GUTH Venus updates:  as of July 17, 2003

(what you may not want to know about Venus, nor of skewed science, skewed physics or skewed history that's now in the toilet of life)

This page may soon become less brief than it should. However, as best intended for reminding all of my auto-down-loaders including ESA, BBC news, Associated Press (AP), USNEWSWIRE (USN), NASA/NSA/DoD, NIMA, the likes of Cambridge University and the University of Washington (UW) and most recently on behalf of so many of our testy astronomy and astrophysics wizards that seem to thrive on cold-war cloak and dagger carnage, as all sorts should otherwise be updating any number of my files because, unlike my esteemed and saintly (pro-everything-NASA and anti-everything that's new or truth) opposition, I'm still learning my way along and making loads of mistakes but, unlike our NASA and the bulk of their supporters, I've been willing to share upon whatever (mistakes and all) and, I believe I've done so without getting anyone killed, which is at least a whole lot better off than what our resident commander and chief village idiot can stipulate about going after all those invisible WMDs.

Perhaps because I've also become considered somewhat of a village idiot, I simply don't know when it's time to stop, nor of what not to say. Perhaps it's because I've been a whole lot more right than not, or that I no longer give a tinkers damn much about anything NASA has to stipulate against this Venus discovery, as well as againt any utilization whatsoever of out moon (they and of their fellow inmates have already stipulated nearly everything negative that I could think of, plus several I would never have considered), yet they've provided absolutely no scientific basis for their opposition to everything stance of remaining entirely banked upon excluding other life, nor equally as to their disqualifying the physical nature of all those very artificial looking structures existing on Venus (according to their own bible or perhaps dead sea scrolls) of somehow everything Venus being so entirely natural, even though they do not have the physics or geology to even propose a conjecture as to how such could have ever happened (just like they can't provide a worthy conjecture stipulating how our non-rotating pulverised moon was somehow created out of the same stuff as Earth or from Earth itself), as they (including their NSA/DoD and subsequent partners in crime at "" and of so many other NASA/mole moderated sites) have been highly reclusive if not openly obstructive in their mannerism of providing their status quo as "disinformation", as well as for their remaining recluse towards avoiding nearly everything that's the least bit Venus positive (damn nice cloak and dagger job if you can get it, with even nicer benefits).

Another most interesting alternative site to almost anything NASA or of being NASA moderated to death, is of the previously named ARCHIMEDES Institute, being directed by Lawrence D. Roberts (now somewhat missing in action), has recently been killed off by way of modern technology (URL/server upgrade) or perhaps by someone not exactly all that in favor of what I've previously posted, where this site as now become the and, please do checkout their extremely polite Discussion Forum, as it seems entirely focused upon existing space technology, of research and of morally acceptable development upon accomplishing obtainable exploration and of a great deal of space law related matters, along with being sufficiently pro-NASA upon just about everything but, oddly remaining almost NASA mole free, as in another word, so far it's been quite "civil". Perhaps it's because the owners and/or administrators of the original "Archimedes" site were not necessarily entirely pro-NASA enough, possibly knowing of things that the rest of the gang back at Club NASA doesn't want to get out, so they've been leaving this mostly "space law" forum somewhat alone.

Because this page (update-187.htm) has simply become too large; newer UPDATES starting off as of update-188 will be accommodated on another future page.

July 17, 2003;  Because this page has gotten itself so large, often it doesn't upload effectively to my URL because so many folks have been taking copies while this process is in progress, so I've decided that I should make this page into another archive keeper (as is, where is) and, to start this off with a new UPDATE page as of update-188. Checking out the INDEX page will always give the latest link to the most current UPDATE page.

Not that this following addition is all that much different, as perhaps offering more of a summary/index page that's sufficientlty loaded down with a good number of links to other related topics, though perhaps if some news media wizard wanted to have something a bit more understandable, this effort should be going in the right direction and, as usual I'll attempt to make improvements throughout this entire summary/index page and of whatever it's library of documents has to offer.

July 13, 2003;  As usual, I've corrected a few too many words, improved upon syntax and applied some further comments into what I've learned over the past three years, as well as into my further reviewing upon what other significant forms of life might have to work with in spite of our arrogance. I've also gotten myself around to updating the positive / negative aspects of what's out there to be seen and dealt with, within the realm of available resources and of moral worth to Earths' humanity, perhaps pending our very survival.

July 11, 2003;  OOPS, I'm slipping by not delivering a sufficient number of testy and dyslexic words on behalf of the GUTH Venus discoveries. Sorry about all that. So, here's another installment that's based upon what I've learned and, as usual it's not an entirely concise nor complete dialog. For that you'll need to check back for further uptates and to review any number of other pages I've updated, such as regarding the BOEING/TRW thing, the EVA-suit consuideration and of space radiation, plus just about any of the previously posted pages.

July 06, 2003;  Here again, I don't mean to suggest that I'm the all-knowing or even half-assed-knowing soul, just that I'm going along by way of real experience and of a good deal of recently learned expertise that's oddly been acquired from the same as that created for and worshiped by those very same snookered fools and Borgs objecting to absolutely anything Venus, not as though these pagan worshiping fools are actually worth the toilet paper they're consuming (at times I don't think so).

This update is a fresh page that shouldn't get itself too much larger, as other than my correcting some unintentional mistakes or merely improving upon the syntax, there's simply not all that much more that needs to be stipulated about "interplanetary communications", other than it's entirely doable and within the existing framework of the technology we have today (much of which is already bought and paid for), as well as for NOT representing any astronaut risk nor taking a fraction of a percent of doing anything in the way of a specific satellite, though I'm certainly open for suggestions such as Magellan-II offering 1 meter resolution or simply TRACE-II being situated at Venus L2. We certainly could have afforded sending ISS off to visit the Wizard of Oz at VL2 but, 9/11 sort of blew that budget all to hell, boosted further into the toilet by going after all those invisible WMDs.

July 05, 2003;  It's not that others claiming as being a whole lot smarter than myself couldn't have noticed but, I've certainly noticed some ongoing computational errors that are sort of +/- tit for tats, in that I mistakenly implied a laser cannon beam wattage delivery capability at the range of 50^6 km of providing 14 watts/m2, that which should have been stated as delivering 14 watts/km2. Even though that's an obvious error correction factor of a million to one, there's yet another equally if not more so opposing error upon recalculation, as to what a delivered laser beam energy throughput of wattage actually represents in terms of lumens or cd/m2 and better yet is of the 10^28 photons/lumen and, since I can quite easily demonstrate by fairly concise references that a 7.5 milliradian performing LED offers 147^6 cd/watt and as such, if we were to conservatively apply just the least possible amount of the modified Boeing/TRW (a 5 milliradian ABL operating at 10% output) as if it were creating a messily 1^6 cd/watt (even though 100^6 could be more likely) would obviously more than entirely counteract the original overstatement of delivered energy in terms of watts instead of the visible and near-UV light which is actually what we're after and, of especially that spectrums of 350 to 450 nm being what's capable of providing such a good percentage of detectable lumens or cd per uw, as viewed from beneath those relatively cool nighttime clouds of Venus.

Since all this is still so easily confusing, as often related to frail human visual perceptions instead of counting sheer photons per lumen (that's not even of nocturnal sensitivity worth nor of instrumentation qualified for photon detections), I'll most likely redo or simply replace other pages with yet another attempt at outlining interplanetary laser communications potential, so that other village idiots like myself can better understand what is possible. Since obtaining loads of what's NOT possible from critics has established their certified and absolute NO, that apparently of any amount of artificially created light of any spectrum is unlikely to be detectable from another planet and, that since this has been suggested by so many that can't seems to further qualify such a stance, I thought perchance they were being just being a wee little too ambitious at stipulating their authority of "it's impossible to interplanetary communicate via light", as being a dad bit suspicious to say the least, especially if we're talking specifically about viewing upon and subsequently communicating to/from a nighttime side of a planet such as Venus.

July 03, 2003;  Guess what folks: I've discovered more errors but also more to fret over radiation, such as a solar minimum is actually what's radioactively maximum, that is if your butt is what's sufficiently shielded from whatever a solar maximum has to toss at you. That's both good and/or bad news, depending upon whether or not you're supporting the "Apollo status quo", or that of actually honestly trying to figure out what's humanily possible and, of what isn't with regard to having any sort of manned ISS situated at Venus L2 (VL2) and, that goes for Earth L2 as well as for Mars L2 being a fairly safe bet.

June 30, 2003;  I've added a couple more links and as usual fixed words and syntax the best I can. This update covers that there's always worth in promoting what we can do as opposed to what certain others tend to believe or choose to stipulate upon accomplishing other things, in spite of the fact that we presently can not do such, as though we've got all the surplus talents and resources just sitting around (I think hardly not).

Though often the "can not do" crowd becomes actually quite large and of not to mention aggressive, especially if it's collective is orchestrated in opposing anything whatsoever to do with whatever is other than their bad ideas. Whereas the "can do" crowd is usually on the short end of the stick, most often trying to overly justify their every move (dog eat dog competitively no less), whereas those going after those humanly unobtainable goals seem to have captured the skewed imaginations and open pocketbooks of all those Senate appropriations cash cow utters, as well as for their enticing the infomercial thirsty press and of nearly all other forms of media that's willing to skew just about anything into the toilet for another buck, thus the rest of us snookered and subsequently stupified public are being entertained in somewhat the same manner as a deer looking at your headlights is.

June 28, 2003;  Sorry folks, there's still a whole lot of life on Venus, perhaps not the sort of life as we know it, or even care to know of, even though that's been existing on our nearest and most accessible planet and, it looks as though we're still too stupid to even realize it, too arrogant to give a tinkers damn and otherwise simply too snookered as well as for being downright friendly-fire dangerous to ourselves and others.

Seems if we're not roasting our own astronauts and/or using another commercial airliner as for target tracking drones, we're improving our friendly fire aim and carnage potential, while subsequently defending that immorality as simply another "OOPS", allowing those/many responsible to go nearly scott free (often receiving lesser punishment than shoplifting) and of whatever restitutions being disqualified, diminished and/or simply forgotten (except for all of the process and defense legal fees, as those are nearly always compensated in full, somewhat like so many charities deliver less than a percent of their take and of companies like ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom and of so many others have gotten away with anything short of murder and, I'm not even certain there wasn't carnage involved), as though other life is having so little worth (I believe that was what the Pope stipulated about Cathars and, Hitler of Jews). Now we seem to have warlord Bush to thank for draining our bank accounts, bankrupting thousands while eliminating all those invisible WMDs instead of our understanding the truth that brought about 9/11.

June 26, 2003;  A bridge, reservoirs, a township, a massive tarmac, an even more massive rigid airship; it's all in the eye of the beholder. Unlike my opposition, I'm trying to understand of what's positive about Venus, of what other life NOT as we may know of it managed in spite of a bad situation getting greenhouse worse by the year. Perhaps we need another dosage of analogy therapy that'll involve getting those willing to work outside the box, as to doing what's morally as well as affordably proper for a change, not to mention humanly obtainable without our having to infect Earth with Mars nor fry another batch of astronauts.

June 23/A, 2003;  How about our making it Venus or bust, as this time utilizing what we can learn most easily and most affordably by applying the best of EMPD/EMPL rocket technologies as applied onto ISS as for accomplishing this Venus L2 thing, including the phasing orbit throughout those Van Allen belts and all, which could pave and even pay the way for the riskier Mars expeditions and even of those riskier yet establishments of lunar robotic SAR/VLA image receiving as well as for establishing interplanetary communication platforms, by which Earth and of whatever planet can effectively utilize the quantum binary packets within the UV and near UV spectrums.

Seems there's no reason to physically goto either Mars or Venus if we can simply get them to send us a few post cards by way of a UV laser, or simply via almost any reasonable xenon beam would certainly more than suffice, especially if we're receiving a local area code call from their nighttime. As I've clearly stipulated before, TRACE could always have intercepted such illuminations directed by Venus at Earth, though understandably we humans are still too stupid as to figure out how to send any reply (besides, we're still too busy tracking down those invisible WMDs and literally blowing trillions into the toilet of life, as to be giving a flying puck about any other lives). I guess, I'm just happy that my poor choice of words and of difficult dyslexic syntax is not what's responsible for so much carnage of late.

Apparently it's not only acceptable but encouraged to accomplish dastardly and even despicable things on behalf of your country, just as long as you cross your T's and dot your I's just so, otherwise tightly conform to the collective moderation of whatever the resident warlord has in mind, as you certainly wouldn't want to upset his "world domination" strategy plan, at least not without prior approval. Otherwise, being snookered isn't all that bad, as you can always claim immunity or perhaps insanity from prosecution, as being the pawn that you are is certainly a just defence, as that's what all those CEO and highest ranking members of the Tobacco industry said, of Ford/Firestone, of ENRON/Andersen saying the same as WorldCom, MicroSoft and even sweet little greedy Martha Stewart, not to mention the Pope and of his gay policy of exterminating Cathars seemed perfectly OK at the time, being God's will and all.

June 23, 2003;  Good science is simply not about being absolutely right all the time, as that's not even possible (even God makes mistakes, George W. Bush for example). Thus, my introducing a little dyslexic encryption seems only fair game, especially as for being more right than not as for surpassing the accepted protocol, unless you're of the more concerned of pushing someone's ethnic buttons by insulting their intelligence or their religion (pagan or otherwise). I've proven by that standard of being absolutely right isn't worth squat (just asking a Cathar about their being right, see how far that got them, or of those 6-Day war Palestinian prisoners and, nowadays of folks possessing all those invisible WMDs seem not to be worth squat). Perhaps it's the crusades allover again, except it's GWB instead of the Pope this time around.

At least by way of delivering my "infomercial info-commercials", or of "sole souls" and of all my other "their there(s)", I have so far accomplished a whole lot more good faith intentions and subsequently uncovered a metric tonne worth of truth than of what NASA/NSA/DoD's Phantom Works has to offer, such as in the way of what our nifty Boeing/TRW Airborne Laser (ABL) has been having absolutely nothing whatsoever to say about their taking literally our resident warlord's words of doing more with less and accomplishing it faster, though that's exactly what I believe they did, and I'm not all that sure I wouldn't have done the very same thing, as what possible harm could a 1% laser output have altered upon the structural thermal impact by more than 10°C, unless of course we're talking about the added performance enhancement of a highly adaptive mirror representing a one milliradian beam, as in that instance they ott to have been at 0.1% and/or as well as for a relatively short (few second) duration, as the time delay or dwell between laser beam contact and of thermal sensor response and subsequent down-load could have been sufficiently considerable, especially if some of those sensors were of those blocked by the thermal tile, giving time for exceeding a critical boundary as to fracture some of those already damaged tiles. Though like most other government mishaps or scientifically none-mishap trial and error learning curves (like what not to do in military operations with a 18,000' range capable weapon when there's a commercial 747 airliner climbing out at merely 13,000'), in order to deliver the required "spin" and of "damage control" disinformation for the purpose of acquiring continued funding, as we'll out-spend the truth by a factor of 100:1 and, if need be we eliminate and/or exterminate any potential leaks.

June 20, 2003;  As always, I'm having to apply continuing improvements and additions to the wording or phrasing as well as to my including some ongoing references to what space travel radiation actually is, as compared to what those good old Apollo missions had to deal with, or should I say "not have to deal with".

As far as the opposing collective of Borgs applying their "spin" and "damage controls", I'm still proceeding with the notion that I'm a whole lot more right than not, even if that's suggesting we have hundreds if not thousands of our seriously implanted Borgs running amuck, encouraging if not knowingly allowing the unnecessary risk of astronauts and thus proving that we're just human, thus remaining pretentiously and rather sanctimoniously greedy and if need be willing to eat our own kind at the drop of a hat.

June 19, 2003;  This page offers a brief collection from some of the ongoings at GOOGLE's forum site, with regard to the likes of; Absconding ISS to Venus L2 (VL2), of what's posted in Newsgroups:,, and alt.alien.research, where I've taken liberty to correct some of my poorly dyslexic grammar issues in order to make the context somewhat better understood by other members of my village idiot club, a club that's offering sort of a 12 step recovery program from otherwise being snookered all our lives (I believe Walter Cronkite has recently become member, even Martha Stewart is conferring about joining after she gets a privet inside scoop).

June 13, 2003;   It's simply no joke, unless you wanted to keep blaming everything on those invisible WMDs, as for everything (as bad a joke as that is, I don't think so), as there's certainly a lot of mostly cold-war cloak and dagger blame to go around, as in all the way back to at least 4 decades worth, which means that our resident warlord isn't the all mighty smirking culprit we think he is, as he's just the next pawn (wantabe head Kahuna) in the ultimate survival game of "World Domination". As in tit for tat, truth goes back and forth to suit the poweres that be, like the pendulum of life or death, yet we haven't even explored how much wrath we can bestow upon those heathens of Venus (lizard folk, Cathars or not, I'll just bet they have invisible WMDs).

June 12, 2003;  How to push something like ISS away from Earth orbit may simply require Hall-Effect or Magneto Plasma Dynamic thrusters, as well as a nuclear reactor if we're talking about 0.1-t to 100-t in thrust potentials.

BTW; as far as nuclear powered energy goes, an L2 or potentially even closer stationkeeping location is nearly ideal, especially if that's at some other planet than Earth. This reactor can even be one of those efficient and extremely cost effective French contraptions, not to mention being a whole lot safer than anything we've got to offer, as otherwise Russia could construct and deliver this French engineered reactor or one of theirs for 10 cents on the dollar.

June 09, 2003;  This is not even all that much of an analogy, it's just about what I happen to do for a living and, I'm actually not all that bad at delivering a fair bang for the buck. With regard to what little I know about boats, they're nothing as awe inspiring as a good rocket ship, but then we're not generally talking millions, especially not billions nor hundreds for either of those and, we seldom fry our crew and passengers upon launch or reentry. Also, all of the privet boats and yachts in the world don't create as much annual CO2 as one shuttle mission and, you're even permitted as to taking pictures of stars.

June 08, 2003;  I seem to have lost track of some worthy "News Headlines", as I've forgotten about such and, I'll probably have to create an entire new page devoted to this task, as I can't imagine life without HEADLINES. That'll strip another section out of this UPDATE page and thus offer yet another opportunity of improving upon some of my thoughts and, perhaps this will enable others to contemplating the trajectory of where they're going once they receive the final swift kick in their butt.

June 07, 2003;  Here's yet another alternate composition from the Village Idiot Trib, regarding our inner solar system space radiation, of TBI dosage and of what I'm thinking is an appropriate level of shielding, as for a two year mission along with having banked bone marrow just in case. This page also refers to those ISS coffins, as an effective alternative to shielding the entire craft, as well as for being useful as just coffins and/or performing as your last resort reentry pod that'll save your butt, as these robust suckers well even take on a full power hit by any Phantom Works laser cannon.

I've also updated my old "exploration" page. Should be worth another hoot.

June 06, 2003;  Perhaps being snookered isn't all that bad, as long as it's just another childish game. Perhaps it's our own damn fault, as we hold our politicians and leaders too high, above a reasonable standard of morality or even sanity. If we greatly lower our expectations, almost entirely eliminating any morality issues and consider that it's either "them or us", then the cold-war was entirely worth it, including all the decades worth of carnage and of the repercussions of it all, including 9/11 and even including justifying mass exterminations of just about anyone standing in our way (invisible WMD's or not), or in the way of our Israeli friends. After all, it worked for the Pope and, that was the will of God, so how bad could warlord Bush possibly be?

June 04, 2003;  Sorry about the improper/belated posting of the correct June 01 page, that's been corrected with bells and, I've added one more insight on our sending ISS to VL2, in yet another testy document pertaining mostly to radiation exposure tolerance information, a page that's sure to lose all of your hair as well as peel your skin.

June 03, 2003;  It's manifesto time again, as I've given some less than careful though as to the levels of insanity, those within as well as external to my village idiot position. Lo and behold, there's light at the end of my tunnel, as opposed to another black hole that's situated at the end of NASA/NSA/DoD's tunnel. Of course, that light at the end of my tunnel could be another NSA/DoD locomotive headlight coming from hell, either that or the Pope is sufficiently displeased and that's what's blocking the view of any NASA/NSA/DoD headlight as running just ahead of that train.

June 01, 2003;   Sending ISS off to Venus L2 (VL2) isn't the best idea I had but, it's certainly right up there with those rigid airships of the Venus metro transportation system. Lizard folk or not, our getting something on station at VL2 ott to become top dog, as it's far cheaper than anything Mars and, there's absolutely no intent by this village idiot of ever setting foot on Venus soil, as I'll just bet it doesn't clump either. Though the surface is entirely harmless, other than a little conduction mode heat which is relatively easy to insulate from, as well that isn't really all that hot if you apply the pressure and atmospheric density into the equation, as there's not a drop of acid anywhere and, those under cloud nighttime sky's are clear as a bell, where the season of nighttime is a wee bit darkish but, only so if you're not a mutated/evolved nocturnal, as otherwise Earthshine is still very illuminating, especially of the 450 nm down to 350 nm spectrum (even some 300 nm could offer some visible illumination to any decent nocturnal worth his or her salt).

