What's hppening as of today

(this is actually quite an old document that needs to be revised)
Apparently of "what's up" about our moon and of Venus is still not all that much from Club NASA's point of support, or should I say, total lack thereof (this effort is sort of becoming the "black hole" of our otherwise most accessible solar system, like the closest planet to Earth oddly can't be seen anymore). This is not saying that all of our human resources have not been getting themselves involved, only as "spin" and "damage control" along with all their associate moles which are still hard at work these days (disinformation R-us). Apparently NASA has planted moles in BBC and BBCI and likely has something implanted in ESA to boot.

October 17;   I've discovered (to no surprise) that Hubble, as well as TRACE, SOHO and even of every optical instrument aboard ISS, that all of the sudden these fine instruments and of those opperating them can't seem to locate nor lock onto Venus and, even if they could, as according to official NASA "spin", it's most likely well beyond the capability of these instruments, which I find this extremely odd, especially regarding that TRACE can't manage, sort of equally odd that even though Venus has been and well remain sufficiently offset from having to view the sun within the same frame, that even Hubble's magnification which is easily capable of imaging upon as little as 4.25% of the diameter of Venus (thus excluding any solar influence) has become strangely "off limits". SOHO will soon become 0.26AU from Venus and SOHO certainly can't be impacted by directly looking at the sun (as it monitors Mercury crossing the solar face all the time), and yet Venus is so much larger and closer, as equally I find that TRACE offers a similar capability except that TRACE can greatly magnify and track other objects, plus (unlike SOHO) apparently TRACE can capture or accept a somewhat greater degree of contrast and/or realize upon greater ratios of illumination, thus offering supposedly better sensitivity should there be anything artificially illuminating from Venus. Basically TRACE is a somewhat smaller Hubble, capable of viewing upon Mercury as it's crossing the sun and obviously more then capable of tracking and then magnifying upon big old Venus, which is nowhere near crossing the solar surface, imaging of Venus is not even near to being affected from most solar flares. So, where the hell's Venus?

September 07;  I've gotten myself back into a few older pages like "The seasons of Venus" and "energy options" in order to revise and update whatever I could, so that those pages read somewhat better and, I've since introduced "CO2 wind power" as yet another viable alternative that's seriously tailored to Venus and of it's 4+bar/km atmosphere.

August 18, I have some good news;  NASA/NSA/DoD is in fact hard at work (even if behind our backs) developing upon UV lasers for their deep space communications (more likely as for invisible death rays and submerged submarine communications). Perhaps they're planning upon maintaining contact with our creators as situated on that 12th planet. That's the planet everyone seems to know something about except NASA, sort of just like all those 100+ meter Earth killer space rocks as well as my Venus discoveries, as almost exactly as in "Hogan's Heroes", like Sgt. Schultzí and his Col. Wilhelm Klink who continually "know nothing, hear nothing and see nothing". This time however, I was being clearly informed that a certain individual was in fact under NASA/NSA/DoD contract as to improve long range communications, specifically utilizing UV lasers. Except, soon into this conversation, as right after I announced my intentions of utilizing xenon/UV as a form of Earth to Venus communications, that's when I literally heard his "nondisclosure" warning lamp come on, as his vocal authority instantly altered to a purely scripted "I know nothing" mode. As when I inquired about such xenon UV capabilities (even as purely limited to commercial xenon illumination spectrums), I was informed politely (way too politely by the way) that he had little such knowledge of, no further leads and in fact was focused only upon micro UV lasers as intended for microscope applications, as though privet enterprise couldn't have openly provided this level of R&D or existing product right off the shelf.

