UV Death Ray Laser Cannons for Ethnic Cleansing & Planetary Communications

Talk about killing off two birds with one stone; as if you really wanted to make your point, just crank up the power on those binary laser packets

Death-Ray UV lasers or, how about just for seriously long distance interplanetary communications;

( Excuse please;  this topic is bigger and perhaps hotter than life itself, as there's life NOT as we know it on Venus )

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: May 10, 2004 )

This page has become re-edit of the previous "Death-Ray.htm" page, that might read somewhat better.

In spite of what the dog-wagging rusemasters and NOVA hype on behalf of our NASA/NSA/DoD have been telling us, it's been your choice all along, at least as of January 2001, as well as your moral responsibility, but then obviously that frequent toilet flushing sound has been your hard earned moneys (billions if not trillions worth if you include the recent impact plus dog wagging carnage associated with the 9/11 fiasco). Perhaps it's way past due for deciding as to which would you rather be having our talents and tax dollars spent and/or wasted upon, of morals devoted into accomplishing first things first, if at all. Such as the sub-frozen, pulverised and irradiated to death Mars or bust fiasco, and now there's the ESE fiasco that's certainly another load of pie or perhaps a load of something other that's stinking up the sky, that's certainly doable as long as time and humanity is unimportant, and of being flat broke is another good sort of thing, as well as for our continuing with the artificial contributions of CO2 and subsequent release of methanes being a wholesome sort of Earthly environmental thing to be accomplishing (what the hell do I know?).

One ongoing solution to Earth's survival and/or population control has been offered by NSA/DoD, as certainly a pinpoint focused effort. Just ask those nice folks of Boeing's Phantom Works, of their ABL R&D involving 193 nm laser spectrum, as if that might per chance include their flying laser cannon approach to solving either of the two before mentioned topics and, if they say "no way" or "only for creating defensive IR capability", as that's a rather simple and/or authorised generic safety PR response because, they're not only flat out lying, but those lying liars are lying by the fact of denying their fundamental agenda, of their DoD/NSA association orchestrating their very own definition of what the PHANTOM WORKS ABL charter was founded upon and, of which it's being currently funded and thereby manipulated by DoD/NSA agendas, plus accommodating whatever DHS desires. If not directly using the cloak of our national security, as for having access to any number of alternatives, like those easily provided by NASA agendas, such as full access into the shuttle program, is certainly another sufficiently dark avenue that's fully open to whatever those folks require in order to covertly R&D their ABL cannons, of whatever spectrums they can get away with.

At least indirectly, such laser cannon technology could actually have been honestly utilized for legit humanitarian goals (that being national defense included), even though a mere 1% of the latest cannon's output (especially at 0.5 milliradian or better as a result of the most recent adaptive mirror optics) would be considered by most astrophysics researchers as somewhat if not literally "way overkill" even for relatively long-range interplanetary communications, as once that beam leaves Earth's upper atmosphere, there's only divergence considerations, of which there are satellite deployed means by which that beam could be created and/or relayed at as little as 0.05 milliradian, whereas having a lunar deployed super-laser-cannon of 100 GW becomes a rather serious tactical weapon, or that of a truly nifty deep space interplanetary communication tool (although, of which benefit do you think our NSA/DoD will elect to use it for, and against and/or on behalf of whom?)

True, 100 GW is a great deal of energy input (at least 33 GW output), where that's not going to be all that easy to come by, especially if your equipment is situated on the moon. However folks, a tether dipole generator and/or energy collector, along with a couple of those fairly massive counter-rotating flywheels situated at ME-L1 is way more than capable of sustaining that much energy delivery, at least for short periods of time. All they'll have to be concerned about is taking out there own LSE-CM/ISS tethers, or perhaps blowing a hole in our own CM/ISS, but that's certainly possible as for minimizing such risk, by dynamically thrusting the CM/ISS off axis via EMPD thrusting, or otherwise just being damn careful at what you're aiming at.