May 31, 2003;  Today I was reminded that the world is indeed flat as a NASA pancake, at least as far as our warlord Bush is concerned, plus obviously of what our supposedly greeving as well as bankrupt and of somewhat rocket/shuttle-shy club of astronauts are doing about their making due with such effective compensations and/or corrections towards achieving greater efficiency. One active ongoing solution is to keep spending borrowed moneys until those dead Apollo cows come home, by way of their studying multi hundred million lightyear distant super nova events and/or of sending off ever more costly probes to frozen and radiated-to-death planets such as Mars and pluto, then by otherwise ignoring the greater of obtainable nearby goals that could be achieved upon almost nothing but 1% of the same budget, offering interplanetary intellectual exchange as well as humanitarian and/or lizardtarian worthy aspects, yet representing absolutely no biological risk whatsoever, unless you consider the nasty biological contamination of exploding brains (likely infected with mad cow) as flatulence occurring throughout warlord Bush's cloak and dagger empires of NASA, as well as of their boss (NSA/DoD) as for being of any concern. I certainly don't.

Here's another thought;  we let it be known (naturally though a mysterious untraceable informant that's probabily already dead) that Saddam hid all of those WMDs on Venus. In that way there'll be another team of those expendable UN inspectors sent off to investigate, at least from the ISS vantage point of VL2, as either way that's a win-win for Bush as well as Blair.

May 28, 2003;  This is another fairly old idea, one that needed some of that knob polishing, dealing with yet another long past due opportunity of applied SAR imaging, that's potentially worth 11 mm resolution @420^6 km. Not all that bad for an old existing technology that's essentially already bought and paid for, some of it several times over.

As usual, I could be slipping a notch or two worth of decimal points but, if that's the case just say so. I promise I'll not bite. In fact, I'll post credits for whatever you have to offer and, I'll gladly share in whatever rewards if any materializes (I'll certainly do my part but, as far as anything NASA, don't hold your breath on that one, as they're still trying to budget another way towards flushing those nasty overflowing nondisclosure toilets).

May 26, 2003;  I can't be certain about the motives of most religions, for or against scientific discovery but, I can certainly begin to understand what's been the festering problem within our government, or rather the volumes of problems getting in the way of progress, such as towards merely discussing the facts as to our subsequently coming a whole lot closer to the truths about our humanity and of perhaps those folks on Venus (I'm not entirely discounting Mars, even if it's going to be damn hard communicating with a thoroughly radiated ice cube).

It's obvious that religion and government do not mix, at least not without loads of fireworks and conflicts of interest galore. Of having two opposing warlords in the same room is simply asking for trouble of biblical proportions; just ask the Pope about those Cathars and you'll soon discover where human incompatibility was first invented.

As usual, I'm not certain that I've worded this nor the above page correctly, so try utilizing your imagination a little and tnen try for once considering the possibilities, just as I have been doing such for the last two and a half years, especially knowing what little I've come to understand of science and physics, of trying to figure out how we could possibly have missed this one and, more so as to why there's been all the orchestrated flak, that's in spite of there being such good amounts of positives on behalf of Venus.

May 24, 2003;  I'll tell you what: I'll wager my poor spelling, syntax, math and dyslexic errors up against any of those pro-NASA's errors involving the risking and taking of human life, then dollar per dollar of pitting my discovery cost and net worth to humanity up against all of NASA's or of NASA moderated discoveries to date. Since I haven't created another new page, perhaps the prior page dealing with morality issues ott to be addressed before we move onto flak tossing specifics.

let us start building ourselves a very big chart with myself occupying the left hand columns and of NASA's accomplishments on the right, along with our truthful dollar amounts associated and perhaps another column of what all of that was worth to humanity and of which class of humanity. This will obviously have to be a serious spread sheet that's essentially depicting an enormous tree of grand proportions on NASA's behalf and, all of a solitary root with one pitiful branch upon my side, along with all those vibrant green leaves representing the lesser 90% of Earth's humanity. We may need a risk factor assessment column, as certainly of NASA's past, present and future seems rather overloaded with risk issues, whereas for myself, I'll have to dream something up in order to put anything into my risk column, especially of my NSA/DoD associations because, I don't seem to have any of those.

May 23, 2003;  What morals; that's exactly what some of those opposing are saying to me, questioning what if any morals apply. Well, excuse me folks, now that you've mentioned it, there's certainly all sorts of skewed morals popping out on the side of those opposing and, as of at least so far, I still can't uncover a single intentional moral indiscretion related to anything Venus itself, nor myself, just that of my defending from loads of orchestrated disinformation, spin and ongoing damage control by mostly pro-NASA types that's prompted my favor returning of the very same warm and fuzzy flak (since I don't actually have my own flak, I must wait for others to send me theirs before I can reply). For a better morality definition, perhaps we should ask the Pope about morals, recent history as well as for regarding those perfectly nice Cathars.

May 22, 2003;  Radiation was entirely different for Apollo, nearly nonexistent:
Not that I'm any radiation expert but, then it's equally not that NASA is making this any easier than absolutely necessary.

Even going by such conservative charting (based upon a single solar max event), re-calculated for a mere 2X solar event impact and as well as for that being 90% shielded by located at EL2, we're conservatively still dealing with 50 rem/year as long as we're situated behind a 10" mass worth of aluminum, where obviously for residing outside of that L2 shielded location we're taking about a potential of 500 rem/year. Going from 254 mm of aluminum to 1000 mm is worth providing another improvement but certainly not the full answer unless the entire VL2 mission were to be during solar minimum, an unlikely estimate. I may even have to rethink my previous VL2 shielding from utilizing 250 mm of steel alloy to applying 1000 mm of the same in order to sufficiently cut our losses, or perhaps get back into thinking about utilizing that big ass space rock to hide behind, as at least those terrific rocks are already available, all we got to do is snatch onto one of them.

May 20, 2003;  By way of one of my critics, I've been accused of knob polishing. So be it, door knob polishing it'll be as well for my being as insulting as I can possibly get because, numerous lives have been lost and other lives (possibly including myself) are at greater risk of their being exterminated on behalf of keeping the "grand ruse" alive and kicking. As usual, I've managed to catch a few more of those testy grammar and syntax mistakes with regard to my sharing a fresh understanding of those raw Venus insights, those representing or simply outlining upon the what-if's and of the could-have-been and should-have-been issues regarding our knowledge base of Venus or perhaps lack thereof. Sorry that all this is damn near another book worth but, not that any of this should matter to an absolutely true skeptic or Borg that's loyal but onto whatever is NASA. In spite of all their warm and fuzzy flak, I think that I've finally corrected sufficiently upon what I was trying to convey about my response to a supposed (fruit loop) critic from Space-Talk.Com. As within the previous post (May 18, 2003) is where a few more corrections should make reading through just a little more tolerant, as even I can understand most of what I'm trying to convey.

May 18, 2003;  You'll need to download yourself a fresh copy of this page because, now I'm ripped, I have an even better news flash; regarding what's left of mankind as apparently being absolutely alone in the universe, as I've located upon one of God's creations that knows this for a fact. This latest "Mr. Know It All" is obviously a very hard working NASA "spin and damage control" enforcer. As Borgs go, this one was programmed as for being relatively polite (a dead give away if there ever was), even though the portion of his programming for cloaking the arrogance and stupidity portions of his actions has a flaw or two or three. As in one or two of his statements there's actually a hint of hope for mankind as well as lizardkind, yet within the very next statement is where the very same laws of science and of physics that applies favorably towards his idea of research and onto life as we know it, where such laws simply fail to coexist on Venus. Of course, that's all quite understandable coming from someone that's apparently legally blind, having never looked out the window of an airplane to notice reservoirs nor what a township of multiple buildings having their own tarmac along with a fleet of rigid airships plus what another nearby massive metro airship looks like, not to mention a fairly massive as well as damn long suspension bridge (I hope this Borg doesn't drive himself to/from work).

May 16, 2003;  I've recently been accused of knob polishing, well folks, here's another brightly polished knob. Because I've learned a few interesting facts about human and of nocturnal eye sight. So, I thought others might be interested in some of the "what if's" of the biological photon detection capabilities of other life NOT as we know it, and as such I've further updated my report to include such knowledge because it's quite interesting, where it reflects favorably upon the possibilities, obviously not in the way nor light of how our NASA or of it's vast body of crack "know it all's" see things or perhaps fail at seeing, as the only thing those NASA dogs are being used for is wagging and of those white canes are for stabbing others in the back or just poking eyes out, so that the likes of you and I can't ever discover the truth about all the cloak and dagger stuff that's been going on for decades.

May 15, 2003;  I guess I'm still thoroughly confused, about all the reluctance and outright opposition to our affordably re-exploring Venus for a mere penny on the dollar, as from just these two somewhat older pages, these alone should have conveyed my thoughts in another way that even another village idiot should understand.

Seems this situation or perhaps opportunity overload is not getting itself any better, as either I'm getting a whole lot smarter or perhaps others are becoming a whole lot dumber. As space explorations opportunities go, there's nothing of risk nor of significant cost associated with doing a little or even a great deal of interplanetary laser communications, as there's certainly no biological cross contamination issues and, there shouldn't even have to be any astronaut roasting. Unless I'm mistaken, space exploration doesn't get any better off nor cheaper. Placing a local area code laser call to Venus ott to be worth that thin dime, if need be we could try placing this as a collect call, such as by adding that prefix of 1010220.

May 14/A, 2003;  This is an even better look back at my being the first qualified village idiot, the fool on the hill sort of speak, as well as another review of those numbers associated with GUTH Venus. As such, I'm still thinking of starting a 12 step support group just for us village idiots, except selling memberships for a million bucks each, as in that way we'll soon have trillions and we'll rule Earth. Being that other potential members are equally self-proclaimed village idiots, as such they will not realize they're being snookered until it's too late. Even Walter Cronkite can become a member and, I know that he's worth at least a million bucks.

May 13/A, 2003;  I'm trying too damn hard, making mistakes and that's not good.

First off; Sorry about all the recent updates. What can I say, I'm not as perfect as yourself.

Getting there is half the fun, whereas coming back might not even be an option. I'm speaking of blasting ISS off to VL2. Again, because of all the warm and fuzzy flak, which is about all that I ever get from those claiming as being so "all knowing", in spite I'm learning on that nifty "need to know basis".

As I obtain specifics upon whatever rocket thrust and the fuel demand as to pulling this off this 1000 t ISS mission to VL2 (unless we overshoot and ISS becomes just another solar fuel pellet), I'll return to this document in order to share that knowledge with you.

May 12, 2003;  UPDATE upon free space radiation; or perhaps what radiation?   The quest to understanding what's what, regarding free space background radiation and of the amounts of radiation likely to exist at VL2 has certainly become interesting. It seems this ott to have been, at least by now, a well known and clearly documented fact, yet I've asked of so many others to pitch in with such information and, lo and behold, oddly all that I've acquired is their warm and fuzzy flak, as well a some folks cringing at relocating ISS to VL2.

According to those infamous Apollo missions, there really wasn't all that much radiation to speak of, especially important since their shield densities were nearly zilch, more so regarding their combined hourly to/from Van Allen belt exposures (nearly 5 hours worth) as well as lunar surface EVA's of which each were quite significant. However, the USAF seems to have acquired a somewhat altered physiological impact perspective of said radiation, especially at GSO, but then also of the more recent of NASA documents seem to be catching up with those USAF rads or rem exposures.

I've updated one of my old conjecture pages which deals with the age and/or evolution of planets, of what might better account for a great deal of "what if's" regarding Venus. Not that I have any actual clue but, seems others don't really have all that much either, just a whole lot more of that orchestrated flak against anything that opposes their conjectures or that of their acquiring grant funding, which is apparently utmost important above any truths.

May 09, 2003;  Planets have changed, where Mars has gotten itself much colder, Earth is getting measurably warmer by the day and Venus is now cooling down or at worst entirely accustomed to their greenhouse, as being sufficiently solar radiation shielded by those thick clouds and, offering their nocturnal season of nighttime as actually being not all bad, at least not bad for lizard folk, as long as you hold high ground and that chosen site offers geothermals and mineral access plus otherwise a suitable vantage point by which to fend off others seeking those same resources.

May 06, 2003;  In the nocturnal eye of the beholder, life on Venus is certainly tough enough without having such arrogant and pathetically stupid neighbors (dangerous too, especially if you're Cathar or simply getting in our way of Earthly energy resources). Just kidding, as I hardly think any of those Cathars survived the wrath of the catholic church and, as far as Earth's energy reserves are concerned, that too is nearly a lost cause, especially for all those without a backup of nuclear fuel (as well as bombs, soon to be augmented by what Phantom Works can deliver in the way of UV laser cannon power, as in that way all structural attributes remain as spoils for you and me). Life certainly doesn't get much better (the key word "life" being somewhat important, as opposed to "death" onto those opposing our will).

What can I say that I haven't already mentioned more times than I can count, except that there's still other life NOT as we know it existing upon that supposedly hot and nasty Venus (go figure).

May 02, 2003;  Let there be light, even under those nighttime clouds of Venus, at least onto any good nocturnal worth their salt, as even without a little biolumination, there's sufficient starshine migrating it's way through, especially of those near UV spectrum photons, not to mention what an enormous amount of Earthshine (mostly WL 450 nm to 650 nm) that manages to penetrate those relatively cooler and somewhat lower clouds that have been IR indicating as much as a 50:1 density ratio (that's 20 km pressed down to 1 km and perhaps even lesser), where being under these clouds is where it's quite black but, that a very good thing, especially if your nightvision is sensitive.

May 01, 2003;  A little exaggeration seems to go a great distances, especially if one looks at the positive issues of Mars. Seems of what's so freaking positive about Mars is based upon the very same science and physics that's stipulating what's so much more so great about Venus as well as about other life NOT as we know it, except that the toasty Venus indicates numerous community infrastructure along with offering all sorts of natural energy alternatives, plus that of a highly usable atmosphere or clear ocean that's supporting among other things those thick solar radiation shielding clouds, containing of all things mega tonnes of H2O mixed in with a little harmless sulphur (harmless to the exterior of any competent rigid airship and otherwise as harmless dry crystals upon the planet surface). Oddly, this level of science and physics is pretty much the same as what there was available to the Magellan research teams as of 14+ years ago.

April 30, 2003;  About acquiring energy from the Venus atmosphere. This is where I've managed a little belated improvement in my understanding of going about creating power or taking energy from those vertical pressure and thermal differentials. Bare with me on this one because it's worth it, especially if you need some reason to believe in magic or how about just plain old science and physics 101, from which a relatively compact method of creating multiple KW to that of obtaining GW class output is in the cards, sort of like harnessing a reverse waterfall and, of it's flow and pressure differential is absolutely free and, it's sort of 5800+ hours per day continuous. My loyal critics keep insisting upon my delivering all of the proof positive and/or by the numbers, well this should help.

It took a while but, I soon realized that Venus offers such terrific energy opportunities, though I'm not obtaining this knowledge from any published works having the usual stamp of approval, certainly not from anything NASA placed their moderation stamp of approval upon, but rather from having to learn a whole lot more about science and physics, then looking back at all that "hot and nasty" proclamation that came from all those opposing the slightest notion that anything is artificially existing on Venus, in place of everything being purely natural as long as it's existing on Venus. In other words, the hell with whatever observations, especially if it's supported by science and physics and, apparently even the hell with planetary evolution if it applies to Venus but, entirely OK if that should need to apply to Mars or of any other new found planet that's humanly unobtainable since it's orbiting a distent star that hundreds if not thousands or even some offered at millions of lightyears away (good grief, they're not even looking at Sirius/abc, as that's too freaking close and besides, they don't speak Dogon).

I'm certainly all for the possibilities but, how about giving me and the taxpayers a break, as in saving us hundreds of billions, not to mention decades and, how about of not risking our astronauts. And, if Phantom Works needs another thermal sensor array loaded spacecraft as a test target, let them use ISS when there's non of our astronauts onboard.

April 27, 2003;  It's worth noting again that life on Venus is not anything like life on Earth. Unlike Earth, whereas on Venus your stupidity may represent a self inflicted death sentence (there's damn little room for error), whereas on good old Earth you'll get yourself the Nobel Peace Prize for killing folks (in that case they ott to posthumously give the Pope his trophy and multi million dollar award for exterminating those nasty Cathars, then warlord Bush needs to receive his Nobel Dog Wagging award along with our infamous NASA ott to be awarded the Nobel Finger Pointing award along with the ultimate ongoing NSA/DoD cold-war RUSE award that may even need a shuttle related Phantom Works footnote).

I've also updated the following (previous) pages:

April 25, 2003;   No doubt that 6000+ words on interplanetary communications is simply way too many, thus I've attempted to summarize upon the previous page with this lesser delivery of what I believe a quantum binary packet should affordably deliver in terms of photons per m2. As this being a matter of accepted science and of recognized physics, this phase isn't astronomy and it's not even rocket science but, it's certainly dirt cheap by any NASA standard and way safer than anything shuttle. I tend to believe that even ESA can afford to incorporate this into their "Venus Express" for pennies on the dollar. Certainly China and/or Russia have nothing whatsoever to lose and absolutely everything to gain and, there's certainly nothing outside of what India can accomplish.

April 21/A, 2003;  Nearly every time I think I've got it straight, it's not even close. Consider this my 2nd BETA release of what a composite sort of quantum binary and visually stimulus capable packet would become, as initially intended to arouse those heathens of Venus. Once that's accomplished, we can get ourselves down to mutually exchanging smut and/or insults until either of us figures out how to reach out and pummel the other into submission.

Just kidding; if anything we're seriously going to need their smarts and perhaps even their mineral resources. If nothing else, perhaps we can ship them all that we don't want, including certain ENRON/Andersen and WorldCom types and then bin Laden, if we can ever figure out where the hell he is, in exchange for some of that CO2 technology or perhaps just diamonds the size of water melons (anyplace where there's that much planetary activity, there's got to be numerous elements being continually deposited to the surface).

April 18, 2003;  Lots of new information coming that pertains to UV and near UV communications, but until then I'll share some of wizard David W.K's concerns, trying to address the issues of protecting his amateur astronomy cults from too much reality or perhaps simply too many pixels (you don't want folks to have to think, as they might hurt themselves).

Due to intentional internet interference, I've had to reload certain files around someone that's been blocking my access (sorry about that), such as when the internet crawls along at just a few bytes per second is obviously when there's packet snatching going on.

April 15, 2003;  As promised, I'm cleared out some deadwood and perked up a fair amount of the syntax upon what I believe Earth's laser communications has been missing out on. When I get the opportunity I'll research into a little more of what's been going on behind our backs at Phantom Works, just to see if there's anything worth salvaging on behalf of humanity and interplanetary worthy at 0.5 milliradian, or even by as little as 0.05 milliradian. Actually going for Sirius at 0.05 milliradian isn't such a bad idea either.

April 14, 2003;  I've recalled an old page created upon laser communications and as usual, I've uncovered some more of my terrific dyslexia, not to mention poor syntax within paragraphs discussing upon the potential "Death-Ray" as being something entirely capable of what our Boeing/TRW can deliver upon if modified with what a little mercury can contribute.

As usual, not that it makes any real discovery of other life difference but, somehow I got my UV/abc's reversed. So, I've located those errors and re-posted pages related to various interplanetary communications. Soon I'll accomplish a total rewrite of this death-ray page and try once again to focus that instrument as well as others qualified upon communications instead of carnage (the basic instrument can be altered but, those "others qualified" seem to be lost causes).

April 12, 2003;  There's light and there's Universal Light. This page was somewhat old and needed some help (still does). In addition to the more recent "Light Communications", I thought some further shots were going to be worth getting ideas on the table, ott to be worth all the flak and aggravation.

Since I'm not as smart as you, perhaps your expertise as to focus some of that universal light upon the very notion that perhaps we ott to be considering what's not only affordable but a whole lot safer than anything shuttle, having absolutely no measurable CO2 impact upon global warming should be another plus. Of course, we could continue spending billions more upon the shuttle program, hundreds of billions more upon devising ways of our looking at places that are millions of lightyears away and supposedly getting further away by every second, then risking dozens of astronaut lives and subsequently all of this expenditure and of talents directly nullifying millions of lives right here on Earth (that's population control without even trying and, that's better than what the Pope had to go through just getting rid of those supposedly nasty Cathars).

April 11, 2003;  This is mostly science future, our manned mission to/from Venus is seriously outside the box if not way over the line of what we as Earthlings should be doing other than fixing our own self-inflicted demise right here on Earth, as I'm not convinced that even the highest of lizard folk intelligence that could exist on Venus will be of any significant help as to salvaging our butts. However, some of my recent feedback seems to include those focused upon our going there (somewhat like those Mars or bust cults), as though we could actually accomplish this feat.

As I've stipulated before (too often), communicating via light is efficient, where at most I'm thinking about an affordable VL2 communications relay mission that could potentially become manned, where from that semi-protected location we'd go about deploying a number of surface transponders of interactive audio and video, thus we'd accomplish the primary task of mutually exchanging smut and whatever else comes to mind, without getting either species involved in nasty biological cross contamination issues nor politics. Give or take a decade worth of this format could lead to a generation of actual surface encounters, as by then our Earth ott to be fully involved in WW-III and/or having created a greenhouse environment that makes Venus look attractive (certainly a whole lot better off than anything Mars), as it takes a great deal of time for humans to evolve gills and/or the processing in order to deal with future levels of CO2.

