There's been life on Venus in spite of Immanuel Velikovsky

it seems as though life nor truth doesn't pay, and honestly simply isn't worth toilet paper
(by; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS    update: April 22, 2004)

In spite of Velikovsky's failing at conveying various truths, seemingly knowing far more by way of his honest historical research and of logical deductions prior to 1958 than what many realise as of today, and I'm certain that not absolutely everything he had to offer humanity was on the mark, so by ignoring absolutely all other was apparently the one and only outcome of what such fools like Velikovsky should have expected from the sorts of colleagues that would just as soon have eaten their own kind as not. Certainly there was never any support from our distorted perspectives of the time, nor has there been hope of our NASA stepping in long after the fact, only stepping upon and of grinding such notions into the dirt was apparently our one and only cold-war priority (from the current bashings I'd have to say that nearly every aspect of our perpetrated cold-war with the USSR/Russia is still alive and kicking).

Velikovsky was never as privileged to an image of sufficient context by which to suggest upon anything that's more likely existing upon Venus as artificial, as to what was clearly more likely artificial as opposed to such items being surrounded by what's entirely natural, and even though he may not have presented us with the likes of actual samples of Venus lizard folk DNA as evidence, as even if he had, the scientific community at the time and more so of today would have suppressed the living hell out of it, by way of their firstly disqualifying absolutely anything that rocks any portion of their intellectual portapotty boat, and that's a fact.

As of today there's IR images of Venus that tell us an entirely different story than previous data about the thermal differentials between the extended seasons of daytime and nighttime, though just as oddly as there's not sufficient independent evidence that Man walked on the moon, at least not in the manner by which those Apollo scriptures stipulate, which is not my having to stipulate that somewhere hidden deep within their bloated intellectual space toilet isn't some underlying evidence that someone had eventually managed to at least make brief contact with the lunar surface, just not as what's offered to the public by the worlds by our NASA, although even of that much is clearly in dispute since there remains absolutely no way of proving nor disproving the likes of "lunar cold fusion". In other words and of apparently the only words in town being those of our cold-war chicken eating fox (NASA) telling those few remaining chickens and those of us not to worry, of their intent upon sharing only what they alone have determined as being lunar truth or consequences is good enough and shouldn't be questioned.

In spite of our NASA, and of so many folks that utilize phony names having been doing their dirty work on behalf of NASA and of all that our NASA moderates over, it seems there are a few if not a good number of things to say about "Immanuel Velikovsky" and of what's otherwise seriously cooking about Venus at the site, where the ongoing topic has been: There's been life on Venus in spite of Velikovsky [by: bradguth] and as such posted within their Space Science & Astronomy.

Immanuel Velikovsky clearly wasn't an Einstein "According to Immanuel Velikovsky, a close encounter by the Earth with Venus resulted in a change in the number of days in the year from 360 to 365.24. At that point of Ages in Chaos, the five feast days were added." "Upon the publication of Worlds in Collision in 1950, Velikovsky was nearly laughed out of science, the publisher of his book was forced (because of its large number of academic textbooks) to sell the best-selling publishing rights to another non-academic publisher, and since then, the old guard has done everything in its power to discredit the very idea of Near-Earth Objects (and thus the possibility of collisions) and even the remote possibility of any reconstruction of history. In the latter vein, one history student, Kelly Kincaid, wrote her senior thesis on the idea that if new evidence was found which contradicted history, could the “official” history then be changed -- only to find her history professor so incensed by her example (one from Velikovsky) that he, by example, proved her thesis that indeed history could not be changed from mere evidence."

It seems the holy grail of what's opposing other life, be that of Mars, Venus or of somewhere external (such as Sirius) to our supposedly one of a kind solar system, of which folks consistently opposing the likes of my research have either directly stipulated and/or confined their supposed knowledge as on that endless "need to know" basis, though usually it's been their "nondisclosure" all the way, as well as for insuring that Earth remains as representing their one and only Godly place there is (period!). So, it clearly has not the laws of physics nor of believable science that's utilizing our best efforts upon honest research, and subsequently drawing upon the works of others and thereby obtaining for myself a broader set of rational perspectives, and of sharing analogies to what's otherwise well accepted as undeniable fact, because absolutely none of that matters.

Unfortunately, Einstein himself couldn't pull-off this discovery of other life existing on Venus, much less any efforts by some colleague such as Velikovsky, as both of these individuals would firstly be stuffed into one of our bloated space toilets, then all of their research and books burned at the stake, just like we've done countless times before to anything that upsets the status quo.