Fortunately, I was also able to acquire perfectly good (unskewed) data as from others clearly not associated with anything NASA/NSA/DoD. The latest round of such contacts provided a whole lot more of what I was looking for. Such as; a 20" commercial fixture of rhodium coating, utilizing a mere 4 kw xenon lamp utilizes a 6.5 mm gap provides 1.14^9 cd (presumably this is something less then 1 degree divergence). Guess what else; this 4 kw lamp (or a substitute 7 kw) can be pulse driven by a factor of 5X, the mirror can also be aluminum coated for an added 20% boost. The end result is that as few as three of these 20" fixtures can become the array (5 might even be way overkill unless the more visible spectrums are desired), each lamp 10% duty cycle pulsed at 20 kw (that's roughly 25 kw worth of driving power per lamp but still that's only at 10% duty cycle, or merely representing a power supply average load of 2.5 kw per lamp hour), where this 3 lamp array can exceed 100^9 cd worth of several UV spectrum deliveries (along with a great deal of just plain old visible light). Check out the laser-com page and calling-venus for other details.

Worst possible case effort;  an array of 12 such 20" xenon fixtures, pulse driven will likely do this job with plenty of room to spare. That's based upon our needing two additional fixtures as just to double upon the base delivery of one (so that makes 3), doubling upon that again for requiring 6 fixtures and once again for an array comprising 12 fixtures should deliver (@20kw pulse per lamp and aluminum coated mirrors) better then 50^9 worth of 600-700 nm and perhaps at least 100^10 worth of various UV and near UV spectrums (like 375 and 550 nm).

Xenon lamps are normally filled to 8 atmospheres (roughly 118 psi), where a pulse driven lamp may ultimately improve by adding or subtracting upon this pressure and/or by introducing a small amount of mercury. The 10% hourly duty cycle should permit a somewhat normal life, considering the short 3 minute (low baud rate) packet overdrive of 5X. Such power supplies are available and others can easily be modified by applying an additional farad or so worth of capacitors and utilizing a power MOSFET as for pulse switching, in that way a 5 kw power supply can easily deliver the 25+kw requirements for pulse driving.

P.S.   If you like, you can even open yourself a nearby sun tanning business from just the stray refractions of UV as derived from the local atmospherics of random or leftover UV rays or, if you're from Washington state or of any other Canidian bordering state and, you're fairly good at areal targeting, you can fill in packet dwell time by sterilizing any of those Canadian Geese flying by and, get yourself paid for doing that (I understand Canidian Locus are also on their way). So, this could soon become a win-win situation for all involved or not.

July 08, I've come to understand a great deal more as to laser cannons and Xenon illumination resources. Again, all this was on a need to know and at no further assistance from Club NASA. So, checking this Xenon aspect out should become worth your while and, the HELLO updates might be another good idea, as well as the positive/negative aspects. The 12th planet is something entirely new to my brain, just not news to NASA (go figure).

May 20, I'm still waiting upon seeing what others can provide. Besides some help from a limited few NASA souls, mostly with regard to various solutions for essentially burning CO2-->Co/O2 and, having lately been waiting for newcomers (mostly critics) to reveal their stuff. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

I had yet another go around with a Muslim type, as that coming from a very high official, clearly specified their religion was purely of Earth and could not possibly have anything whatsoever to do with Venus. I'm certainly glad that's all cleared up. I always wondered if God was limited or not to Earth, now I know. It certainly pays to pose and then follow up with a few questions, as you never know about such things until you do.

May 14, Planetary archeology and evolution;
Wouldn't you know it, I've pissed off some new souls. Actually several that obviously want their small worlds to remain protected, uninformed and equally uninvolved, no matters what, especially this applies of those somewhat religious types.

This time, I tried to solicit help or at least to attract expertise feedback, by including what I believed were factions of worthy archeology types and, I even offered my findings onto somewhat religious types (whew, what a flat out mistake that one was). God forbid that life could even exist outsided of their precious belief's, let alone not of this world. The same goes out to those supposed archeologist, as I would have to guess, if you can't touch it and perhaps even piss on it, then it doesn't really exist nor matter, irregardless of whatever implications (Hitler would be proud of these individuals). With somewhat cautious regard and respect towards those religious souls, in order to clarify my position and intentions, I mentioned that anything from Charles Manson or similar types may need to be moderated but certainly not of what I was offering, now I'm not so sure anymore, especially in light of those recent "church" disclosures (at least we all know what Manson was all about).