The truly nifty thing(s) about nearly any laser cannon is that it can (at the flip of a few switches and dials, then by injecting a little mercury) become a perfectly good near UV and/or fully UV class communications laser, or perhaps better yet as an even more stealthy but entirely lethal as all get out multitasking weapon, that's because UV is mostly invisible to humans, as well as there's little if any UV spectrum heat, as virtually invisible and at least initially being somewhat physically undetectable as a viable "death ray" on steroids, as sort of a directional and fairly long range as well as pinpoint sort of Neutron bomb without all the local fuss and mess, as well as there's absolutely no lingering radiation nor even a terrific bang, as representing a technology weapon of choice that you can focus quite nicely (potentially upon one individual among a crowd, or diverged for the task of nailing the entire crowd), as otherwise remaining nearly impossible to detect the originating cannon source and thereby avoiding your ever being counter targeted. I mentioned invisible to the human eye, that is unless outfitted with special optical technology, of which those Islamic or Taliban terrorist do not have to work with (yet).

Depending upon beam spectrum, it's adjustable divergence and intensity or modulation, this nifty device (there are actually several ABLs now available) can remain entirely lethal as well as extremely long range capable (as in hundreds of miles if not sufficiently lethal at a thousand), essentially remaining untraceable as to which country fired the laser and, even more so as to isolating the original manufacturer of the weapon, thus our pet Israeli troops, that just so happen like taking out our very own tactical support ships (like the USS LIBERTY), can be literally cutting down their arch enemy with near impunity (most ideally leaving us entirely out of the picture this time), especially as for that of our being the originator of such weapon technology, as several countries now have access into this level of laser technology. At full potential, a mere millisecond burst would kill, not necessarily as in your being dead on the spot but, within seconds or perhaps minutes following and, certainly if merely invisibly wounded by a UV/b or UV/c spectrum (such as the 193 nm), as this would soon become life threatening within the following days, possibly weeks or of truly miserable months worth, as you proceed from the outset to rot from your inside out. I'm not absolutely certain but, I don't believe God has that much power, nor the balls to be utilizing it.

Such UV capable laser cannons have sort of become the electronic version of modern day biological or better than chemical warfare solution, except this is technology on steroids that's far better, as there's absolutely no identifiable signature, being more like what the Neutron bomb is onto nonliving objects (relatively harmless), in that it can even leave those bodies somewhat externally whole with quite little if any exterior indications, administering it's truly dirty UV tactical workmanship on the victim's internal cellular/biological DNA/RNA level (are we good at that this or what?). In other words, our elected enemies will in fact rot from their inside out.

Let us review what's potentially wrong with this picture;
Besides our killing off absolutely everything in sight that doesn't happen to agree with our plan of global energy domination and, as immorally skewed as that may be, we could have been utilizing such technology as legitimate site to site or satellite to submerged submarine communications, or even for sending micro millisecond packets worth of a GB or more information as for delivering extremely tight pinpoint communications, as in to/from operatives being in spots where they're not supposed to be (a few watts of duplex capable data could be beamed from orbit to a specific appartment window or even to/from any given rock +/- 1 meter), whereas such larger GW class laser cannons (Boeing/TRW ABL) could also be sufficiently derated and have been applied towards somewhat (God forbid) humanitarian worthy interplanetary goals, those being of a tad bit longer range communications prospects, that is if their power levels were set sufficiently low (say 1%) and/or the beam divergence allowed to expand (initially at 0.01 degree down to a minimum requirement of 0.5 milliradian for accommodating the 1+AU range), so that of a receiving planet like Venus at 0.27 AU would not be viewing any serious overdose of UV from within a given target zone.

Actually, having a communications laser cannon of 0.5 milliradian, of just a mere kilowatt worth of beam, especially if that's mostly of the near UV (400~450 nm) spectrum, is still way overkill. At 0.05 milliradian, 10 watts would actually become a rather nifty binary packet transmitting port, whereas sufficiently short but intense pulses of quantum packet data would reach and penetrate deep into those Venus clouds, as sufficiently being viewable from their nighttime surface. As an alternative, an array of something like the VLA astronomy solution, this would enable less capable lasers or even commercial xenon illumination cannons to being unanimously targeting Venus, effectively achieving the same or better results than from one superior laser cannon (I tend to favor this approach because it'll afford 24/7 capability at a mere fraction of the cost, as well as for being essentially of "off the shelf" existing technology, some if not a great deal of which is already bought and paid for).