After reading only a bit into Immanuel Velikovsky, it's apparent that as good as he was (far better than myself and thereby vastly superior to those incest intestinal "GOOGLE" and "Space.Com" freaks opposed to absolutely everything under their one and only sun, he still wasn't an Einstein, or at least he wasn't actually trying to be even and equal, as it's clear that Immanuel Velikovsky looked up to the standards and qualifications of Einstein, rather than not to piss off God No.2

Though I'll have to admit, that even the likes of Einstein were somewhat skewed (no fault of his own) by his Jewish foundations, which were as fanatical by any definition you'd care to imply. Though for better than worse, Einstein managed to keep a reasonable lid on what was by any standard an underlying Jewish cloak and dagger of great proportions. So, when Einstein objected to some of Velikovskys' research, at least it was accomplished with sincerely polite context and of meaningful substance, but then it also wasn't so much scientific as it was of the honest persuasion by his involuntary Jewish humanity (sort of a Jewish DNA/RNA trait kicking in, much like some antibody defending the troops), and at least I'd still consider such as being somewhat modest though remaining quite a respectable religious influence, but of an influence none the less, and as you know for a fact that irregardless of whatever the truth(s) may be, especially if it's in opposition or could potentially lead to opposition to what's already recorded as history, you simply can't suggest squat much less argue against another mans' religion, as that would be like telling the Pope it wasn't such a good idea of exterminating all those Cathars, as chances are you wouldn't leave Vatican City alive to tell the story.

So much for honest and objective science, and for excluding humor goes without saying, as the truth remains within either of the Catholic, Jewish or whatever sort of Godly toilet of life, whereas the church alone has more often than not seen fit as to endorse and/or proliferate whatever suits their agenda, if need be until hell freezes over, and that's another fact. So, perhaps we don't actually need physics nor science, as you can pick and choose between almost any religion on Earth in order to justify upon and/or refutiate nearly anything imaginable, and even a whole lot of what's not imaginable that simply hasn't been uncovered may easily be resolved by either skewing the interpretations to suit or to simply switch Gods in mid-stream.

This isn't myself nor of nice folks like Immanuel Velikovsky saying that every soul associated with any religion is a born liar and a dirty rotten scoundrel, as the vast majority of such folks are super terrific in nearly every way, though no one is perfect and unfortunately they'll more often than not follow whomever is leading, asking few if any questions, which is another downright shame if there ever was, as humanity has paid the ultimate price over and over whenever the truth simply can't be told, and as a results folks simply never learn a damn thing.

Personally, I happen to think my God can seriously kick the other Gods' butt, though that's just my village idiot opinion that needs to be shared from time to time.

As far as what Immanuel Velikovsky had to offer humanity, there's certainly a great deal there to contemplate, as there are some items suggesting along the very same lines that I've come into conclusions upon prior to my ever reading a paragraph of his. So, chance are that I'll draw upon a few items initially out of context from the works of Velikovsky, with no intent of my skewing his interpretations, but solely as to better formulate the sorts of wording and references that might shed a little friendly light upon our moon, Venus and the likes of what Sirius might have to offer humanity that's sharing the brightest UV/a spectrum and sheer capacity of photosynthesis performance anywhere to being had within range of our solar system.

If you're another one of those opposed to any of this, I'd have to think that you'd be equally opposed to absolutely anything that's against your nonscientific beliefs, and just out of spite you'd certainly accommodate those deeds of whatever your God expects of you, without question and without remorse. Now which one of us is the real danger to humanity?

I'll suppose, that if it weren't for all those pesky laws of physics, and of the capability of DNA/RNA evolution making a go of it in spite of all odds, of those factors clearly stipulating as to how such intelligent life could have managed and thereby existed on Venus, and even sustained itself in spite of all their greenhouse hot and so much other stuff that's considered nasty by human standards, it seems that if it weren't for all our ongoing cold-wars and of NASA's role in seducing folks into believing in such highly propaganda motivated agendas and thereby entrusting such a moderated disinformation factory that's been continually performing to and/or conforming to whatever the political commands of the day happen to be, of that having to accommodate those insisting upon sustaining their status quo at all cost, so that the monies and perks keep flowing, that perhaps the likes of Velikovsky's rational deductions would have been given the light of day. But since our cold-wars are not over by any long shot, there's simply no chance in holy hell of the truth becoming known, that's even if there's a perfectly good SAR image of what certainly looks a great deal like a sufficiently complex community existing on Venus. So, it's just as well that Immanuel Velikovsky is dead and gone, whereas perhaps our cloak and dagger aspects of NASA could somehow manage to burn all of his books and then something like the Pope/Cathar fiasco, by exterminating all of those associated with the likes of Velikovsky.