May 12
I'm back into energy considerations and, I'm still receiving my fair share of E-flak and/or somewhat disinformation, plus otherwise my fair share of spin and damage control, as delivered by the pro-NASA types. These guys are never going to give up, even when I've proven them wrong and, it's a little odd that some of that proof comes directly from their very own God (NASA).

As this turns out, co2-->co/o2 is a thoroughly done deal and, it in fact burns quite nicely. If you should doubt this, just check it out, then stop bothering me with your pathetic attempts at derailing this discovery. Soon, I'm making a list of what I have accomplished and I'm intending to also list all those opposing by their throwing everything except the facts at this opportunity. I still have no problem whatsoever with honest criticizing that's supported by recorded observational evidence and/or by at least rational analysis. So far, rational seems to have become the all essential missing ingredient.

Any fool can prove that humans will drown if placed under water and, an atmosphere of mostly CO2 is certainly a great deal like water (actually CO2 is nowhere as bad as water). My exception to living under water or withing a CO2 atmosphere offers the reality of what a nuclear submarine has to offer, in which hundreds of humans can live deep under water , just like those on Venus can manage to live under their virtual sea of CO2 (in spite of our arrogance and blatent stupidity), can survive and even considering their environmental predicament, prosper because of the abundance of natural energy resources (by the way again; such energy resources are all but missing from Mars and even Earth is way shy of enough CO2 worth doing anything about, unless you live in LA).

April 26
I'm gaining support and technology information as to the potential on conversions of all that CO2. Seems extracting a little O2 is not all that complex, as long as you have a good supply of such CO2 along with somewhat higher then normal temperatures and pressures, and then some form of initial energy or flame (such as h2o2/c12h26 @4000+K). Guess what, Venus has all of that and then some, of exactly what it takes (all four of the most import factors), plus a whopping incentive as to utilizing whatever is at their disposal. Keeping an eye on my Airship-2.html and energy-options.htm should offer whatever else I've managed to acquire.

Listening to most of my frustrated critics, one might actually believe that the planet Venus was always where it is and furthermore, always hot as hell, thereby not one of Darwin's microbes ever made it past go. Well guess again; The Venus of today has it's seasons, primarily those of DAY and NIGHT and, that obnoxious (to Earth humans) atmosphere contains some (several thousand mega-tonnes worth) of that H2O as stored in those cool clouds. Those so called impenetrable thick clouds are not always producing 100% coverage nor at the same density and consistency, as there are semi-transparent (20:1) zones along with somewhat lessor and/or thinner clouds at nighttime, as well as substantial vertical thermals (nighttime cooling down) issues and, all of this is in addition to all those talked about upper atmospheric winds and even of lessor surface winds (significant surface areas being defined as ranging from -5 km to + 10 km, thereby those surface winds do vary a lot), which by the freaking way (considering the mostly co2 aspect) could be providing nearly unlimited conversion energy (especially at 4+bar/km as from vertical shafts or wind-tunnel columns). Then how about those upper winds (just like right here on Earth, except better) could enable a considerable boost as to traveling about the globe via massive airships and, not that being massive is even required, as the lift/buoyancy factors are simply so considerable.

April 05
Some further input as to merely utilizing Nitrogen (N2) as airship buoyancy and something more about utilizing vertical shaft wind via atmospheric differentials (approx 4+bar per km or 0.4 bar/100 meters). I then further summarized by condensing much of this discovery down to some basics, that which the general public might be capable of understanding. There is also a touch of planetary evolution at large and, a subsequent need for some rather serious supercomputer punishment.

March 22
Lots of new data and subsequent corrections applied into the massive airship calculations. This one involves a whole lot more with regard to Hydrogen lift coefficients, fuel and energy considerations in addition to h2o2/Kerosene now includes atomic. Applying low technology, the lift capability is at 63+kg/cubic meter and somewhat higher technology achieves 126 kg/cubic meter. Onboard power is now established between 25 and 50 MW (100+ knots continuous cruise for 100+ hours).