I'm thinking that, the somewhat wider/softer beam format would obviously avoid having our nocturnal Venus lizard folk taking their planet into DEFCON 4 or worse. When at .27AU, full planet coverage (0.02 degree of a relatively broad 10 milliradian) would obviously become the safest and least difficult as with regard to planetary tracking, as well as for eliminating binary packet jitters. Obviously, if we had the VL2 platform (TRACE-II) as our communication transponder/relay, as those beams could become quite narrow, a few watts tracking and pinpointing upon a specific township or some other surface installation. Those few watts focused from VL2, even with those nighttime clouds getting in the way, of UV/a spectrum would sufficiently penetrate almost as though they're not even there. After all, packet data throughput isn't about intensity of photons, and it's already sufficiently dark below them clouds (except for the amount of earthshine getting through), and of any nocturnal vision would certainly be sensitive as to watever photons are making it through, especially of the 400~450 nm spectrum.

Even UV/a (315~380 nm) would certainly accommodate the job, where near UV such as 400~450 nm could be somewhat diverged by those thick clouds but, not sufficiently by what's viewed from below, where it's nearly as pitch black as humanly visible spectrum of light gets. This sort of cloud illumination wouldn't possibly be detected as other than as intended, as artificial communications intentionally being directed towards a relatively specific site, or of most likely illuminating their entire nighttime sky.

From my research into what's currently available, as technology that's been right off the shelf for at least a decade, as for using commercially capable UV spectrum delivery devices, I was merely focusing my limited skills, resource and intentions upon using those somewhat narrow xenon or mercury/xenon illumination technology cannons but, lo and behold, I inadvertently came into contact with an individual already doing just that, except as with UV lasers. Obviously I hit upon a NASA/NSA/DoD nondisclosure nerve, as just as soon as I mentioned long range interplanetary communications in conjunction with UV spectrums, all the lights went out, or at least his red "nondisclosure" light came on. So, this resource of expertise is officially not doing anything whatsoever despicable, at least not with any high powered xenon/mercury pumped UV lasers and therefore, any such information as to worthwhile beams and power levels of xenon/mercury pumped UV as opposed to the visible, near UV and/or of other spectrums, was simply not to be openly shared (how rude).

In spite of all the "need to know" and/or "nondisclosure" barriers, I did however manage to locate several confirming illumination spectral charts, of those commercially available upon xenon/mercury lamp outputs, especially as pulsed variations go, where certain xenon/mercury UV spectrums are offering a whopping 20+ times greater UV punch or spectrum spike (such as bands of 320, 365~375 and even near-UV < 440 nm [blue] along with a good amount of 545 nm (green]), of intensity capable of delivery well above the average [white] spectrum of 400~700 nm. Fortunately, plain old xenon pulse offers a fairly good (10X) worth of near-UV peak at a 440 nm, where a little mercury would deliver a great deal of alternative spectrum that's much closer to and/or below 400 nm. Obtaining this form of illumination is not rocket science, nor is it science fiction, not even science future because, it's been here, as in right now.

Here's a little further information (food for thought or perhaps nocturnal sight) as acquired directly off the internet: Such as the blue absorbing cones of your eye offer their peak absorption at roughly 440 nm and, that a standard off the shelf commercial 20" w/4kw xenon illumination fixture can deliver a normal broad spectrum CW beam (that which includes a great deal of 440 nm) of 1.14^9 cd of perhaps 0.75° (at least 20% more performance if the standard mirror were replaced by one having the aluminum coating). There's also the worth of 507 nm spectrum that's giving humans the biological sensitivity or visual performance of detecting 1700 lumen/watt, of which any decent nocturnal might otherwise peak out at 400 nm along with a magnitude 5 (X100) better sensitivity than human sight, making their perception of 1 watt of 400 nm into 170,000 lumen per watt, although their vilot spectrum of 425~430 nm might do just as well.

The human eye responds to light with wavelengths from roughly 790 nm (red) to 430 nm (violet). UVa (315-400 nm), UVb (290-315 nm) and UVc (220-290 nm). UVb region is of particular interest because these wavelengths can cause damage at the molecular level (e.g., to DNA molecules, which are the building blocks of life).

Human nighttime luminous efficiency is at best 1700 lumens per watt at 507 nm.