April 10, 2003;  NOVA again and again and again. It seems there's not a month nor even a week that goes by without some nifty info-commercial being delivered by way of the NOVA propaganda machine. True; there's plenty of believable facts and perfectly good ideas (truth's to the best of their abilities) that are represented. Naturally, in one way or another, all of which is at taxpayers expense and that isn't all bad because, of the artificially colorized images of distant places and of things which humanity can't possibly reach out to nor apply an once of worth for humanity are none the less truly spectacular. Even if this village idiot is entirely confused, as perhaps NOVA isn't delivering all that much bang for the buck but it's apparently the best we can do, as to be wasting our talents and resources so that what really needs to happen as for the benefit of Earth and of it's humanity simply will not happen (as how otherwise are we going to sustain our current carnage along with 1000 acre per day devastation of old growth rain forest, unless we continually ignore the obvious in order to obtain such great terrific wallpaper).

April 07, 2003;  I can see clearly now, I'm totally confused and perhaps so are my critics. Seems skewed science, physics and even history are not at fault after all, it's just been myself, in representing the village idiot that I am, I've confused just about everything to the point of being either entirely dead wrong about absolutely everything or, I'm unknowingly a little too damn right about nearly everything (you pick). The fact that I can clearly see things and I can put two and two together in order to come up with my five or even six reasons as for affordably re-exploring Venus is reason enough for others to believe in pagan Gods and our GAO that's been trained by the very best Arthur Andersen can provide, rather than to bother considering in the possibility that what you see is not always what you get.

April 05, 2003;   It's time to implement a little or even a lot of re-exploring Venus, on the cheap. This is not even rocket science and, perhaps that's the problem, as without a rocket up my butt I can't seem to get those claiming as being "all knowing" to budge off those bar stools at Club NASA. Maybe I'll need to inform them that there's hot smut on Venus, at least that way they'll take a look-see at those lizard folk, just to see if I'm kidding around.

April 01, 2003;   Just when I'm believing there's someone actually thinking clearly, contemplating that perhaps this "village idiot" is onto something, I receive the next round of flak. Perhaps this is our NASA's only way of orchestrating their "spin" and "damage control", as being way after the fact and still without a single waver of their considering that I'm perhaps becoming a little too right, and perhaps now as lose cannons go, way too damn hot to safely handle.

If our NASA thinks this subject is too hot, just wait until the next round of dwindling budget confirmations from our previously snookered Senate, as that next round of budget cuts ott to put out all sort of fires. Of course, what a good PR campaign could do, especially if the right amounts of polish and of those NOVA class info-commercials were to be promoted, where the greater public might once again embrace upon the notion that we've had neighbors all along that can't possibly be as bad as bin Laden or Saddam, nor hopefully as revengeful as what our own warlord has been doing, as then certainly there's a good chance we'll be once again looked upon as offering a moral alternative to whatever our past represented.

Interplanetary enterprise worth; I still believe there's an opportunity of intellectual wealth that's been seriously overlooked, as just sitting there on Venus, as in plain sight and, of perhaps the only "shock and aw" factor will be that as coming from those on Venus wondering just how pathetically stupid Earth humans can possibly be.

March 30, 2003;   I've rediscovered another somewhat old page dealing with those Venus heat issues and, as usual I've corrected a good number of spellings, syntax and just punched up a few worthy issues. Hopefully those of you which have yet to be assimilated by the NASA Borg hive and, if you're really as smart as you claim you are, you just might be able to dig something out from within my personal encryption delivery, as upon the truly hot topic of Venus being supposedly so hot and nasty. What ever you do, don't start off telling anyone about the extended nighttime season of Venus because, I believe the system that brain washed the likes of you and myself is seriously full of it. For one thing, the system has a rather dubious fault, in that it not only failed big time as to assimilate myself into their Borg hive but, it boldly failed to consider other life NOT as we know it.

Only because this Iraq war thing is so in our face, I can't help but wonder about the "rules of war", as totally I agree there should be rules but, it clearly seems those rules do not and have not been applied unless you're on the wining side. History seems to further denote that rules only apply (on either side) if you should get caught and, perhaps not even then if you have an inside trading card worth something to those on the winning side, as this has been the case throughout history (most often money or the control of it talks). I have a question for the pro-war buffs; exactly where in history is it recorded and/or stipulated that the winner of any given battle is morally just and/or entitled to claim victory?. It seems that I can recall of many claiming victory over others, unfortunately this outcome has frequently come to past of those which either are no more or, their having been assimilated as into other more moderate cultures which in retrospect depended lesser upon war for their survival. This is not my stipulating that war is an entirely bad thing, just not as often being the most correct solution (certainly not the least costly), as in some instances both sides did each other in, where today there's neither side left standing to tell the story, at least not the truthful story if typically American historians get their biased hands on the facts, so that the skewed outcome somehow benefits Americans and/or American interest (somewhat like how the Pope skewed the facts about Cathars and the Jews did about their enemies, same goes for the ongoing Irish tit for tat of catholic/protestant views and not to forget of how this country has treated native Americans, where I obviously believe that neither side is sufficiently being morally right nor entitled to squat, least of all by the interpretation presented by any bully having the overwhelming physical and/or logistics advantage).

Even for the perceived winners, besides a host of lethal aspects, war has been grossly expensive as well as a serious distraction from what otherwise could have been accomplished, per dollar, per talent as well as per morality issue, not to mention the grudge and subsequent pocket retaliation that nearly always ensues. Not to alter upon this subject but, clearly if it weren't for such a global dependence upon oil and natural gas, obviously there would not have become the current plague over the energy reserves and of those reaping the wealth and benefits at the expense and/or demise of others. I'm not absolutely certain but, I do believe America can be and should have been 75% nuclear as of decades ago, with nearly all of the rest from natural/renewable resources. So, whom is kidding whom?

March 28, 2003;  By popular command of those wishing to improve upon my delivery (that's a seriously big job), here's another page of fewer words, offering no perceptible favor returning flak and, admittedly this turned out somewhat more understandable than even I expected (must be the new medication).

March 27, 2003;   How hot is hot and exactly what constitutes being nasty?

This report is only for the nontalented village idiots (that's you and me), as those proclaiming as knowing all there is to know have long since proven their loyalty to their pagan God of NASA/NSA/DoD and, you obviously can't inform these religious folks about anything because, they already know everything...

Basically, if you cant take the heat, simply don't go to Venus. It's that simple and, do you know what else, we don't have to go to Venus, at worst VL2 is an option but, even that's not a requirement however, intelligence is.

March 23, 2003;   Not as much to report on as I was hoping, as someone is warring about over in Iraq and, that's certainly been another "dog wagging" distraction. None the less, I've managed to empty out another small portion of my gray matter, hoping to focus the few remaining honest souls that give a puck about something other than what our warlord Bush has been up to. Delivering the ongoing truth about what's existing on Venus and of whom has been getting seriously in the way. This might even turn on your light, or not.

March 21, 2003;   Still "Wag the Dog" seems to offer an explanation as to why all the flak, all the effort at distracting the news media, the American public and humanity away from the fact that there's been life existing on Venus and, that NASA seriously blew their chances for more than 13 years and counting, especially as for doing what's not only right but also easily obtainable, at a fraction the cost of anything Mars. I'm not kidding, as either the threat of losing your income or even your life may have become warlord Bush's only option at this point, as for what other I've discovered seems to be somewhat revealing about American history, specifically space history and now because I can't seem to get any straight answers, the possibility of what the Boeing/TRW team had to do with the shuttle COLUMBIA.

March 20, 2003;   Sort of another go at better defining the pro and con issues of discovery truths as you and I often like to think of such things only when they already comply whit our ideals or future plans. Sort of comfort reasoning without downing nearly as much antacid in order to deal with the anti-NASA stuff (besides, their comrades are a little too busy at collecting booty loads of unknowing body organ donors, which if nothing else should cut our backlog down by at least 33%, with the only genetic infection being that's the recipient must not fight the craving as to prey five times a day, or else).

March 19/A, 2003;   In case you're wondering, I'm having another tit for tat regarding the Boeing/TRW laser cannon, as an issue I brought back onto the table simply because there was the shuttle situation and, I wanted to learn where the hell it's been lately, if they by any chance have been sneaking a few laser calls off to Venus without getting my permission. Actually I'm fairly certain they're out on location and hopefully trying their best to smoke out bin Laden.

I've also updated upon the Venus evolution and, as I've previously stipulated, I've corrected some HTML code related to images on the basic discovery introduction page.

March 19, 2003;   If you haven't been impaled lately by one of those NASA/NSA/DoD nondisclosure cops and, if you believe you know when you're being snookered and furthermore realize that I'm still having a wee bit of difficulty just posting the correct HTML format (GUTH Venus Township), as well as getting my dyslexic syntax under control, then you'll also realize that I've been improving upon a good number of my documents, as well as creating some new ones that are only those listed in this UPDATE/index page. Obviously, eventually I'll be reconstructing the entire batch (with professional help), starting from scratch I'll probably even find a better polished way of stating things, I might even get it a little more right on target, I also might start off naming names of those within NASA that I've previously contacted, several as of more than two years ago and, not that I also didn't take the time and effort as to contacting a good number of the original Magellan team that's been residing outside of NASA.

Just like the shuttle fiasco (certainly not the first and apparently will not be the last screw up), the infamous chain of command within NASA is basically comprised of various space age toilets, thus everyone gets to point fingers at someone other whenever something smelly oozes out from under a stall, like 7 very crispy astronauts. So, perhaps it's no freaking wonder that those I've communicated with accomplished absolutely nothing whatsoever except "spin" and "damage control", the NASA normal policy of "up yours", as further orchestrated by a good number of cloaksters like those at NASA's "" as well as within any number of other space related web sites around the world. Of course, now that their under the table moneys are no longer flowing so freely, perhaps some of their nondisclosure loyalty is slipping away (what a darn shame).

March 18, 2003;   I finally fixed the "Venus Township" page and, I've updated the "other interesting stuff" page, either of which should be of interest to those of you truly interested in learning what else there is in life besides NASA moderated disinformation.

My thanks to George Dishman for his pointing out my HTML code problems, as none other of my esteemed critics is the least bit worthy of doing such a positive anything, especially when they're all hoping and pitching in so that their warlord Bush can start WW-III.

March 17, 2003;   Which came first, the terraforming of Earth or Venus. This one is sort of like the chicken or the egg thing, except having a really bad outcome.

March 16, 2003;   Mars/Venus Evolution  first of all, which one offers more natural energy? Either way it's become the reverse evolution of humans (Earth's mankind) getting in the way of truths and subsequently causing all the grief. This page hopefully reaffirm the "what if's" related to those astronomy freaks that pretend as being so above others including God. I've given ample opportunity for their input, ample credit wherever credit was due and I've taken my fair share of flak, even returned a few rounds because I do so much like returning a favor. This latest page is about what's real and what's not, but you first need to be a certified village idiot before you can understand any of it because, if you're really smart that means you're associated with the likes of the pro-NASA camp and, that obviously means that science and physics works differently.

March 15, 2003;   Getting back at those gravity Borgs, those that previously stipulated that I was full of it. Well, I checked out one of their own "Bad Astronomy" Borg doctrines and, lo and behold, they're either lying or doing exactly what NASA/NSA/DoD instructed them to do (same thing). Either that or the gravity influence upon Earth's massive but mobile tectonic plates has nothing whatsoever to do with gravity issues and, if you'll buy into that one then you'll obviously buy into everything else Club NASA wants you to pay for, like what a little Boeing/TRW laser cannon testing can do towards further insulting those shuttle tiles.

March 12, 2003;   I started this one with good intentions, sort of a brief recap of the initial two years which seemed to remain focused upon my having to continually defend the "IT's TOO HOT" issue but, lo and behold, I've sort of got myself off onto another tangent, but only because of the sorts of opposition seems so firmly stowed into the pro-NASA camp. So, perhaps the latter portion is somewhat favor returning, still well intentioned as to forcing this opportunity onto those claiming as being so perfect and always right about absolutely everything (how lucky).

Some day I hope I never get that smart, that arrogant, that convinced that my very own government can't possibly make any mistakes, let alone devise and execute upon any gramd scam that's been directly responsible for so much.

March 10, 2003;  This time I'm having to return myself to the continuing process of pixel size, as to how that issue has been another two years worth of examples of how pathetically my opponents have failed at accomplishing squat, unless you consider blowing billions away on humanly unobtainable goals a worthy investment, as in that instance we've done ourselves another bang up job.

Basically, if anyone (including myself) tries to stipulate that pixel size or resolution somehow qualifies or not whether anything is more likely artificial or natural, that's your first clue that you're being snookered or as in talking to a complete idiot, which is something that's far below my "village idiot" status. Where at least this village idiot has had the benefits of what an entire village community knowledge base can offer upon what all the other idiots have to say, which might just surprise some and scare the horsepucky out of all the others. I do seem to recall an official Apollo mission image, of the rather enormous lander's flyover shadow being cast upon the lunar surface that was sufficiently far below to include the horizon (perhaps entirely understandable if the sun were merely a few hundred or so thousands miles away) and, if size means anything whatsoever, then understanding the relative size of that enormous shadow upon the lunar terrain and visible horizon should seriously knock your socks off. Of course, if size is entirely arbitrary in order to suit the task at hand, then there's no further point in discussing size in any relationship to anything.

March 09, 2003;  This research paper may soon need and receive some polishing, as it certainly needs some other artistic expression in order that the visually and inspiration impaired can be offered a rough idea or two regarding Venus lizard folk. For one thing (unlike my avid opponents), I'm treating them with respect and assuming there quite nice and, that humanoids are simply too far out of their food chain for us to worry about conflicting interest. In addition to all that, there's still no requirement as for our stepping foot on Venus soil, as I'm thinking VL2 as a ultra low cost impact communications relay platform and, at best someday obtaining an elevated ride in that metro/astronomy airship, as otherwise why spoil a good thing and above all else, why risk infecting their genetics with such inferior Earth genes (unless you wanted to initiate a interplanetary war, as I'm fairly confident that our warlords can manage far better then their's at whipping up a little holy terror at the drop of a hat, especially if they've got oil). Actually oil is not entirely out of the question, as acquiring such on an geologically active planet, especially one having such great surface processing temperatures as well as such terrific atmospheric pressure and thus nearly zero energy cost towards applied vacuum distillation, as this makes for cracking crude elements a bloody snap and doing such at not 1% the energy requirements of here on Earth (far safer as well).

March 05, 2003;  I've had another revelation or Borg implant breakdown, this time I'm offering a whole lot more credit where credit is due, as I certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with any cold war, nor as well, oddly I do not dislike the French nor Canadians, I still can't discover anything intentionally ulterior about the USSR nor Cuba against America nor honest American interest and, recently I'm thinking that perhaps Mexico should take back our bankrupt California (I'm not sure they'd want it). My list of worthy items to accomplish, those mostly outside of my expertise, are awaiting any involvements by honest sorts that can somehow flak suit survive outside the clutches of NASA's nondisclosure policy.

March 03, 2003;  A few additions to the brief/summary description page for the area concerning "downtown GUTH Venus". Besides the fact that I'm a little too right about what's existing on Venus, seems our government is being increasingly dishonest on just about every front. As a direct result of our nifty cold wars, this is where decades have resulted in tens/hundreds of thousands having died and, it's looking as though hundreds of thousands more will soon join them, all in the name of skewed history, only being further perpetrated along via skewed science and physics that's currently residing in the NASA/NSA/DoD toilet. Instead of our doing what's right and easily obtainable, perhaps the next Nobel Piece Prize for achieving the greatest carnage should go to warlord Bush and, of the next Nobel scientific achievement award for mastering the greatest technological ruse should go to those Apollo teams (they've certainly earned it). After all of that, warlord Bush should get along with our nuking out North Korea, then Cuba, then perhaps France and Canada and not to forget Mexico (I think not China because they'll wipe our butts) and, for the moment New Zealand is just a tad too far away (we can get around to them next year).

OK, so I'm getting somewhat miffed at what's been going on and at what's not happening as for Venus. If this were something not technically possible for us to laser/xenon communicate with another nearby world, if we simply did not have the talents nor resources for establishing the VL2 platform, if we had no knowledge of the sorts of science and physics associated with such a greenhouse planet as Venus, if we didn't believe in anything Darwin nor of creation, nor faith in any natural evolution potential, not even a little faith in creative terraforming or even chance, then I'd have myself a rather piss poor time of it (pictures or not). Of course, if you're sufficiently naive as well as blind as a Bat (actually any Bat could have seen more than most of those associated with the Magellan project), as being subsequently trained by "Hogan's Heroes", exactly like Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink whom continually saw nor heard nothing, then there's certainly little hope for humanity, especially these days if you're an Islamic Muslim, or just by not fully supporting warlord Bush can become dangerous to your health (among many others, Canada and France know this for a fact, even the UN has lost members at the trigger happy fingers of America).

March 02, 2003;  As always, a few revisions into existing pages, such as the Quantum Binary Packet and, a little something new that helps channel my failing Borg implants into polished words, that seem not to matter as long as morality and anything truthful about science and physics is being tossed out the window (we might as well toss out Darwin's evolution as becoming entirely irrelevant), as apparently all of these issues should preferably forever remain in the toilet of life, so that all those that have obtained highly respected positions can keep them, along with those that profitted by the tax paid resources and talents of others can remain sufficiently rich and powerful and, best of all, America can remain in the dark ages (as for always looking over our shoulder and fearing whatever is around the next corner), with ever fewer trustworthy friends and few limits as to the hatreds that have been built upon a reputation of layers of cloak and dagger agendas. What a wonderful future we've created and, darn good global population reductions along with ample pollution to boot.

February 26, 2003;  Somewhat improved math and ideas implemented regarding the upper/lower atmospherics of Venus, as for life as we know it and, as obviously for whatever other life that's NOT as we know it to have survived on something lesser than 1% O2. I've even improved my moderated thoughts upon Venus evolution, as for favoring those thermally insulted folks that can't seem to get our attention, no matters what they try to do or signal, as no one from Earth is bothering to even look-see for signs of artificial illuminations, as according to NASA's moderated bible; why bother?  Besides, they're all too busy going after the dry ice of Pluto as well as those radiation proof anti-freeze lethal microbes of Mars.

I can certainly understand, especially if NASA can't substantiate we've been walking about on the moon, still with all of our nifty technology can't image upon anything Apollo remaining at those 6 landing sites, still can't locate one reel of film documenting a successful 1/6th gravity scaled lander test flight and landing sequence, as then why should they (NSA/DoD) bother with anything Venus?

February 24, 2003;  On behalf of NASA's moderation; there's certainly nothing like having an army of freelance Borgs, each willing to jump off the nearest cliff on behalf of all the forces of moderation supporting their own agenda. Through implementing skewed science, skewed physics and a host of skewed historical events, I believe this is what makes for such an anti-stupidity-cult into a worthy challenge. After all, if the Walter Cronkite's of America can be snookered (not to mention our Senate, Congress and myself up until a few years ago), then it's most likely that you're still situated in that very same sinking boat. God forbid, you don't want to ever realize the truth before it's too late.

Moderation seems not to object to horrific language, doesn't even exclude anyone from posting a porn address within their statements, it certainly doesn't exclude those having ulterior motives nor those working officially as Borg moles on behalf of their pagan God. I've offered reasonably truthful information, fairly tacky humor (at no charge) and asked a thousand perfectly valid questions, insuring the fullest of credit wherever credit is due, yet somehow it's been only within moderated sites that I received the ultimate degree of flak and orchestrated disinformation one might expect from your typical serial killer alluding guilt. Other than all that, there's not all that much truth being offered by those moderated sites, unless your quest is of something that's already fully established as being well within the box of moderation.

February 22, 2003;  Nothing all that new, just further refinements of communications via UV/abc spectrums and a little polishing of the index and radio-maybe or maybe-not pages. Even though Hubble and TRACE can't officially image upon Venus (presumably that's somewhat like how our 1.5 meter or better resolution of lunar surfaces are off limits), I somehow think Venus is still kicking about. Actually what's become missing is, I can't seem to locate what's truthfully being imaged by TRACE, so possibly NASA has been lying (no surprise) to us all along and, if you should discover the inside data streams of images coming from team TRACE (btw; that's all TRACE does is high speed imaging by it's capable CCD performance should be delivering potentially a thousand plus images per hour, 100+ per hour even if using extreme filters), as possibly we'll all learn and share in something truly wonderful.

February 20, 2003;   Some further installments made it necessary to post this quantum binary packet potential, once a few minor math issues regarding communications via light became a bit unskewed (I seem to keep taking myself in the wrong direction with reverse calculations). I've also corrected a name within the following page; GUTH Venus represents; the Guth Universal Theory of Hypocrisy towards Venus. I've had to re-post this page simply because I needed to correct the spelling of the author Stuart Hauffman.

Back into another festering sore point, regarding that of our most obtainable interplanetary communications, I'm thinking that perhaps a number of those twinkling stars (such as Sirius/ABC) are not actually twinkling all that much, as there could be information within or in between some of those twinkles.