March 12
It seems as though my alternate URL: http://guthvenus.tripod.com is being somewhat over drawn upon, which simply means I've exceeded 1 GB per day, which is somewhat unusual because, that issue most often happens with the more active primary site at Geocities.com, which is still OK unless you're trying to access my updates and you get nothing. This alternate site also fails to openly indicate/record the number of hits as being otherwise depicted at the "Geocities.com" account, but that's also OK because, there are other ways of accounting for the download activity. There is a solution that takes money and, right now NASA pretty much has consumed more then their fair share and, they haven't bothered to place my needs within their goals (not that I would necessarily accept because, there would likely be those "nondisclosure strings").

If you would rather I email my updates, that's certainly something I can do on a somewhat more limited basis. A little funding could resolve everything by my simply paying for a full blown .com along with a formal staff and then being hosted by Yahoo or some other capable site. Maybe NASA would like to sponsor my work (yah right! don't hold your breath).

I've added my "Venus for Dummy's" page. I've done this because of so many newcomers and mostly pro-NASA types that keep insisting upon bashing away at my discovery or just bashing myself and/or that of my somewhat untrained format of delivering the news. How do you suppose, all of the sudden, I have become so popular?

March 10
I've received more comment on my documentation form or basically lack thereof, which is perfectly good feedback (unfortunately, not of much value as to resolving specific discovery issues). Obviously, I'm not up to certain standards, but then I'm not pretending to be the all knowing expert. As I've said before, that person works for NASA. However, and I know I've had to restate this issue before, I'm looking for others to step in, as I simply can not do everything. I can say, that eventually those involved with promoting and resolving this discovery will be compensated for their efforts (I'm keeping a list of those supportive and/or working on behalf of this opportunity and, another list along with a stockpile of coal for everyone else), which is something NASA would apparently never do, as you wouldn't even get coal, at least not without having you sign that "nondisclosure policy". In other words, you're either part of Club NASA or you're not.

A recent page for newcomers is another work in progress. Again, if you can do better, have at it. I'll certainly post to your work and/or incorporate it along with credits. Surely your talents can be applied towards doing some good (such as editing) and, you should receive compensation and credits for whatever you can manage.

Feb. 22
I have however located a few hard working moles residing at http://www.fantasticforum.com as well as several (many) others within http://groups.google.com

I'm still in progress towards getting a better understanding as to what fluids are possible to exist on Venus, including potential fuels for powering of the massive airship. Not that any of this matters, as those artificial looking attributes remain as anything except natural formations, and that's a fact. For all we know, they been on nuclear for centuries. If you think LA has a polution problem and subsequent strict regulations as a result, that's nothing as compared to what's on Venus. Any planet impacted with so much greenhouse would certainly have migrated to higher ground as wll as towards burning hydrogen for most every possible requirement. That's why I've focused upon hydrogen peroxide of 95%, of which their actual product, considering the atmospheric pressure and mostly CO2 environment, could be something more like 99.5% pure.

What's hppening as of; February 20th, 2002

It seems as though, I'm becoming more right then I ever thought, as all I'm receiving from NASA types are repetitious reminders as to how hot and nasty it is and, otherwise being directed for myself and others to look once again at the other great images of craters, lava flows and then also as to read again the same slanted reports on atmospheric studies, most all of which are not only becoming outdated but I've been there and done that well over a year ago and, even long before that time, I already understood how hot and nasty Venus was. So, what exactly is their point, other then to be intentionally stalling on behalf of "damage control", wasting more precious time as well as a whole lot of taxpayer's moneys? and, how does any of their repetitious reminders reflect in any way as to making of artificial content into something of purely natural origins?

So, exactly who is kidding whom, or better yet, whom is further wasting our taxpayers moneys and further stalling the inevitable "truths"?

What are the true motives for such blatant denials and obsessive yet feeble damage control?