Of course folks, this Earthly UV sensitivity is perhaps nothing as compared to what any sort of well motivated as evolved nocturnal type may have to offer, as many types existing on Earth have obtained or exceeded a magnitude 5 (that's 100X human nightvision sensitivity). I'll just bet a thoroughly evolved nocturnal type, such as having to coexist within those pitch black nighttime seasons on Venus (receiving 0.0001 cd or lesser nit), could have developed a whopping UV/a magnitude 10 (that's 10,000 X) advantage, as well as to certain spectrums of near UV (400~450 nm), and I'd have to think into certain humanly visible spectrums. To further review pathetic Earth human sight luminous efficiency, you might want to refer yourself to this chart: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/vision/efficacy.html#c1

If I'm to guess (being on a "need to know" basis means that I do a lot of guessing), of what all of this newfound optical and photon knowledge means;  if the Earth class astronomer claims detecting a 0.001 lumen worthy object, that means that an artificial cloud illumination affected upon Venus, penetrating as to offering a packet signal to noise ratio that's equal to as little as 5^-9 W/m2 (5 nw), that's 5^-9 * 1700 * 100 = 8^-6 lumen, in that such a minimal level could be easily detected by a well developed nocturnal type. I'd have to believe the factor of certain earthshine spectrums alone might even represent that much illumination.

According to a number of experts (presumably non-village idiots), there's 10^28 photons/lumen/s. If we multiply 8^-6 * 10^28 = 8^22 photons/m2 and, if we take a sizable nocturnal eye pupil/retina of 10X10 cm (roughly 100 X human), that's still 8^19 photons/s, further reducing the illumination burst to a mere millisecond pulse and we still talking about delivering 8^16 of those photons/ms.

I hate to keep informing other nice folks, that this is simply not all that much added illumination requirement. Considering that their dark side of Venus is only being illuminated by earthshine and of a few other relatively minute stars, offering their overcast surface of perhaps 0.0001 nit or 1^-4 cd/m2 worth of presumably mostly UV and of near UV spectrum illumination, as that's about all that gets itself efficiently through those clouds, a near spectrum cut-off of perhaps 650 nm, where 425 nm being perhaps the most effective at taking advantage of the best spectral window of opacity of those still relatively thick and acid loaded clouds.

A little artificially illuminated as created by almost any signal from Earth, especially if we're offering a consolidated beam of something that's a whole lot more spectrum sensitive to those of a nocturnal sort, as well as utilizing those potentially cloud penetration worthy photons of the near UV spectrum (note; those nighttime clouds may offer as much as a 50:1 density ratio, thus some portions of sufficiently thin cloud density will block and/or scatter 1/50th as much as the most dense portions). Of course, I'm still conservatively excluding upon any superb above cloud astronomy capability, such as viewed from one of those 17+ km mountain tops, or how about far better yet, as from an rigid airship observatory cruising well above any of those cool and somewhat lower altitude nighttime clouds, of clouds that already indicates as having a good deal of contrast or density ratio, that which only makes for better opacity windows of opportunity (obviously being a whole lot easier to illuminate through 0.5 km than having to punch your way through 25 km worth of those sulphuric loaded clouds).

Obviously we've already punched our way through the thickest of those clouds, using the S-Band (SAR) radar imaging technology but, there's absolutely no evolutionary reason or apparent need for us to believe there's anything radio about those surviving upon Venus. And, stop already about all that "hot and nasty" stuff, as heat is always tempered by sufficient pressure, not to mention their extended season of nighttime give rise to thermal convection cooling, plus having their very own metro airship for migrating to either of at least two sunset sites (that's not even including whatever's associated with the 10+km Istar Terra plateau).

BTW; wherever there's heat, at least there's lots of energy and, with said energy, one can do something marvelous about all that heat, at least about getting rid of the surplus heat that's occupying your present habitat.

Pulsed White Light (PWL), also called Pulsed Light or better as Pulsed UV Light, involves the over-driving of a high-power xenon lamp for about 0.1 to 3 milliseconds as per some well known sources (Dunn 1990, Rowan 1999, Johnson 1982), or how about 0.1 milliseconds to 10 milliseconds per other sources (Wekhof 2000). The spectrum of light produced resembles the spectrum of sunlight but is momentarily 20,000 times as intense Bushnell et al. 1997). Figure 1 compares the spectrum of a single pulse of PWL with that of continuous sunlight at the earth's surface, however, since only broad spectrum UV light between 200-400 nm contributes to the disinfection effect, the comparison of solar and PWL spectra offers only an illustrative value. Notice that the spectrum chart of PWL includes a fairly large component of ultraviolet light.