February 17, 2003;   I used to be somewhat concerned about our planet producing too much CO2. That's no longer an issue, at least not of importance as to what certain warlords have been doing and have planned for your future. I only thought it was becoming interesting as to note what other's believably expert in their fields have to say about CO2 and, as from that point on, I too can do simple math. Hot is certainly hot but, you haven't seen nothing yet. All we'll need in addition to what we're already accomplishing is a relatively small space rock to impact sufficiently near either polar region and/or dispense a sufficient layer of dust/dirt covering 10% of our snow/ice fields and, it's show time. At least no one had better be complaining about not having enough water.

February 16, 2003;  Now that I've located and worked through the basics of a gravity formula, seems there's further proof positive that I'm entirely right about my observational discoveries as well as what influence Venus represents to Earth, as where so many others should have noticed and easily pointed out a fundamental gravity correction affecting my buoyancy calculations being another slight misunderstanding but, obviously that would have represented a viable dialog (at no expense nor risk to them) as well as an example of what any honest and moral sort of individual could have contributed toward educating the likes of myself. Since those opportunities were not being addressed (2 years and counting seems sufficient allotment), instead they only applied their resources of focused efforts upon disqualifying the observational importance of what this discovery had to offer in the first place as of two years ago, clearly this proves beyond a shadow of doubt, what the true ulterior motives of those opposing have been contriving all along.

Without the help of others more qualified (that's just about anyone), I've recalculated the Air-Travel, Airship-2 and airship-02 pages, so as to reflect upon the corrected boost that's offered by the lesser gravity of Venus (especially at 60 km), by including the added affect of what the lesser gravity of 60 km introduces as in addition to the basic 90.7% gravity, all toll representing 88.93% (an 11% buoyancy boost). Another worthwhile age of interest is my "other most interesting stuff" which seems more interesting than not about those frozen Mars trees and whatever massive glycol worms.

February 14/A, 2003;  I've finally managed myself back into the Venus Metro Airship page, fixed a good number of syntax and improved upon a couple of pictures along with some math that's pulling everything together. I've even re-edited loads of words out of the older Air-Travel page. But not to worry, I've added some further insult to injury and I'm certain I've managed to insult a few more that probably needed to be insulted, simply because they're still not doing what's right, what's moral nor simply being honest on behalf of humanity (too busy gearing up for war and subsequent carnage). There has also been some ongoing improvements and tit for tat's applied into the following page.

February 13, 2003;  Some fine tuning as for my offering something that's a wee bit more fundamental about what GUTH Venus represents. This page is another focussed effort at my reaching out to those unable to think outside the NASA/NSA/DoD box, as apparently some folks need my help deactivating their Borg implants so that they might start thinking again and, obviously a good deal may need further help in seeing what their Borg optical implants had previously prevented. Of course as always, I've been editing upon a few other pages and applied what only a true "village idiot" would ever have thought of, such as diverting and/or delivering ISS to VL2 along with a crew of first class citizens paying their own way. (oops! I forgot to mention, that along the way of just getting there, everyone on board will be thoroughly radiated to death unless someone can manage to park ISS behind a seriously big space rock that's going in the general direction).

February 09, 2003;  Just a couple of pages this time. I've made another effort at improving upon the wording and application of my photo software, this time I've extracted the image crop of just the main township area. I've also created another TRUTH page concerning what I believe are a few of the ongoing issues of what this discovery should have been accomplishing as of 2 years ago, not to mention the previous 13 years of absolute arrogance and utter incompetence by all those formally charged with and highly compensated for the ultimate responsibility. If you would like, I'll share or even post a very long list of all those I've contacted as well as those directly involved from the very start of the Magellan imaging process. Not surprisingly, some of these folks have been real jerks and trust me, that's being nice.

February 04/A, 2003;  Until I receive or otherwise uncover the information I've requested, this should be nearly the last of improvements into this issue concerning gravity, pertaining as to what I believe an actual gravity compressed "Cubic Lightyear" is worth, such as what's surrounding the massive Sirius star system and, of what that's having to do with gravity associations and why those opposing everything Venus seem to have been blowing smoke all along (naturally still at taxpayers expense). As I've stipulated, I'll be applying whatever corrections on the go, where eventually all pages will soon reflect what becomes truth, unfortunately "truth" comes only by great difficulty when there's been such an orchestrated degree of opposition based upon loads of ulterior motives by others.

I've recently come into an understanding about your typical science and physics types;  they'll eat their own kind if that's what it takes to sustain their status quo, especially as to obtaining those public and privet grants, of which in one way or another only the average taxpayer and otherwise all consumers foot the bill, as well as all of humanity suffers whatever consequences, as seldom if ever are there tangible deep space benefits for humanity (think about it; they can't even support lunar benefits), that pretty much only leaves us with strife and whatever devastation, sometimes a little too much carnage. NASA is fully aware of this opportunity and has been taking the fullest advantage of this inbread genetic defect of arrogance and pretentious superiority. It's called "wagging the dog" except one better, by getting others to do the violent dog shaking on your behalf.

January 30, 2003;  Sorry folks, as usual I've made and since corrected a few syntax/spelling mistakes in the Mars-01 page and, I simply couldn't allow others into thinking I'm not improving on those grounds.

There's something of value to be learned and hopefully gained by our researching other nearby planets, such as Venus and Mars. Actually, since nearly all the funding and focus seems to be upon Mars, I was a bit curious about how those not so recent discoveries of a forest of petrified/frozen trees and of those glass tubes or perhaps radiation proof worms containing a whole lot of antifreeze or boose were doing.

Though this Mars stuff is somewhat "off topic" in relationship to "GUTH Venus", none the less it seems oddly familiar of the official NASA moderation that was in full swing on nearly all fronts, allowing and even promoting an intellectual civil war, as to feaster and bloom into another cold-ware of unnecessary strife, avoidable conflicts and of the obviously continued wastefulness of talents and not surprisingly of continued wasting taxpayer resources, which seemed a bit oddly familiar to my ongoing research. So, I just thought some of you might care to realize the similar negative impact upon humanity and, as for sustaining the skewed science and physics has not been something just about the sorts of "spin" and "damage control" being plaid out by NASA's avoiding their sworn responsibilities of what Venus has to offer, as instead treating "GUTH Venus" as well as those Mars trees and whatever tubes like the plague.

January 29, 2003;  Just the other day, I thought I overheard the McDonald Observatory "Stardate" person, supposedly educating us dummies, in my case "village idiot", about Mars. That person stipulated (with some vocal stress noted) that the planet Mars as well as it's atmosphere was quite Earth like. *I really don't think so* unless what she (Sandy Wood) meant was Earth moon like;  at least not at any 0.004 to 0.0075 Bar atmospheric pressure as being somewhat dependent upon your elevation and selection of cozyness from slightly above 0°C to -113°C and then mostly that's of CO2 to boot. Excuse me folks but, that's hardly anything "Earth like". Perhaps within a fairly deep rift or -5 km valley near the equator, where there's a sufficient daytime period or window of opportunity of punching sufficiently above 0°C at somewhat slightly greater pressure, where at best we might obtain *dim* prospects, which is a darn good thing, as that's just about the only possible locations for any manned mission to temporarily exist (along with a great deal of powerful technology) as situated on the Mars surface (hiding in caves all day in order to keep from being solar flare radiated to death) and, at perhaps a mere room and board cost of 100 million dollars per day per person, plus whatever slight logistics and round trip transportation fees and, lets not forget about those nifty cryonics chambers for returning all those which failed their multi hundred Sv (1 Sv = 100 rads) radiation exposure test.

I certainly hope the McDonald Observatory isn't having to wag that poor pathetic dog again, as those animal rights groups will be having none of that. It will be another shame if this observatory turns Borg on us, as they were about the only team that actually knew where the hell Venus was during last October/November and, if you can imagine this, they didn't bash my research. Perhaps that's why they're now being punished, as forced into reading those info-commercial scripts over the air, promoting everything Mars and allowing the status quo as far as everything Venus to remain in tact (what a joke!).

January 28, 2003;  Here's me, going way over that line again.
I've been thinking; instead of my waiting around for someone with the guts and connections as to obtain and apply the necessary research/exploration funding, since less than 10% of any such government funding actually ever goes into anything remotely related to the actual mission or goal, how about the dreadful thought of just you and others simply pitching in by officially joining my club, supporting my efforts to the best of your abilities and, I'll do my level best at delivering the goods.

Since obviously none others are budging on this opportunity, I'll go first. Of course, if you would rather see the ongoing situation at NASA/NSA/DoD linger (without toilets), then what can I ever say but, just don't stand behind any of those guys, as any day now they're going to explode from all the decades of blockage.

January 27/B, 2003;  I've been reading things again, this time I've learned from others that of Sirius-A being roughly 2.5 times larger then our sun and of a whole lot more energy output (x10,000). Even though Sirius-B has been calculated as much smaller, it's supposed density is 65,000 time greater than the density of our sun, making Sirius-B roughly 65,000 tonnes per cubic meter. The combination of all three stars (Sirius ABC) along with whatever planets is in fact a rather tremendous gravity consideration as compared to what our pathetic solar system has to offer. Thus the surrounding lightyear's worth of somewhat denser cubic space ott to be another measurable worth of gravity, certainly worth something more then the cubic lightyear's worth of "outer space" that's surrounding our solar system.

Been reading about those radiation proof Mars trees and gigantic glass worms or perhaps remains of civilized tunnels. If on that cold and pathetically lacking atmospherics of Mars, if there's actually biology sustaining itself (more likely petrified), then what the hell's stopping Darwin's evolution or that of forced terraforming by those sufficiently smart lizard folks of Venus. At least Venus has a good amount of atmosphere, a damn good radiation shield, airship buoyancy up the kazoo, natural energy resources just about anywhere you care to look and, unlike Mars, there's loads of artificial structures (100 fold more complex and likewise more convincing than any Mars face) and, the community like infrastructure that's clearly visible. Venus even has it's own surface "dark matter" that could just as well be that of hot tolerant biology that's adapted/evolved as to surviving on the toasty side of life's spectrum.

January 27, 2003;  Not that I'm advertising for just anyone that's been accused by so many of being another "village idiot" but, it seems as though David Sereda and of his "EVIDENCE the case for NASA UFOs" and of other accomplishments are just about as good as they come. Unfortunately, I just recently came across this mutually certified nut case, so obviously I really like him and of what he's bringing to the table (even if his table is glowing with that E=hf energy and hovering itself off the ground). Whether or not Sirius is the sole source of life as we know it, just wet aliens or perhaps even that of Venus lizard folk, perhaps in addition to our bigoted "life only on Earth" fanatics, others that may remain a little more open minded can learn to appreciate the irony, in that all of us (including pathetically stupid and/or just thoroughly arrogant pro-NASA types) can somehow be accommodated in this galactic soup of the day. As it seems sufficiently more likely of some other superior life along with their technology should have been realized, that which for example can manage to deliver bulk water to Earth, as well as their selectively populating this planet (perhaps terraforming is actually the right word), then why not (as Gods) dither on the other end of life's capable spectrum. Could not Venus be terraformed and looked after by those from such an advanced civilization?

If you're going to play God, what better way then as David Sereda implies?

January 26/B, 2003;  I've updated upon some rather good advice, this time regarding the physics of gravity and, lo and behold, Wizard Ron Miller has entirely corrected my misunderstanding of said gravity and, I'm still busy at channeling through to Einstine so as to inform him that he made a fairly big ass mistake. I'm also further referencing to the gravity influence of Venus upon Earth, that which I've recently referred to (among other pages) on the page listing all those positive considerations for Venus (specifically line items 19 and 19a), which according to Wizard Ron, whatever gravity associations with Earth is simply another non issue. I guess I'll also have to expedite a report into ESA before they waste all that effort on their "Venus Express", as if nothing else, according to Wizard Ron, their gravity calculations are all bogus.

January 26, 2003;  I've obviously got way too much time on my hands and, perhaps not enough medication. So, in order to entertain myself, I've made another incomplete but worthy list of the positive considerations for that of our researching upon Venus. God forbid, those of my opposition certainly don't want to do anything that's going to benefit humanity. So, if you're one of my staunch opponents, don't even bother looking because, I'll just ruin your day (again).

January 25, 2003;  A somewhat better or at least fresh introduction to the basic discovery, using a whole lot fewer words and of lesser distractions pertaining to those objecting to essentially every possible aspect, irregardless of the consequences. What can I say, sometimes I get just a little bored with defending my discovery, every hour on the hour plus, now it's getting a little too depressing when we're being informed our nation is about ready to take great expense at mass murdering perhaps hundreds of thousands of humans, all because they don't follow our rules and thereby don't play our economic and sociological cold-war games the way we like to see. Seems logical that since we're playing God, we ott to be nuking the Pope for what his leadership has brought upon humanity. Perhaps since we're sort of in the neighborhood, that agenda should be next in line. However, if we manage to take out Saddam Hussein, there will likely be another 9/11 and, whatever is left of our frail financial empires will crumble an fall, but then the good news is, we certainly wont have to much worry about what the Pope and his jolly do-gooders actually do with our young men.

January 24, 2003;  A slight document improvement upon the "Venus Bridge" consideration. This is not the sort of best example as for being artificial worthy, just one of the simplest of issues, as compared to what's otherwise comprising the main township and of it's nearby tarmac that's indicating a couple of smaller airships on deck is certainly a whole lot more interesting, especially once your brain realizes upon those large parabolics and of another far more complex causeway and a host of sophisticated symmetrical high-rise as well as many other lower configured surface structures. Unfortunately, all of that's another mega overload as compared to the bridge and of it's associated road that's clearly circumventing a fairly rugged mountain range. So, rather than my intentionally exploding your brains out on the more interesting issues, the above link will try hardest to focus upon that boring suspension bridge (that supposedly doesn't even exist according to my loyal critics).

As just about always, this is a highly encrypted method of delivering the goods and, if you don't have the proper code number you're going to be extremely disappointed. The correct code for proper decryption is 12538576061 and, for international types the code is 012538576061.

January 23/A, 2003;  Sorry folks, I seem to be getting myself posted all over Hell's half acre. Why Hell offers but one half acre has not been explained but, if being posted there gets the attention of someone the least bit capable of actually doing something in the right direction, that's certainly fine by me. I've been introducing the notion that possibly some or even a good deal of our current depression in the markets could actually be related to what I've uncovered and, it seems as though certain individuals and administrations have been fibbing their way along just a little too damn long, by their sitting on the pot and apparently not ever planning upon pissing. This delay tactic is not something that's been all that uplifting nor holding any promise for our investment futures, especially when so many nations can partake in efforts focused upon Venus while we're still suck in the sand (literally).

Good grief; instead of our continued multi hundred million dollar per day logistics plus wasting those perfectly good multi million dollar missiles and bombs that obviously are not as smart as they need to be, how about for pennies on the dollar, let's go about installing a few new relatively cheap water wells and sanitation solutions and then get ourselves the hell out of being stuck in that sand, preferably doing so before bin Laden gets his second wind. If it turns out that we eventually need to nuke everything or utilize those Boeing/TRW UV (a/b class) laser cannons as for sterilizing their entire populations, it just might be a damn good idea if our people and allies were nowhere in sight and, if we then cranked on our homeland unclear energy as for producing surplus hydrogen, then we really don't need their stinking oil. I believe we can safely store as well as pipe H2O2 or even H2 just about as well if not safer then we currently mange with that of transporting and piping fuel oils and, certainly a whole lot safer then propane or even LNG.

January 23, 2003;  I've had an opportunity to edit a fairly old page as having to do with a number of entirely natural attributes of Venus, those which I totally concur are actually quite natural and as such should be sufficiently worthy of another review. The primary channel is just such an item worth our re-exploring and, I believe I've corrected a good deal of the syntax associated but, since I'm not nearly as perfect as you nor as saintly as most pro-NASA types so, perhaps if you don't expect much you will not be all that disappointed.

(sorry folks; still no 3D animation nor custom surround sound tracks)

Unlike our crack NASA teams and of their unlimited financial resources for producing those nifty "info-commercials", such as in National Geographic and of whatever team NOVA can pitch in, I'm limited unless you can offer your services and/or support my efforts so that I too can compete along with those having "the right stuff". Obviously my work is not nearly as cloak and dagger productive, as interesting nor a much fun as provoking others into smashing airplanes into tall buildings nor that our taking out our own as well as ally civilians and troops or perhaps that of another airliner, but what the hell, at least I'm certainly trying to make a difference that's obviously not sufficiently bloody for the likes of most. As long as I have the time and the web space to publish into, I'll just keep learning what I can and sharing whatever comes to mind.

January 22, 2003;  I've spoken about those Earth Killer rocks. Well folks, here's another lead that's worth the trip "Killer Asteroid Approaching the Earth?".  Apparently there are a few others about this globe unassociated with the "nondisclosure" and "cloak and dagger" cultism of our NASA/NSA/DoD, those willing to actually look for and at least predict what such a worthy rock might represent. In my weird science way of looking at things, I'm thinking of the positive usefulness aspects of such rocks as for enhancing space travel, especially if they're already going in the general direction and, that we bothered to devise upon a way of parking and/or attaching our spaceship on the mostly soler protected side, so that we can avoid being radiated to death simply because we wanted to travel a few million miles without the enormous benefits of our Earthly shields. A trip to Venus L2 (VL2) for example could easily represent a 50+ million mile adventure and, at or best manned effort of 25 thousand miles per hour, that's at least 2000 hours of some sort of terrific exposure to whatever galactic as well as solar flare radiation and, more then likely were talking of having to accomplish 100 million miles at the prospect of 4000 hours and, that's a whole lot of radiation Rad's or Sv's. Certainly a 100+ meter space rock is going to improve upon our chances, without our having to gas Earth with the thousands of tonnes of CO2 that would have been necessary in order to construct and launch such mass from Earth (some pro-NASA purest will utilize their 25:1 ratio while the realest that must take the entire visage into account will likely side with my 100:1 ratio, that's 100 tonnes of newly created artificial CO2 generated for every tonne on it's way towards another planet). In my book, that nifty space rock is a valid win-win solution, unless we simply can't manage to steer the damn thing away from targeting your abode.

I've read somewhere that Earth's radiation shield is valued at roughly 10 tonnes/m3 and, since you and I are not the sort of hybrid radiation proof astronaut as those Apollo crew, seems like having that 10 t/m3 would become a good starting point, at least if we're headed in the direction of the sun. Seems that a suitable 10x10 meter shield of 10t/m3 density per individual would be a fairly good thing and, that's only 1000 tonnes. So, from my perspective, seems you can't have too big of a rock, especially if that's saving Earth from obtaining 100,000 tonnes of CO2 for each and every crew member on their way to visit another planet.

January 21, 2003;  This is an update effort upon the "Energy Options" and improvements into the "Venus Air" considerations for life AS and obviously NOT as we know of. Unfortunately our dooped and snookered astrophysics communities as well as our propaganda media of info-commercials as representing news and truths can't ever admit they's been so pathetically wrong or perhaps just how greedy, least of all admit they've been part of some cold-war NSA/DoD scam which has ultimately involved countless civilian lives and of most recently eradicated so many that there's no equitable solution in sight, just a whole lot more "dog wagging" on behalf of bolstering the American status quo. Even though discovering that Earth has neighbors worth getting to know, how pathetic it is of everyone opposing our most creditable evidence, of far better evidence then of anything Apollo and best yet, hopefully having nothing whatsoever to do with religion, politics nor of aircraft smashing into tall buildings.

January 19, 2003;  This is just another friendly reminder of other worthy pages to update upon, such pages as those dealing with the Venus atmosphere and of so many of my devoted critics. So, what ever you do, don't flush, as that's where so many of my critics seem to reside, as we certainly don't want to contaminate our septic systems. And, don't worry yourself about other life on Venus not having enough O2, if anything they've got way too much, as surviving under that much pressure their lesser amounts of O2 will do quite nicely as to suit a good number of evolutionary life forms, obviously those are hopefully NOT as you or I know of, but smarter. So, if you can stand a few more of my mistakes and of my difficult math, have yourself another look-see at what lesser amounts of O2 are actually needed (as officially recorded) for sustaining human life as you and I know of, taking yourself to the 4% O2 bookmark if you insist upon the shortcut that circumvents other improvements to this document.

January 17, 2003;  Those massive airships of Venus are still in operation, doing their thing of transporting and gathering thousands of tonnes of H2SO4 and subsequently vacuum distilling as to obtaining tonnes of pure H2O. Nighttime astronomy has certainly been another airship capability however, why they would ever want to look at pathetic Earth (other then as a nearby food resource) is certainly beyond me, as we have no technology to offer that's suited nor of worthy intelligence to tap. As for their getting one's self to-from alternate nighttime seasonal destinations, as comfortably onboard that metro airship, is certainly their other most worthy consideration, one that I can't fine any valid exception to.