I mean, good grief folks, we're not limiting this other life on Venus as a quest of purely evolution, unless you'd care to reconsider that of what we're now doing on the surface of Mars as being evolution, as certainly the only items of any artificial nature on Mars are those of ours, of which indirectly that is evolution from afar, as in the first stages of our terraforming upon another world that humans can't survive upon, especially since Mars offers nearly squat worth of local energy reserves, much less that of an atmosphere by which to shield us from nearly anything that bound for Mars.

In spite of the ongoing flak and where Velikovsky had failed;

1) Venus is in fact remaining as way too humanly hot and nasty. However;

2) there's more natural energy on Venus than you can shake a flaming stick at.

3) with such energy resources in abundance, all sorts of things become surmountable.

4) there's been a darn good SAR image of what's not of any geological wonder.

5) in order that folks survive Venus, unlike Earth, intelligence isn't an option.

6) placing a laser packet call to such a nearby planet is almost child's play.

7) establishing a TRACE-II at Venus L2 isn't all that impossible nor unwarranted.

8) there's no need for making a pitstop on Venus if communications can be established.

9) unlike the frozen, pulverised and irradiated to death environment of Mars, intelligent life can manage upon Venus.

10) The notion of intelligent life coexisting upon Venus, this factor alone eliminates most of what Earth has to offer.

Something of interest by Walter D. Morris
offers an interesting post that actually makes sense, in that "according to Velikovsky, Venus settled into its pre orbit only a few thousand years ago", which seems to impose upon the previous notion that I'd recently uncovered as to the likelihood of Sirius giving up one of it's holdings (possibly Sirius/c and of it's moon) to that of our solar system, of which to my best guestimates could have that event initially transpiring as of roughly 40,000+ years ago, such as when our solar system had been orbiting nearest to the Sirius star system, and where the final transition or installment of such a planetary merger would likely have taken thousands of years before settling down to business.

At this point, others and I can only continue to speculate that such a near miss of perhaps 0.1~0.08 yl would have been entirely possible, although that a .01 yl event could also have been somewhat testier and certainly offering a great deal more of the 375 nm peak wavelength of Sirius/ab (for every 1/10th the distance yields a magnitude 5 illumination improvement), enough of such broad spectrum intensity to have flooded our environment (day and night) with the necessary photons that triggered the necessary period of sustained photosynthesis, of what it likely took in order to interact with the likes of diatoms and plant life, which in turn cut our CO2 count nearly in half.

Obviously this highly illuminating encounter offering such enormous UV/a photosynthesis potential, plus whatever was in between that and of IR, had to have melted just about every cubic meter worth of land-locked ice on Earth for at least hundreds if not thousands of years, of which subsequently could have accounted for a shift of as much as 80 meters worth of added sealevel if we're talking about a 100% melt, or presumably a 40 meter rise if roughly 50% of all land locked ice were melted, plus there would have been a somewhat nasty assortment of Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud debris items to deal with, by way of planets such as Earth and Mars unavoidably collecting or at least smacking into such nasty items of most likely the bulk of which being ice, that would have partially melted upon entering our thicker atmosphere of the time, thus seeing much re-accruing influx for years, decades and even centuries of what would have been quite horrifically noisy and damn wet, especially whenever Sirius/b was in alignment as for shedding it's Kuiper and Oort related debris upon the likes of Earth, thus the phrase "hell on Earth".

Keeping those gravity issues in mind, that is if this mutual holding potential goes by the square law, whereas the 3.5 times greater central mass advantage of the Sirius star system over that of our solar system might suggest that of the Kuiper and Oort debris fields associated with the likes of Sirius could be containing roughly 12 fold greater substance, as well as for their distance from Sirius being rather considerable, whereas our outer Kuiper debris field has been suggested as 100 AU, this makes for the Sirius debris zone capable of reaching out 1200 AU (179.5e12 meters), plus whatever the extended reach of the Sirius Oort cloud has enstore.
"There are at least 70,000 "trans-Neptunians" with diameters larger than 100 km in the radial zone extending outwards from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to 50 AU."