Here's just a little something about the Earth's solar exposure:  The SPI-SUN SIMULATOR™  460i tests photovoltaic modules under simulated Air Mass 1.5 Global terrestrial conditions. SPI-SUN SIMULATOR 460i Specifications:
Intensity range 70 to 100 mW/cm2 (that's 700 watts to 1000 watts per m2). Actually the outter atmosphere receives roughly 1370 w/m2 and, of that energy total amount of the entire UV spectrum is roughly 118 w/m2, most of which is absorbed and/or dispursed before it reaches the ground and of whatever reflects off the surface of Earth is seldom but 3% (3.5w/m2) and more typically 1% (1.2w/m2). Thus from the perspective of Venus, the amount of earthshine contains mostly visible light and only a very slight near UV signature, otherwise lesser UV/a and of almost no UV/b or /c, unless those are being artificially created and focused at Venus.

Best human visual sensitivity is 500~550 nm is roughly 10 times better off than 650 nm. Short wavelength light is the hardest portion of the spectrum for the human eye, though each photon of blue light (between 400 and 475nm) offers a greater energy level than those of the longer wavelengths. In the ultraviolet region below 400nm, the energy levels of the photons are high enough to cause chemical changes and even DNA/RNA damage. (For instance, sunburn, or cataracts). For this reason, the human eye has somewhat greater difficulty with blue light than any other color (this obviously is not be the case for a good nocturnal sort).

Connecting those dots:  This is where your brain is supposed to kick in, all by itself, without any of that helpful moderation by Club NASA or their boss NSA/DoD, nor from the likes of their external "spin" and "damage control" moles or Borgs as I like to call them. Since I'm not representing your optical sensitivity expertise, nor nocturnal species expertise and, most certainly our official NASA image interpreters of those capably trained at Camp Hogan (this location being where our crack image interpretive teams were coached to being like Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink, whom continually managed to see as well as hear nothing), just exactly like in "Hogan's Heroes", are obviously not going to be worth squat. This leaves the process of dot connecting up to your comprehending such interpretations via human sight as well as human intelligence.

Since we trouble makers, village idiots like as myself, are somewhat upon our own (at least I have been on the "need to know" basis for nearly 3 years and counting), that means that you and I may need to confer, and to keep asking those stupid village idiot questions, at least until those cows come home. Like asking those of the pro-NASA camp "where's Venus" and of "where's TRACE" and exactly why can't we override that auto-protect mode on Hubble so that we can monitor the entire planet of Venus and/or just any portion (darkside) thereof, as Venus (at it's worst) was for a time 6 degrees south of the sun (that's sufficiently situated within total black space); so what's the Hubble, TRACE or any number of optical instrument excuses this time?.

Some of my persistent research has turned up the following potential of communications via universal light (including universal language of binary packets as well), as based upon equipment that's been in inventory and for the most part just sitting around, such as with a large number of such xenon and xenon/mercury lamp fixture technology already owned and currently operated by NASA/NSA/DoD. The greatest advantage to xenon or xenon/mercury (besides the 1% or lessor cost as compared to nearly anything laser) is the wider beam which minimizes the need for such tight planetary tracking. Even if we could obtain a 0.1 degree beam, that's a good 1000 times less critical tracking than many lasers, which will also help to insure that source instabilities in tracking will not likely become confused as binary code.

Understand that, if we were to get the message wrong, or if our message is somehow scrambled because of tracking errors, the interpretation could become that of an insulting if not a downright threatening nature and, we certainly don't need another civilization thinking of ways of knocking out our lights over another mere misunderstanding.

A 4 kw xenon lamp, pulsed or pumped at 5X, even though the fire ball between the 6.5 mm gap becomes larger, this lamp can deliver 5^9 cd (potentially 6^9 if the mirror is refitted with aluminum coating) and, that's centered about the 655 nm spectrum plus, several UV considerations are at minimum 10X and a few others narrow bands of UV are those capable of obtaining 20+X (20 X 6^9 = 120^9 cd). Even though UV spectrum is seldom referred to as candela (cd) output, as far as the spectrum power or intensity is concerned there's actually a greater photon energy associated per UV watt, as in relationship to the other more visible spectrums where cd is a somewhat common reading based upon human sight.

One can relate to the UV intensity as being proportional to the overall spectrum intensity chart, that which clearly indicates the visual spectrums plus a number of 10X and 20X UV spectrums spikes worth of intense illumination energy, all being created by the xenon discharge are available (especially of the pulsed xenon, where those additional UV spectrums are further enhanced). Obviously we're likely to be losing more then 20% of visible and perhaps 10% of UV just exiting Earth's atmosphere, but then almost nothing further (other than divergence) until that beam contacts those clouds of Venus.

