The Past, Present and Future of Space Exploration

(or just more of the same tit for tats, then liars lying about just about everything)

Guth Venus is not so much a place, as it's been a window of opportunities (actually of several missed windows of opportunities), as well as an affordable means to obtainable goals, each residing well within the reach of the living (that's you and me). If on the other hand you insist upon pure gibberish, there's others far mor qualified in delivering such, as I'm not smart enough, other than to rely upon the sorts of information that's already been gathered and provided by those claiming as being so vastly superior, where at least their words have often proclaimed much truths, while more often than not their actions, and/or ulterior motives, are those cloaked on behalf of hidden agendas.

There are a good many folks that seem to have become snookered into their way of thinking, that of a planet like Venus only gets itself hot and, of it's roasted surface remains forever consistently hot regardless of the rotational period, regardless of those convection thermals of mostly conduction cooling-off mode issues (CO2 of such density representing a relatively good thermal extraction conductor), even regardless of the radiated energy.

Furthermore, critics have been stipulating that supposedly any nonhuman tolerant biological environment with respect to such great pressure remains not only hot regardless of whatever elevation has to offer but, absolutely unlivable to any form of life (as though we somehow know what sort of life of entirely other evolution has to offer), as somehow elevation is apparently worth nothing in thermal relief (except of course for places like here on Earth, or of just about any other planet, interestingly that's including Mars being pro-life in spite of it being frozen and otherwise irradiated to death) and, quite oddly all of this is in spite of whatever a little energy along with the instinctively motivated intelligence to survive might have contributed towards making an environment bearable, within an otherwise testy greenhouse situation. Whereas according to those opposing my arguments as supposed gibberish, oddly that's simply not even a doable option for anything pre-greenhouse and even less of Venus today (period!).

No kidding, these same folks that proclaim why we must look far and wide outside our solar system, for signs of other life, have been using those very same laws of physics and of astro or exobiology to justify their quest and subsequent funding, while denying these very same rules and laws if they should pertain to anything Venus or even moon. That's not only odd, but it's entirely ridiculous if not absurd, thus more proof that my discoveries are a whole lot more worthy than being let on, and that's another fact.

Quite oddly, for the likes of life as we know it on Earth, we seem to experience all sorts of atmospheric layers, often those include the warmer clouded atmosphere being held aloft at night, while somewhat cooler layers may exist near the surface in spite of whatever an external probe like those utilized upon Venus would detect. Since those Venus missions onto the surface were in need of illumination, their daytime season of somewhat limited operation measured the environment as it most certainly is, hot and nasty, especially while situated in lower elevations that might have resembled our Death Valley with respect to those otherwise 10+ km Northern territories of Venus.

For some perverted reason(s), as going by those laws skewed on behalf of Earth, of physics only working on behalf of NASA moderated agendas, thereby excluding the likes of anything moon and of absolutely not intended for the likes of Venus, though as for otherwise being frozen and thoroughly irradiated to death, such as on Mars, is where those very same laws of physics are oddly working just fine and dandy, for their focus of discovering upon other microbe life, and entirely worthwhile of justifying our investing additional billions as to making that outcome or even the illusion thereof happen, same goes for their super spendy ESE fiasco or bust cult, god forbid those folks should be accountable.

In spite of all their warm and fuzzy flak, and of their denying those laws of physics form anything moon/Venus, I still managed to learn that Venus is simply over-loaded with all sorts of viable natural energy, accessible to anyone with half a brain, just as I learned in physics "duh 101".

I also learned from others (those a whole lot smarter than myself), that of conduction mode thermal insulation properties can easily obtain R-256/m and, with some limited effort this R-256 factor can quite easily be compressed down to less than 10 cm if utilizing the likes of basalt fibers, thinner yet if that thermal conduction barrier is comprised of micro-balloon cells surrounded by good old bone dry N2, if not simply CO2 (as those in-between pockets become thermal barrier cells of their own right). Keeping all of this entirely within known laws of physics, as well as for being within the physical realm of what's so toasty hot and sufficiently bone dry, is precisely what a shrouded planet like Venus has to offer.