"The Oort cloud is an immense spherical cloud surrounding the planetary system and extending approximately 3 light years, about 30 trillion kilometers from the Sun."

If this Oort extension of nearly 3 light years remains proper for the likes of our solar system, then surely the vast extent of whatever the Sirius Oort cloud should be nearly right at our doorstep.

1 AU = 149.598e9 meters
1 light year = 9.46053e15 meters
1200 AU = 179.5e12 meters = 0.018975 light year

Thus if our meager solar system ever navigated itself within .01 light year (9.46e10 km) of Sirius/ab, without much question there'd have been serious trouble in River City. At the very least our mutual Kuiper belts would have been at odds with one another. Although, if a sufficiently synchronous engagement were taking place, as that of our two debris fields encountering one another as somewhat similar rotating belts might have interfaced/meshed as for offering a reduced chance of either creating those utmost horrific sorts of head-on collisions, while otherwise this would also have been improving upon the odds of a remotely survivable planetary plus moon transference, though what a total crap-shoot.

I do believe, that unless some truly staggering amount of energy resource were intentionally applied, along with having great precision and intent, the only alternative as for the likes of pre-Venus and of it's moon to have successfully migrated from the Sirius system into our solar system might have taken advantage of just such a near miss, along with an alignment of Sirius/b plus a few of those nasty Kuiper belt interactions to boot, much like suggesting upon whatever affected the implant of and/or accounting for the orbit of Pluto as being so badly skewed.

Such considerable Kuiper belt and/or Oort cloud debris from the likes of Sirius, as perceived by most likely pre-civilization folks on Earth, would likely have been represented as somewhat substantial comets, or even interpreted as bearded planets, whereas this transition would have been the case for at least hundreds of years prior to folks noticing any actual additions into our solar system, much less of their recognizing any system to system planetary and moon transference. Adding a little more insult to injury, I've even found some mention of a pre-moon Earth era. In other uncertain but curious words; for centuries if not thousands of years, comets of the Sirius Kuiper and Oort variety arrived firstly, then comes a new planet along with it's moon and perhaps a few other items of interest, and eventually one of those moons sticks with Earth while the original planetary addition moves itself into the current position of Venus. Of course, this analogy could apply for some other planet (including the likes of Earth) and certainly of our moon of considerably lesser density while containing it's thermal nuclear core, otherwise especially with regard to those moons of Jupiter.

It thereby seems quite probable that once upon a time the likes of Mars had taken on more than it's fair share of Sirius Kuiper and Oort debris, and even Earth may have tempted fate to the point of a mass extinction was caused by just this sort of sufficient impact that would have transpired from any one of our previous illuminating encounters.

I know for a fact, if I had to live on such a planet like Venus, though orbiting at perhaps 4~6 AU from Sirius/a, and of continually being irradiated to near death by the likes of Sirius/b, as such I'd been doing whatever it took to either jump ship or move my entire planet over to a more suitable solar system. If that opportunity offered the remote chance of having to survive our mutual Kuiper belt gauntlet, then so be it. And if the natural order of such an encounter wasn't for certain, I'd apply whatever fusion reactions that could assist and/or fine-tune the outcome as to benefiting my survival, such as utilizing the likes of a nuclear fusion capable moon as my Trojan. Even though in order to actually accomplish this death defying task, firstly I might have to exterminate all of our cloak and dagger NASA/NSA/DoD and lesser folks that had been in collusion with the devil himself, and subsequently responsible for their knowingly not doing what's morally right for our survival all along, much like the present day ruse/sting that's ongoing as being perpetrated from the Whitehouse.

Fortunately, our Earthly geology core-sample records upon the CO2 levels have become well established and correctly dated, consistent with other groups doing the same, and of this recorded cycle having been sufficiently repeating itself so as to be clearly indicating that such truly significant illumination cycles did in fact take place roughly every 110,000 years, thus the reverse computational engineering as to establishing the whereabouts of our association with the likes of Sirius shouldn't be all that difficult for any decent planetary computational model.

If there's any problem here, it's certainly not with my assertions nor skewed by some ulterior intent running amuck, as those encharge of such computers and the necessary software do exist (in one way or another bought and paid for by either tax dollars or of various investment loophole dollars) and as such offers a perfectly good sort of task for that sort of investment to be rendering upon. Unfortunately, there's only a few trillion variations and equally as many variables associated with processing such inter-solar system conjectures.