Since laser cannons of nearly any power level are pretty much off limits as for anything humanitarian worthy, thus for others to safely operate outside of government regulations, I have determined that a cluster or array of 12 each commercial 20" xenon projection fixtures can deliver a combined beam of well under 1º, where each of these 20 inch fixtures can be outfitted with either a 4 kw or even a 7 kw xenon lamp. Pulse driven with an applied hourly duty cycle of 10%, whereas over driving these lamps by a factor of 5X is something well within existing power supply and lamp capabilities. Assuming a nonlinear improvement, certain UV band delivery per fixture may become 100^9 cd and, making each array of 12 fixtures may become something capable of perhaps 600^9 cd (1200^9 cd would be ideal but not likely to result). Because I'm still on that nifty "need to know" basis (such as according to the TRACE team suggesting Venus disappearing and all), my calculations could equally be slightly off, but then hopefully your knowledge of such may prove more correct and, I'll certainly provide all the credits for your supplying such corrected information.

As for being a little inaccurate, or even dead wrong, as to the degree or level of required illumination is simply not being wrong about there being other life NOT as we know it, as in surviving and existing on Venus. If you think we'll need more or less illumination, and/or an alternative, that's certainly worth openly discussing. As I seem to know what'll work but, otherwise I have no expertise that'll establish how little illumination it'll take.

If Earth were to be outfitted (ideally about the global solstus) with at least 12 units of these signal arrays (each situated 2 hours apart), then perhaps 4 sites at a time could be those sustaining (24/7) packet message transmissions. The initial plan calls for 15 minute intervals (incorporating a sufficient dwell or null period), with an initial lamp warm-up of perhaps 15 seconds at 150+%, then the remainder of the first 3 minutes made available for global synchronized (networked) packet transmitting, so that an average of 4 sites could be focused upon Venus (each capable of delivering that peak or burst of 600^9 cd UV), that's a combined 2.4^12 peak cd worth of mostly UV plus a great deal of other visible and there'd even perchance be some slight IR spectrum.

From the Venus perspective, as for being that lizard folk eyeballing upon Earth (especially as to the November 02, 2002 event), to that naked nocturnal lizard eye, Earth will appear nearly as large as 3.5% that of our moon appears to us, which clearly means that a good nocturnal lizard eye could possibly resolve upon a portion of our globe, as little as 1000 km2 worth of Earth's surface without the aid of optics. Obviously optics would greatly improve upon this observation and, being either above the Venus clouds or even at a elevated site during a time when those normally thick clouds become their thinnest, this will certainly allow this visual message packet to be received and, hopefully replied upon (a reply message of; "stop shining those god damn bright lights at us", "or else").

Even if those clouds are remaining somewhat thickly patched (as in 20:1 density covered by day), possibly diverging out to 50:1 densities during their long and somewhat cooler season of nighttime (those nighttime clouds becoming not only lower but at least another 50K cooler), as to be viewing into such clouds from their pitch black nighttime surface, by that of a nocturnal eye capable of perhaps a magnitude 10 advantage over anything Earth human and/or even if by a more common magnitude 5 nocturnal advantage, this evolutionary soul could likely view upon such added illuminations, those penetrating their not-so-thick nighttime clouds (being especially perceptive of the near UV spectrums), whereas sufficient cloud penetration should occur so as to easily determine that such signals (binary packets starting off at perhaps 1 bps) are not anything so natural, where hopefully these signals would be more likely understood as those representing intelligent patterns of artificial illuminations, of patterns which I believe should be interpreted somewhat exactly like my describing those visual image patterns of what those not so natural nor common planetary surface attributes most likely represent.

This visual stimulation process is most likely where it's entirely possible that no individual on Venus is ever going to believe that they are being signaled by intelligent life on Earth. Even if they were to experience these visual signals for themselves, as perhaps their own version of whatever their Venus NASA well proceed to kill off such messengers, informing their public that such artificial looking illuminations in their otherwise pitch black nighttime sky are merely those of some common binary star events, or that Earth is simply blowing itself up again, and/or purely of unusual electrical discharges (high altitude swamp gas if you care), to not otherwise consider such events as anything other than natural, at least not if you wanted to stay alive, and/or employed.