The more I've had to research specifically because of the opposition, the more I've discovered and, not always that related to Venus, such as discovering others believing that we have all been badly snookered. The more I uncover about what liars NASA has had to become, especially lately with regard to our SAR imaging capabilities, such as NASA supposedly not being capable of imaging @1.5 meter resolution of our own moon (that's not even including a 10X worth of image resampling which pushes usable resolution down to 0.15 meters), the more I feel the need to dig even deeper. And, since I'm not receiving proper support nor even seeing any degree of focus upon the part of which NASA should be portraying, I am to guess that, my having to uncover more hidden agendas and ulterior motives of those opposing "GUTH Venus" is what these federal jokers expect and, I'll be happy to obligee.

Is it possible, that truly nice and totally honest individuals working for their Godfather are really all that unaware of the faults and otherwise total lack of moral responsibility of their employer, or, is the ruse simply so damn good that even the best of honest efforts are not ever going to uncover the "truth"??

What cost (in terms of humanity and resources) is too much for any ruse to consume?

What amount of long term moral damage onto humanity has now become acceptable to our way of life, to be including NASA as well as to their staunchly loyal followers?

Perhaps; how many 9/11's are needed to wake us up in order to only realize where our American interest, as badly focused technology, has clearly not become so worthy of our total existence here on Earth?

Wasting hundreds of billions upon pointless endeavors is one thing, investing hundreds more into protecting skewed American interest is quite another and, then to be justifying the deaths of 10's of thousands of merely competitive souls, bystanders and otherwise of totally innocent civilians is something else.

If the warring partners wish to duke it out, in person, one on one, I have no objection, as I would like nothing better then to see leaders of two, three or four sides bashing each other in a confined ring. That would even prove all the more that I'm right about humanity, the fact that we have clearly de-evolved and that the original human like intelligence must therefore have come originally from another planet, like Venus because, Earth humans are clearly becoming pathetic and perhaps even thoroughly extinct by our own hand.

Out of all the species on Earth, humans (specifically us Americans) are among the only groups that consistently and concernedly works at out-spending every other group so as to become the greater bully and, most lethal global threat at that (others can inflect fairly localized damage such as 9/11, where as ourselves can virtually destroy [intentionally or not] the entire world as you and I know it). Other then humans, the remaining animals generally seem to go about their existence without intentionally inflicting hatreds and imposing false morals upon others. Defending your homeland is one thing, intentionally provoking of others as to attack, so that you can exercise your talents as to returning the favor, is quite another. Allowing others to do your dirty work, as if that should somehow benefit your hidden (cold-war) agendas, is just as bad and even worse if you later lie about it and refuse to take responsibility for the inevitable gruesome outcome.

So, I'm to guess, you had better be on our side or else. Or perhaps I should say, or else we will not be able to force another 9/11 to happen. At the rate we are going, NASA/NSA/DoD may need to pull out all the stops, as it's either them or us, as we obviously can't manage to come down to their reality and, we certainly are not going to afford bringing those up to our immoral standards. The way the upper 25% of Americans live today, as compared to the other 90% of Earth's total inhabitance is not anything as to being all that proud of, unless you are in that upper 25% class, then too much war is never enough and lies are simply becoming the accepted ENRON way of life and, everyone else can just go to Hell or worse.

What can I say; "GUTH Venus" is not (so far) about our going into war, nor is it about wasting tax dollars, nor suggesting anything out of our reach (especially as compared to everything else our NASA has their hands into). Re-exploring and hopefully communicating with Venus is not about politics nor religion, at least not yet. Interplanetary war (perhaps even a little cold-war) may only be a dream of those within NASA/NSA/DoD, as some day, using the very same tactacts as here on Earth, we should be capable of pissing off those of vertually any planet (lets all hope they're still using bows and arrows and haven't yet reflected upon biological alternatives).

Please do stay in touch, as I'll have lots more to come.
Brad Guth / IEIS 1-253-8576061

P.S.: By they freaking way, I really like to see deserving individuals squirm. So NASA, if you happen to be looking for a good hatchet man, that's me. Load me up with "pink slips" and I'll be the one passing them out and, best of all, I'll do all of that purely on a commission basis for a mere 1% of what I'm saving the taxpayer.

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