In other words, if everything were just as it is, and if we intentionally wanted to assist the opportunity of migrating something the size and mass of Venus and of it's moon over to our solar system upon our next UV illuminated near fly-by of Sirius, and preferably without getting everyone killed off in the process, I do believe there's been enough computational talents that could have informed us long ago. Though instead of doing what actually matters for humanity, those folks and of their computers are still operating on our nickel, and seemingly doing everything and damn near anything except resolving such worthwhile contributions.

As of today, we have devoted our vast but dwindling resources into centuries worth of doom and gloom prospects, of our knowing far more about how to provoke and then WMD justify the maiming and killing off one another, and of otherwise for almost any other excuse well due, rather than learning about where we've been nor of where we're going, and of much less is honestly known of what's even capable as for that of taking resources from our own moon. Fortunately, as of our absolute arrogance in polluting Earth to a fairlywell, this has likely prevented the onset of another ice-age, though insuring the thermal runaway onset of our very own future greenhouse having the potential of adding at least 40 meters worth to our oceans plus that of an acidic atmospheric environment to boot (some published folks having been coming up with an extremely wet 80 meters worth of global flooding without their taking into account what portion our replacement atmosphere would contain).

Of course this could be another darn good place for our administration to apply their shock and awe of yet another of their "so what's the difference" policies, or much like another Pope/Cathar fiasco, which should work as long as it isn't your butt nor livelihood that's on the line. Fortunately, politics has always utilized religion as a conditional wedge in order to create dysfunction and/or to amass the necessary support of God for their agendas (much like those conditional and politically skewed laws of physics that supposedly placed man on the moon), thus our seeing another round of religious tit for tats mixed up with dwindling energy resources and politics is simply another par for the course of modern humanity headed for the nearest toilet. Thus there's been no room in the bowl for logic nor reason, much less anything moral for humanity, just lots more of the same sorts of liars begetting lies until hell freezes over.

It's unfortunate that it seems we'd rather substitute ignorance and arrogance for that of intelligence or rational deductions, especially whenever we can go out of our way in order to despise another religion, thereby any preconceived notions of our kind making a go of it on Venus is simply a "no contest", as we'd as soon fail right from the "get go", as for our not making the slightest effort towards understanding as to how others, obviously a whole lot smarter than humanity, could have existed and have sustained their existence upon Venus, when at the same time it's become nearly impossible for a good too many folks to even survive here on Earth, especially when certain warlords have been running amuck as for their going after those invisible WMD.

If our current leadership had it's way (much like the past half century), we'd all be individually producing 50 tonnes of artificial CO2/year, and thereby cutting our own Kavorkian energy resource timeline down to a few choking decades worth. At least by then there wont be hardly any dry land left to fight over, and it'll have become hotter than hell without enough energy reserves to blow up your neighbor. The good news being, that property taxes will be down because there wont be any further need of those GW Bush educational "high standards and accountability" institutions, as it'll be every man, woman and child for themselves, just exactly the way those Palestinians and of their Jewish partners in crime seem to like it, until death do us part.

Calling Venus (if we're not being allowed to officially look at Venus, much less even discuss the possibilities, then it certainly can't hurt our focusing a few laser cannons upon it);
If you're perchance the sort of individual that's more interested in the truly viable prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications (contacting ETs without utilizing radio), as for that relatively simple and extremely efficient quest, I've added lots of notions, if not a little too much quantum packet information into this following page;

Here's some of the latest deliveries upon what other is new, and of what's certainly hot, as offering a bit more than you may need to know of what my three brain cells can deliver on behalf of Sirius lizard folk terraforming the likes of Mars, Earth and Venus.
Cost or Consequences is merely offering yet another vantage point or perspective.
Of lizard folk from Sirius terraforming the likes of Earth might be asking a bit much.
Cometh the ice ages, right on a Sirius schedule, every 110,000 years, at least until mankind came along.
The likes of carbon life on Sirius/c, Venus and even Mars should have their fair share of diatoms.
Of what goes bump in the night that could seriously kill you, as in knocking your block off before you ever realized what hit you.

For those honestly interested in the future of what our highly obtainable moon has to offer, rather than having to continually muck about within the skewed Apollo space toilet of our past;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to our establishing a focus upon achieving the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as a notion offering humanity a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually many obtainable ends), of which seems lately to include the rather worthy fusion hot prospect of our obtaining He3 or 3He, as well as for further accommodating those folks intent upon trekking off to Mars or Venus: The Lunar Space Elevator
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