Sincerely; that last part was in jest, as I can't imagine another world having evolved to a point of their surviving such a greenhouse existence, of those sorts of folks ever becoming so arrogant and otherwise blatantly stupid and/or snookered into ignoring the facts, as that would be almost as bad off as if they were claiming they've been to and walked allover our irradiated moon, then simply never bothered to record a vibrant star chart as situated above the 10% asphalt/basalt like terrain that needs to be included within at least a few registration shots (that terrain being near black as basalt), as otherwise so absolutely essential for photo graphically establishing those survey locations (sort of establishing plot corners) of damn near anything. And, there's a few other things that such folks would have accomplished, as well as their leaving interactive placements of the sorts of instruments that could not have been robotically managed. As otherwise, what's the point of risking so much TBI dosage if everything could have been achieved better and obviously far safer via robotics.

Of course, in further considering upon those infamous Apollo missions, being that any compass was absolutely worthless, if that moon had it's own surround of GPS satellites, then I'd of understood their not wasting any of that thermally stressed and radiation sensitive film upon merely including those most spectacular stars, perhaps for the very similar reasons of why they'd not bothered to record their unstable 1/6th gravity scaled prototype lunar lander fiasco (like those V-22 Ospreys, most all of which crashed, killing all onboard, though just as oddly none of those prototype lunar landers managed to acquire any actual astronaut fly-by-wire time because, those machines were simply way too dangerous, thus not much point with retaining their "fly-by-wire" technology documentation because, it obviously didn't work but for more than a few seconds at a time under extremely controlled conditions. Of course, what's even the point, when there's not a scoop of that magical bone dry clumping lunar soil/sand to show for it all and, of those supposed moon rocks that were nowhere sufficiently basalt, which may also have to explain why the photographed illumination reflective index of the average lunar terrain was more like 40%, nearly 50% in spots.

Sorry folks; I sincerely wish that I alone could convey all this tit for tat a whole lot better, in much fewer words (lesser dyslexia, better syntax and all), as my loyal opponents seem to intentionally focus upon my testy grammar, poor syntax skills and of a few inaccuracies in math, rather than upon the scientific issues, not to mention their avoiding, at all cost, the morally correct humanitarian issues of what the Venus related discovery has to offer. How sad and pathetic, the American interpretation that's been imposed by others, of what humanity deserves has become nearly worthless in it's own right.

Before you go about auto-rejecting upon any of this;  you might care to review, or at least update, some of my reference pages. That's because, I have managed to insult just about every religion and sanctimonious authority you can think of and, I do believe I'm actually getting somewhat better or certainly more focused at doing just exactly that, though I'll often refer to such as returning the favor, along with my returning whatever warm and fuzzy flak that I can offer as well.

Obviously I'm still attempting to locate and associate with nice folks, and then if need be I've provoked others that I believe actually have the "right stuff", as into some positive action or into their coughing up the publicly bought and paid for information that already belongs to you and I. Getting this information out of folks that are otherwise being so obviously reluctant, most likely as a result of their feeling so snookered, has not been so easy, especially when they feel used and subsequently become inadequate as a result of their being so easily trapped by the "status quo", a nondisclosure cult of whatever agendas that Club NASA/NSA/DoD have planned all along.

Hopefully of whatever your reluctance is, it is not directly guilt ridden nor ulterior motivated, as that would place your moral position right back in the toilet along with the rusemasters that have been responsible for more then their fair share of dastardly deeds, like another decade worth of their botching up our economy prior to 9/11, then receiving the 9/11 kiss of death, among our subsequently discovering a few too many highly questionable circumstances that brought about the likes of 9/11, which even Dr. H.K. wanted nothing whatsoever to do with investigating (I certainly don't blame him).

Sorry about my "Loose Cannon" affect. If you think you can steady my aim and help as to picking out another worthy target or two, I'll certainly do my best as to focusing and thereby minimizing the non-essential collateral damage. Eventually this interplanetary communications thing is going to fly, with or without any Boeing/TRW Phantom Works ABL.

Unfortunately, there's a great deal more happening than just the opportunity of our calling Venus; some of which even includes another round of worthy cloak and dagger opportunities for the likes of our NSA/DoD and of their DHS, implanting the monster of all ABL's or perhaps LBL (as in Lumar Based Laser), either as situated on the moon or directly onboard the massive LSE-CM/ISS outpost.

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