Obviously those pathetic jokers objecting as to absolutely everything Venus, especially GUTH Venus, irregardless of the facts, the science and supportive physics and even of fairly rational physiology of what Darwin's evolution has to offer, are certainly welcome to their cult opinions, apparently just like Hitler was entitled and then of those Jewish 6-Day war commanders (along with our high tech support as orchestrated by the USS LIBERTY) of gathering and guarding their disappearing cash of Islamic prisoners were somehow entitled as to doing what they did, even though we've only recently made our down payment upon the restitution for such actions. Somehow according to those opposing my research, all of that strife has been entirely worth the risk and of the continuing multi trillion dollar cost-plus price tag. That's apparently also why Club NASA has lately been flooding the media with all of those phony colorized "dog wagging" info-commercials, of such infinitely unobtainable goals, that which the next thousand generations well never obtain an once worth of value from, but be assured that it's still going to cost you and me those hundreds of billions, as otherwise, where is our warlord Bush going to obtain his secret funding as for all of those hidden agendas, by which our CIA and NSA/DoD can't seem to live without.

If you are one of those taking exception to my belief's, that's perfectly OK because, I'm certain those of flight-800, 9/11 as well as a good number of much worse global atrocities associated with the likes of our CIA/NSA/DoD agendas (orchestrated cold-wars) will also be taking their exception to the mannerism and of the subsequent "status quo" of how those that "have" seem to go about treating those of "have not" status, as sort of like contaminated dirt. Then we go about pretentiously acting dumbfounded when there's still sufficient life remaining in those being oppressed, as in their managing to return the favor. I do believe if this atmosphere of phony superiority is to survive, we'll have little option but to involve thermonuclear as well as biological controls, perhaps invisibly altering DNA via that Boeing/TRW (a/b) UV laser/ray-gun, as that's just a matter of in-flight refuelings plus whatever CO2 and mercury consumption as to keeping such a lethal form of technology alive and kicking when nearly everything else is dead or dying from radiation, bad bugs or toxins like VX or worse.

January 16, 2003;  Due to family, I'm a bit withdrawn for the day, but soon I'll certainly be providing some further improvements into the "thermopile" understanding that's powering and cooling down my EVA suit, as I seem to keep getting those critics which are so pathetically stuck on their NPNP thermopile variation and of it's associated thermal differential requirements, as well as for those obvious thermal limitations of anything NPNP. For God's sake, stop wagging that dog, the dog is dead. I know that I can't provide the sort of phony baloney colourisation hype (multi million dollar info-commercials such as the latest spread within National Geographic, as well as almost everything Mars) like what we've been getting from NASA and of their otherwise nearly worthless Hubble images of what's become more humanly unobtainable goals, but that's certainly no valid reason as to pretending being so dumb about excluding upon the original thermocouple "metallic cold-junction", which I've since referred to as being more appropriately a "warm-junction" format of a truly capable, robust and portable energy delivering solution, especially for a toasty hot planet such as Venus.

January 14, 2003;  Because none other has offered, I've challenged my three remain brain cells into figuring out how much O2 would be necessary as for sustaining life as we know it. Seems there's an answer to this quest and, unless someone informs me otherwise, I'll post whatever I can manage to learn in this "Venus Air" page. Don't hesitate to comment, even via incoming flak will suffice, as long as that flak has a worthy message attached that tells me something I didn't already know.

January 13/A, 2003;  This effort being another go at my correcting a few hundred mistakes, as for applying improvements in my EVA appliance diagram, as well as it's functional description (one of these days I'm going to learn how to double check my math and proof read). To further recall, this is all about my ongoing CO2/N2-->CO/N2/O2 and of the purely thermally fueled electron power generating for the previously mentioned EVA suit air conditioning contraption that just so happens to like a good deal of heat, especially in the form of CO2/N2 and, the more of that heat the better, at least up to 750°K is of no insurmountable problem as for the available technology and materials of choice, of which I'm certain if one actually had a good ongoing greenhouse incentive, there would likely be far better alternatives available from your local RadioShack. After all, especially since Venus was not always so hot, if your planet has become that toasty for thousands of years, seems only right that someone would have been marketing those really great thermal isolation (R-100) jump suits as well as whatever contraptions designed primarily for keeping your beer cold. Looking at it this way; If your beer's sufficiently cold, so is your sorry butt.

January 12/A, 2003;  Another further update of one's "Imaging on a Budget" that which now features a little somewhat unrelated but thoroughly interesting "SIRIUS" and "Dogon" input, then onto other LIFE on Venus as simply not the sort of running joke (at taxpayers expense) NASA nor of their staunch Borg communities of astrophysics, astronomy wizards, serious loads of pretentious ologist types and then of whatever other NSA/DoD cloaking fools are having to say. Unfortunately, they've all been wagging the official ruse dog so much over their Apollo fiasco and now my GUTH Venus discovery (especially ever since flight-800 and then 9/11), that all the dog's fur is entirely gone and, there's smelly stuff coming out just about every orifice. Sorry folks, NASA has become sufficiently bad or at the very least incompetent and, of nearly anything NSA/DoD has simply become far worse (fortunately we have our very own warlord Bush that's going to get the rest of up blown up or poisoned before any of this matters). I believe, if it weren't for all their cold-war crap and worshiping braille/Borg following, we'd be talking to those of Venus as of nearly 13 years ago and, likely exchanging a good deal more then mere words or even lizard smut by now. Best of all, because we would have had better and more productive things to be doing, as we obviously wouldn't be having to waste the talents and subsequent hundreds of billions and all those decades upon acquiring lethal microbes and of researching humanly unobtainable goals. For God sake, besides Hubble being entirely useless as far as anything Earth sciences related, we can't even include Venus by way of TRACE imaging, of which TRACE has been accomplishing little but surplus solar research ever since it's original (taxpayer bought and paid for) mission was completed over a year ago.

January 09, 2003;  I was going to focus this latest page just upon fresh water issues, naturally that of Venus but then mostly of Earth, as to what others and I truly believe can be accomplished with our existing technology and expertise, at a mere 1% of the Mars microbe fiasco budget. Unfortunately, I got myself into another role, pitching into SAR resolution and of what I believe we should have been accomplishing with our supposed lunar expertise, as of at least a decade ago. Sorry about that, I was simply trying to save the taxpayers another few hundred billions and perhaps at the same time making life worth living for 10 or so million others that have never and will likely never realize one once of worth from all of our space research and explorations combined (unless you consider producing hundreds of thousands of CO2 tonnes annually of value to those subsistence farmers now suffering either extreme floods or droughts or how about pestilence, all that wedged in between our bombing the holy crap out of their countryside), at least never as long as we keep certain warlords in power and that of our NASA cloaking on behalf of hidden NSA/DoD agendas and, insuring that the rest of us are so badly educated or perhaps "de-educated" upon "disinformation" as into pathetically stupid fools or just worthy Borgs, willing to follow our very own warlord Bush right off the very next cliff.

January 08, 2003;  A somewhat closer read or perhaps try out a dyslexic reverse read of either of the previous (January 05/06 updates) pages should offer some alternate insights into what this truly mad village idiot has to say. I've even corrected some pesky syntax but, I've likely reintroduced other far worse considerations. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone at Cambridge or of other pretentious colleges about how our NASA has been so full of it, as funding for all sorts of NSA/DoD agendas will become subject of being terminated and, lord knows that the almighty USA buck speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

Try keeping in mind, I have not been the one advocating we abandon space research and exploration, as I'm merely attempting to focus our obviously limited resources and more so primitive alter intelligence upon obtainable goals. Arrogance and greed are only going to take us so far and, our sanctimonious pretentiousness seems to have failed all of humanity big-time, such as when it comes down to Venus, then especially when every other time we have an opportunity such as "GUTH Venus", we have to take several steps backwards due to those pesky 9/11's and/or of just the fact that we've been doing a darn good job of shooting off our own two feet for at least the past 35 years. The last time I dared to look, an innocent 747 was falling out of the sky on behalf of perhaps unintentionally proving it could be done and, next was 9/11 and now we have North Korea knocking at our door (what's next? China).

January 06, 2003;  Some warm and fuzzy thoughts regarding CO2/N2-->CO/O2/N2, of how such works for frozen Mars yet somehow (according to those experts) can't possibly work for Venus. This is actually another trick to get you back into the revised EVA-SUIT document and of it's updated schematic. I'm still learning and remaining open for better ideas and of whatever corrections you can provide and, I'll certainly post links into your research.

January 05, 2003;  (further updates)  You may need to insure that your copy of the drawing (images/thermopile.gif) is current, as only new viewing of this updated "EVA-SUIT" page will offer my latest round of improvements. And, just when I thought I was running low of worthy adventures, I've been re-thinking of how one could go about outfitting a robotic and/or manned expedition to the elevated nighttime surface of downtown GUTH Venus, without getting so seriously hot under the collar. At least one such method of uncovering valid solutions is from once again learning from others, as I've recently come to realize that visiting Hell may not be all that toasty, at least not within a suitable EVA suit that's H2 microsphere insulated and externally powered (air conditioned along with O2 being created) via that very same and supposedly nasty heat. As for nearly anything "thermopile" goes, there's no such thing as too much heat. And, do you by any chance happen to realize what the best kind of heat there is for any metallic thermopile? Guess what folks; that's going to be CO2. Perhaps you and I should rethink of toasty CO2 as more like that of a nuclear battery, except that the half life is infinity and best of all, there's no stinking radiation to deal with. How's that for energy on a flaming stick, that's free and so freaking abundant that Hell should be so lucky.

I have long understood thermopile sorts of providing energy was relatively well proven and, that it's portable, robust, having nothing whatsoever to do with vertical pressure and temperature differentials of what those large utility power stations represent (you can't hardly walk around with one of those venturi towers situated on your back, nor dragging about an extension cord rated for 675+K) and, best of all folks, is that cold-junction thermopiles are yet another free energy resource that even this village idiot figured out how to harness.

January 03 2003;  I'm sorry to report that I been receiving a good number of blank emails, those stripped of their context and of the address even modified so that I can't easily respond to whomever was attempting to contact me. It seems as though God has not been all that pleased with my actions. So, if you feel the need to reach me, try other means, such as a direct phone call or perhaps direct postal mail, as then we can set up some alternative communications (with or without encryption) that's not so easily moderated by "you know who". I do maintain a fax machine on the following number: 1-253-8575318 and otherwise just call me directly at: 1-253-8576061

Until recently, I had forgotten all about those nasty involvements of NASA and the CIA regarding the author of the book(s) "The SIRIUS MYSTERY" by Robert Temple, where those cloak and dagger sort of efforts were obviously intended to steal from as well as foil his research and of whatever publishing and/or of obtaining further support from those which at the time the NASA/CIA influence was sufficiently established. Today, even though I offered NASA first pick, it's NASA/NSA/DoD that has by far the most to lose and, their having the least tools by which to foil my ongoing efforts at placing "GUTH Venus" on the map is certainly an ongoing "tit for tat" issue.

December 29;  I've reinvented my "To Do" page because, it's time, actually past due that we all took another stab at offering those unassociated and thereby unrestrained by NASA's "nondisclosure" cult policy, as to their having a fresh go at accomplishing important research that's morally correct as well as timely and of the utmost benefit onto humanity and lizardkind alike. I've also further updated the most recent discovery images and hopefully I've further improved my grammar and dyslexic syntax issues.

December 26;  Sorry for the recent delay. I've been busy with upholding the commercialism of old Saint Nick. Another one of our purely American ideals that's based upon skewed history as well as thoroughly skewed science and of toilet physics (sort of makes you wonder about NASA/NSA/DoD's idea of God). This page is one having to do with those taking credits from the works of others, where obviously I've been thinking of how some individuals might actually be accomplishing things about "GUTH Venus" without keeping me informed but, then I'm also referring into the history of many events and, as to where our skewed history and subsequently distorted sciences and physics has gotten us. Actually not nearly as far has hoped, sort of like our deep space probes haven't managed to travel nearly as far as the formulas had predicted (a number of others and myself are still wondering why that is). Perhaps the gravity or other energy of planets such as Venus are somewhat greater then we've been led to believe, as something has been holding those probes back (dark matter, miniature black holes or whatever).

I've also gotten myself around to another edit upon a fairly old page of "Houston!!!!... We have a problem", which also covers some of the same old stuff, though I've tried to lighten things up just a wee bit and, I've scrubbed a few words so that reading is somewhat tolerable, but don't hold your breath, as I'm still the world's worst story teller and my syntax isn't all that much better. Otherwise I've applied a few other minor improvements into an assortment of updated pages.

December 22;  Some hopefully better chosen words upon the subjects of "other life NOT as we know it" and for regarding "truth or consequences".  Each time I get the aggravation of hearing from those opposing essentially everything Venus, I get the sudden urge to deliver another "tit for tat" sermon. Seems those opposing my discovery, as well as those avoiding their moral responsibility by adhering strictly to the skewed research based greatly upon Club NASA's "kneed to know" principals of situation applied "spin logic" or perhaps "wag the dog" (science and physics supported when and only if that logic benefits their agenda), are determined to undermine every possible avenue of truth, at all cost (by gratitude of the US taxpayers).

December 18;  A little more word polishing and hopefully somewhat more readable context. I've updated some of the old Venus Airship considerations and, believe that I'll soon be accomplishing a full makeover because, such an airship is a highly complex issue by itself (especially if that's capable of sustaining a cruising astronomy platform above those cool nighttime clouds), even though as for such technology to be existing on Venus is actually a much lesser engineering feat and of a far better technology application then of anything worthwhile for Earth (this is where science and physics are totally on my side).

WARNING:   If you are looking for that "knock your socks off" info-commercial delivery polish of NASA via NOVA, that's still not going to happen unless, you would care to deliver the millions and likely hundreds of millions of those bucks by which NASA has their partner in crime (NOVA) producing upon such documentaries, clearly focused on behalf of whatever NASA/NSA/DoD wants the public as well as those snookered Senate Budget Appropriation fools to perceive. Wagging the dog seems the order of the past two years (at least ever since my Venus discoveries) and as such, so I'm wondering what ESA's partnership with NASA has to do with the less fortunate events of recent history. How far will other partners go towards avoiding truth(s) and consequences or, is ESA entirely isolated from the NSA/DoD agendas lording over NASA?

December 17;  I'm rolling back into my H2 sphere insulation and airships modes again. Seems it's been a while since I've reviewed upon these considerations (R-200 insulation or better) and, it's time we revisited upon these issues for another go around of tit for tat. I'm open for suggestions and, I'll certainly trade and/or accept knowledge for crediting whatever you or your associates can provide.

December 14;  Life options for Earth could be those adapted to survive alongside life NOT as we know it, as coexisting on Venus. Since we have the technology and should by now understand the energy resources at hand, so there's little that's preventing a manned mission to VL2, then possibly a surface encounter, at least via rigid airship/shuttle that can cruise below those nighttime clouds and then return to VL2. I've updated the "Life Options" page and, I do believe mankind has the point, if only NASA wasn't so busy cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, as otherwise ESA may have a somewhat sharper point as well as the uncluttered vision as to succeed.

December 13;   In order to keep this page from pixel overloading, I've moved and improved upon the most recent SAR image enlargements, by placing them off onto their own page. Naturally I embellished a touch further information as to my methods of utilizing such photo software and, I've included the 1:1 GIF image clip in the JPG format that's compatible with the "PhotoCleaner" software.

I've also posted a few additional SETI replies and offered a few additional statements;  I'll expect that any time now there should be a flurry of incoming flak. I mean, to be suggesting that we focus upon truly obtainable planets that are clearly within the "zone of life" (I'm not speaking of Mars microbes, as they certainly don't build large complex structures nor use rigid airships), thereby saving hundreds of billions and more likely trillions plus countless decades prior to contacting ET is obviously being entirely sacrilegious, especially to those die-hard spending fools that pretend being concerned for humanity and really pretend as to being worth their salt while honoring and respecting what's morally right. Horse pucky!, that'll be the day.

December 11;   Our barn door is certainly wide open, thanks to our NASA and their crack teams of fools or worse. In spite of all that, this update is attempting to once again invoke or provoke interest in the grand opportunity that Venus holds. Obviously ESA's "Venus Express" is right on target and, if possible they'll be focusing a few worthy instruments upon "GUTH Venus". Even though I have stated so much of this before, perhaps the discovery as well as the favor returning BASICS simply need to be repeated and/or written in another delivery that's a little more readable. Obviously I'm not the one qualified to be delivering such writings, as I often know the outcome and thereby start off by filling in the context of what I consider the overlooked facts and results prior to establishing the pretext or of stipulating whatever questions, as sort of my reverse or dyslexic information delivery, consider it my form of encryption.

I've further updated the December 09 delivery, renaming radio-not to radio-maybe in order to insure the page is being correctly updated, to show my corrected intentions and/or mischief, as so many have copied a good number of previous pages but have not taken recent copies of what's been corrected and/or added to. Unfortunately I've got such a large number of pages to decipher, I'll eventually consolidate, replace or at least edit to simply improved upon the wording, in order to reflect what's new or hopefully more worth while.

December 09;  Sorry folks, there's still not all that much new to report, except that I've broken a few more rules and reapplied my poor taste in humor. I've updated and further corrected upon my "RADIO NOT BEFORE THE EGG" transcript/manifesto (tossing in a little thermonuclear zingers). However, I believe we still need to talk a little further about skewed science, then further yet about the vast energy reserves of Venus, as Venus seems to have way more then it's fair share of energy, even though NASA isn't saying all that much, like nothing whatsoever about Venus, yet boasting hourly about frozen Mars.

As planets go, next to Earth there's Venus, with by far the most energy to spare, obviously a little too much in certain categories but energy none the less. With a motivated effort and half a lizard brain cell, one can utilize the resources at hand, hoof, claw or tentacle or, I'll suppose if you're pro-NASA, you could simply roll yourself and others right over and die on the spot, like all those opposing anything Venus would apparently do at the drop of a hat, whereas for their trekking off to frozen Mars where there's essentially no energy signature and nearly a lunar atmosphere seems to be just their cup of tea (being a multi hundred billion dollar cup of tea seems perfectly OK by those opposing GUTH Venus). Oddly, opposing absolutely everything Venus is somewhat like opposing ice cream or perhaps even apple pie (that sounds like a sleeper cell to me).

December 05;  We do seem to keep right on ticking, just like that TIMEX watch that supposedly never dies. This time I'm replying upon the subject matter of RADIO or perhaps NOT radio, unless somehow that radio sort of egg came before the chicken. Oddly that wasn't the circumstances for Earth but, for some skewed reasoning, those opposing essentially everything Venus seem to be thinking that life on Venus acquired radio prior to any other form of intelligence, such as that which could have engineered and fabricated sufficient structures suitable for surviving in a seriously greenhouse environment. And you thought I was the crazy one.

Perhaps Venus has radio and has been intercepting a number of programs from Earth. If I happened to be listening to Earth, I might be shaking in my R-100 thermally insulated boots. I mean, what if those Earthly fools actually try to visit, how are we ever going to defend ourselves from such stupidity, arrogance and utter disaster? Those fools on Earth believe in something weird called "the Easter Bunny", essentially all of their idols are either warlords or stand-up slap-stick comedians (mostly bad ones at that) and, of what they call music we utilize as industrial sonic rock drilling technology.

December 04;  We do seem to need those beloved critics plus even a little magic, just not the sort of intentional disinformation sorts recently associated with the bashing of everything Venus plus, of the ongoing Cold Junction and/or Warm Fusion issue could be worth another look-see:  first decide for yourself if you're a good or bad critic and, as to understanding the value of NASA's magic of that which has become skewed truth of an intentional illusion or simply a fictitious distortion of the facts and truths?  Any helpful contributions of ideas upon magic as well as other that will improve upon our understanding of "warm fusion" are still certainly welcome, so fire at will or at me, as unlike NASA and their flock of wizards, I'm still learning of what's possible, whereas my opponents know everything there is. I'm not consumed as my opponents are by having to continually flush those incriminating document overloaded NASA toilets (perhaps they should have obtained those well used Andersen shredders when the price was right, I believe they're still in the evidence storage room).

I've further improved upon my limited understanding of anything thermopile energy related and, I'm certain there's more corrections to come. In spite of these facts of what can be accomplished with a little heat, seems that others a whole lot smarter then this village idiot are either pushing at that "cold fusion" thing again or just further bluffing until those cows come home (remember folks; those were the same eaten by NSA/DoD at their last barbecue, roasted cow parts as they were burning up all those documents tying them into the 9/11 event and of worst things, so that most of those cows are perhaps never coming home). Might as well accept your fate because, my critics are still pushing those Apollo missions down your gullet or perhaps up your kazoo, still planning upon spending those hundreds of billions upon gathering potentially lethal Mars microbes or worse, still supporting and cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas (like those which brought us 9/11 and worse onto others we obviously don't give a damn about) and, still planning upon ignoring everything Venus, in spite of the ongoing facts supported by their own rational scientific logic, as well as the applied physics truths and of the golden opportunity as to be accomplishing something entirely worthy for humanity as well as lizardkind.

December 02;  I've updated and applied some further data into thermoelectric conversions as well as for my understanding the greater potentials of hot CO2 pumped thermopiles and, as well as for that modulating of that nifty solar resource of VL2, as for efficiently directing it right back at the nighttime clouds of Venus, as ideally commanding a 0.1 degree focus from a parabolic mylar reflector, modulated via electro-mechanical or voice coil or of any number of alternatives, where 10 watts of satellite energy could effectively command the transmitting of binary packets of nearly 1^12 cd from a 100 m2 mylar reflector (solar resource being 5+% ["+" being the solar atmosphere and/or flare contributions which at times could deliver another 5%] from the perspective of VL2). I mean (duh!), good grief folks; if you've already got a damn good illumination resource that's entirely free and extremely reliable, then why the hell bother creating illuminations by any other method?

