certainly not your expert of space travel wizardry, however folks and fellow snookered fools, at least from this village idiots' point of view, and from what little I've managed to learn, just maybe we ott to be looking a wee bit closer to home, such as at our good old hot and nasty Venus.

Calling Venus (if we're not being allowed to officially look at Venus, then it can't possibly hurt focusing a laser cannon at it);
If you're perchance the sort of individual that's more interested in the truly viable prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications, as for that relatively simple and extremely efficient quest, I've added lots of notions, if not a little too much information, into this following page;

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