In other village idiot gibberish words; we've had this capability of even doing Venus in person. As hot and nasty as it is, it's been technically doable, though I'd be the last to advise making any personal/biological contact. Whereas a robotic mission, especially a stationkeeping VL2 platform (as little as TRACE-II), is almost child's play, absolutely failsafe, and certainly less than a penny on the dollar as slated for obtaining those lethal Mars microbes.

I've also obtained the understanding of the Venus nighttime atmosphere is in fact cooler than by day (much cooler by some estimates), and of such cooling that those thick clouds are actually not the overall density nor as elevated at night as opposed to their receiving 2650 watt/m by day, plus there's potentially mega tonnes of trapped H2O that can be economically extracted via vacuum distillation from those relatively cool nighttime clouds, subsequently stored much like we manage LNG (under pressure), or perhaps as converted into H2O2 requiring of less if any pressure. Mineral wise, a planet like Venus is simply chuck full of it, at least of sufficient elements that intelligent souls can make something of at least some of it, especially if there little other opportunity and, you're stuck with such a pathetically stupid if not downright arrogant planetary neighbor such as Earth.

I've learned so much other but, all of that apparent gibberish would likely take up volumes to say the least, and might only prove further embarrassing to the status quo because, I'm only having to use their same laws of physics that supposedly put us on the moon, though being that our crack astronauts were so thoroughly stupified, that even the most rudimentary of survey standards and/or of appropriate interactive scientific instruments simply couldn't be accommodated (6 times out of 6), there's not even been evidence of any surface instrument that couldn't have been more easily robotic deployed, and we still have no interactive SAR aperture receiving module for obtaining those extremely high resolution images of our entire solar system, and then some.

Of course, you shouldn't but miss noticing the utter disregard from those avoiding their moral responsibilities by not dealing with any specific moon/Venus topic, by otherwise noticing how their focused intent resides upon disrupting this and/or any other opportunity that's outside the forbidden box, and otherwise insuring that their privet little world(s), or perhaps neat little smelly box, of the sorts chuck full of skewed physics and thereby corrupted science, as well as for all their bogus history associated with such past and recent carnage, was somehow become fully justified, somehow the one and only moral alternative to the truth, where that truth actually must become their version and none other. In a few other testy words, a very ethnic and/or Pope/religious cult way of looking at all things. Thus our lives and our future continue to flounder, based upon lies and being ruled by the liars that continue to lie on behalf of sustaining the recorded past, as they see fit, as well as for ultimately insuring their futures, and meanwhile we're just along for the ride.

In my opinion; By the actions of others not offering the truth as they perceive it to be, or otherwise withholding upon publicly bought and paid for knowledge (as is the case with all government and of most privet institutions on the take), is exactly the same result as those creating the undesirable situation and/or perception in the first place, and then of course telling the original lie, but it only gets so much worse because, not sharing your knowledge as well as your honest opinion is further perpetrating upon, and of contributing yet another invaluable layer for the status quo, as that's exactly how certain presidents got assassinated, the likes of 9/11 came about, and of how those WMD have become so invisible, but not invisible are the tens of thousands that are serious dead and of another Nation that's hardly better off, even though our present (after the fact) intentions are good and honorable, as it's simply too late to resurrect the dead nor to erase memories.

My using the Pope as an anology may have been in poor taste, but don't even suggest informing me that I'm being the least bit incorrect nor improper about those good old days of the Catholic Church (not that they had the one and only corner on the market), as their past is simply chuck full of far more dastardly exterminations of far lesser justifications than Hitler, such as those murderous crusades against Cathars.