November 27;  There's still plenty of time to communicate and perhaps even time as to throw a little H2O and/or H2O2 at VL2. Then how about solar modulating, instead of applying valuable energy into whatever CO2/xenon or even solid state laser beams. I'm not thinking so much of an Earth based communications element (although that should work, especially of any 15+ meter diameter mylar reflector should get the attention of something) as I'm still focused upon VL2 as being our best shot at this. After all, Venus is moving on (once again, for the second time since my discovery) and, will soon be exceeding 1 AU. As from this point on, that VL2 location really starts to pay off (too bad it's not going to have anything NASA associated with it).

Of course, anything Venus (ever since my discovery) has been officially "off limits" as far as NASA (atmospheric microbes via ESA or not), thereby ESA, of their Venus Express teams and/or whomever certainly can jump right in and take the lead point on almost any of this because, for at least the past two years, Venus seems oddly not to exist as far as pro-NASA types, even irregardless of how much sustained gravitational pull and subsequent affects upon Earth's platetonics, tectonics, tides and weather, such as this past November 4th and 5th, that's when NOAA was unable (forbidden) to comment about anything Venus because, God must have spoken the magic word "nondisclosure".

November 26;  After nearly 13 years worth of nearly total incompetence plus nearly 2 ongoing years worth of denials by NASA, at least ESA/GASA should be soon be on the same course, towards the same obtainable goal(s) as related to the planet Venus. The global economy may soon dictate upon the motivations and subsequently force the hand that's been feeding ESA as to getting bit right off at the wrist. In some/many respects, what other responsible choice would a financially strapped global market have, but as to pursue the obtainable objectives and associated opportunities as those initiated by the "GUTH Venus" discoveries?

November 25;   While ESA is off after those atmospheric Venus microbes (all toll spending hundreds of millions and all of this taking years to compleat), here's yet another Venus energy idea that's worth a look-see (what ever you do, please don't inform NASA about this, as they might just get another wrong idea, then deliver another No.2 in their pants, as tax wise their laundry service has already literally been killing us). Perhaps we should allow NASA/NSA/DoD as to utilizing disposable diapers made from fresh $1000 bills, at least that way there would be a whole lot lesser laundry to have to deal with.

Seems the more I contemplate and the more I've researched, the more energy alternatives are those held by Venus, those I believe of most any smart lizard sort would have considered long before becoming so involved within their present day greenhouse. This next concept is another win-win as for anyone having half a brain cell that wanted to survive on a toasty hot (getting hotter by the long day) planet. By stark contrast, the more we learn about Mars, the lesser energy potential exist, like we'll have to deliver whatever energy to Mars or perhaps die trying.

Thermoelectric conversion as for Venus is essentially a process that's more likely delivering free electrons (lots of them), as the fuel in this case is far better then nuclear as well as absolutely free. Even if such thermopile conversions were operating at 1% thermal efficiency, so what?  Merely 1% of 3.41^6 BTUs is a lot of free energy (10 kw worth/%, that's 50 kw @5% and more like 10% should be optainable, that's not at all bad if thermo jump suits of R-100 existed and of structrues performing at R-200 via those ceramic or pyrex H2 micro balloons).

November 24;   I keep learning more and more about various energy alternatives, considering that R-200 is obtainable and that so little additional electrical energy is needed otherwise as for nighttime illumination (obviously absolutely nothing required for cooking anything). Sufficient BTU transfer as for air conditioning is not beyond our technology and it should have been a done deal if those on Venus had an ounce of motivation, such as a desire to live might have provided. On Earth, we travel all about in various technology assisted transports, from submarines to ISS, as without such technology we would instantly die, so it's a darn good thing that we had the evolutionary time frame by which to learn and adapt. Too bad their's apparently not one honest soul associated within or even entirely external to NASA that gives an honest damn otherwise about Venus (you know exactly what I mean), as these wizard jokers have been and continue to act like the sort of jerks they truly are.

Species evolution, especially if being technology assisted is certainly not rocket science, as for survival you obviously achieve and do whatever it takes (that obviously includes genetics evolution). So, those opposing "life NOT as we know it" are more likely then not being jerks, as they have intentionally been orchestrating their obstruction at whatever cost to humanity, as from what I've discovered, been doing so for decades, as in all for one and one for NASA/NSA/DoD (cold-wars, hidden agendas and all).

More importantly is, the fact that our crack teams of cult astronomy demons are unable to accept their responsibility for what they've been apart of and, of what their cults have perpetrated upon humanity (not that a typical Godfather and even of Uncle Hitler hadn't always accomplished a number good things for their families and community of associates). Thus, there's nothing, short of extermination, that's ever going to circumvent these cults and their following of Franken-Borgs that are still willing to bet YOUR farm upon MY being wrong. This is serious poker on steroids and those poker chips have been and are still the lives of literally thousands of others and, the game has been and is still humanity.

Pretending or perhaps hoping that your publicly and/or NASA funded space research is somehow unassociated with all the bad aspects is not being sufficiently realistic, especially when you have elected to sit back and let this poker game or perhaps Russian roulette continually take place in spite of what's best, as in spite of truths that would have advanced humanity at much lesser carnage and without creating new future enemies nor moral guilt.

I might be guilty of a few inaccuracies, of syntax and math mistakes and of simply not knowing certain things or of not sufficiently utilizing someone others formulas in order to get my point across. Fortunately there's no moral guilt associated with any of that. Perhaps you can claim the same and start sharing whatever expertise you have to offer or, perhaps you'll simply have to cower along with all the rest of your cult members and hope for the best.

For a fair number of other ideas; how about as for my making a really big planet and even a satellite or two disappear, how about by using my nifty "gravitational lens" super trick, then I've recently improved Universal Language,   and I've offered yet another Recap of GUTH Venus,  an update on behalf of so many pro-NASA ("we make no mistakes, do no wrong") Types, (hell's belles folks, the Pope can't even claim that), re-edited my "positive.htm".  Review my latest FAQ, then updates into my ongoing Hubble and TRACE disinformation on steroids, then onward as to appreciating NASA's sleeper cells, then don't leave out the  "NASA's Do or Die" proclamation and, I've even improved upon one of by fairly old by now "Chapter-1" documents. Lose Laser Cannons is yet another and, it too will become further revised as for informing what's so terribly wrong with NASA's tactical avoidance and, as to dealing with their subsequent "spin" and "damage control" freaks. Finally, and only because of all the continual incoming E-Flak, I just had to summarize upon all that nasty Apollo stuff because, besides the fact that I'm not a card carrying Club NASA member, that lunar ruse is about the only ulterior logic that's been keeping our NASA from being publicly involved in perusing all the good and positive issues associated with the "GUTH Venus" discoveries (oops, I forgot, "good" and "positives" are each absolutely contrary to NASA/NSA/DoD's idea truth). The final nail in Earth's coffin could be having to do with the idea of our eliminating Venus altogether. In the meanwhile, as we're waiting around for NASA/NSA/DoD to nuke Venus, there's team TRACE (cloaked behind Earth) and it's capabilities (darn good magnification, plenty of sensitivity [200-800 nm] as well as it's CCD's being sufficiently over-exposure safe). For further ideas, checkout the "news headlines".

November 18/B;   In addition to my dyslexia, I've had and I'm still recovering from a bad cold, thus in addition to my head being thoroughly plugged up, obviously my brain was even worse off. Now that I'm feeling a whole lot better, I've been discovering all sorts of errors and just silly mistakes. One of those mistakes was regarding my delivery upon thermo energy conversion as being derived (each junction correctly providing 15 mV at 650 K) by Alumel/Cromel junctions.  I've since corrected upon this and, it should now be a relatively good correction because, not that my previous error really matters all that much but, the actual number of junctions required is different, thus either way the available energy per gram or kg has been boosted by approximately ten fold and, I'm still research for what other is being manufactured (you do realize that this is absolutely 100% free electrical energy by way of thermal junctions?).

I was simply trying to show to others that there was yet another perfectly viable alternative existing and, there are many such alternate thertmoelectric generators to select from, as in addition to whatever bio-illumination and/or in place of such bio-illuminance capability, where a relatively small amount of such alloys could easily be powering an array of ceramic LEDs as part of that protective body suit or armor, as driving a fairly good number of efficient LEDs at relatively low energy levels, obtaining as much as 147 mcd per mW. I would imagen that if we had similar motivation, that performance level could easily have been further improved upon, but for now I'm considering only of what's knowingly capable as of what Earth's technology permits as of today.

November 20;  I've given the latest benefit of the doubt onto those Mars microbe freaks,  as I'm certain their idea of what's morally justified and worthy is entirely different from mine. Also, regarding LIFE OPTIONS,  I've considered that it's time if not somewhat past due that you and I push a few more of those "do not push" buttons, in spite of what my devoted critics think. Too bad that I personally can't afford being more independently constructive at this point but, those formally opposing my discovery are essentially liars, cheats and of the worst possible NASA/NSA/DoD Borgs on a mission of global domination (Hitler would certainly have been proud), which must obviously include space domination, somewhat like our "American Oil Cartel" (nicknamed; Arab Oil Cartel) where it's not so much important as to controlling world price generally upward but, it's more so essential about restricting and/or eliminating access to that energy resource at all cost, as when you can thereby eliminate global competition (which would have needed reasonable access to oil), you have essentially eliminated competitors through the best method of all, like good old starvation, fear and insidious premature death by any other means available (including fictitious wars, cold or otherwise and, perhaps even as from those nifty Mars microbes and, if all that fails, there's always our powerful UV a/b laser cannons [btw; where is that Boeing/TRW flying laser cannon?]).

November 23;  I've just received my best ever investment packet straight from the CIA. That's right folks, I said the CIA and, do I have a good deal for you. That's of course, as long as you don't mind signing over a "Power of Attorney" for a minimum of 6 units (value $78,500 each unit) plus whatever associated other unspecified cost, as to be given freely to this truly fine upstanding investment opportunity. The contact person that initially called me out of the blue (agent; Octavio Ventouras of Morgan Spaulding, Inc. 972-991-9999) and he even bothered to print up a last minute thick document (dated November 15th, 2002) that was officially sponsored by: Santa Fe Petroleum, L.L.C. (both however seem to be located in the very same building, occupying the same floor/suite of 5420 LBJ Freeway, 13th Floor, Dallas, Texas 75240, ph.(972)866-0700 (I thought most buildings didn't even have an official 13th floor, this one must be situated between the lower 12 CIA floors and those upper NSA floors).

Since there's so much impressive looking text involved (including a good number of glossy photos of mostly the same well drilling and associated equipment except from different perspectives), along with other names and naturally a handy direct wire transfer instruction with the bank account and routing number clearly specified for this unsecured and unregistered by the way, offering, so I'll either have to post excerpts or openly discuss the finer points with anyone that has the sort of serious ants in their pants and more money then brains to boot.

This Morgan Spaulding is however a bonafide member: NASD/SIPC (for whatever that one's worth). "The NASD’s Notice to Members 01-23 has now conveniently protected the online brokerage firms from lawsuits and claims that otherwise might have been filed. For the first time in 66 years, the NASD has proclaimed with its notice that, at least as it pertains to online brokerage firms, the securities industry is A BUYER BEWARE industry, just like used cars." "The NASD has stood by its members, not the investing public. With the release of Notice to Members 01-23, the NASD has stated that both it and its broker members will smugly stand by and knowingly allow investors to blow themselves up and lose their life saving while investing in the U.S. markets."

Besides all of the unsolicited porn spam and other NASA approved smut, this investment opportunity is the sort of wholesome crap that's being thrown at me. Sort of supports that something other is within the realm of NASA/NSA/DoD's expertise, besides our ability or knack of pissing off Islamic Muslim sorts.

November 22/B;   I've updated something new as for regarding our Earth being affected by the gravitational pull of Venus (especially November 4th and 5th) and perhaps why as such, the planet Venus should have been in the news as well as included within any competent NOAA study/report associated with unusual weather and tide patterns. Again, I'm not the expert nor "all knowing" wizard of what's Earth nor Venus, others are as such our (bought and paid for) wizards and, strangely they're not saying all that much, in fact, they're not say one damn thing that includes anything Venus and, that by itself is fairly odd, unless one realizes upon what's at stake.

I have also applied some further additions and/or alterations to my energy-options as well as life-options and even a few improvements to the Mars-Venus page.

November 17;   Lots more incoming flak and damn little else. So, I've moderated and then also further punched up my Earth/Venus considerations as to our mutual planetary gravitational issues because, as I've already learned and been reinformed that others have been smart enough (smarter then myself or, at least they've appropriated and thereby claimed entitlements as to being so freaking self-righteous based upon someone other's formulas then I have) to have figured all this out, however, they still don't really seem to give a tinkers damn about anything Venus, least of all about contributing into anything that's morally justified. That's obviously because they're so smart, so above it all and, would rather continue their worshiping a pagan God then as for going after any obtainable truths, let alone after an actual obtainable goal, perhaps otherwise afraid because their job might be done with, then what. I can't help but think, that's been exactly why so many astronomy and associated space exploration teams of researchers have become those representing mostly humanly unobtainable goals and/or offering as little associations towards Earth's humanity as possible (like Hubble, that damn thing has become nearly useless, as almost anything it sees is too far away and of whatever discovery (like SETI) is either been long dead, since vaporised and/or, ourselves will have become long gone before the nearest of those targets are ever obtained by humanity, even of replying to radio/laser communications we're talking of hundreds of years at best effort (not all that bad for all those trillions of bucks down the toilet as well as those decades of wasted talents, even team TRACE has become blind as a bat with respect to Venus), what a pathetic joke. I suppose what's next, NASA or perhaps war-lord Bush is going to exclude Venus from even being an official planet (I wonder how much that's going to cost us).

Looks like I'll need to get me some of that "bully steroid" compound, that which the Bush administration has been free-basing upon lately, as then I'll have what it takes to measure up to those black hole standards by with all pro-NASA freaks abide. Black holes have certainly been great assets for containing all of that skewed science as well as skewed history, as only the "Creator" can ever access such information.

As pagan Gods go, apparently being pro-NASA as well as pro-NSA/DoD means absolutely everything. Like as for spending those billions upon missions focused upon our going essentially nowhere, at least as far as Earth's humanity is concerned, as otherwise blowing hundreds of billions upon our obtaining lethal microbes and above all else, spending whatever it takes as to implement Star-Wars retaliation against others merely looking at our moon (thus we understand why the moon is off limits to Hubble as well as for any Earth based [1.5 meter] SAR imaging). Seems entirely odd that science and of all things evolution can so easily have circumvented Venus (retroactively at that), even though within the technology of today we could certainly do a manned Venus mission, at least to VL2, but as you know, I do believe if we ever made that ET contact, as such we would obviously not have to expend such efforts nor having to deal with all that space travel radiation, as an affordable (most likely off the shelf) unmanned VL2 laser communications capable relay platform along with Magellan-II, with that Magellan-II being capable of 1 meter SAR raw 16-bit imaging format, as such would certainly accomplish far more then required, at zero astronaut risk and therefore at a fraction of the cost, should be less costly then even our looking at that pathetic ice ball of Pluto, as otherwise another Venus mission is certainly in real time (essentially a few light minutes away) and that's not of something having any pre-mission decade delay, as we can do Venus today, right now, with the existing inventory of xenon beams and/or lasers, likely even with existing inventory of whatever satellites, as we already have the shuttle bay SAR imaging performance just sitting in a warehouse, perhaps there's even two of them suckers by now (obviously already bought and paid for).

All of this is seriously too bad for humanity because, I've been busy updating my two primary energy pages; energy-options and energy-resolve, as well as for CO2 energy kinetics. I'm sure that I've got loads of new inaccuracies and horrific syntax to go along with it (all of that should make my critics real happy), which unfortunately doesn't change the fact that my discovery is real and that the my critics are further proving that I'm also right about a great deal other, I just can't seem to put all of that into the proper syntax, at least not without using up those 4 letter words that would properly identify those opposing my research, as most have been doing so for the sake of whatever "spin" and "damage control".

November 15/B;  Fellow snookers and NASA's resident Senate snooks. These two pages play upon the Great Senate Appropriations Ruse as being nearly in full swing once again. That obviously means NASA (via the taxpayer) is sparing no cost so as to makeup and whatever stage sets as necessary for snookering those pathetic Senate puppets, into coughing up all those nifty bucks. They've even managed recently to get NOAA in on this one, by lately having them exclude upon the most likely influence of our recent weather and earthquakes, that of course being Venus. This time I had nothing whatsoever to do with that, or did I?.

I guess, as for having yet another whopping gravitational influence, accumulatively similar to our moon, as for nearly 2 months worth, this added excitement even took some lives with it, as that certainly was the affect when Venus was being so close and further compounded by being essentially between us and the Sun, then further boosted November 4th and 5th as assisted by our moon being sufficiently aligned as well (bad weather, earthquakes, eruptions; you bet) and, it's going to happen again just as it has in the past and every 18+ months in the future. Perhaps just for the fun of it, you should also checkout this past October 07 and 08, then the coming of December 02 will become the last lunar alignment before Venus exits sufficiently away from Earth, as then we can rest easy for the next 16+ months and, NASA can concentrate upon cloaking for those NSA/DoD assignments.

Just exactly like all those pre 9/11 red flags, apparently it's far better to not share in something that's likely to have taken or is about to take lives, as someone (perhaps legal council as from a large insurance company) is likely to be asking those silly questions, like why werent we being informed and/or advised earlier. I guess, if you can somehow stipulate that you were unaware of any such potential planetary influences, perhaps then you can pretend and hope that others forget exactly what your job title and associated responsibilities were all about in the first place. I mean, apparently according to NASA standards, disregarding something that's sufficiently influential along with our moon is perhaps not such a bad thing, as we can all use a little further excitement in our lives, especially after 9/11, as earthquakes, eruptions and horrific storms are apparently well worth the wait.

November 12;  Folks; how dumb are these sanctimonious astronomy and science types and/or how dumb to they think the rest of us are. Any planet that's going "greenhouse", just like Earth is doing to itself, well likely be stockpiling whatever it takes as to surviving, obviously that would have to include megatonnes of H2O as well as towards developing whatever technology as to recycle and/or retrieve amounts of H2O form our acidic clouds (as Venus, Earth will soon become too hot for open water to exist). Presumably there would have been a 1000+ year gradient of somewhat forced evolution as well as a motivated learning curve that would have allowed the few wealthy and most powerful to survive, even if that were knowingly at the demise of all others (all for one, as long as that one is yourself).

Here is my recent review of the Boeing/TRW laser cannon, as an application towards our initial planetary communication might be of some interest, as I still have a fair number of questions, those best answered by others which I believe can still perform in good faith.

November 08;  The most positive attributes of Venus or, simply the fact that there's further "trouble in River City" for NASA.

November 07;  According to the HST10X ACS of 7 arcseconds, that FOV covers roughly 1406 km of the Venus greater diameter (w/clouds) of 12250 km. That's roughly 11.5% of the target diameter and obviously not the error of 4.5% which I had previously estimated. That's still a fairly tight FOV potential. Essentially anything that captures less then the Venus diameter is nearly ideal as for monitoring those nighttime/dark clouds for any signs of artificial illumination. Obviously TRACE is not sufficiently equipped to offer this degree of performance, but TRACE does offer more then sufficient illumination detection performance and, it can also accept whatever amounts of solar glare or even direct solar inclusion without toasting it's CCD's. However, since Venus is at 6+ degrees south, there's simply no way that solar glare is even a consideration for the much wider FOV of TRACE, as it's camera can essentially be operated with fewer if any filters as well as at sufficient exposures times or, as little at 1/2000 as for detecting something of more laser performance, like 100^9 cd as from a 0.001 degree source (I do believe that's receiving something like a whopping 0.26 cd/m2, thus a greater baud rate can be accommodated, such as binary pulses of 0.01 sec might even be recorded as such, rather then as a combination of pulses having to be captured as one emission per exposure).

The photon sensitivity of TRACE is the next level of knowledge that's likely to be on that nifty "need to know" basis. Obviously a source of 0.1 degree illumination that's delivering 100^6 cd worth (say 1 second pulse or beacon), as emitted from above those nearly black clouds should not be all that difficult to capture, especially on a extended exposure of 10 or more seconds if need be (as I said, the sun is nowhere in sight, or at least it doesn't have to be if team TRACE simply made an effort). Of course, making that effort from the back side of Earth is going to be a little tougher but, certainly not impossible, in fact having Earth as blocking the majority if not all of the sun should offer another advantage as for better contrast sensitivity. Of course, the planet Venus will first have to exist, which is something apparently my magic act has recently done away with that entire planet, as all of the sudden, various observatories and space platforms that used to be capable of imaging Venus at this similar juncture are simply unable to locate it and, I'm told even if it were located, as team TRACE reported that they would have no way of tracking upon it, even though accurate tracking is again not a real issue, at least not as for detecting those artificial illuminations, just by applying the "duh factor" and subsequently getting the damn thing within frame is more then sufficient.

This is all assuming that multiple xenon beams and/or laser cannons have been doing their part by transmitting whatever towards Venus. Just thinking of what could be transmitted once a two-way duplex packet exchange is established is quite mind boggling. My thoughts are to get with the program by eliminating all possible preconceptions and, doing that by perhaps transmitting some of our best smut, then waiting to see their reaction or retaliation. Obviously we can go about pretending as being civilized and all morally richest, but that bubble will soon pop as soon as they get a closer look-see at what we've done with our planet and worse, what we've done to each other over just the last century. I'm not all that certain we'll be understood as worthy life forms, perhaps of more livestock worth or worse.

November 03;  Basically, I've located other specs upon Hubble, regarding it's Field of View (FOV). From this web page: I've learned the following, which seems to confirm my suspicions.

WFC3 180/1000 nm 4096 @160 arcsec 0.04/pixel (FOV = .0444 degrees)  ~  w/HST10X = 44.6 arcsec 0.011/pixel
ACS    200/1000 nm 1024 @25 arcsec 0.025/pixel (FOV = .00694 degrees)  ~  w/HST10X = 07.0 arcsec 0.007/pixel

Now folks;  I do realize I'm being taunted as the village idiot but, those reported FOV considerations are hardly even a combined 0.1 degree, as it takes 360 arcseconds to even manage that, thus the capability for an instrument as Hubble to be technically looking safely at Venus is quite frankly a done deal (I've even located yet another military reconnasiance role as pre 1991 delivering 10.8 arcsecond as a reference to what the "faint object camera" can deliver, even way back then, that was 3 cm/pixel resolution upon Earth). Venus nighttime is certainly going to be a faint object, that is unless someone has been energizing some of that nifty CO2 as in xenon illuminations. If Hubble can't look at the dark side of Venus, it's not because of any sunlight encroaching but, more likely that those artificial xenon illuminations would be seriously over saturating those sensitive CCD's.

I'm of the opinion that Hubble's auto-protect firmware/software can and should be overridden, if not I want my money back and, the same goes for TRACE, as what in the hell is that spendy instrument doing hiding behind Earth, especially when it's mission was specifically tailored as to augment SOHO. Essentially TRACE can be looking at Venus, at least within frame (with or without the sun in that frame or FOV) except, unlike SOHO, TRACE can greatly magnify and thus it's FOV should simply exclude the sun, allowing far greater optical sensitivity as for viewing visible white light spectrums as well as UV. Additionally, Hubble can technically and safely look at an object that's 6+ degrees from the sun. It certainly doesn't much help that the public, especially those of you still wanting around to just quickly image upon all those lunar land sites, instead were being lied to and, today those same are being avoided like the plague, as there's still no scheduled lunar imaging, especially by that latest ACS camera and, do remember that those image/pixel performances are raw and not yet PhotoShop enlarged, as NIMA can pull 20X and you and I can produce 10X, not to mention what a series of 10 sequential ACS images can do (say those acquired at 1 minute intervals) that can be digitally overlayed. Folks (that's ten fold more [slightly varied] pixels of the same information), other then the time for pointing Hubble at the moon (primary lunar landing sites even by the WFC imaging should seriously knock your shocks off), we're talking about a total of perhaps ten images gathered over a 10 minute period of time, actually because that image is sufficiently bright, all 10 such sequenced images or digital frames can likely be acquired in one or two minutes (that's hardly a micro dent in the total of a years worth of imaging upon places and of things that are humanly unobtainable), at least we can go to the moon, of course that's once we devise a lunar lander that actually works.

NASA/NSA/DoD have obviously been applying the very same "stonewall" or "firewall" as against those desiring a good look-see at all those nifty lunar landing sites (as those being mostly in the same general area, so imaging the lot should be a snap). My ongoing discovery of "life NOT as we know it" as existing on Venus is getting a wee bit testy. I mean, how blatantly obvious does this official "disinformation" ruse have to get?

Is science and astronomy as skewed and corrupted as I think, or simply far worse and, so pathetically dumb that they can't even determine up from down anymore.

If the Associated Press (AP) or the BBC equivalent don't move on this one, obviously they're the real village idiots, as Borgs of the NASA/NSA/DoD hive. So far, I would have to say that the discovery of "ET LIFE" on Venus is apparently meaningless, at least in the eyes and pocket books of those claiming as being honest reporting institutions (of course you can't bite the hand that feeds you all those spendy NASA "info-commercials").

November 01;  Universal Binary Light, I guess I've been pushing one too many of those TRACE buttons (oops, I pushed the one that sent damn thing all the way behind Earth) and, even still, I'm unconvinced that Hubble can't somehow be technically overridden, sort of in "expert technician mode" as to bypassing that 20 degree auto-protect mode, that being reduced to 6+ degrees, thus allowing Hubble to safely view Venus (cover lid/flap further shading the tube entrance), as it's target is residing at roughly 6+ degrees south of the sun, obviously this is within the total darkness of space and nowhere near enough as to impale those sensitive CCD's and, oddly TRACE has been somewhat hiding behind Earth (must have been one of those "do not push" buttons I pushed anyway).

I can't but wonder;  Since we've been lied to about Hubble's ability as to viewing our moon, been lied to about it's previous and current resolution capability (I'm including the multiple digital exposures that essentially offers greater numbers of those pixels, which is not the same thing as multiple photograph exposures), we've even been lied to regarding our shuttle SAR imaging of Earth, as such by a factor of 20 times lesser resolution then the German team was obtaining. So, is there an override capability, as for reestablishing Hubble's auto-protect mode?

Obviously I think Hubble can be re-instructed, as any good firmware still offers "expert technician mode" access, as that must exist in order to trouble shoot and verify. On another subject, team TRACE has recently utilized a rather considerable amount of it's maneuvering fuel so as to placing that planetary monitoring capable instrument primarily behind Earth (that's essentially off line for it's primary mission), oddly there's not all that much for such a capable solar monitoring instrument to do if it obviously can't see the damn sun, let alone of anything that's as big as Venus that's sufficiently off the southern quadrant.

October 27;  I'm still learning of and perfecting upon my "TRACE" page, as I'm receiving limited but perfectly good input from at least one source that's actually making some sense regarding Hubble as well as Earth based observatories and, hopefully that'll soon include someone other from team TRACE (oddly, team TRACE can't seem to even locate Venus).

Unlike my perfect and all knowing opposition, since I'm not pretending as being an astronomer, nor a word smith or even all that great at grammar and syntax issues, besides my observing and subsequently discovering what I did, instead of pretending as being "all knowing", I'm learning and allowing myself to make mistakes (often dyslexic and otherwise just being too impatient as to give a damn about getting all the words and syntax correct), as my opposition knows exactly what I mean with regard to Venus (have from the very beginning) and, obviously they too don't give a damn, with the exception being that they're referring to humanity, as truth is whatever their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD) stipulates. Since I have no ulterior motive (no ulterior money trails to hide nor subsequent carnage upon my conscious), those research mistakes are just that and nothing more, as I've offered the opportunity and certainly ample time for all others claiming as being so perfect as to present their facts and of whatever worthy contributions (I've always included acceptance of any geological support for such formations as being supposedly natural, just that no one has ever manage one such example, as words simply don't count, we need to see your SAR images of such other natural attributes). So, I figure since no one else is even honestly trying, other then their opposing based upon loads of ulterior motives and "disinformation", that there's little to lose and simply everything to gain. If anything is ever going to happen regarding Venus, that will only be on account of my efforts (in spite of all the officially orchestrated flak) and, thereby I'm taking all the credits because I'm entitled and others aren't. Perhaps I should get another award for just having the best flak suit.

Those being understanding and willing to educate, further reason and then conjecture for all the right reasons are going to be recorded as such and, of anything provided that's affecting rational progress (inclusion/exclusion of whatever) will certainly be fully credited (that's including those correcting upon my misunderstandings). Those opposing on the grounds that they simply don't like what I have to say nor how it's being said, those souls will be escorted to and processed through appropriate channels. If given the opportunity to dispense a few thousand "pink slips", I'll do that one gladly on a mere 1% commission basis of whomever's salary and benefits I'm cutting. Basically that's stating, if I can essentially cut/remove 100 incompetent fools and cloaksters from the ranks and files of greater NASA and/or of their civilian counterparts, then I would be receiving the average of one of their salaries and benefits. Folks (taxpayers), as corporate deadwood or soon to becoming deadwood clearing goes, that's dirt cheap and, I know damn well I can eliminate at least 100 pathetic souls because, I've e-mailed at least twice that many and otherwise talked directly to many others. Just going into any of NASA's "info-commercial", "spin" and "damage control" web sites and of others infected with the same, where those discussion boards will quickly uncover hundreds more. I'm not talking about placing anyone behind bars, as that would still cost us money, just turning them lose on the streets without another paycheck nor of any associated benefits and, even less if any retirement.

Perhaps taking retroactive action is what's required (especially if every one else invested into ENRON and WorldCom can do without), like how about at least 13 years worth of salary and benefit recovery. Obviously the "old Apollo guard" is so well entrenched and cloned into the genetics of our country that radical surgery might not be sufficient. Any viable input on this subject will be seriously considered.

Hot Damn!, It's Pure Magic

October 23;  And you thought Houdini was good. It looks as though I've misunderstood my true identity, my realm, my karma and my aptitude, as it turns out that my place in this world has nothing whatsoever to do with any actual astronomy nor humanitarian worthy goals, but instead with magic. I mean, who else can make an entire planet disappear. Am I good or what? as for making Venus flat ass vanish, even though space platform instruments had been capable of seeing it, even seeing it when it crossed near the face of our sun (TRACE could even image it if it were crossing the sun). Hubble's ACS imaging can focus upon a target area as little as 4.25% the diameter of Venus, especially when that huge and dark object is merely 0.27AU from Hubble, thus excluding any solar impact, yet I've gone and done the impossible because, there's no freaking Venus in sight. When I've asked those supposedly capable of locating Venus, some (virtually all of my opponents) are clamming up for fear of reprisals from those nifty "nondisclosure" cops, which is a good thing for my magic act, as otherwise my "trick" could be disclosed. I haven't checked lately but, I'm wondering if the observatories of ESA or of those in China or even Cuba have been equally fooled by my magic act of placing a gravitational lens surrounding Venus.

The latest "extraordinary proof" being, is that sofar all of August, September and October have been not-so-efficiently blown away by those entirely capable of doing something that's not only possible but at essentially no risk, also at extremely little cost (zilch if one utilized the existing forces and instruments of SETI). I suppose the next three months will simply prove my theory and conjectures all the more right, as this ongoing window of opportunity for accomplishing something that's good and wholesome for humanity is likely going down one of those 20 million dollar NASA space toilets.

Essentially this official tactic of "avoidance" is costing the tax payers billions per month. As in place of doing what's right and obtainable, we're spending and spending upon missions of humanly unobtainable and/or upon unworthy goals (like going after those potentially lethal Mars microbes), as well as towards supporting the "status quo" so well established by the "old guard" at essentially all cost, be damn any humanitarian or even fiscal responsibilities. Skewed truth has instituted skewed history as well as skewed science, which is just fine and dandy by the substandard's of those opposing my research and subsequent discoveries. I guess what we otherwise need are taller buildings and even bigger airplanes, then perhaps even more capable multi-billion dollar space observatories that can image upon those million + light year distant targets (like we really can't live without doing such). Meanwhile, Earth's about to be impaled by any number of monster rocks and/or those larger items associated with whatever 10th, 11th or 12th planet. Is this another "duh!" or am I being factious?

October 18;   I've recently discovered (to no real surprise) that Hubble, as well as TRACE, SOHO and even of every optical instrument aboard ISS (like even binoculars, personal cameras and such), that all of the sudden these fine instruments and of those operating them can't seem to locate nor lock onto Venus and, even if they could, as according to an official NASA "spin", observing Venus is most likely beyond the capability of any of these instruments, which I find this extremely odd, or at least pathetic, especially regarding that TRACE can't manage, sort of equally odd that even though Venus has been and well continue to offer opportunities as for being sufficiently offset from having to view the sun within the same frame, whereas Hubble's magnification which is capable of imaging upon less then the entire globe of Venus (thus excluding any solar influence) has become strangely "off limits". SOHO will soon become 0.26AU from Venus and SOHO certainly can't be impacted by directly looking at the sun (as it monitors tiny Mercury [appearing as less then 1/6th the size of Venus] crossing the solar face all the time), and yet Venus is so much larger and closer, as equally I find that TRACE offers a fairly similar capability except that TRACE can greatly magnify upon as well as track other objects, plus (unlike SOHO) apparently TRACE can capture or accept a somewhat greater degree of contrast and/or realize upon greater ratios of illumination, thus offering supposedly better sensitivity should there be anything artificially illuminating from Venus. Basically TRACE offers a somewhat smaller SOHO format, capable of viewing upon Mercury as it's crossing the sun and obviously more then capable of tracking and then magnifying upon big old Venus, which could be nowhere near crossing the solar surface. Unlike Mercury, imaging upon Venus is not even near to being affected from most solar flares. So, where the hell's Venus?

October 14;  Most recently I'm chatting away with Dr. SOHO as well as the team at TRACE, as oddly they each seem or pretend as being entirely unaware of any need to be looking at Venus. In fact, the team at TRACE currently has no idea whatsoever as to where to even look for Venus and, SOHO is seemingly still doing their level best as to keeping Venus out of the frame entirely, which will soon become somewhat easier said then done, if considering that Venus will become, as of November 02, 2002, only 0.26AU away from SOHO and situated (sufficiently clear of all but the largest of solar flares), as even crossing the sun. Folks, that's almost too close for comfort (speaking purely of Venus's distance from Earth, as the sun is certainly not representing an issue for Venus) and, certainly Venus is perhaps way too close to Earth, as for Venus being adequately imaged upon by Hubble or sufficiently by TRACE and, certainly ESA has a few capable alternatives of their own.

Gravity wise, other then the moon and of the sun, Venus is what's been pulling us closer into the sun, so, perhaps we'll need to get rid of Venus all together, in that way Earth will stabilize at a sufficient distance from the sun and, our very own greenhouse environment will cool off (250K seems like a nice global temperature for our hosting of the Galactic Winter Olympic's, of course we'll have to burn off lots more fuel just to stay warm and, that'll substantially increase our CO2, thus further "greenhouse" us right back up to 300K). Fortunately, we'll soon run ourselves out of fossil fuels and our "greenhouse" will all but vanish, then we'll freeze to death despite having nuclear energy, at least all those without nuclear resources will become frozen solid and, apparently (according to pro-NASA/NSA/DoD types) that also is a good thing.

Since we should all know about NASA's official "spin" and "damage control" mole site of "" (much otherwise being accomplished through their spendy NOVA info-commercials), this following is a sort of legal reverse link as to locating more of Wizard David's input or lack thereof, as to how such others may commune with David's perfectly flat world, which is obviously still flat as a pancake as well as focused on behalf of the pro-NASA "status-quo" world of "nondisclosure", "disinformation" and of whatever "spin" and "damage control" that should take. Obviously benefitting NASA, having such braille followers of skewed astronomy as well as so many other Borg like physics and science types is a pretty darn good thing, as otherwise it's costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in just producing those PR/NOVA "info commercials" as supposedly representing the sort of news releases approved and/or moderated to death by NASA. Unfortunately, as for the months of this October/November, I do believe it's getting so much harder as to avoiding Venus, so, perhaps something needs to give. As otherwise, NASA's crack teams of image manipulators are going to have to work their butts off overtime, frame by frame as to eliminating Venus as well as their moderating to death any observatory attempting to look at Venus, sort of like doing the same with regard to our moon, so that those supposed Apollo mission landing sights remain thoroughly out of sight (of course; if you happen to look and can't find anything, then it's "plan B").

This link should (GOOGLE's offer access into Wizard David's as well as for locating so many other pro-NASA "spin" and "damage control" freaks, as sort of a reverse link:

It just so happens that I do not fully agree with every word offered by such Wizard David's and, as for that I must receive their form of E-Flak rather then of anything qualified as far as "put up or shut up" is required, as for others self righteously opposing my observations without placing one iota of squat on their behalf. As for opposing my "inaccuracies" and/or resulting conjectures, that's another series of issues altogether, some of which Wizard David has been entirely correct about, as per regarding my "inaccuracies". By Wizard David's accounting (I believe this one, as in David's eyes, is sort of like ENRON/Andersen, as they were blind as well), I'll suppose if the Green River killer's body count was off my one or two, I guess that means he didn't do it, none of it. Perhaps due to such an "inaccuracy", we should simply turn this mistaken killer lose in Wizard David's custody.

As ulterior motives go, as for the sort of Wizard David's are concerned, their lack of focus and more then obvious efforts at stoping or derailing this research are truly pathetic, even though they claim being a whole lot more accurate if not "all knowing" and supposedly full of "truth" (I personally think they're full of something else). That's simply no excuse nor valid reason as to being so focused upon disqualifying my work, especially when there's nothing whatsoever to lose, as even if they elect or continually refuse as to introduce one lousy image and/or subsequent documentation that somehow specifies upon such artificial looking attributes as being so entirely natural (that's sort of like not testifying at your own trial for murder, best not to be saying anything because those persecutors will take advantage upon every count). That's also like saying the color RED is actually BLUE and the color GREEN is actually RED, without ever having to demonstrate nor introduce their database, that which supposedly supports their contention. NASA's avoidance is simply another pathetic tactic which in the past worked wonders when they were cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD, now they may need to try something other.

By far the most recent and timely issue is that having to do with our apparently failing Hubble, TRACE and SOHO astronomy observation toys (perhaps ISS as well), as they've suddenly become blind as a bat, as oddly no longer able to track and focus upon nor image anything related to Venus, even though such images from SOHO will need to be intentionally altered and/or that satellite maneuvered so as to carefully exclude big old Venus, as otherwise it'll be damn difficult as to keep excluding upon such a large target during October/November. SOHO images Mercury all the time, yet that much closer and bigger Venus (6+ times bigger then Mercury) is conveniently "out of sight - out of mind". As compared to my ineffective grammar and relatively poor syntax (tossing in a few inaccuracies), how per say is NASA's standing in the eyes of "truth" (at this point, some might consider that it's pretty much headed down the nearest toilet).

NASA's "Hubble disinformation" abounds (their abstinence is simply not working, as such it's only further proving that I've been right all along):

If permitted by NASA/NSA/DoD; The viewing of Venus by Hubble should have been a done deal (especially prior to October and certainly after November), as I just ran off some preliminary numbers. Somewhere I recall seeing it stipulated that Hubble's latest and best possible or most capable resolution of the moon is currently at 4 raw meters per pixel and, if we're talking about utilizing a 1024 X 1024 CCD, that's an area coverage of 4096 meters squared. OK folks, if for several days (perhaps a couple of weeks) Venus is going to be roughly within 125 times as far as our moon is from Hubble, then by multiplying that factor of 4096 by 125 gives us a lousy coverage area upon Venus of 512 km. A little further math as based upon the Venus diameter of 12,104 km [that's not yet based upon the actual circular area but as upon the square viewing area that's not even including those thick clouds, which could conceivably apply another 148 km to that diameter]) and, we have a ourselves a conclusion that Hubble can in fact focus quite easily upon roughly 4.23% of that Venus diameter (that factor should actually be something under 4.18% diameter coverage as viewing upon those dark nighttime clouds).  Hellooo,,, unless my math is off or that I'm being "inaccurate", that's way too damn much magnification (like nearly 24 times too much) and as such, easily more then excluding any nearby solar influence as well as capable of excluding bright crescent areas of Venus (not that Hubble's CCD's couldn't handle that just as well).

I've recently learned that Hubble has a firmware/software auto-protection mode that kicks in at 20 degrees from viewing the sun, as such I believe that limitation can be overridden or simply replaced with a 10 degree factor (I see no good reason for not 5 degrees as being sufficient), as doing such should more then protect those sensors, and besides, there's that lid or cover flap that supposedly can act as a solar cap shade. If push comes to shove, there's certainly TRACE and all of it capabilities of viewing upon almost anything (including the sun) and, offering sufficient magnification to boot (remember, we're not looking for planetary details, just presumably broad beams of illuminations). So, where the hell's Venus?

Gazing upon Venus from Earth is obviously a bit testy, only because it so darn close to the sun and also because of all our atmospheric pollution, but it can be seen by those using some degree of care and perhaps a filter or two and, better yet as CCD imaged, as computer enhancements can pull or contribute to a greater degree of contrast (with no chance of eye injury).

I'm not all that certain if I can even properly guess at what Hubble can truly accomplish, however, I do believe Hubble offers that rather substantial degree of magnification, obviously sufficient as to offer "full frame (excluding the sun)" or better upon Venus, especially as it's becoming so close though October/November (October 30th, Venus being only 105 times the lunar distance from Earth), that's essentially a near miss.