Of course, that's exactly why I've considered returning the favor by taking actions against those individuals bashing any recent discovery of what's been boldly existing, as well as I'm against their denying such information exist that's the least bit contrary to the recorded word, thereby opposing their bashing of so many other worthy opportunities associated, such as their official "spin" and "damage control" Borgs have been equally accomplishing on behalf of their loyal quest and/or pre-programmed mission to follow their resident warlord or religious cult leaders, even if that should represent snipe hunting after all those WMD, and of further dog wagging tit for tat carnage to come.

For humans, especially stupid ones, yes indeed, Venus is seriously way too damn hot and nasty. I knew that decades ago, I knew it before I spotted those attributes perceived as more likely artificial than not, and upon extensive research, I still know for a fact that Venus is nearly too hot to touch with a flaming stick. But folks, we now have the sorts of capable technology that could survive such heat, and there's even a few of us smart enough to realize that even if we humans are biologically if not intellectually off limits to Venus, our technology surely isn't, and certainly by way of having a Venus L2 (VL2) communications relay platform has been within our capability for decades, for nearly as long as the Apollo ruse has been sustained.

But perhaps for other physiology it's not so hot, as it's actually not as toasty for the likes of evolved lizard folk (nocturnals) surviving within their extended season of night, as their Venus nighttime is truly quite long and, nearly every BTU of solar influx must exit via the night side of Venus, or else there simply would not be Venus (physics 101; energy in = energy out, else it explodes in order to release such pent up energy), thus BTUs in = BTUs out, and then some, and you should trust me, as those aren't even my rules.

These are just a few of the nearly infinite gibberish sort of papers that I've been posting (no specific order, go fish). Otherwise the more recent updates are those available from a posted UPDATE link on the INDEX page.
And there's certainly lots more where these testy pages came from (their dyslexic encryption content is yet another bonus), such as this off topic but intriguing Lunar Space Elevator (LSE-CM/ISS) contribution:

Unfortunately, my pathetic workmanship can't even hold a birthday candle against spendy items like the most recent of "Scientific American", where their entire full-bleed publication was another devout NASA infomercial on steroids, promoting their justifications for acquiring the likes of those lethal Mars microbes, of their quest upon whatever is hundreds to millions of light years away (much of which is leaving us by thousands of km/s), and otherwise of establishing the likes of the first (ESE fiasco) space elevator.

Keeping in mind that the nearest significant other target external to our solar system isn't even being considered, as nearly 9 light years away and moving off at a mere 32 km/s would take at least 90,000 years worth of travel at speeds better than twice our best theoretical capability, where even a SETI call out to Sirius would take 18 years prior to detecting any reply and, of absolutely everything else being looked at is hundreds to millions of times further off, though demanding and currently taking by far the greatest investments, while offering not an iota of worth for humanity.

I fully realise that my bad form of gibberish has been getting in the way of so many self absorbed souls, those intent upon seeking out their dreams on the backs of hidden agendas, orchestrated by others seeking out their immoral plans of ruling as much of Earth as possible. It seems as though their plan all along has been to squander Earth's resources and to otherwise bankrupt those incapable of thinking and/or defending for themselves, if need be, by distorting the facts in order to suit the outcome, if not dog wagging everything possible into the nearest toilet.

These days, we simply can't afford to blow another billion on luxury hobbies, such as deep space explorations, nor of going after lethal Mars microbes or of promoting the likes of seriously flawed space elevators, at least not without directly impacting those in need of the basics, which doesn't necessarily need to include unlimited freedoms, as that implication of democratic lunacy would only become the second downfall of Rome. Unfortunately, a whole lot of folks are far better off under a warlord that's ill tempered, than under the allusion of a cloaked warlord that's chuck full of deceptions and ulterior motives.

OK, so apparently I'm one of those village idiots that's still outside their Borg collective, and just so happened to have realized upon how snookered I've been up until lately. If you have something of merit that'll shed alternative illuminations on the truth, please do so before it's too late, as I'd hate being within another tall building when those other unprogrammable souls make yet another adjustment upon our perception of history, by which tit for tat we'll be notching things up again, perhaps this time a little nuclear shock and awe, or much worse (193 nm laser cannon).

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