We've long been informed by NASA, Earth illuminates upon the lunar surface by a factor of 16 times greater then the reverse, where that reverse is having to reflect off a (asphalt like) 10% lunar reflective average surface (nothing like those Apollo images). So, as for our viewing the dark side clouds of Venus, as receiving only it's indirect illumination as from Earth, upon those highly (75 to 85%) reflective and 20:1 varied density Venus clouds, this obviously should be more then sufficient as for Hubble to offer a great deal of contrast depth if not even some pastel color attributes. Venus will obviously still be quite dark but, through PhotoShop enhancements plus of whatever enlargements (10X to 20X) should offer some fairly good observations and, from TRACE or Hubble's vantage there's no stinking atmospherics as to interfere with that effort. Dark is a rather good thing, especially if one was to be looking for artificial illuminations, as the amount required of such xenon (CO2) arc illuminations could be relatively small against that otherwise nearly bitch black disk of Venus. One would believe that Hubble's sensitive CCD and capable wide spectrum of detections makes for our best and lowest cost solution.

Basically, you pro-NASA guys know exactly what I mean and, you simply can not keep misinforming the public nor other astronomers (such as ESA for example, as I realize NASA mistakenly thinks all of you ESA types are that stupid) nor as to misleading the American public (even though we systematically educated most of them as to being stupid in the first place), such as that of suggesting Hubble and/or SOHO and I suppose next, as an opponent, you're informing us that TRACE and even ISS is equally indisposed as to viewing upon Venus because, if you continue to do such, that's total proof and absolute vindication on my behalf (period!). Just as the level and degree of "spin" and "damage control" that's been applied so far (as over the past 21 months and counting) has been more then sufficient as for some, while others will soon follow and the ultimate "truth(s)" will slip out sooner or later. For those opposing my discovery, I certainly hope your early "opt-out" retirement contracts can't be retroactively challenged.

A secondary or alternate view of Venus is using Earth's (EL1) SOHO, which looks mainly at the sun and can also view upon a rather considerable area that's sufficiently near to the sun (such as upon Venus as coming well within SOHO's view), thus as Venus swings nearby, SOHO can offer 24/7 imaging through a number of other spectrums as well as eliminating or rejecting more of the solar effects, which Hubble is not as likely equipped to handle. If SOHO should be unable to view Venus, that's only because of NSA/DoD and/or NASA's crack teams of digital ruse masters having been busy at eliminating it from those otherwise normal solar monitoring scans (the same effort might apply towards TRACE).

Sorry folks but, if either Hubble, TRACE or SOHO are so preoccupied or for some reason down for whatever other pretense, that's only because we're being intentionally managed and/or moderated upon, by those wishing to eliminate public awareness and subsequent interest in my discovery of there being potential life existing on Venus and, otherwise as to furthering our pathetic cold-war ruse (hidden agendas and all that Apollo stuff), I guess until hell freezes over. That's a whole lot of bull pucky onto the Wizard David's of pro-NASA's "spin" and "damage control" freaks. So, those opposing my discovery are either official NASA/NSA/DoD moles or, they're simply too far gone as Borgs, as to be much good for anything.

Don't Squint

Please take your time, as to actually look long and hard at the primary image (back yourself off a little or best yet, do your own damn enlargements, as my efforts can be a bit much for many and, I'm certain your PhotoShop software is a whole lot better then mine), then update some/most of my other files, many of which have been greatly improved, while others are just as screwed up as always for simply lacking proper guidance and subsequent attention. Eventually I'll consolidate, edit things down a great deal and focus my "Lose Cannon" upon a new batch of worthy targets and, you can certainly help by voting in whomever you think I should be bothering, besides another shrink.

Try sending that selection directly to my regular Yahoo email or either of the following: or to this alternate:

(be advised; NSA/DoD moderates every I/O associated with anything "GUTH Venus", so wear your flak suit)

I've most recently re-compiled "co2-windpower.htm", as for offering better formula (No.6) and applied such technology into drawings of what such power utility structures could look like and/or function as, as based upon all of that nifty CO2 density and pressure differential, creating subsequent vertical winds of mostly CO2 content, as all of that energy must equalize. Then there is still the added temperature differential of roughly 7+K/km as well (I've located another chart placing that thermal gradient at 9+K/km), which I have not applied, simply because the other seems so substantial. My structure drawings are in place of their likely utilizing sufficiently vertical volcanic vents, as modified so as to accomplish and then utilize the very same differentials.

I obviously can't accomplish everything, but that's apparently what my opponents expect of their prey. Somehow in spite of my being on that official "need to know" basis, I've managed to improve upon a bit more of my testy (somewhat dyslexic) grammar and syntax issues. Because I'm mostly experienced in observation and a few other related areas of technical expertise, I'm still a ways off regarding some of the fancier technology and sciences as related to Venus, so I could be somewhat unintentionally "inaccurate" from time to time, but that's only because I'm trying my best (again on that nifty "need to know" basis) and without all the necessary resources. Unlike my opposing pro-NASA "spin" and "damage control" freaks, their funding and talents come by way of the taxpayer, as well as an "old guard" army of retired and currently associated souls willing to bet the farm (again).

As for inter-planetary communication issues;  Unlike NASA, I've focused upon that which can be easily and affordably obtained (at worst 10% and at best 1% the overall cost of doing anything laser), right off the shelf, as for applying xenon super spot illumination delivery fixtures, for example; such commercial fixtures do exist as well as for the pulse capable power supplies, those fixtures being of 20" and fairly deep dish reflectors which do greatly amplify or focus their 4 kw xenon lamp, obtaining a relatively narrow CW beam worthy of 1.14^9 candela per fixture, where a dozen of such fixtures would establish a highly cost effective binary transmitting site (a thousands times broad then of any good laser, but that's just as well as for targeting ease and binary packet error prevention), delivering a fair punch of visible, near UV as well as many fully UV spectrums, especially UV's as binary pulsed driven at 5X normal power (better yet performance with mercury/xenon lamps along with the aluminum coated mirror) and, hopefully with all of those fixtures on-line (preferably multiple sites thereof for 24/7 coverage) being synchronized upon Venus throughout October/November 2002. Cuba is in a darn good location for such xenon/binary communication efforts (locations of summer solstice are obviously offering best coverage).

If we can't establish contact at our first Venus nighttime season encounter (October/November 2002, the actual window of opportunity is at least 6 months worth), by way of obtaining a visual response (most likely our EL1/SOHO and/or TRACE will offer many of the best observations for extended viewing, as capable of 24/7 detecting a mere 1^6 cd source as originating from the dark/black [above cloud or through a clearing] disk of Venus), then, alternates to our utilizing instruments or perhaps whatever ESA or China has to offer, we may need to consider expediting upon deploying that before mentioned VL2 communications relay platform, then perhaps also realizing that we may have just seriously frightened, pissed off or at least aggravated another bunch of nocturnal Islamic lizard folk. Perhaps their eventual reply will come in the form of a missile, packing heat (lots of it) although, don't worry much about visitors, as our planet is simply too damn cold for the likes of anyone from Venus and besides, we have no where near enough CO2.

The following are of what I believe or foresee could someday become good "news headlines".

NASA/NSA/DoD Fail Really Big Time (again and again and again)

Mars offers lethal microbes for humanity (only 250 billion dollars)

TRACE is Blind (unable to locate, track nor image upon large planetary objects like Venus)

Hubble is Blind (cant see anything that's 6+ degrees away from the sun)

SOHO, NASA/NSA/DoD having to apply digital imaging for removal of Venus

Flat Earth;  (pro-NASA types will prove it rather then admit any fault)

Put Up or Shut Up;  (this one really works, seems to piss everybody off)

Guth Knocks Astronomy's Socks Off (apparently astronomy doesn't ware socks anymore)

GUTH Venus is Hell on Steroids  (the Bible was right after all, just got the up/down reversed)

13 years and counting, NASA's famed Schultz’ and Col. Klink continue to "see nothing"

GUTH Venus verses NASA's "see nothing" and "nondisclosure" protocols

Those truly nifty and big ass H2/N2 Metro Airships of Venus

A Crystal Clear Surrounding Ocean of highly buoyant CO2 suspends megatonnes of H2O

There's More Freaking CO2 and CO/O2 than NASA types know what to do with

Lizard Folk Get Along Just Fine On 0.1% O2 (even less as they sleep)

Those Long and Relatively Cool Mountain Nighttime Seasons of Venus

(Duh!) Venus is somewhat cooler at night, much cooler yet above 10 km

Those Pitch Black Night Skies of Venus, infrequently clear as a bell

NASA Still Can't Find Their Bell, NSA/DoD must have absconded with it

When Their Clock Strikes 2900, it's time to get packing

Venus Sunrise is not exactly a good omen, more UV then IR

Unlike Mars, atleast Venus offers a darn good radiation shield

Great Solar Flare Radiation Shield or Not; CO2 is still no solution for IR impact

Venus Sunset; this is always where the serious action is

Those superior convection/conduction cooling attributes of CO2

Thermal Conduction Insulation of R-200, best accomplished by safe N2/H2

Burn that CO2-->CO/O2, then why not "Air Condition" at the same time

Simple Open Cycle Refrigeration, from simply 1.5:1 compressed CO2

Efficient 2:1 compression yields 150 Bar (2175 psi)

Venus Closed Cycle Refrigeration, uses H2O or H2O2 instead of freon

Vertical CO2 wind power (lots, loads, all night long)

First N2 Airships Gather, then merely distill out tonnes of H20

Simple/Efficient H2O extraction from those handy acidic Venus clouds

H2 Airships Provide Safe and Efficient Global Metro Transport Service

Vacuum distill upon almost anything on Venus for mills on the dollar

Volumes of H2, tonnes of H2O, then also H2O2, all from H2SO4 loaded clouds

Venus Astronomy Via H2/N2/O2 as Airship Observatory; @50 km to 75 km

Those Big Ass Reservoirs of Venus (promise not to tell NASA)

The Venus Canyon/Rille Jumping Bridge (suspension or whatever)

Really Hot, Hot, Hot Tubs on Venus, are now all the rage

Venus Ultralite is an inflated jump suit (that's Ultralight for purest)

Islamic Venus Lizard Folk, or perhaps testy nocturnal Cathar types

Bio-Luminance, Exoskeleton and of (magnitude 5) Nocturnal Night Vision

If Those Islamics or Muslims Originated From Venus (no wonder)

NASA Concurs; Really Nice Jew's Must Have Come From Mercury

NSA/DoD Hidden Agendas (carnage on steroids), cloaked and funded by NASA

NASA Became the Ultimate Cloak, but as mission bus driver (we know nothing)

How to go about moderateing yourself into an early grave

What stinking moon landings (what about radiation) ?

NASA's top secret Earth based 1 meter lunar resolution (that's 0.1 m in PhotoShop)

About those Radiation Proof Astronauts, at 0.1+Sv (actually that's 1+Sv)

KODAK announces secret thermal shock proof film, capable of +/- 250°F

KODAK announces secret radiation proof film, capable of 100 rads without fogging

Lack of atmosphere causes photo hot spots on the lunar surface

Lack of atmosphere affects multiple shadows caused by those 10% reflective surfaces.

Lack of atmosphere enhances fill-in lighting and thus reduces contrast

Lack of atmosphere causes only natural surfaces to reflect more

Lack of any atmosphere eliminates all of those pesky vibrant stars

2003, NASA's first try at PhotoShop enlargement (damn! it really works)

NASA admits 10X photo enlargements, long certified by NSA/DoD/NIMA

NIMA routinely applies 20X certified digital photo enlargement

Size still means nothing to NASA, unless that disqualifies your discovery

NASA/NSA/DoD disclosure;   Image interpreters were trained at camp "Hogan's Heroes" by Sgt. Schultz’ and of Col. Wilhelm Klink, whom continually "see nothing". Same image interpreters as those used to identify WMDs.

Venus L2 platform + Magellan-II delivered at 1% of those lethal Mars microbes

Interactive surface probes enable audio/video intellectual exchanges

Xenon Return Fire as for placing laser calls, needs only an arc, since atmosphere is already CO2

GUTH Venus discounts all local area code binary/packet calls to Venus

Quantum Binary Packets; now capable of achieving 1 tb/ms (that's obtaining serious smut throughput)

Sending ISS to VL2, with a very testy crew and a load of passengers

Ultimate 24/7 Reality Show; the for profit "Mission to Hell and Back"

Shuttle's routinely exchange with mother airship cruising at 75 km

E-Flak or even better (laser reflective) suits have been required by all believers

NASA Establishes No Truths, just moderates anything they don't happen like to death

UN forces NASA into becoming GASA (NSA/DoD on their own, as NSDuhA)

GASA creates the Department of Universal Humanities "DUH" so that common folk have input

GASA Space Travel, utilizes big "Space Rocks" as Solar Flare Shielding

2004, Boeing's Phantom Works is barred from laser cannons (shuttles are now a whole lot safer)

VL2 now accepting 18 month visits (Pot approved for stabilizing cabin fever)

This whole thing's all JFK's fault, just because he was shot at just the right time (don't draw any conclusions, but)

2012, remainders of NASA's Borgs and of their cloned dependents divorce NSA/DoD (demanding 45+Years in back child support)

Please excuse my dyslexia crafted syntax;  Understand, I have no faults with the bulk of raw and actual data upon Venus, nor of anyone trying to educated the likes of myself (that's a seriously tough job), with regard to proper language, better syntax and whatever scientific data that does not intentionally (through disinformation or blatant arrogance in support of skewed science and skewed physics) exclude upon the possibilities of there being rational planetary evolution and, thereby exclude upon other life (as or more than likely *NOT* as we might know it). I only object when those opposing simply refuse to "put up or shut up", and by that I mean, I truly want to see into their database of such supposedly well qualified observational planetary images (even of Earth) that which supposedly so well defines the likes of such highly symmetrical and of such unusually parallel/geometrical patterns of community like infrastructure, as those equally surrounded by the greater abundance of obviously what's so natural of random terrain, as somehow all of what's believed by this village idiot as not being entirely natural by way of every other recorded discovery and, as that I might otherwise learn how those proclaiming upon how such other highly questionable attributes can be so equally formed by anything so natural, as well as so absolutely otherwise certain of their facts without any backup whatsoever. Seems any fool can exclude possibilities of artificial attributes, just as any fool can impose his or her powers of superiority, as to flaunt their arrogance, somewhat like Ford/Firestone, ENRON/Andersen and WorldCom and even of good old Hitler. Sorry, because of this Iraq thing, I also meant to include warlord Bush and of his recent campaign of ridding Earth of invisible WMDs, not to mention his population controls upon Muslims', Islamics' and even of those supposedly nasty Palestinian heathens (perhaps we should thank the Pope that there aren't Cathars to deal with).

As for my pro-NASA wizardly opponents;  If I can't locate and of others can't point out such interestingly complex geological items, as those being so geometrically as well as symmetrically arranged by natural causes, then as for appearing as so significantly altered from their otherwise quite entirely rugged and natural surroundings, yet of those issues of structures being supposedly somehow so natural, then how exactly am I or can anyone make such flat out determinations, as to everything being so freaking natural, especially when there's not one such observational documentation that upholds such an utterly preposterous stance.

Unlike my saintly (G-69) opposition types, I certainly make loads of mistakes, like thinking NASA or darn near anyone other associated really gives a tinkers damn about much of anything except getting their next budget approved and/or extended, and to think, I'm being so nice that I even keep the sorts of Lord/Wizard David types on my side, just so that he and others can reassure everyone that I'm entirely wrong about absolutely everything (the bulk of my opposition seems to represent something like trying to speak about anything to Limbaugh or Bell, basically you're wrong even when you're right and, even when you think you're finally getting your point across [that only happens if you whole heartily agree with these guys], those Limbaugh's, Bell's and apparently those of Wizard David's own "Preposterous Astronomy Club Inc." as well as for those "Paul Smuck's" going about redefining their ground rules [so that somehow they don't need to "put up or shut up", let alone support anyone else's cause], just so that their word and only their words become the absolute last and only meaningful resolution).  I do wonder at times, exactly how my exploratory and unintentional research syntax and mostly dyslexic grammar mistakes compare or stack up to that of our official national "disinformation" factory, as being fully orchestrated at taxpayers expense as well as further implemented and enforced at whatever cost (lethal if need be). I'm fairly certain that my mistakes or "inaccuracies" haven't gotten anyone killed and, I know that I'm not intentionally running amuck with any ulterior agenda, nor am I sustaining any multi-hundred-billion per year cold-war ruse like NASA/NSA/DoD.

I fully understand that "Disinformation" is sort of mute if anyone slips even a casual phrase, so thereby all spoken and typed words must be and apparently are scripted, moderated and/or sufficiently coached and thereby pre-approved (absolutely no exception, obviously that means you can't even talk in your sleep neither), as whatever enforcement is officially unrestricted and orchestrated by those "nondisclosure cops", in order to see that the fullest of their rules or game plans are being applied and adhered to, as otherwise "the jig is up". Our cold-war(s), which included such warm and fuzzy memories as the intentional downing of the Russian SST (even though that one was perpetrated by our British and French allies, but then we did absolutely nothing to stop that or subsequently disclose upon it, as sort of like our not looking after JFK, where you get the results you wanted without ever having to pull the trigger), then more recently we've applied numerous obstacles upon Islamic's as well as technologically advanced the Israeli, clearly in order to benefit our predominately Jewish economy, as well as for sustaining whatever remaining cold-war pressures upon Russia, not to be excluding the rest of the world to boot (economically as well as politically, as it's always best to keeping as many others fighting or at least struggling as possible, just exactly like the British were funding both sides of our civil war), where eventually all this cold-war crap (for those obviously not associated with aircraft nor tall buildings) worked out quite nicely, as this sort of agenda essentially ruined the USSR, thereby 10's (perhaps 100's) of thousands needlessly had to die along with subsequent lost any controls upon those nifty Taliban and their al-Qaida, where eventually all of that moral NSA/DoD agenda crap (some or a lot of which needed the cloak of NASA), as an American achievement, came right back around to bite us in our butts, as to such nonexclusive outcomes as the USS STARK then also, please don't forget the USS LIBERTY and subsequently 9/11 (boy, are we good at this game or what).

Perhaps; If others offered up a few more of their mistakes on behalf of advancing humanity, we wouldn't be reconstructing World Trade Towers (that's obviously having to look hardest towards whatever there is that's of positive considerations existing), rather then towards purely negatives defeating such opportunities upon every possible corner (somewhat so unlike anything NASA, NSA/DoD, GM, Ford/Firestone, WorldCom, ENRON and of all the Andersen types, as to be openly recording those mistakes, in that others would no longer have to waste their valuable time and resources nor continue losing so much of their investments, just like another few hundred billions worth of tax dollars slated for acquiring lethal Mars microbes). I obviously can't be all that certain but, I'll just bet we would have learned a great deal more by now, subsequently advanced for our own good health, well being and sanity, as well as that's for the benefit of any ET that experiences an unfortunate encounter with an Earth human. As it stands, ET's should be wary of any contact with the vast majority of Earth humans (sort of reverse of the "Andramada Syndrome", as ET could easily become terminally infected with our human "stupid", "arrogance" and "greed" genes).

For good reason(s), I only foresee loads of "win-win" positives for anyone willing to place a few new facts and subsequent better ideas together, on the open-source/public table, thereby helping those supposedly talented as to focus our "more limited then ever" (post 9/11) resources upon obtainable goals. Only as from those opposing seem to be hell bent upon "doom and gloom", perhaps that's still because of those cold-war issues seem to never die, where subsequently that may be all they truly know or permitted by NSA/DoD restraints as to exercise, after all, they still have their sights and agendas focused upon obtaining those lethal Mars microbes and, otherwise looking for ET worthy planets that are safely hundreds to thousands of light years away, plus otherwise at all cost still deterring and/or undermining anything that's the least bit lunar related (gee whiz folks, I wonder why that's so?).

Of course, if we ever get with our latest program of knocking over Iraq (our next available gas pump), perhaps that'll further impress ET to no end. Perhaps then we should try out for our 7th or so effort at taking Cuba, then what the hell do we have to lose by excluding Mexico?  According to history, we nearly took Mexico in the mid 1800's (having total occupation and control of Mexico city). I guess Mexico was simply too damn hot and smelled funny, at the time no one wanted to keep it. Besides all that, we obviously just wanted them out of their California (I think at the time we eventually paid a whopping penny on the dollar, so technically it was all legit). Lucky for us, Mexico didn't realize at the time, we were flat running out of willing soldiers as well as time and money and, that's certainly where a fair degree of disinformation really pays off (too bad NASA/NSA/DoD were not around back then, as disinformation is their second name), even then we could have made those Mexican heathens believe we could attack them from the moon.

After my washing this Wizard David guy under the Venus suspension bridge, that which he stipulates doesn't even exist, I recently asked of this Wizard David; "What on Earth or on Venus is so frightening, so freaking ominous, so much so that certain individuals such as yourself can't stand the heat, don't want others to even try and would prefer that their world could remain flat?". Oddly, there was no further reply from this pathetic looser. I guess that was simply another bridge worth burning, as it obviously wasn't going anywhere as far as Wizard David was concerned.

In spite of the orchestrated opposition, I'm looking for ideas and better solutions, I'm looking for the positive considerations and especially of those which humanity can realize some worth from. Unlike all the Wizard David's, there's nothing negative about Venus nor capable of becoming another 9/11.

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